tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShorn to Please

Shorn to Please


Hi I'm Gill and my boyfriend is Chris. Depilation, pubic shaving, bald beaver, shaven havens, bald pussy or bare cunt call it what you will came to me in 1988. This is my story.

Chris is a nudist and he had been living with me for about three months, when we made love he often said how much he loved to see mature women who had no pubic hair and how much nicer it must be to suck and lick a vagina that was completely hairless. Up till that time I had a very abundant growth of coarse, black, pubic hair that once grew right from my bum, between my legs completely covering my pussy and right up my tummy. There were times when I had trimmed it a little but not very much. I had always been a hairy girl and had done my best to remove the rest of it by waxing and electrolysis. My underarms were lovely and smooth, barely a hair grows there. My legs are becoming that way after years of treatment. I was gradually winning my battle against body hair but I had never contemplated removing my pubic hair completely.

Chris had gone out for the evening and I felt that when he came home he might be feeling a bit down so I would do something sexy to cheer him up. When we had sex he had often said that he liked bald pussies so I would give him one and see just what reaction I would get. I was not used to shaving I had always waxed away my superfluous hair so I had no razor or shaver but I did have plenty of wax strips. I stripped off my skirt and panties (I wore knickers in those days) and started sticking the strips of waxed paper to my pubes then pulled. It hurt like hell. The front was bad but when I reached between my legs to the large fleshy lips of my vagina it was excruciatingly painful but I had started so I would finish as the saying goes. I continued until there was not a single hair left I was completely bare.

The last time that I had been like this with no pubic hair, was as a young schoolgirl before it had grown. After the soreness wore off it felt nice, smooth and velvety as I caressed my bare mound. As my fingers went lower to my slit it felt smooth and moist as I slipped my fingers between the lips and stroked, it was no longer an ugly hairy pussy but now everything was easily visible, it had become a totally naked, sexy, shaven cunt. It felt so smooth, I caressed myself, I looked in the mirror, I could see everything, nothing was hidden any more, the lips that previously had been hidden by ugly black hair, were now clearly visible, they were deep pink swollen, shiny with my juice and crinkly. I had never before seen this part of my anatomy like this, in fact I had never really studied it at all. Well for one thing it had always been covered with hair hadn't it, but now I felt so sexy with it all so completely exposed. I opened my legs wide to look at it and pulled the now hairless lips apart until I could see right inside my pink, shiny hole.

My clitoris was now very big and erect. I rubbed it, it felt so nice and grew bigger popping out of it's hood like a tiny cock. It had never seen it like that before, but then I had never shaved it before. I felt so aroused. I was so wet that my fingers easily slipped inside, as I watched myself in the mirror the inner lips closing around them. Even as a young girl I knew that my inner lips were quite large and really did protrude and at one time I had thought that I was odd because of this but now they really are totally exposed, frilly and puffy, glistening and now that they were excited they seemed, bigger than ever, they hung down like butterfly wings, almost an inch long. There is no way that this could be called a slit, all the lips show very clearly even with my legs together. It really is a blatantly naked cunt. The fact that I was feeling so sexy made them show even more.

I felt that I was now very different from other women, with everything, my whole sex so openly visible like this. As I withdrew my fingers the lips didn't fully close and my engorged clitoris was left protruding above them. What a sexy sight. I was like a young girl with no hair between my legs but my sexy and very aroused cunt was so very much bigger. With my legs closed the lips are still fully visible but when I open them the lips sometimes peel apart as well and my swollen clitoris hood can also be seen and sometimes even my clit itself unfolds from it's secret hiding place, I liked what I saw, I felt so sexy.

When Chris came home I did not say anything to him about what I had done but when we went to bed and I stripped to show my now completely bare mound and exposed pussy, he went over the moon about it. He caressed it he opened me up. How beautiful it looked he said, like a gorgeous flower with the petals opening and deep pink inside. What wonderful big lips that are now fully visible. He felt it he fondled it, he kissed it, licked it and sucked it making the lips even bigger and I was lubricating even more, my juice running into his mouth. I was getting more aroused than ever before, almost panting to be fucked, to feel his cock in my newly shaven cunt, I had never before felt quite like this, it was so decadent. I experienced my first oral orgasm, it was wonderful my whole body throbbed. Finally he threw me on the bed, put his very erect prick between my eager, bald pussy lips, right up inside me and fucked me with renewed vigour this was what I had waited for. Without any hair, I could feel his pubes brushing over my now very smooth mound making it feel so very sensuous as my engorged lips closed around his prick and it fucked in and out of my hole his balls slapping against my bum. After he had shot his cum into me he withdrew and I sucked the mix of his spunk and my juice from his prick, it tasted divine. It had all been worthwhile and I vowed never to let the hair grow again but also never to wave the wax near it again. I now pluck the front regularly and we shave round the prominent lips. It's best though when Chris does it as he always tests it by kissing and sucking the freshly shaved lips deep into his mouth and making them swell up till I come which always makes them even bigger.

Where I pluck, the hairs are getting weaker but frequent shaving is needed to avoid the 8 o'clock shadow between my legs and over my labia. Chris would love me to have it removed permanently by electrolysis by a friend who does my legs but it would take years and I just could not bring myself to ask her and then strip naked laying with my legs spread so wide for her to do my naked sex as well though I am sure that she would do it for me.

It's OK at home but we had joined a Naturist swimming group and now it was time to go public as it were. I was new to nudism and had only just got used to being naked with others. All of the other ladies at the swim, although naked had hair to cover their pussies but I was now going to be absolutely nude without even a single hair to cover my very prominent sex lips. When the sessions restarted after Christmas I felt very self- conscious as I was the only lady there with her sex so openly on show, everything I had would be on show, my bare cunt was emphasised without hair my swollen lips were clearly visible not only to the other swimmers but to the lifeguards as well and although, I was displaying it all and Chris and I loved it I didn't know what others might say. Well you've guessed it, nothing at all was said, but I was different to them all, I was totally naked, nothing was hidden, the lack of pubic hair emphasises my sex which pleases me very much. I felt so rude and sensual blatantly showing a part of me that almost no one had seen before, my naked and shaven cunt was on show to everyone. Now there are several other shaved ladies there and at least one of them shaves because of my influence. Each week her pubic patch got smaller and smaller and we always commented on it to her until eventually she came with her delightful cunt totally bare. She and her husband now shave each other, he is bare as well, she loves being shaved so much that she has also vowed never to let it grow again. She has even had a little tattoo on her mound.

I now enjoy other people seeing me completely naked when I am on the beach and I even encourage them to look at my bare sex as I open my legs wide in order to show it off. I thought, well Gill you've shaved it so that it can be easily seen so be proud of it, now show it off in all it's naked glory and enjoy it and I do.

I have even been naked on a normal public beach as in order to put my bikini bottom on I strip completely naked and do not cover myself with a towel or anything, I am always topless anyway. We feel that without a patch of dark hair people do not think that I am naked.

At Chris' suggestion I gave up wearing bras and I wear see through tops and I don't wear panties, even under micro-mini skirts . It is a lovely to feel the breeze under my tiny skirt wafting around my smooth naked sex lips. When going to the beach it is always quite clear to others that I have no knickers on to cover me as I wear my shortest skirt which frequently blows up to show my bare pussy and my bum. If it doesn't do it on it's own Chris delights in lifting it up to show my naked state.

1989 was a year of firsts for me. We joined a Nudist club, Eureka in Kent. I always arrived wearing a stretchy, tight fitting extreemly short skirt so that as I walked from the car park it easily wriggled up my bum to expose everything showing everyone that I don't wear knickers and my shaven sex was all on show under the skirt as we walked across the lawn,

We went to some of the Saturday night adult dances where almost anything goes. Although I always started off partly dressed, my breasts, nipples and shaven sex would always be clearly visible but I always ended up dancing naked except for my stockings and suspenders. That's another story though.

First time on a Naturist beach where as I have said I always ensured that as we arrived everyone could clearly see that I didn't wear knickers and after I had stripped I lay with my legs wide open to proudly display my shaven state especially after Chris has rubbed sun tan cream into it to make my lips separate, my juices flow and my clittie come erect making me feel very sexy. I am very proud that my cunt is bald and the fact that I now feel very sexy and different from most other ladies and I love to show it on the beach to the naturists and especially to the voyeurs, I hope it gives them a thrill. It's a lovely feeling to know that someone is staring right at my very naked and open sex. Occasionally a man has parked himself just a few feet away and so that he can stare right between my open legs to watch my bare pussy.

First time on a Naturist holiday to Le Cap d'Agde in the South of France. I was a little shy when we first arrived and wore an open fronted pareo, not because of my shaven state but more because I was not used to walking in the streets of a town naked but this did not last long and I discarded that to be naked like everyone else. But I am not like everyone else am I, I am shaved, my prominent pussy lips don't hide behind horrid pubic hair. My cunt and sometimes, when I am excited, my clit, is always proudly on show, I am completely exposed. It was a wonderful feeling to be able to go out walking in the town with my tits and cunt quite bare and on show to everyone.

Every day we went for a walk right out of the Naturist beach and into the textile one. We were the only people in the area who were naked and I was proudly showing my bald cunt and Chris his bald cock and balls (he also shaves now) as we walked absolutely naked amongst the people on the beach who were all wearing at the least bikini bottoms. It's such a sensuous feeling to know that we were the only ones so very naked among other people.

In the evenings many ladies dressed in sexy clothing and I was no exception. I always ensured that my breasts, nipples and bald cunt were visible no matter what I wore, be it either totally transparent, nylon dresses, or an open blouse and very short skirt, but never a bra or knickers. I was a total exhibitionist and loved it, sitting at the al fresco bars with my skirt up over my thighs and legs open wide so that all the passers by could clearly see my naked, open and shaven pussy completely exposed to view.

At Agde there were even hairdressers who advertised pubic hair removal or shaping.

Whilst there I was even asked to pose for nude photographs by a French amateur photographer. As we were in France the photos were really "Continental, open" and became very sexy and absolutely explicit. It was clear that he loved my shaven cunt posing me with legs wide, he even got me to pull my lips apart to completely expose my excited, wet and erect clitoris and deep pink interior for his camera. This excited Chris and when he commented that Bernard seemed very taken with my shaven cunt he replied that a girl is not naked until she has shaved all of her pubic hair off to ensure that her cunt shows. Chris and I are in total agreement with this sentiment. I really enjoyed posing in such an exposed way, legs spread wide my cunt lips and my tits excited and nipples erect, even letting Bernard, at that time a total stranger, touch my cunt and open my lips wide to photograph my erect clit. We got quite friendly with Bernard and I posed for him on two subsequent occasions both times he took loads of open legged shots of me and some close ups of just my open cunt. He always speaks of my beautiful large lips and clitoris.

I have now completely forgotten what it feels like to have pubic hair and for me it is once shaven always shaven and I know that Chris loves to show me off at every opportunity. He would love everyone to know that I am always knickerless and to always wear the most outrageously short skirts in public in the summer so that as I climb stairs then anyone following me can see my bare bum and the split between my thighs. He shaves his prick and balls as he feels that it is in harmony with me and that it makes his cock seem just a little bit bigger.

I have given up wearing undies all the time now and enjoy the freedom of being knickerless with a breeze always wafting over my naked vaginal lips. I often go to town wearing nothing but a coat with only stockings and suspenders under it so that I can open it up to give Chris a flash of my naked body in shops when he least expects it. In summer I wear the shortest minis and see through blouses or dresses that quite clearly show my unfettered breasts and nipples. Without knickers and pubic hair I find it easy to wear translucent, almost transparent skirts as there is no dark patch to show through the front of the skirt, and of course there is no visible panty line because there are no panties, though sometimes it is possible to see the crease of my bum through the thin material.

Chris loves taking photos of me showing my shaven sex and naked tits in public places and we have hundreds of snaps, especially if there are other people in the background. I enjoy showing myself naked to his camera.

I really can recommend shaving your pubes and it is further enhanced by being knickerless. With the cool breeze blowing between my legs and around my bare cunt all the time keeps me constantly aroused with the wonderful feeling of freedom, sexuality and decadence of being almost naked with often only a couple of inches of thin skirt to hide my bare arse and shaven sex from public view. Try it girls I am sure you will enjoy it.

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