Short Shorts


"'That's a hot little cunt!'" she whispered, rubbing faster, the slippery sounds of her pussy filling the garden. "'Take that dick!'" She found the crotch of her shorts, the smell strong there, the material wet. She pressed it to her tongue, tasting cum and her own juices. "'Be a good girl... oh... oh yes... oh...'" Her climax was coming, and she worked for it, sucking at the material now, her words muffled. "'Swallow my cum!'"

Her back arched and she quivered against the side of the house, burying her hand deep into her pussy as she came, her muscles spasming again and again. The image of them taking her, fucking her, wanting her, all those cocks... she trembled and leaned against the side of the house for support, the memory making her weak and breathless.

Lindsey inhaled the smell of them again before shoving the shorts into her purse and taking out the clothes she had worn for her stepfather's benefit. When she slipped through the side door, her feet dirty and bare, she heard them talking in the living room. Trying to sneak up the back stairs, she gasped when she heard her stepfather's voice behind her.

"You're home early."

"Yeah," Lindsey agreed with a shrug. "So?"

"You stay out of trouble?" he asked, frowning. His eyes were moving over her, like they always did.

"Of course," she replied innocently, continuing up the stairs to her room. She dug into her purse and found her shorts. She fingered the material with a smile, remembering, knowing she would have to hand-wash them again, so her mother wouldn't discover, before next time.




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by Anonymous

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by sosti04/10/18

Löved it

She is more naive than slutty. loved the character.

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by Anonymous07/15/17

nice kitty

Hot story, loved it x

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