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Note: This story is just fantasy and not real. No words were hurt in the writing of this story. To all the anonymous feedback writers telling me to hang up my pen, no! So here is another story from just one writer trying to perfect his craft. Practice safe sex and enjoy!


My wife and I would usually go shopping on Saturdays and plan out the meals for the week. To save time we started to split up the shopping. Judy my wife would take half the shopping list and I would take the other. It seemed like a normal shopping day until I was just about to join up with her again and go to the check out line. I could hear her voice and another man I didn't recognize talking in the next isle over.

"Judy, it is great to see you again, even with your clothes on." I heard the stranger saying to my wife with a laugh in his voice. He made no effort to conceal his voice or speak quietly. I think he thought she was there alone.

"My name is not Judy, so you must have me mistaken with someone else!" she said forcefully with seriousness in her voice. .

"Listen, don't tell me I can fuck a girl for over 4 hours and not know what she looks like." the stranger answered back to my wife like she was just one of the guys.

"I'm sorry but I have never met you before. You are being rude and I wish you would leave me alone. If you don't I will have the store manager call the police." she told him.

"OK lady I'm sorry! It's just that you look just like a girl I know named Judy who got wild last week with me and my friends. She had a tattoo on her ass of Winnie the Pooh and his honey pot. She did have a nice honey pot." the stranger went on.

"I am sorry to disappoint you but I have no tattoos at all. Please leave me alone for the last time or I will call the police." she told the stranger in very curt sentences.

I could hear the stranger mumbling to himself as he walked away. I peeked around the corner and saw a young man in his mid-twenties going the opposite way from my wife. He was about 5'7" and looked in good shape. He was heading for the check out line. I made sure my wife didn't see me.

My mind was reeling, and I couldn't think very fast or quickly for some reason. I deep down knew the reason I was so confused; my wife's name is Judy and she does have a tattoo on her ass of Winnie the Pooh and his honey pot.

Before I could think I left my cart right where it was and followed the young man who was talking to my wife. I watched as he checked out and went to his car in the parking lot. I felt like if I let this guy go, I would lose the chance to find out about all the things he said to my wife. I had a million questions and I didn't want to ask any to my wife yet.

I followed him to his car and did something that even surprised me. I pulled out a roll of nickels I was planning on turning in at the store and put them against his back, like I had a gun pointed at him. He was bent over and putting groceries in his trunk. He froze in an instant when I told him not to move. He never saw my face or even knew I was coming.

"Listen Mister, I only have 10 dollars left after I went shopping, but you can have it all." the young guy said with real fear in his voice.

"I don't want your money only answers. Don't turn around and answer my questions honestly. If you don't I will have to do something drastic." I told the scared kid as I pushed the roll of nickels into his back.

"OK mister, just don't shoot me!" he answered back.

"Calm down and just answer my question"


"Why did you approach the woman in the store you thought was named Judy?"

"What... her? Is that what this is about?"

"Don't turn around and just answer my questions! I am starting to get mad, and you wouldn't want me to get mad would you?"

"No, just ask your questions and let me be."

"Ok that's better. Again why did you approach the woman you thought was Judy in the store?"

"I recognized her from pulling a train at my friend's girlfriend's house last week. I was trying to set up a date for me so I could have her all to myself."

"Was it her in the store?"

"I thought so at first but she kept saying she was someone else so I thought I made a mistake or found her twin. She looked just like the woman at the party."

"What is your name?

"Tommy Kane."

"Where do you live?"

"457 Brier Lane, Apt. number 44. Why do you want to know who I am?"

"Shut up and I will ask the questions! Who owned the house you were at for your gang bang?"

"My friend Billy dates some older lady named Missy and we were at her house. This lady Judy showed up and just joined in. She acted like she had done this stuff before. She was a real natural cock sucker and didn't seem to mind when all the guys undressed her and fucked her brains out."

This last bit of information threw me but I recovered at once. I started to ask the questions I really wanted to know.

"Was anyone recording video or taking pictures of the gang bang?" I asked Tommy Kane.

"Yeah... I, I mean we all took some cell phone shots and Missy the house owner was always video taping. She must have used up 3 or 4 tapes. Listen mister I don't want any trouble. I was just at a party that got a little wild. I didn't mean to make anyone mad."

"Don't worry about that, just answer me a few more questions."

"Ok, you are the boss."

"What is your friend's name that goes out with this Missy lady?"

"Billy Evans"

"Where does he live?"

"He lives at the Commons."

The Commons was a large apartment complex used by college kids and young singles. I would have no problem finding this Billy Evans guy. I just need to ask Tommy one last question. I knew I was pressing my luck in the parking lot so I got ready for a quick exit.

"Do you have your cell phone on you?"

"Yeah... but you can't take my phone mister."

"Shut the fuck up and hand it to me slowly and don't look back"

"Here it is mister."

I took the phone and got ready to go. I needed to get away without Tommy seeing me or knowing where I went. I needed to get back in the store and find Judy.

"Tell you what Tommy, you have been honest with me so I am going to do you a favor and give you some good advice. I will mail you back your phone tomorrow. I just need a few things off it before then. I will never bother you again if you follow this simple rule. If you see that lady called Judy at any party, leave at once. If you are gang banging every woman in town and she shows up, leave at once. If your buddies ask what is wrong make up an excuse. Don't tell Billy Evans, Missy or anyone else about our conversation. Just forget it ever happened."

"OK mister, just make sure my phone gets back to me, I can't afford a new one."

"That is the least of your worries. If I found out you tipped off Billy Evans or anyone else about what we talked about it won't be good. I will have seven of the biggest guys you have ever seen beat the shit out of you. When they get done I will use this on you." I said as I pushed the nickel roll into his back.

"No problem mister, just leave me be." Tommy said with real fear in his voice.

"Remember to avoid that woman at all cost. Your life may depend on it! Now just keep your head buried in your car trunk until I go. If I see your face in the next five minutes come out of that trunk I will follow through on my threats. You can count on it. I may be watching or not, you will never know." I told the shaking Tommy as I backed up and went the long way around the parking lot and back into the store.

The threats were just that, threats. I am an accountant by trade and I don't even own a gun. Tommy didn't need to know that however. It was a good acting job.

I looked at his phone and turned it off so it wouldn't ring. I went back in and got my cart. As soon as I started to push it my wife came around the corner and called to me.

"Bobby where have you been, I found your cart and you were nowhere to be found?" Judy asked me.

"I was in the bathroom. I want to go home if you are all done, I don't feel good."

"You don't look good, we better get you home." she said with concern in her voice.

My mind was going a mile a minute. How could the woman that shares my bed every night for the last 7 years be a cheating whore? I loved this woman and she was going behind my back and doing gang bangs with her friend Missy.

Judy was very pretty and had shoulder length blond hair. She was about 5'8" and had a beautiful set of tits. She was getting older but her tits still stood straight out. Her ass was also very fine. When ever she bent over I wanted to fuck her brains out. We always had a great sex life and I couldn't think why she needed to fuck around on me. Doing gang bangs with Missy was not in her character at all.

Judy's best friend was named Missy and she moved back in our area about one year ago. Judy was her college roommate but lost touch until she moved back to Judy's home town again. Missy always hinted at the wild times they used to have. Well it looks like the wild times were back again. Missy was married but her husband was never home and was always traveling somewhere.

We went home, put away all the shopping stuff and I made an excuse to call the office from my den. I closed the door and pulled out the cell phone I took from Tommy. I sat there for over 5 minutes deciding if I really wanted to look at his phone. Finally I turned it on and went to the media section were he kept pictures and video. I pushed a few buttons and found his picture folder. I pushed the select button and my whole world fell apart around me.

There on the first picture was Judy giving two guys a blowjob, at once! You could tell on their faces she was doing a good job. As I progressed through the others pictures, they became even worse. Tommy got some very details shots of the gang bang.

My wife had her arms around the shoulders of two large guys with huge cocks sticking straight out. She was being held up by two big guys with each one putting their arms around her back and the other hand grabbing her leg just under the knee pulling her legs wide apart. In this way she was on display and forced to take what ever the guy in front wanted to do to her.

This guy was grabbing her ass for leverage and fucking her very hard. Judy's was leaning her head back and you could see the lust on her face. She was all smiles. Her legs were just beginning to wrap around the guy's back. All this could be seen in one picture. To say I was crushed is an understatement.

The next series of pictures were of Judy's head between Missy legs as some guy was fucking Judy from behind. I had no idea she even liked woman. You could see Tommy's perspective looking down on Missy sucking his cock.

The pictures got even worse. One was a close up of Judy under Missy's pussy getting a face full of cum from the guy just pulling out of Missy's ass. The solid string of cum went from Missy's ass hole to Judy's face.

The next picture must have been taken about 30 seconds later. The guy is face fucking Judy's pretty mouth that I kiss everyday. The problem is her mouth was filled with a stranger's cock that just fucked some other girl in the ass. It was also covered with cum. She was actually cleaning him off in the next picture series taken only seconds apart. The last set of pictures showed Judy getting a royal fucking from ever guy in the room. She was a total slut, I couldn't think of a better description.

There were also 7 video clips about 3 minutes long each. They were taken about 20 minutes apart from the look of them. The video detailed my wife being a willing whore for these 5 men and also Missy's pussy slave.

In the last clip you could see Missy circling the bed with her video camera as Judy was fucked by all 5 guys at once. Tommy was holding his very shaky camera. It was showing all the action on the bed. He was the one fucking Judy's ass. She has never even let me do that. She told me anal sex made her uncomfortable, so I never pushed it. I was now starting to get very mad.

Tommy was fucking Judy in the ass as another guy was doing her from underneath. She was giving head to two guys and the last one was jerking off in Judy's face. Just before the clip ended three out of the five guys had cum all over Judy. You could also hear Tommy's voice swear and say something about the cell phone memory was getting full. The last clip stopped and I just sat there for a few minutes thinking.

"What a SLUT!!! I shouted out loud in the room to no one.

A few seconds later my wife is knocking on the door and asking me if I was alright.

"I'm fine honey, I just got the news that Baxter screwed up an important account. The client needs some new work done that we don't have time for." I covered for myself.

"Ok, just relax and take it easy. You didn't look to good on the way home and shouldn't get excited." My wife told me through the door. I then heard her walk away.

As I sat there in silence a plan started to form. I would soon be seeing Missy and Billy Evans so I could get to the bottom of this problem. My first step would be to go to Missy's house when she was not there and look around. Actually I wanted to ransack her place and find any video of my wife and her fucking around. I knew they both went to the gym every Thursday (today) and would not be home for about 3 or 4 hours.

I went out the kitchen and Judy informed me she was going to work out tonight with Missy as usual. I went into the living room and turned on the TV. The usual crap was on until a commercial caught my attention. It features a woman who let her young daughter go shopping in a busy mall all by herself. The mother was smiling because she low jacked (installed GPS tracking) her daughter's cell phone. The same carrier as mine did the commercial.

After about 10 minutes on the phone with my services provider a tracking feature was added to my wife's phone. She never left her cell phone anywhere so she would always be carrying it. I downloaded the app for the GPS tracking and she came right up. I could see she was right now at our home address. The lady on the phone said it was good up to about 3 feet.

Finally Judy got ready to go and I kissed her goodbye. She told me she had to pick up Missy downtown and then they were going to the gym. She acted normal in everyway and gave no signs of trouble. I waited for her to leave and started to track her movements.

I could see her go downtown and then stop at Elm Street and Hire Street. I knew the location was right in front of The Commons Apt. Building. She must have been picking up Missy from Billy Evans Apt.

I watched and waited for the GPS positioning on her phone to change from that address to the gym address. After 30 minutes that never happened. I decided to see just what my lovely wife was really up to. I put on some older jeans and a hooded shirt. Placing a baseball cap on my head I looked in the mirror. I could pass for someone's older brother but not for a twenty year old. I really didn't care at the time. I just drove downtown on auto pilot keeping my thoughts to myself.

I approached the main apartment door checking my GPS locator. Carefully I entered the building but I didn't need to worry. The first five apartments had all the doors open and different tunes were coming out of each one. I turned my baseball cap backwards and pulled my shirt out so I didn't look so uptight. I put on my sun glasses and entered the first apartment door on the 1st floor.

The noise hit me right away. The stereo was blasting and I could hardly talk. I saw some guy looking at me like I was not a regular and what did I want at the party? Before he could say a word I shouted out "Tommy Kane and Billy Evans are expecting me." I said this with a big smile and a hand shake.

This seemed to work because he instantly smiled when I dropped their names and he was getting me a beer in no time. He informed me in another quieter room that Billy Evans lived in Apartment 5, four doors down. He said he also saw Tommy there a little while ago. I thanked him and went out to the hallway. I checked Judy's cell phone and she was right down the hall. I knew I needed to get in but didn't want to run into her.

I went down the hall and some girls were coming into the party right behind me. I joined them and we all went in like one big group. On one even gave me a second look. I was in but needed to see where my wife was. It didn't take long.

There in the back of the apartment were three doors. One was the bathroom and it was closed. The other two had a few people hanging on the outside looking in like it was crowded. I approached the doors and looked to the left first. There on a double mattress on the floor (college kids can't afford bed frames) was Missy fucking Billy Evans as some people watched and started to get undressed. She was getting fucked facing away from me but I knew it was her. Soon one of Billy's friends laid down in front of her and grabbed Missy by her hair.

He pushed her mouth on top of his very big and hard cock. Soon he and Billy were in sync. More people joined the bed and the orgy really began. I left the room quietly and went to the other room. There on a nicer bed that had a frame and a headboard was my wife. I know for a fact the bed had a headboard because my wife was tied to it by the wrists, put on all fours with her ass sticking up in the air.

The party must have just started to get into full swing. I got out my portable digital flip camera and started to record. I could tape up to 8 hours of continuous video if the batteries lasted. I didn't plan on staying long, just long enough to get some good video of Judy and Missy. Other guys had their cell phones out so my wife getting gang fucked by multiple strangers was sooner or later going to be put on the net.

I know I should have exposed my presence and took her home but I didn't. I wanted to see with my own eyes what was going on. I looked at a guy next to me and I asked him a question.

"Where is Tommy Kane? He said he would meet me here. He is always bragging about the pussy he gets, but if this is what is available, I want to tap that myself!" I said as I pointed at my wife's ass.

"Yeah, well you just missed Tommy. He left in a big hurry. He didn't even get a chance to fuck that lady yet. Just after she arrived he said he felt sick and went running out. You should enjoy yourself anyway" he said as he pointed to my wife's ass with a big smile. "I plan on fucking that ass until it comes out her nose."

The stranger dropped his clothes right in front of me and approached my wife. Without a word he got on the bed and spit on his cock. He rubbed it in and started in on Judy's pussy first. He lined up his cock, the position I always thought was exclusive to me. He rammed it in and started to pump with maximum speed. Judy wasn't ready as he knocked the wind out of her for a moment. Soon she started to relax and the stranger fucked her even harder.

It is tough to describe the feelings I had at the moment. I knew we were done as a married couple. The more Judy got into it, the madder I became. She was another person from the one I kiss goodbye to every morning. I didn't know this Judy what so ever. She was basically a stranger to me. That was the saddest part of all.

The guy fucking Judy's pussy grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and pulled them apart.

"Here it comes baby, right up your beautiful round naked ass." The guy said as he spit on his cock again and aimed it at Judy's puckered asshole.

I watched with amazement how the length went in with no trouble. Soon Judy was bucking back and she went crazy as soon as he entered her.

"Fuck my ASS, fuck my PUSSY, stuff some cock in my mouth you bastards!" Judy was shouting at the top of her lungs. "Fuck meeeeeeeee umph..." she trailed off her sentence as some guy stuffed his cock in her mouth.

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