tagFetishShopping with Milk

Shopping with Milk


Beatrice nervously pushed her cart down the aisle stocked with bottles, formula, and there at the end on the bottom shelf, breast pumps. She had come straight from the gym, her sunglasses on, and she hoped no one would recognize her. Her secret, sexual desire was to lactate, and since she had never been pregnant, it had stayed in the realm of fantasy. Overcome with lust at the thought of her small, perky breasts being filled with milk, she had researched and found certain hormones and herbs that induced lactation. Over the past couple months, Beatrice had been taking the pills and herbal remedies daily, and of course stimulating her nipples. Her dedication had paid off, this morning during her morning breast rub a few white drops had appeared on the tip of her pink nipple. Now she decided a breast pump was in order to try to increase her milk supply.

There were so many to choose from though, and the pros and cons of manual versus electric, various brands, worried her mind. She had leaned down trying to decide, and her jogging shorts, already short, were unknowingly exposing the bottom of her ass. That caught the attention of a man, Richard, down the aisle. He moved his cart closer to appreciate the view of the long legs ending at the edges of a pair of pink panties peeking out from her shorts. The woman was shopping for breast pumps! He felt himself getting aroused at the thought. Breastfeeding was so erotic. He had never actually suckled milk from a breast, but the simple act of a nipple in his mouth, was a turn on. The woman stood up, and backed into him accidentally. She was not pregnant, nor had she been recently. Her figure was slim, with narrow hips and a small bust.

"Pardon me," Beatrice said in apology. She was so embarrassed, here was a handsome guy seeing her browsing breast pumps! He seemed at unease himself, and was wondering what she needed a breast pump for.

"No, I am sorry for getting in your way. I'm Richard, but my friends call me Rick." He went on to introduce himself. "Can I help you with anything?" he blurted out.

Laughing, Beatrice introduced herself, and felt a funny sensation in her breasts. Then to her dismay noticed two round wet spots on the front of her sports bra. She had let down and leaked milk! Rick noticed too, and made a joke on how she must be in dire need of the device. Taking a chance, Bea said shakily, "Can you help me pick out a pump?"

Rick was shocked, and bent over to pick out a box before she changed her mind or laughed it off as a joke. He ended up with a small electric dual pump, and Bea placed it in her cart without a word. They walked towards the front of the store to check out, and continued talking. Once in the parking lot, as they were going to say good bye, Rick mentioned she might need help assembling the pump. Taking him up on his offer, he agreed to come over to Bea's house later that day to help.

A few hours later Rick arrived at Bea's door, and she ushered in him. She was wearing a simple cotton blouse and a knee length skirt. They sat on the couch a few feet from one another, and began opening the box. It was not very complicated and soon the pump was together and plugged in, all that was left was to turn it on and begin pumping.

Bea thanked Rick, and said perhaps he would like to go into the kitchen to grab a snack while she attempted to pump. It was clear the assembly and their conversation at the store had been foreplay, and Rick was disappointed not to watch Bea pump milk from her breast. He willingly went into the kitchen though, and sat at the table with a soda trying to concentrate and read the newspaper. He could hear the noise of the electric pump motor stop and start, stop and start. Bea called out to him, "Rick, could you lend me a hand." He would gladly lend her more than a hand.

Re-entering the living room, he saw Bea sitting with her blouse open and bra less. She explained she could not get the breast shield to seal around her, as per the instructions. Rick reread the instruction booklet, and said either water or breast milk could be used to moisten the shield. He reached over and squeezed Bea's right tit, until milk droplets were escaping her nipple. Rubbing the shield with the milk he helped her hold it in place while she switched the pump back on. It was working much better. He could see her little pink nipples being pulled in the clear tubes by the suction of the pump. Bea leaned back on the sofa cushions, holding a pump to each breast.

Rick sat at the end of the couch, put her feet in his lap and began to give her a foot massage while the pump did its work. After 10 minutes or so a small collection of breast milk had pooled in the bottles attached to the pump. Rick wondered what it would taste like, and if Bea would want him to drink it. She was obviously turned on, and trying not to show her growing sexual arousal. Rick began to rub higher on her legs, above her knees, below her skirt. Her skin was soft and smooth, and she was trying to keep her knees clasped, but her hips were moving side to side. He continued with his hands on her legs, until his fingers reached her panties. Oh, they were wet. Her hands were busy holding the pumps, but she spread her legs for him. Pushing up her skirt, he pulled off her panties. Holding them up, he put them to Bea's face and rubbed the wet crotch of the panties on her cheek. "Does milking your titties make your pussy wet?" he teasingly asked her. A moan was answer enough.

Next, he inserted a finger into her, while rubbing her clit. He felt the tight sides of her, and found the little textured square of her "g" spot and pressed hard. Bea was breathing hard and was grinding her hips, she started lifting up, but Rick pressed her her hips back down. Withdrawing his fingers, they were wet, he put them to her mouth and told her to suck. Bea complied by licking her own juices from his hand, finger by finger. She was obviously close to achieving orgasm, and was having trouble holding the pumps steady to her breasts.

Rick had finally pulled out his throbbing erect cock, ready to enter Bea. He replaced his hands with Bea's on the pumps, and she quickly began to stroke him with her freed hand. With one of her hands on his member, squeezing the head and shaft, the other was rubbing her pussy. She spread her lips to invite him to enter. Still holding the pumps, he thrusted into her. On top of her he drove his cock in over and over, enjoying the wetness and friction. They were both close to coming, and without turning off the pump he pulled them away from her breasts.

Milk sprayed out, across his chest. Arching her back, Bea began to come, her pussy contracting, grunting Rick released into her. Flooding with cum, Bea reached up to massage her tender breasts. Her nipples were larger than normal, and her tits were puffy. Rick leaned down and began to softly suckle on them. Kissing and sucking them gently, he enjoyed the last tastes of milk from Bea's drained breasts.

Leaning over he picked up one of the pumps, and unscrewed the half filled bottle of breast milk. Sitting up over Bea he poured the milk slowly over her tits, and licked it off her body. It ran all around and down her, and he followed it. From her neck to her thighs he licked the thin, sweet milk from her still quivering body. As they lay together on the sofa, Rick could think of plenty of other things to do with her milk in the future.

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