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Shopping Trip

byRobert Buckley©

"Wow, that movie was great." Erin commented as they left the theater across the street from their apartment. They had been to see the latest summer blockbuster, and though they usually didn't like these types of movies this one was great. Landon agreed, having already seen this movie once he wanted his wife to see it as well. They linked hands and wandered down the sidewalk to the red light so that they could cross for home.

"Are you ready to go home and go to bed?" Landon asked in a teasing voice. They both knew they would be going to bed, but no one would be sleeping anytime soon. They had been spending most of their evenings the past few nights in sexual animal mode. Erin had just returned from being overseas and the two weeks they had spent apart had made them both so hot for each other they had been having marathon sex-sessions the past few evenings. Each night had been at least three hours before they would collapse in exhaustion.

Erin, while not timid, had never explored the full depths of her sexuality. She was sexy, without a doubt about it, but she sometimes didn't express everything she might want to do for fear that Landon would think her weird. Landon had always wanted to see his wife discover more things sexually, but had not mentioned it because he didn't want her to think he was weird of pushing her in some way. But the past few evenings with the help of Landon, and a new self-help book she had been reading, Erin had been discovering her "Sexual Goddess" self.

And it was a discovery that Landon was quite happy to see. He had noticed, especially this evening that his wife was walking with more sway to her hips, very sultry and sexy and he attributed it to her newfound sexual self. There had been toys, and lots of fucking and oral sex the past few evenings and neither could seem to go enough of it.

Well maybe someone did. The first night of these marathon sessions, Landon had came, twice, but Erin was still raring to go and so for quite some time Landon had watched in awe as his wife used her toys over and over. He was really amazed and turned on by the fact and the next evening they had done so much of the same, although Landon wasn't able to actually put himself inside Erin. When she was in her fertile time, able to conceive most easily, they avoided intercourse because they weren't ready for a child, but oral and fingers and toys were most definitely in bounds.

Erin looked over at Landon and nodded that yes, she was indeed ready for bed, and they made their way across the street. They walked hand in hand as quickly as they could, making their way up the stairs to their apartment. Moving in the door, Landon locked up behind them and they went off to the bedroom.

They both lay down on the bed and began to kiss each other softly. Landon knew that his wife was hot and ready, but warming her up even more was always a good thing. Their tongues danced slowly as Landon wrapped his arms around his wife and pulled her close. He sucked on Erin's tongue gently and nibbled on her bottom lip as she always enjoys before moving to her neck and slowly nibbling there as well.

He had to be a little more careful this evening, a few nights back he had left a very noticeable hickey and Erin had to disguise it some when out the next day. Erin loved his hot breath on her neck, and pulled him close as he licked and nibbled and sucked on her neck. Erin could feel Landon's cock growing hard and pressing against his shorts and her thigh, and her own area was growing very moist and needy. She reached down and cupped Landon's member and massaged him gently through his shorts.

She would dearly love to have that this evening, but knew she had to wait. She knew she would have plenty of fun, but nothing quite compared to Landon's own self thrusting in and out of her. As Landon continued to kiss at her neck, Erin felt his hands going up her skirt and feeling of her panty-covered lips. He began to rub gently against them and Erin sighed in pleasure.

Erin wanted him to bypass the panties and go straight inside her, but Landon didn't, instead teasing her by rubbing for a few moments and then stopping to let her come back down just a bit before starting up again. Erin tugged at the zipper of her skirt, and started to push it down, hoping Landon would get the hint to take it off of her altogether. He did take the hint and she pulled at his shirt as he came back towards her. Tossing his shirt aside Erin reached up and ran her hands along his chest. She loved the feeling of him and loved seeing him undress, although his legs were her favorite part of him, just like Landon's favorite part of her.

Landon moved back to teasing her through her panties, pushing the panties between her outer lips and rubbing gently. Erin enjoyed the sensations and felt the teasing for a few minutes longer while Landon whispered in her ear what he was planning to do to her that evening before she grew too needy for him, and pulled her panties aside.

"Get in there, please, I need it bad." Erin was pulling his hand to her opening, and while she had learned patience for foreplay, there was a point where she would have enough. She needed something in her now, and if Landon's cock couldn't be there his finger would be a very able substitute. Landon smiled knowing that he had done his job well and without further adieu slid the length of his index finger deep within his wife.

The overwhelming sensation of pure pleasure overtook Erin. Her walls clamped down on Landon's lone finger and held it inside, contracting on it as Landon moved around inside her. He moved slowly in her, like he always did which suited Erin just fine. She knew that in a moment he would move his finger to her front wall, where her pubic bone was and make a "come hither" motion which would eventually touch her G-spot and send her into another realm of lust and pleasure altogether.

No sooner had the thought been completed than Landon was making his move towards her spot, and Erin moaned loudly so that Landon knew he was doing well. A few moments later Erin felt her orgasm come over her in waves, and her body stiffened, almost paralyzed by the pleasure. Erin was not like other women, she had orgasms very easily with Landon, and multiples, not with anyone before him, but with him she found pleasure very easy to attain, and Landon knew it. He kept his motion up and not long after her first one had subsided did another orgasm come crashing over her, sending her writhing on the bed against his hand.

They kept this up for a little while, Landon would move away from her spot and push deep within her, letting Erin enjoy that feeling before coming back to her spot and making her come again on his fingers. After a time he removed his fingers and pulled her lips open and moved down between her legs. Erin thought he would start to eat her, but instead Landon concentrated on where her clitoris was. She had enjoyed her clit in the past, occasionally they would find it, but Erin thought she liked penetration better than that, which was truly different for a woman. But in their sessions over the past few evenings, her toys and Landon's tongue and fingers had been able to coax her clit from behind its hood and she had become seemingly addicted to the universe-shaking orgasms it brought her.

"I see her; she's coming out to play." Landon's voice was very excited and Erin felt a rush of happiness come over her. They were so happy together and loved each other dearly. Erin wondered from time to time if Landon enjoyed doing these things to her as much as he said he did, especially when he couldn't enter her like tonight, but Landon had always been so insistent on giving her pleasure, he said giving it to her was just about as good as making love to her. Not many men were like this and both knew that they had found someone special.

As special as Landon was though, he was still a man, and sometimes was a little too rough on her clit. He pressed down against it and it felt great for a moment, but Erin had to move his hand away a little bit later.

"It feels great, but it's so sensitive it can't really be sucked or pressed on baby. Move your fingers across it slowly, or blow on it, that feels great." Erin knew that Landon wouldn't be hurt from her pointers, he would appreciate them, and then she would appreciate them as well.

Landon indeed was glad to hear the pointers she gave him. Erin was the first woman he'd ever really been with and the ones he'd fooled around with before her had never progressed as far as learning about the clit. So Landon moved his finger slowly across her clitoris and could see the goose bumps forming on Erin's legs as he did this. Only a few moments after he began his movements Erin shuddered and Landon could almost feel her orgasm as it racked her body. Her face was contorted in the way that only a woman with an intense orgasm can make. Landon was excited knowing that he had done it to her so quickly and slowly went back to his task of doing it to her again.

He slowly moved his finger around her clitoris, sometimes touching and sometimes just moving around it teasingly close. Erin moaned and writhed in pleasure as he did this. Landon continued to tease her slowly, bringing her to another orgasm after time, making her shudder and grip his hand tightly.

Landon kissed his wife softly and then moved down to her dripping opening. He loved to eat her out, especially when she was as hot as she was then. He pushed his wife's legs even further apart, and she stared down at his face.

"Mmmmmmmm, looking good to me." Erin licked her lips in anticipation. Landon began to kiss her inner thighs up and down, not kissing where Erin wanted most, but it felt good anyway. He continued to tease her, kissing her pubic mound and her thighs before starting to softly chew on her outer lips.

Landon could tell that Erin had been enjoying the teasing, and her moans that accompanied his first tasting of her delicious pussy convinced him he was doing a good job. He nibbled on the outer lips for a bit before using his hands to spread open her flower and to dart his tongue directly into her waiting opening.

The scream and the hip thrust that came with that told him his wife was in the throws of another orgasm, and now he could taste it as well as her juices flooded out with his tongue lapping up every bit. Landon continued to push his tongue in and out of his wife's opening, her body writhing in response to his touch. He moved his tongue up along her canal, and the jolt of movement from Erin signaled that he had found her clitoris.

He softly moved his tongue around it for what seemed like hours. Her cries of pleasure intensified as he would get closer and closer, cresting when his tongue would lightly lick her actual clit for a moment, bringing on another orgasm before he would move away and tease her again.

Erin seemed like she was in a fog. Her brain had stopped working properly; all she could concentrate on was where Landon's tongue was at that moment. It was all that mattered to her. Her body convulsed in continuous pleasure and Erin could not get enough of it.

Landon had more plans for this evening. Now that his wife was lost in a haze of wanton lust she would agree to almost anything, and he was about to tie her up. She would have agreed to it before they began making love, but Landon likes to spring some surprises every now and then. He moved to their nightstand and removed the restraints. He was only going to tie her arms; he'd leave her legs free to move.

Erin looked over at him, realizing his tongue was gone and smiled. "Give me the blindfold as well baby." She wanted to totally let go tonight and let him take the lead.

Landon's smile was as big as Dallas as he pulled the blindfold out as well and softly covered his wife's eyes with it. Taking her arms he secured each one to the Velcro straps and bedposts, making sure the knots were tight. After the knots were done he told his wife to pull on the restraints. She did and didn't immediately come free, so Landon was satisfied. Looking at her, he smiled and pulled out one of their first toys. It was a little vibrator that attached to your finger, and Erin loved it.

He moved his mouth back down to her honey pot and turned on the power to the toy. He held the toy against her clit, as best he could and he let his tongue go back to her dripping opening again.

The sensations of being stimulated like this almost overwhelmed poor Erin. Her body sang out in pleasure, an orgasm consuming her quickly, making her test the resolve of the knots that Landon had tied. Her entire world was focused on her crotch at the moment and that was all.

This continued for some time before Landon decided it was time to see his wife filled. And since he couldn't do it at the moment, her favorite toy would be an able substitute. Erin whimpered as he moved away, her area feeling hopelessly empty with no tongue or toy serving it at the moment.

But Erin could hear what was going on. The drawer opening, the plastic case crinkling as he took the treasure out of its packaging, it was Thumper. Erin's pussy flooded itself with juices in anticipation. She did need to be filled and he was the perfect candidate.

Landon brought the big purple toy back to the bed. It was a rabbit vibrator and after watching that famous episode of "Sex and the City" Erin thought it might be interesting to try. Landon had always been fascinated with his wife and toys. He had wanted to introduce them to their lovemaking for some time, but his wife had always seemed a bit hesitant. After her first time with the toy they called Thumper her hesitation had been wiped away forever. While he didn't feel as good as Landon's cock thrusting in and out of her, the toy did feel incredible anyway and she loved having him. And Landon loved watching her have it.

He eased back towards the bed and Erin could hear the crinkle of a condom coming out its wrapper and being lowered over the fake phallus. She could barely stand the wait; she needed to be filled so badly, she was aching for something to drive itself deep within her.

Landon climbed back on the bed and she could feel him set the toy down beside her and she could also hear the cap opening on something. A moment later she could feel what it was, it was the lube they kept by their bedside. She certainly didn't need any this evening, but Landon enjoyed giving her some every time they played anyway. She could feel his fingers touch her again and slide quickly into her, wet and easily. He finger-fucked her for a few moments, making her hips start to buck in rhythm with his fingers before pulling them out and leaving her gasping for more.

"You want this don't you baby?" Landon had moved back up Erin's body and was whispering in her ear. She needed to be filled so badly that she couldn't even make out the words; she just moaned and nodded her head up and down so that he could tell.

"You need to be filled and fucked by this don't you my love? Tell me what you need." Landon's cock was throbbing in ecstasy as he teased his wife. His breath got short as he listened for her response.

"Yes...yes....I need to be fucked, please fuck me with the toy baby. Please." The words came shakily; Erin needed it so badly Landon could hear her desperation as she pleaded for it. Without another word Landon spread his wife's legs and put the toy at the entrance to her opening. A very loud sigh escaped Erin's lips as she felt the tip touching her. She tried to move her hips down to take it in, but Landon made her hold still. Patience was not something that Erin even wanted to have in a situation like this. She whimpered a bit, but it was unnecessary as Landon was already easing the head into her and sliding the length of the shaft quickly into her very grateful pussy. When the length of the toy had been inserted into Erin Landon let it hold for a moment, and he adjusted the little rabbit ears so that they could best touch Erin's clit. Then he looked at her beautiful face, partially covered by the blindfold and turned on the controls for the vibration of the ears and movement of the shaft.

And just like that Erin left seemingly left this plane of existence. Feeling the cock twisting within her, the pearls rotating at her outer lips and the ears vibrating so near her clit she didn't think that she could really ask for anything else at that moment. The movements were constant and helped build her towards a massive orgasm, the wracked her body only shortly after the cock had been put into her.

Her moans and jerking action of her hips signaled to Landon that Thumper was doing his job well as he watched the toy move close up. He loved to be down around his wife's pussy when the toy first got started. Seeing the pearls rotate, smelling the sweet smell of his wife in heat, hearing the whirring and the sloshing going on within her it drove so many of his senses wild. He would eventually move up beside his wife and whisper in her ear, kiss her neck or nibble at her breasts, but at the beginning Erin was so out of it she would barely notice his fascination with her crotch, and he loved these moments.

He felt so good during these moments, seeing his wife take pleasure like that. He never wanted to see her with another man, they had agreed early on that they were for only each other, but he loved to see his wife filled. Not only with his cock; which was pretty obvious, but with other objects. He couldn't explain why, but he loved that feeling of seeing her filled with a toy they had, it filled him with adrenaline and ecstasy as he would watch her wantonly fuck something else. He daydreamed all the time about buying other toys for Erin to use, bigger ones than Thumper. He couldn't explain why he wanted to, but it excited him like nothing else every time he thought about it. He also knew that his wife would enjoy them once she actually used them. She had been hesitant about adding Thumper to their toy chest, and when he had mentioned things like this before she had been apprehensive as well. Sometime soon Landon would see her with other toys he hoped. But for now he concentrated on the toy that was already doing its business to his wife.

Erin tugged at the restraints as she writhed across the bed. This felt exquisite; she couldn't believe that she had been nervous about getting Thumper at one point. Well, actually she could, there were several things that had been holding her back. The primary thing was her Catholic guilt about self-pleasure. Ever since she was little she had been taught that too much pleasure was not good, she was only being truly good if she was sacrificing some form of pleasure. So she had never masturbated, and had been uptight about sex in general before meeting Landon. He had helped her open herself to her sexual side. He had done things to her that she couldn't dream could have been done before. He had encouraged her to touch herself, he loved seeing it or hearing about it. The night before their first Valentine's together they had had phone sex and Erin had touched herself for the first time. It felt weird but also good. She came by herself for the first time that night, with only Landon's voice on the other line encouraging her.

She had touched herself again, but only on occasion. She always felt guilty afterwards, that she was doing something wrong, making herself feel so good like that. But as of late she had been listening to Landon's encouragements and letting herself fully experience pleasure.

She also was a bit hesitant in bed at times with Landon because she did not want him to think that she was some freak for some of the things she wanted. She had discovered Landon had done the same thing to her. He held back at times and they had promised recently to be honest to each other and tell all of their darkest fantasies. Erin now truly enjoyed Thumper, but still hadn't used him on her own, but she knew now at least that she would in time. Her thoughts drifted back to the present and she could feel another orgasm come over her after she began to concentrate again on the ears buzzing at her clit.

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