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Shopping Fun with Slaves


It was time to leave, Elsa and Julie were beside themselves with excitement, it was not often that Master took them shopping and they had no idea what they were to expect. One thing was certain it would be fun.

They got into the car, their Master got into the driving seat, he drove to the seedy part of town - he wanted his girls to be sluts and fuck toys for him.

He took them to his favourite sex shop. Once inside he arranged with the owner to have a private area so that he could see his ladies try on the items he chose.

The shop owner brought in the champagne; Master poured a glass for each of them and made himself comfortable on the sofa opposite the changing area. The assistant brought in the first 2 outfits for his ladies to try out. He handed them to Julie and Elsa and they disappeared into the changing area closing the curtains behind them. Master turned to the TV, picked a movie from the selection on offer and settled down to watch. He could hear his slaves giggling and he could feel his excitement start to build. The movie and the champagne were making him more relaxed and horny.

The assistant opened the curtains. His slaves were posed for him just as he had planned. Elsa was laid face down on the narrow upholstered plank and her legs splayed out on either side of the plank. He studied her starting at her feet and the high black silver healed stiletto heals were perfect. His eyes moved to her ankles and legs as they looked so good in the black silk stockings. He moved up her body and saw the red and black satin corset accentuating her beautiful rounded ass. He could just see her satin g string just covering her delicious shaved pussy. He could already see the evidence of her excitement as the satin panties were dark with her pussy juice. Her arms were stretched above her head and tied to the pole; the blindfold and gag in place. She looked gorgeous, totally submissive and ready.

Julie stood over her one foot up on the plank showing off her thigh high black leather boots. Her pussy and clit covered by red silk matching Elsa's. Her matching corset was pushing her soft white tits up so far so that her nipples peaked out over the top. He could see that they were already hard; he wanted to reach out and stroke the soft skin and her hard nipples. She also wore the special gloves.

The tableaux was perfect, now he wanted to watch his slaves do his bidding. He ordered Julie to his side. She walked slowly towards him and as she stood close to him she bent so that he could see her tits - soft full and welcoming. He whispered his next instructions to her. She lifted her leg and placed her foot on the arm of the chair. Her silk covered pussy within inches of his face. He could see the wet patch on her panties, he reached out and gently touched her clit, and he could see it harden under its thin cover and the wet patch expand as her excitement mounted. He told her to turn and bend over and he stroked her white ass enjoying the softness of her skin and loving the excitement his touch created, he could see that she was already starting to shake with lust and desire.

He told her to go and do as she was told. She walked back to Elsa not saying a word. She positioned herself at the head of the bench and started to caress Elsa's arms with the soft fur gloves barely touching Elsa's skin, he could see the goose bumps rise on Elsa's arms as Julie gently stroked and caressed her. Julie started to work her way down Elsa's arms to her shoulders and neck. Next she alternated kisses with the glove concentrating on Elsa's neck and back. Master could see that Elsa was getting excited she was wriggling her clit against the board trying to get some relief. He loved the movement of her ass and legs as she squirmed and shifted. Next Julie moved to be beside Elsa; she started to caress one of her arms and one of her legs with the gloves; the soft fur combined with Julies expert touch taking Elsa closer and closer to orgasm. Julie gently stroked the soft white skin at the top of Elsa's stockings Master could hear Elsa's breathing become more ragged and faster as Julie worked her magic.

He ordered Julie back to him and she crawled back making sure that her master could see her tits swaying as she moved. She crawled between his legs undid his trousers and took his cock out. She sank her mouth over his shaft loving the feel of his hardness in her mouth. He told her to stop and turn round and put her face to the carpet and raise her bottom so that he could see her dripping pussy and ass. He ripped her panties off and roughly pushed his cock into her fucking her hard and fast. He took his cock out and she begged for more, he slapped her ass sharply, as she was not allowed to ask for him she had to learn her place. Master stood stripped and walked to the bench. He untied Elsa stripped her naked then turned her over, she whimpered with the need for him, but he ignored her need and took off her blindfold and gag. He told his slaves it was time for them to go to work. He laid on the plank, and his slaves smiled at each other and took their places. Julie lowered her pussy onto her Masters face and Elsa lowered her pussy onto her Masters cock. They looked at each other and started to kiss and caress each others bodies all the time fucking their master. Their master stopped them before they came he has not finished with them yet. They changed places. Master stayed where he was, Julie sat on his cock, and she lent forward so that Elsa could lick her masters balls whilst he was deep inside Julie. Elsa adored the taste of the two together and her tongue sliding over her master's balls whilst he fucked Julie felt wonderful. Master groaned with lust as Julie kissed him deeply.

Master was not ready to cum yet so he stopped before it was too late. He ordered his slaves to lie on the plank - Julie on her back with Elsa on top. He wanted to be able to see and lick their pussies at the same time. They positioned themselves so that their pussy were directly on top of one another and their clits were touching. Master stood and looked at them for a long time enjoying the sight of their wet dripping pussies so close together. It was all his slaves could do to lie still as they were desperate for release and they wanted to rub their clits against each other. He knelt close to them so that he could see Elsa's juice dripping from her pussy and running into Julies hot slit and their combined juice pooling underneath them. They could feel him close to them his hot breath fanning their inflamed pussy lips. Using both hands he gently ran his fingers along their pussy lips he slid his fingers into their pussies and could feel the soft warmth of their cunts as he fucked them slowly. He took his fingers out of Elsa and started to lick her; his fingers still buried in Julie. His slaves started to slowly grind their hips together so that their clits rubbed each other. Master alternated sucking and finger fucking his slaves loving every second, their combined juices tasting fantastic.

It was time to give them what they wanted he changed position so that he could fuck them both. First he slammed his cock into Julie then he slammed into Elsa. He loved to fuck his slaves like this having them spread open to him. He could feel his orgasm boil. Fuck he loved his sluts' tight pussies. He finally exploded into Julie filling her cunt with his come. When he was finished he lay back on the sofa and ordered his slaves to clean each other.

Elsa turned round so that she could lick Julie in a 69. Julie buried her face into Elsa's pussy and started to nibble and lick her. Elsa sank 2 fingers into Julie's pussy and scooped out her masters cum, licking her fingers and Julie's pussy clean of every drop of her master's cum. Master loved to watch his slaves lick and suck each other when they were so hot and ready. He told them they could cum, and they redoubled their efforts taking each other to a new level. They came together shaking and screaming out their passion and pleasure.

As their orgasm subsided they looked to their Master for approval and he was smiling, his cock already hard again. They knew this was just the start and that he had more things for them to try on ...

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