tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShopping with Jenna Ch. 01

Shopping with Jenna Ch. 01


Happy Holidays to all my friends and supporters.

The night of the auction Jenna stayed at my place and in the morning she asked me for something to wear. I told her we could stay naked until after breakfast and then we would get dressed to go shopping and have lunch. We sat naked in the kitchen as we had breakfast and talked some more about the events of the night before.

Jenna was hooked on exposing herself but still felt she was more at ease flashing then being totally naked. I told her I enjoy flashing and wearing sexy clothes, but I much prefer total nakedness. Especially when not expected and when I am the only one naked. After we finished breakfast we went to get ready for shopping.

I gave Jenna a short little pink and white polka dot ruffle layered mini skirt. It was very flirty and would give anyone looking a good show when she walked. Jenna pulled it on and looked at herself in the mirror. It was shorter than anything I had ever seen her wear and she would have to be careful how she moved and sat.

I gave Jenna a pink zipper front crop top to wear with the skirt and a pair of sandals with about 3 inch heels to finish the outfit. I told her no bra or panties allowed today. Jenna looked great and I knew she would attract lots of attention.

I wore a tube dress that had a sheer material across my boobs and a small ruffle overlay, which kept the top of the dress from being completely see-through. The body of the dress was pale blue down to about 3 inches below my pussy then there was about 3 inches of the same sheer material as over my boobs.

I had purchased these outfits one day while browsing the Flirt catalog on the web. I have a few other outfits I hope to wear out at night in the next few months. It was taking some coaxing to get Jenna out the door in her outfit sans panties. As she walked the skirt flounced and I saw her holding the back down with her hand. I was going to say something but thought I would wait until later.

I didn't want to ruin my chances of getting her to the mall in that outfit. As we drove to the mall I couldn't help but look at all of the bare skin Jenna was showing as her skirt had ridden up when she sat in the seat. Another inch or so and her pussy would be exposed to anyone next to us in a truck or SUV. Much to my dismay Jenna's skirt stayed in place for the entire ride.

I had chosen to go to one of the less popular Mall's in the area for this adventure. I was devising another adventure for the future and wanted to scout the location and this would be a good location for Jenna with fewer people roaming the mall.

The mall has a parking deck but I opted to park in a less populated area of the parking lot. We were not terribly far from one of the entrances. I wasn't sure exactly what was going to occur and finding your vehicle in a parking deck can be an adventure in itself. I wanted to know that all we had to do was go out the same door we came in and my car would be visible. After parking we began the short walk to the mall entrance.

The light breeze and the natural bounce of her walk in heels were causing Jenna's short skirt to fly up. When it flew up a bit higher Jenna quickly moved a hand back there to keep the skirt down. I told her that our adventure was beginning and she was not allowed to touch the skirt anymore no matter what happened. Jenna gave me one of the looks that said "I hate you for getting me into this", which is probably true, but I also know she is learning to love the thrill of public exposure.

We entered the mall though one of the entrances that leads right into the bottom floor of the mall rather than into one of the major anchor stores that most malls have. I have noticed that it can be more difficult trying to find the door you entered through in one of those big stores and I wanted to make our exit route as easy as possible.

I am not only thinking about today but about a future adventure I have in the works. As we entered I saw the escalator that would take us upstairs just a short distance away. I saw that the escalator to bring us back down was right next to it. This is not always the case and I wanted to know where we would end up when we came back down.

We were approaching the escalator and I looked back to see if anyone else was heading toward it. There was one man probably in his forties not too far behind us. I slowed the pace so he could get closer and once I was sure he was going to take the escalator we stepped on for the ride up.

It didn't take Jenna long to figure out that the man behind us was going to have a very nice view of her naked ass. She started to move her hand behind her but then she saw me watching and moved her hand back in front of her. I glanced back and saw the man looking intently up at us, He immediately averted his eyes when he saw me look but he was already caught.

I could see the faint smile on Jenna's face and I knew she was enjoying the attention. We reached the second floor of the mall and I made sure that we walked close to the railing with the glass. I wanted to give everyone below an opportunity to have a good view of Jenna. My tube dress was not short like the skirt Jenna was wearing so there wasn't much to see from below.

We walked from one end of the mall to the other keeping Jenna close to the railing, stopping every now and then to give anyone below a better view. I made mental notes along the way as to where the restrooms were and if there were any security post anywhere. When we reached the end there was one clothing store I wanted to visit.

I knew there were dressing rooms that were visible from outside the store but on the other side of the store from the register. The girls behind the counter would not have a clear view of the dressing rooms but people looking in the window would have an unobstructed view. I didn't really have a plan; I just wanted to have a bit of fun and get Jenna a little more public exposure with some for myself of course.

The store obviously catered to females a bit younger than us but the clothes were sexy and could certainly be fun to wear in public. We took our time browsing as I selected a few items for each of us to try on. The dressing room was large enough to accommodate both of us. The door could be locked and there was a small mirror on one wall but there was a larger mirror just outside the dressing room.

I wanted to test the waters before I plunged Jenna into all of this. I took a very small skirt and a pullover crop top into the dressing room and told Jenna to wait outside the dressing room for me. I said that I didn't think the mirror inside would be big enough to get a good look at the outfit and that I would come out and use the larger mirror outside the dressing room.

I went into the dressing room and stripped off my tube dress, then pulled the skirt up and saw that even though it was sitting low on my hips that the hem was just a few inches below my pussy.

I pulled the drop top over my head and took a glance in the mirror. There was a lot of exposed skin between the bottom of the shirt and the waistband of the skirt as well from the hem down. I unlatched the door and stepped out into the store. I had a clear view of the stores front window and saw people walking by casually glancing in window-shopping.

I stepped in front of the big mirror and began turning left then right. I turned my back to the mirror and looked back over my shoulder to see how my ass looked. I would occasionally glance at the front window to see if people were looking toward me.

I saw out of the corner of my eye a man probably in his mid thirties who had spotted me and was trying to look without being noticed. I asked Jenna what she thought of the outfit and she thought the skirt was great but did not like the top. I told her I agreed with her and I grabbed the bottom of the shirt with both hands and pulled it over my head and tossed it to her.

I then turned slowly back toward the mirror and saw that the man outside had seen everything as I had hoped and was now glued to the floor, unable to look away. I asked Jenna to hand me the other top I had picked out. She got up and handed it to me and I put it on. I liked it much better than the first top and stood there checking myself out in the mirror while the man outside continued to ogle me.

I turned back to Jenna and told her that I liked the top better but it doesn't go with this skirt. As I said that I pushed the skirt down and stepped out of it, slowly turning once again back toward the mirror. My friend outside was dumbstruck looking at me standing bottomless in the store. There was no doubt that I had this guy hooked and he was going to stay there as long as we were in this store.

The only other thing that may cause him to leave is if he has a wife or girlfriend somewhere close that comes back to join him. Just to ensure he would stay there I took the top off and stood there in my high heel sandals casually bending over to retrieve the skirt from the floor, pointing my ass right at the front window.

I told Jenna to grab all of the clothes and join me in the dressing room. It was now time for our friend to get an eyeful of Jenna. Now I know Jenna will not be so willing to just get naked inside a store like this so I will need to help her along. I told Jenna to go ahead and try on one of the outfits she had picked out. I stayed naked for now while Jenna stripped off her clothes.

I made sure not to latch the door and after Jenna was naked I acted like a high school girl and pushed her out the door. I quickly latched the door and Jenna was out in the store naked. I knew she would not yell afraid to attract the attention of the store employees. She was standing outside begging me to open the door. I called out to her "Is that guy still by the window?" Jenna replied "Yes" and I told her to turn and face him then continue to do a full turns back to facing the dressing room door.

I could see her feet turning and saw that she did as she was told and then I let her back inside. Jenna's nipples were standing at attention so I knew that my little prank has excited her as much as it probably scared her. I told her that before we left we would have a little more fun. We both put just a shirt on and step back out to look in the big mirror.

It took some persuading but once we saw no one was near the dressing room we stepped out, much to the delight of the man outside. He watched us stand there in shirts and sandals before we went back inside the dressing room. Then we put on some very short skirts and took the tops off and went back out. I did my best to make sure jenna turned toward him a few times as I made it a point to bend over to fix my sandal.

Finally we both went back into the dressing room and changed into the clothes we had worn to the mall. We went to the register and paid for the things we chose to keep. Leaving the store I saw the guy was still close and was sure he would be following us wherever we went in the mall.

Happy Holidays
Love to All


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