tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShopping with Jenna Ch. 02

Shopping with Jenna Ch. 02


Hopefully you have missed my stories. This is the next in my NIP (naked in public) adventures with Jenna, with more to follow. If you could only imagine how scary, but yet exhilarating each one of these adventures are for me. Some people bungee jump and some jump out of planes for thrills. For me, I can't beat the thrill of showing my body off and to be naked in public.

Jenna and I still had the attention of a stranger in the mall. He had been peering in at us through the store window on this weekday afternoon. We had been trying on different outfits and looking for the ones with the most sex appeal. Our little show had been for his benefit and it had obviously captured his full attention. He had seen us both naked while we tried on and changed outfits. We made jokes back and forth about why he was still watching us, but we had spent enough time in the store and it was time to leave.

We made some decisions and kept two outfits and put the rest back. After we made our purchases we headed back out into the mall I whispered, "Jenna, he's still there." Jenna knew who I meant without me overtly motioning in his direction.

"He's still watching us. Do you think he'll follow?" Jenna said and ended it with a flirtatious tone in her voice.

"You made sure we gave him enough to look at!" Jenna said and giggled. "It's no wonder why he would follow us. He is kind of good looking, don't you think?" She added.

We walked for a ways through the mall and were both kind of quiet for a time. Then Jenna broke the silence.

"So Nikki, I can see the glimmer in your eyes and you're not going to just let things go with just our flashing in the store are you?" Jenna said with a smirk on her face.

I thought that smirk was just priceless. Although the trip to the mall was just going to be just an exploratory trip to stage my next adventure, I just knew I had to have some more fun today. Since our newly acquired friend had seen us both totally naked already, it planted some seeds in my mind. Being a compulsive exhibitionist my body was taking control of my thoughts.

"Jenna, let's give him a name. Let's call him Charlie, but also let's keep him at a safe distance," I said. I really didn't care what his name was and I wasn't going to ask him either. I just had this feeling he was going to keep an eye on us for awhile. To me, it just added some mystique of our adventure.

Jen just gave me this devilish smile and she knew what I was up to. With that we were off to see more of the mall. The first escalator was not far away. Both the up and down directions of the escalator were located side by side. That's important information incase I need to make a quick get away or dodge security or the police. It's also important to know where the information centers are located too.

Eyes in the mall were all turning to follow us. We weren't naked by any means. For now my small ruffle overlay did conceal my 34C boobs. The pale blue tube dress was a snug fit to my body and just barely covered my pussy. It made my body just tingle at the thought of how close I was to full exposure.

Jenna's attire was just as provocative and showed a lot more skin. She did grab more attention than I. Her very short pink ruffle layered miniskirt did little to cover her bare bottom. It was so short that it provided an ample view of her long firm legs that stretched just below her tight firm ass all the way down to those 3 inch heels. Her skintight pink zippered-crop top formed around the contours of her braless 36D breasts. Her hard nipples protruded out and it looked as if she had little pink marshmallows glued to her breasts. She looked so sexy with a cute face and also a sweet-sensual smile that would make any man look twice.

We took the escalators down to the lower level. It was time to check out this new "field" of adventures. Where are the locations of security and information kiosks? Also, I needed to know the locations restrooms incase I needed avoid some over zealous security personnel.

Strolling along, men eagerly looked up and down our bodies. Part of the thrill of all this is also wondering what these guys will do when they get home? Will they masturbate? Will they have sex with their wife or partner while thinking of us? Exposing all of me in public places is such a turn on and my mind constantly races with these thoughts. I just had to find a way.

A young couple and a baby were just come up the escalator as we were going down. They were looking around and then the guy caught a view of Jenna's miniskirt. It was so obvious that he noticed her bare pussy. For a moment he just stared at it and then glanced up and met our eyes. He smiled with approval his expression was worth a thousand words. Do you think he would have looked so intently had his wife been behind him on the escalator? I'd say he was a lucky guy that day.

Since it was a weekday most of the children were in school. Before we got to the bottom of the escalator, I looked around and noticed that the sparsely crowded mall was made up mostly of adults and a few teenagers roaming the walkways. As we past a couple small groups of teenage boys, they did little to hide their hormonal driven stares. That really fed my compulsion! Jenna and I were without a doubt making an impression on the mall customers within our view.

"Hey Jenna, Charlie is still up on the second level to our right and he's still watching us," I said to Jenna covertly out of the side of my mouth.

"I know," Jenna said while trying to contain her concern. "Do you think he's an undercover security guard?"

"No, I'm sure he's not. He would have approached us or arrested us by now," I said trying to comfort her. I really wasn't very confident though. However, in a way it really added to my excitement. It seems like every time when I get to this point, my brain tells me no, but it can't convince my body to listen. By then my body was just screaming at me for more excitement and it was being very impatient about it. There was no turning back. Those looks of surprise and desire from strangers kept feeding my nudity addiction. I live for that thrill! So really, what better public place than this mall?

"Let's wander around down here Jenna and scope this level out," I said.

"Ok, but for myself I'm not really ready today," Jenna said with some reluctance in her voice. She is adventurous, but I also knew I was trying to push her too hard. I know she will join in and it was obvious that in time she'll get more courageous again.

Inside though, I was committed. My hunger pushed me on.

With a quick glance behind me, and trying not to look directly in his direction I notice tag-along friend was headed for the escalator. Shivers were coursing through my body and focused downward to my clit. Maybe he really is an undercover security guard.

"Jenna, look around for the restrooms," I said.

While we scanned the lower level I could see the locations of the security and information kiosks. On the far end from our location there were more escalators leading back up to the second level. I noticed a restroom and nudged Jenna's elbow and we made our way over to it.

The restroom appeared to be vacant as I walked through to the full-length mirror on the opposite wall. Turning in front of the mirror, I thought to myself that this dress sure does looks nice on me. But there wasn't enough showing. I lifted my overlay up to expose my chest. I could clearly see my dark areolas and hard nipples. The feeling was so compelling and I softly mouthed the words, "How much could I get away with? I have to do this!" I tucked my overlay inside the top of my dress. By the way I wasn't going making any fashion statements, but I didn't much care either. My aspiration was for exposure.

An evil grin grew on my face as I looked lower to the bottom of my dress. It needed some adjustment also. It was too concealing. So I pulled the lower portion of my dress up leaving only the see-through sheer material to cover my pussy. The sheer material clung to me tight enough and it held the inner dress material in place. My neatly trimmed pussy was very obvious. I was so wet! I was practically shaking with anticipation and it felt so wonderful!

Jenna was watching me this whole time. "Nikki," Jenna commenting with an intent tone in her voice, "You're not going to go out into there like this are you?"

"Of course," I replied and winked at her.

By the look on Jenna's face it was obvious that she still had a hunger to participate, but not quite yet.

"Your boobs and pussy are plainly visible, you'll get arrested!" Jenna said.

"I won't get arrested Jen, so don't worry," was my reply. However, as much as I tried to convince Jenna of this, I wasn't totally convinced myself. In the back of my mind I still held on to this hidden contradicting fantasy of wanting to get arrested. Oh, being lead through the police station naked and in handcuffs to be booked. Everyone around me seeing me totally naked and I couldn't do anything to hide myself. Maybe they would keep me naked in the holding cell as well. It's a fantasy that I never want to happen, but still it's so exciting to think about it.

Jenna snapped me out of my fantasy, "You're insane Nikki!"

With a chuckle I said, "No I'm not, I'm adventurous! When I get old and grey, I promised myself that I'm not going to look back and have regrets that I didn't have a little fun in my life."

Still shaking her head in disbelief, I walked out of the restroom with Jenna close behind me. Looking around, guess who was lounging by escalators trying not to be conspicuous? That's right, our friend Charlie. Charlie noticed us right away. The look on Charlie's face told me that I was all but naked. I could feel my nipples tighten and become rock hard. The moistness between my legs was unmistakable now. With Charlie at a safe distance, I felt more comfortable. I smiled at him and gave Charlie a flirty little wave. Charlie's face turned red instantly and he made an unsuccessful attempt to back away from our view. Then I knew he wasn't security.

My mind was racing, but now my plan was to walk the length of the mall's lower level and then to the far escalator, up to the second level and out to my car. We walked the full length of the mall again, but this time with me pretty much totally on display. I was getting most of the attention now and it was such a rush! Men and women alike stopped and watch us go by. We got cheers from a few of the younger crowd. Older guys smiled while most of the women gave me dirty looks.

People in the storefronts looked up to see what the commotion was all about. I got a "thumbs up" from a guy in a sporting goods store. My heart was really pounding and then more so when I spotted a real security guard in the opposite corner of the mall. He was talking with an older lady. I thought my pounding heart would explode with each beat. My only hope was that she would keep him busy long enough for me to get through the mall. It hit me so hard as it crossed my mind again--I could get arrested for this! Jenna kept pace with me and she tried to block the security guards view of me. Jenna was practically squealing with excitement.

We made it to the escalator. You should have seen the look on the two older ladies coming down as we were going up. They were so funny that we both started to laugh when they passed by us. There were not a lot of people on the second level, but still the exit was so far away. Could I make it? The closer we got the more attention we drew. The doors were only a few feet away with bright sunlight shining through them. People entering the mall looked like silhouettes. We weren't running as we exited the mall, but we certainly had a hurried pace.

Finally we exited the mall just as three people walked in. For some reason they must not have seen my state of nudity and they casually walked right past us. We dashed past them burst into hysterical laughter. A few seconds later, realizing we had to keep moving, Jenna looked at me and I know had this look of accomplishment on my face. It was so exciting to push those boundaries. How can I explain it other than it's my rush! Full knowing it's possible to get arrested though! Is it worth it? It's the risk that makes it so enjoyable. My desire to become more adventurous each time drives me for more excitement!

Just then Jenna bumped my shoulder, "Guess who's still following us?"

I didn't even look. I knew it was Charlie, but we headed towards my car.

When we got closer to the car, I turned and looked. Strangely enough, Charlie didn't follow us much beyond the mall's exit. He just stood there looking in our direction. I don't know what we would have done had he continued. The car was only a few feet away and believe it or not, I still felt the need for more. I pushed the fob buttons to unlock the car doors and open up the trunk. Handing the keys and my bags to Jenna, I reached down to the lower hem of my dress and with one quick pull it was off and tossed it to Jenna. I had goose bumps all over my naked body.

"Jenna, put this in the trunk for me please," I said breathlessly.

"Oh my God Nikki! You're totally naked! There are security cameras all around us!"

I could hardly get the words out, because the excitement was so overwhelming and finally I said, "I know Jen it feels great!"

We got into the car and headed home. It seemed like Jen was a little envious of my boldness. Slowly we made our way through the parking lot and the stoplights. Several people in trucks and SUVs passing by us could have plainly seen me. They must have had their attention focused on the road. Along the way we didn't have any incidents, but think about it. We could have been pulled over by the police, we could have had a flat tire, or an accident. All the way home we talked and laughed about the events this afternoon.

When we got to my home, I waited for Jenna to retrieve my dress from the trunk. I slipped into only the sheer portion of the dress. I gave Jenna a hug and collected my bags.

"Thank you for helping out today and I'll be in touch soon for a new adventure," I told her.

"It scares me and you know I'm afraid I may join in too," she said.

As I started up the sidewalk, I glanced around checking for neighbors. It seemed like everyone was either not at home or inside. I smile and thought to myself, it wouldn't have been the first time they had seen me naked.

There are more adventures since this one so please watch for them!

Hugs to all!


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