tagIllustratedShort Clingy Skirt, white panties

Short Clingy Skirt, white panties


The two weeks of my girlfriends visit is over on Saturday. During the time of their visit, we traveled to neighboring states for sightseeing, went into the city for dinner, plays, shopping. Hung around the pool at my condominium complex. Went walking in the local forest preserve. We had a good time. A highlight was at the local casino.

I'm not much of a gambler. I sit at the penny slots and use my $10. Wilma and Betty (not their real names) on the other hand, like the table games, particularly craps. They go to the craps table, I found some slots nearby. I play slowly, and hear lots of cheering at the craps table. I look over; it looks like the girls are having a good time.

After they are done, they come get me and we head to the bar. We're sitting at a table, men are walking by, thanking Betty and buying us drinks. I'm not sure why, but accept the generosity. I ask the girls about this this. Betty turns a little red in the face, not from the liquor. Wilma proceeds to tell the story.

It is Betty's turn to roll the dice. She starts rolling and can't seem to lose. She keeps winning and winning. She is doing quite well and the noise level goes up each time she rolls because everyone wins again. This is the cheering I heard. She is going so well, more people try to get in on the action.

It also seems that Betty's blouse has poofed open. Her low cut bra is not real tight, so there is some nipple slip. Wilma, being the great friend for 25 years, fails to mention this to her. She didn't want to interrupt Betty's streak. They were both piling up the winnings. In addition, Betty was receiving some chips from the other players for her rolling so well, or was it because they could see her boobs. Not sure, but the chips were piling up.

With the noise level increasing, the house was trying to slow down the play. They changed workers and Betty still rolled winners. She was hot, in more ways than one, with her boobs showing. As all good things must come to an end, she finally crapped out. The players at the table all cheered for her and gave her some more chips. The girls gathered their winnings.

On the way to find me, Wilma finally mentions to Betty her blouse situation. Betty is embarrassed, a little, but smiles and says I wondered why so many men were looking at me. She mentions that at least wore one of her good bras. They find me, I cash out my now $11 dollars (wow won a $1 on $10, a 10% return, can't get that in the money market today) and we go to the bar.

But with two weeks without seeing him, I'm getting very horny. During the two weeks of the visit, I was able to masturbate once, while they each visited some other friends. I couldn't see him at the time (the real thing is better) because it was during the day, and he was working. No nooners.

I begin planning the weekend with him. I know he will be horny too, so getting fucked on Saturday night won't be a problem. I'm sure that will be quite the load. I want more. I want to guarantee that he will cum in me on Sunday too. What to do and what to wear.

I've got it. About a year ago, if you will remember the Anniversary story, he bought me two skirts. I haven't worn the short black clingy one yet. It is short. Sitting down, it rides up my legs. I know he likes to look up my skirt and likes to run his hand all the way up. And I know that turns him on. It turns me on to flash him too.

For the top, I decide on a white tank top, no bra. My nipples will be visible through the material. Because we will be going out, I will wear a blouse over it. I don't want everyone to see.

I drop the girls off at the airport for their 1 pm flight. Then return home to pack up for the weekend. I feel the wetness as I get the black skirt and tank top ready, anticipating not only Saturday night, but Sunday as well.

Saturday night, we go to dinner and movie. Glad to see each other, be with each other after the two weeks apart. I wear slacks and a polo shirt. Nice looking comfortable. Not giving any hint of Sunday.

We have a very satisfying lovemaking session on Saturday night. He licks me, rubs me, licks my nipples, bringing me to many orgasms. Then, he enters me. I've waited two weeks for this, his hard cock going in and out. It doesn't disappoint. He leaves a large load of cum in me. We fall asleep in each other's arms.

We wake up Sunday, and he asks what would you like to do. I'm thinking, fuck me again now, but say, let's go to another movie, a late morning, early afternoon matinee and then out to lunch. He says ok. He gets up to go jog, I go back to sleep, with his cum still in me, and have more erotic thoughts.

I wake up, get ready. He returns, all sweaty. As he cools down, I'll heat him up again shortly he start drinking some powerade. He sits by the computer in the kitchen. I come down dressed in the clingy skirt, white tank top. His eyes get big. I think he likes the outfit. He even remembers buying the skirt. I sit to the side of him. As I sit, the skirt does its thing and rises up. I slowly cross my legs giving him a view of my white panties.

He finds the camera to take the pictures. I don't mind showing him the up skirt view, and with no face, showing the readers. In public, I am more modest.

After delaying him with the views, he finds the movie time and quickly goes to clean up. As a little side note, I freshly shaved my pussy for him, so it would be nice and smooth. He comes back in record time from his shower. Hmmm, I wonder why that is. I put my blouse on and we're ready to go.

In getting into the car, I give him a very good view up my skirt. With the extra motivation, I'm quite sure he will cum in me again.

He has his hand up my skirt on the drive to the theater. I'm very wet. I'm pretty sure he can tell. He parks the car, helps me out of the car. I give him another view. My blouse is not buttoned, so he sees my hard nipples. We're coming near other people, so he asks me if I want to hold my blouse closed. Oops. I do.

We get in to the movie. He picked one that is not this week's blockbuster, so the theater is half full. We find seats by ourselves. I put my purse on the floor. It tips over. He leans down to get it, and I flash him. I can be a tease sometimes.

The lights go down and the previews start. His hand reaches my thigh, stays there, then starts going higher. The previews keep going. The lights get darker. His hand goes higher. The lights are no so low, no one looking over can see.

His hand goes all the way up. He starts rubbing my pussy through my panties. Yes, I am wet, very wet. My panties are damp. He is rubbing my clit right through my panties. Keeps rubbing. I lean back a little, spread my legs a little more. Still rubbing, harder, harder. My breathing quickens. Harder. I'm going to cum in the theater. Harder, panties getting drenched from my juices. I'll need to stay quiet, no loud moaning. I want to cum. Harder, harder, yes yes yes as the orgasm builds. Now now I cum as he presses harder and rubs faster.

He doesn't stop. He shifts my panties aside and directly touches my clit. Rubbing, rubbing. I haven't caught my breath from the last one, now another one. There it is. He doesn't stop rubbing. Then, he inserts his finger inside my pussy. It slides in with ease. He is now finger fucking me in the theater. I cum again. He stops, removes his finger, smooth's my skirt. I'm breathing hard, heart beating fast. The movie starts and my body starts returning to normal. We hold hands for the rest of the movie.

After the movie, we go to lunch. I put my hand on his lap in the drive to the restaurant and found that his cock was hard. He likes the situation. As I slide into the booth, I let my legs spread, giving another view. We sit across from one another. I open my blouse so only he can see my nipples. I am turned on.

After eating, I again give him a view as I slide out of the booth. He gets another eyeful as he holds the car door for me.

As you can imagine, when we got home we went right to the bedroom. As a little more incentive for him, I decided to talk real dirty. Telling him to slide his hard dick in me, to slide his hard dick in my cunt, give me that dick, fuck me, fuck my cunt with that hard dick. He did. I was once again filled with cum.

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