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Shopping Spree


Beep, beep, BEEP, BEEP. I slowly rolled over and looked at the clock. Eight thirty, too late to be a weekday morning, in fact, it wasn't, it was actually Saturday. I lazily draped my arm across the bed and fumbled with the alarm button to turn off the incessant noise, then rolled back over and stared up at the ceiling of my one bedroom apartment. In one more week, I'd be signing the paperwork for my new house, all 1500 square feet of it and nothing to put in it. I had decided to look for furniture that day, which is why I had set my alarm so early, little did I realize that I would find more then furniture. Time to get up and start looking presentable for the world, I thought to myself.

As I walked into the bathroom I slid off my panties and stepped out of them. Next went the tight white tank top and then a quick look in the mirror. A brief look at my firm tan five foot six body, with long curly red hair that my friends called my mane, light hazel eyes, and ample c-cup breasts, nipples erect as always, and I decided a long hot shower was the first order of business. I stepped into the shower, closing the door behind me and turned the knob to the hot water, careful not to step into the stream until it heated up a bit.

I moved into the pulsing hot stream, grabbed the bar of soap next to me, and began rubbing the bar all over my body starting from the top down. First I started with my arms, then my breasts and stomach, then finally between my legs. Next I grabbed the razor from the side shelf and, raising my leg up and placing my foot on the shelf, I started shaving my long sun bronzed legs. As I finished the second leg, I moved on to my pussy, leaving a short little landing strip all neat and trimmed.

With one foot still up on the ledge I began to run my fingers up the folds of my pussy lips. My skin now felt soft and slippery from a combination of the soap and razor gel and I began tracing light circles around my clit. The other hand slid up the length of my firm belly and moved towards my breast and the already excited nipple standing there. My nipples are pretty much normal size, or at least, just the right size for my breasts. I started tugging and squeezing my nipples and quickly let out a gasp. A tinge of pain raced from my nipple through my body adding to the arousal.

The hot streams of water were tracing there way down my body, between my legs in little rivulets and the steam in the shower was now fogging up the doors and rising up to create shots of hot air to caress my body. With my first hand, I quickly slid a finger deep inside my cunt, then pulled it back out and moved it across my clit. My movement began to increase in both pressure and tempo and I could feel an orgasm building in my abdomen. My body started to shudder as I finally lost control with an explosion of pleasure and pain. I leaned back against the shower wall and let the water cascade down my front, taking a moment to bask in the aftermath of my orgasm. Much better, now I could definitely go shopping.

I picked out a tight little white t-shirt with the words 'I need a hug' written on the front across my breasts, breasts that practically seemed to be bursting through those words. It was a little cuter then I was used to, but seemed to get a lot of attention, and if I was going to haggle with a man, I needed their attention to be focused elsewhere. I quickly slipped on little pair of white thong panties and a pair of low-rise jean shorts, perfect for the summer, stepped into my sandals and headed out the door to my car. Once I got into the car, I proceeded to my first destination, downtown Main Street.

The main street in downtown was packed with furniture stores, one after the next. The first three I went to took me about 5 minutes to walk through before determining that they definitely didn't have what I wanted. The next store I went into prominently displayed a sign stating that it was going out of business and everything must go. This looked a bit more promising since 'on sale' is always a good thing. I walked through the double glass doors and into the front room of the store. The store appeared to have a four room layout, two in the front and two in the back. The first room I was in was couches and so was the other front room, while the back rooms were primarily bedroom sets. As I walked into the second front room, a taller gentleman, around his mid-thirties with a very fit medium build and clean cut dirty blond hair and tight kept beard walked up to greet me. The first thing he did was look at my breasts, then up to my face, and spreading his arms wide he said in a deep voice 'Come here, I'll give you a hug'.

Good I thought to myself, the shirt was definitely working. He had a boyish grin on his face and his dark blue eyes revealed more then a little charm. His tie pointed like an arrow to the slight bulge in his dark grey slacks and I began to feel more then a little aroused, not to mention amused.

After informing the man that I was just looking, he told me that if I needed anything that his name was Steve and to just let him know. He also pointed at two younger men, probably mid 20s, standing behind him, and indicated that they could help me too, but that he was the manager there. The two younger men looked like fresh college new grads; with there clean cut hair, medium builds, and their textbook khaki and white shirt ensembles. One had darker hair then the other, but otherwise, they were fairly indistinguishable.

I walked around to the back rooms and began looking at bedroom sets. There was an oak set with a four poster bed that caught my eye. Only $2000 for the whole set. That was definitely a deal, and the four posters would be great for extracurricular activities, but I needed to look at other stores first to make sure I didn't find anything better. I walked back into the first front room, just in time to hear the manager say to the two other men that he might just need a hug too at the end of the day. I caught his eye briefly, waved, and said that I would be back before the end of the day. I wondered whether he knew I had overheard what he'd said to the others, but that thought quickly left my mind as I walked back to my car.

After searching the rest of the day, I couldn't find anything else I liked better, so back I went to the store with SALE signs. I got there late and in fact the store was just about to close. As I walked through the doors, I could see that Steve, the manager, was letting everyone know that it was closing time and that they had about five more minutes to look. I once again caught his eye and walked to the back of the store through the doors to the bedroom sets. As he walked around the corner towards me, he asked 'Do you see something you like?' once again looking directly at my breasts.

I told him that I liked the oak four poster bed, but was wondering if that was the final price. He said it was negotiable, but for right now, he needed to lock up the store since everyone had left and asked if I would mind waiting and we could discuss the price then. I nodded to him and went back to looking at the bedroom set, picturing how it would fit in my new house.

A few moments later he walked back into the room, whispered to the two younger men standing near the desk in the back. They looked quickly from him to me and back to him again and then, with his hands in his pockets, Steve walked back over to me. I was starting to get a little uneasy at this point, but I had come too far to back out now, besides, it was probably just my imagination. As he approached though, I couldn't help but realize just how boxed in I was. I had one bed on one side of me, the one I liked on the other, and the wall behind me, but I put on a brave face and asked him once again if that was the best price he could offer. 'Well lady,' he said 'I'll tell you what. You've already kept us here past hours but I think we can all come to an arrangement.'

'I'm sorry,' I said, 'I didn't realize what time your store closed, in fact I can just go home tonight and come back tomorrow if you want.' I was starting to really worry at this point and the two younger gentlemen were starting to walk over behind the manager.

'I understand,' said the man, 'But you see, we don't get paid for anything past closing, and we're already after hours, so we believe we might need some compensation.'

As he finished this statement, he started moving closer to me. Seeing where this was leading, I lunged for the bed on my right, trying to get across it since I knew there was no way I could get past him or the two younger men now standing behind him. As I reached the other side, I felt a warm strong hand grab my ankle and yank me back. I fell face first on the bed and tried to reach for the other side, only to have my hand loose its grip and my purse fall to the floor. At that same moment, one of the younger men, the blond, grabbed my wrists and the other, the dark haired one, grabbed my shoulders and roughly turned me over so that I was face up. The dark haired man began pulling my shirt up as Steve held my kicking ankles and exclaimed 'Oh yeah, let's see those babies. They look like they've been trying to get free all day. Hold her tight Mark, she's a little feisty.'

I tried pulling my wrists free but the Mark was too strong, and his large hands encompassed both wrists. Between the two younger men, it wasn't long before my shirt and bra were completely gone and their rough hands were grabbing and fondling my breasts. Since I couldn't get free I began to scream. Steve just looked at me and cackled, 'Scream all you want, there's no one else here, the doors are locked, and no one's gonna be coming around to hear you anyways.'

I quickly realized that he was right and I also realized something else, I was incredibly turned on and I hated it. I tried desperately to struggle some more and Steve pressed down on my legs with his body and removed his tie with his free hands. He tossed the tie to the dark haired man and told him to tie up my hands to make me easier to hold, then he looked at me and said, 'We can do this the hard way if you want bitch, I'll rip those shorts right off you if I have to.'

I calmed down, realizing there was nothing I could do, my hands now tied above my head, my legs pinned down underneath the manager and no where for me to go. I stopped struggling and let Steve move up between my legs, spreading them apart and unzipping my shorts. He pulled them off me roughly, the only thing between me and him now was my flimsy little white thong which was already dripping wet with my juices. How could my body betray me like this? Mark and the other man had already taken turns holding me so they could unbutton their shirts and unzip there pants. They had taken one of their ties to fasten my hands to the side frame of the bed. It had an effect of causing me to have to arch my back slightly so as not to put too much pressure on my arms. With their free hands they were stroking their hard thick dicks and squeezing or grabbing at my nipples and breasts like I was a piece of meat.

Steve unbuttoned his shirt removing it from his tanned skin and I could see the little bit of hair covering his hard chest. He wasn't chiseled, but he definitely kept himself in shape, there would be no way for me to over-power him. He reached down with one hand and pushed the flimsy material away from between my legs, stroked my clit a few times, and then shoved two fingers into my pussy. My head reared back uncontrollably as I arched my hips towards him and the first waves of orgasm hit me. I rode his fingers, pushing my hips in time with his finger fucking. My mind exploded as his hand invaded my dripping wet pussy again and again and I screamed in pleasure at the sensation. When I had calmed down from my exertions, he pushed his body farther between my legs and leaned over me, the other hand next to my head. 'Now this is much more like it,' he said 'this little slut wants it, don't you?'

As he said this he leaned down and roughly pressed his lips against mine. To my surprise, I responded by opening my mouth and searching for his tongue with mine. I could feel the heat of his body pressed against me and the faint smell of cologne or aftershave. He pulled his lips back, 'Oh yeah, she definitely wants it.'

He made his way to my breasts grabbing both of them in his hands, as he had abandoned my cunt, and started sucking and chewing on the nipples. I moaned in ecstasy at the pleasure and pain of it. Steve abruptly sat back up resting his hands on my knees; the bulge in his pants was now very obvious. He unbuckled and stripped off his belt, then unzipped his pants releasing his massive dick from its confinement. 'See this,' he said stroking his long shaft with one hand 'this is going right in your pussy, and you're gonna like it aren't you, bitch?'

He once again leaned over my body, and with one hand on the bed, he used the other to guide the tip of his shaft right into my pussy and with one deep thrust, he had pushed himself deep into me. I gasped, pushing my head back and closing my eyes. I could feel his throbbing manhood gliding in and out of me in long hard strokes. I felt my head turned to one side and something warm being pressed against my lips. I shut my mouth tightly at first, but a hand grabbed the back of my head and hair and the quick scream I almost uttered was enough for Mark to force his dick into my mouth. I nearly gagged at first from the force of his entry and as he pulled back, I could taste his salty precum trickling along my tongue. At that moment, all my inhibitions dropped away and instead of feeling ashamed, I was eager. I started sucking on his shaft, taking in as much as I could and enfolding my tongue around it. I was like a girl with her first taste of a lollipop and I couldn't get enough.

In the meantime, Steve was working hard on his end, thrusting with ever more power. His chest muscles were taught and his hands were on my hips, giving him better leverage to push his dick into me. His rhythm was slow but strong. He removed one hand from my hip and grabbed my breast, 'Damn she's nice and tight, this feels way too good' he said.

'She's damn good at sucking too,' added Mark.

'Come on man, hurry up, I need to get some too,' complained the dark haired man.

'You'll get your chance Brad,' replied Steve, 'Just relax and enjoy the show, we've got plenty of time, don't we hun?' Steve grinned evilly at me. Brad was still stroking his dick and it was turning a dark shade of angry red. He wanted a piece of the action but was making himself content with one hand on my other breast and his other hand on his dick. I was lost in complete ecstasy, both breasts being manhandled and both my pussy and my mouth filled. The only thing that could make it better was if my ass was filled too.

Mark increased his tempo a bit, fucking my face with his hand still wrapped in my hair. His head went back and his face contorted giving me my queue that he was about ready to coat my mouth with his cum and a moment later I wasn't disappointed. I licked up every last drop as he shuddered a few more times squirting out the last bit into the back of my throat. He pulled his soon to be limp cock out of my mouth and leaned back against one of the poles on the bed. 'Damn that was good bitch,' Mark said.

'Doesn't take you long to get off now does it?' said Steve as he smirked and looked back at me. Mark muttered something under his breath and said he was going off to find a towel as he walked away from our little group. I was completely focused on Steve now, how much stamina did this guy have? A second later another cock replaced the one that had left my mouth moments before. This time Brad was the one face fucking me. Now Steve had increased his thrusts into me, harder and quicker. I was moaning in complete pleasure, no doubt creating a nice little experience for Brad.

Steve's massive cock was pushing deeper and deeper and the next wave of orgasm was threatening to take me when Steve thrust one more time, digging his hands into my hips and spewing cum into my pussy as his head went back and a loud groan escaped his lips. At the feel of his hot sperm I was completely overcome and my body shuddered as I came with him, adding my juices to his. He pushed back once or twice more then pulled out his now softening dick and looked at Brad, 'Your turn man.'

Brad pulled his dick from my mouth and moved around to my legs. I had closed them after Steve, basking in the afterglow of orgasm and laying there trying to recover from the experience. Brad put one hand on each knee and practically threw them apart and pushed his way in between them. He took his hand and guided his dick into me just like Steve and then, grabbing my waist with his massive hands, he slammed the whole length of his cock into my pussy. There was no finesse in it like Steve, just pure brute force. Sweat began glistening on his chest and every thrust ripped into me a little more. Between the pain and the pleasure of it all I was in heaven.

By this time, Steve had walked around to my hands and was untying them. He looked me in the eyes and posed the question 'Now, you're gonna do what I tell you, you little slut, aren't you?'

I nodded my head, 'Whatever you want me to do,' I agreed. He finished untying me while Brad continued his thrusts into my pussy. I could feel his dick stretching me and I could feel the pressure building up. I just wanted to lay there and let him do what ever he wanted to me. 'Turn her over,' commanded Steve.

Brad complied. He pulled out, lifted me up by waist and practically tossed me like a rag doll onto my front, and then he grabbed my hips again and lifted me up till I was steadily on all fours. As I kneeled there stunned, I felt Brad's hot hard cock pressing against my asshole for just a second before he plowed his way deep into my ass. I gasped surprised at the thickness of it and his quick thrust easily filled my ass. Steve grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head up till I could barely breathe; 'Now you're gonna clean up this mess you made on my dick.'

He shoved his now limp dick in front of my face and I took it with one hand, licking it from bottom to top, sucking off our juices. As I worked on the tip his cock started getting hard again and by the time I had sucked off every last bit his rock hard dick was throbbing, standing at full attention. He forced it into my mouth, shoving my head down on it.

Brad had grabbed my shoulder with one of his hands for better leverage and was slamming into me with his last efforts until finally I heard him moan and felt him shoot his hot load in my ass, filling me up and my lips unconsciously tightened around Steve's dick while I orgasmed yet a third time. 'Oh yeah, that's it bitch, suck on it just like that,' said Steve.

Cum was trickling down my legs from my pussy and my ass at this point and Brad was pulling back and getting off the bed, no doubt to join Mark in finding a towel. Steve pulled out, picked me up by the shoulders and threw me back onto the bed. In one quick motion, he was on top of me, straddling my chest and thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth with my wrists above my head in his other hand. A few moments later he tensed and pulled out one last time, grabbed his dick and furiously tugged at it once or twice before cum splashed all over my chest. He let go of his dick and it flopped a couple of times on my chest as he pushed himself back a bit. 'Well, now that we've worked out the matter of overtime, we can start working on lowering the price of this bedroom set here.' he said as he smiled that charming little grin at me...

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