tagGroup SexShort Skirt, Long Jacket

Short Skirt, Long Jacket


"Yet another port call, but at least we're heading home." You think to yourself. It's been quite a long deployment and at last we seem to be on the final leg.

The most anticipated port call yet, Perth, calls to everyone aboard with open arms and happy promises.

It's the second day and after a long duty day the day before, you are excited to escape for a few days.

Finally free of Fifth Fleet, you are looking forward to a night in a comfortable bed. Unfortunately, you haven't got any plans yet.

It's been some time since Dubai and you never expected anything more to come from it. That is, until a mutual friend stepped from behind a bulkhead mysteriously.

"Siren, do you have any plans for this port?"

"Well, no...not yet...why? What's up?" You ask curiously.

"Vivi, someone else you know, and I are hereby inviting you out then...Do you accept?"

Confusion plays over your face as all this is unexpected and random. But you have an intuition about "someone else."

"I'd be glad to."

"Great! This is for you..." He hands you a long box wrapped in a red velvet ribbon which had been tied in a bow. There was a note slid in between the ribbon and the box.

Your mysterious messenger disappears just as soon as the box is safely in your control.

You go back to your berthing, sure that there's still time as breakfast chow was just ending.

You untie the ribbon at your rack and set the note to the side momentarily. You open the box and lift out a dress. It's all black, with a plunging neckline and slits up the side. Soft, it seems a combination of satin and lace. The dress, light as air, gets place gently on your rack as you remember the note.


As you've already accepted our invitation, make yourself ready for the day. Shower, groom, and pick out some clothes to walk around Australia in. We have a light, easy day planned. For the night there is a more serious affair. Pack a bag with this dress and other effects that are alluring. Tell no one of your heavier plans, merely that you are staying overnight. Meet us in Hangar Bay 3 at 1100.

Blessed Be,

Phoenix, Vivi, 'Xander"

You gather some clothes for the day and go to the showers, being sure to gently fold your dress and stick it into a backpack that you will be using for the day, which is then tucked into your upright locker. You freshen up, showering quickly, but not neglecting shaving yourself and making sure there's attention to all things intimate. You brush out your hair, leaving it down to dry well. You do your make up, but pack some in a clutch purse as well. When you get back to your rack you tuck the clutch purse and a pair of shoes which match your dress into the bag.

You are dressed comfortably, a t-shirt and jeans with a pair of sneakers. Having checked yourself in the mirror one last time you declare yourself ready and lock everything down and head out.

You reach the hangar bay a bit early, but then again so did they. Each had a backpack and was dressed for the day.

You sign out at everyone's logbooks, trooping quickly through the ship, joking and laughing the whole time.

Finally, you all head for the gangplank. You pass the day shopping, sightseeing, and eating. Everyone laughs, jokes and is especially flirtatious. You begin to get fidgety as he is paying no expense to the attention he gives you. Light touches, subtle jokes, bold statements...you can't help but wonder what the evening holds.

The night unfolds herself and after a nice dinner you all head over to the hotel room.

You all get in and the air changes, as if charged. You feel like your entire body is buzzing. The room begins to get arranged as the mysterious night unfolds. First Vivi excuses herself to the head to change. The chairs are rearranged, placed against the wall and out of the way. The beds are pushed together to create more room around and a seemingly interesting theme also occurs to you. Vivi returns, dress hugging her ample curves and her red hair up in playful braids. Light blue make up highlights her eyes and a coral lip gloss makes her lips pout.

Phoenix goes over and kisses her softly, then disappears next into the head.

A silver laden goblet appears out from one bag, a bottle of wine from another to be placed in a bucket of ice to chill. Candles sprung from a third bag, which were then placed around the two joined beds on nightstands, their lit wicks dancing on the walls as the lights were dimmed. The stage now set...its players soon ready.

Phoenix returns, dressed in a smooth black button down shirt and soft slacks; Clean shaven with bright blues eyes and neatly cropped blonde hair, he is excited and wild. He kisses Vivi again and clasps arms with 'Xander who takes his leave next, a sensuous wink to you as he does so.

As Vivi and Phoenix talk quietly, you begin to wonder what game is unfolding.

He returns, a silky azure top hugging his slender but athletic frame and soft gray pants. His eyes, strikingly both dark and bright, flashed wildly in your direction.

"It is your turn, Siren, and then this celebration can begin."

You go into the head with your bag. You change, taking off your shirt and jeans, then with a mischievous smile also your bra and panties. A black lace bra and lace thong replaces them. The dress is donned, fitting sinuously over your slim body. You again brush out your hair; it waves softly under your strokes. Your make up has your eyes smoky and your lips deep red, as if already drinking from the cup.

You take a deep breath, and then push open the door of the head. As you step out you step directly into his gaze. His fierce brown eyes entrap you and he smirks, looking you over. Grabbing you savagely he wraps his arms around your waist and finally free of societal constraints he kisses you...deeply, passionately. The lights seem to fade from sight briefly, then snap back as he breaks the embrace.

"Breathtaking," He whispers to you as if reading your mind as he walks away chuckling.

"At last! We can begin!" Cries Vivi.

The cup, now filled with a deep red wine, is in her hands.

"First, Vivi, we must offer a prayer to the proper deities, and then make our drink offerings to each, and then can we start our night wholly. Is this all well with everyone?" 'Xander says firmly looking around at the group.

Vivi looks down as he fixes her with his intense gaze, but then nods and smiles softly.

Phoenix nods, a capricious look making him look eager.

And finally he turns and gazes at you...and such a look you have never seen him give you. Full of lust, yearning, hunger. A promise of every sort of adventure and danger. You nod back, excepting whatever the night may bring...though it's not your usual way.

"Why does he always challenge me so?" You think, smiling to yourself.

"Let us pray then...to my patron gods and goddesses, for I am the high priest tonight! Gather round all, so we might make our tributes."

We all sit in the closest circular shape we can manage around the beds.

"Lilith, Pan, Dionysus...these gods do we pray to this night. To Lilith, first female and mother of all vampire kin I pray first, and hope that you would accept our tribute of vitae instead of blood, for blood is much more precious than the soul's energy which we produce in such abundance. Take our offering then and bless this night of wild abandon in celebration of you."

With these first words we did not drink of the cup, but he surprised me, grabbing me firmly and tipping my head aside as he bites my neck. I understand his prayer finally and bite him back...an image of a beautiful pale woman cast suddenly appears in front of my mind's eye. Phoenix and Vivi also make this embrace. After a moment, the embrace is broken, but the sacrifice is not properly finished. Phoenix reaches for me, blue eyes flashing like lightning, and I glimpse 'Xander reaching for Vivi with a savage growl. Again we feel that embrace, heady and strong as life passes to life.

The embrace breaks again. Everyone sits eyes wild and breathing heavily.

'Xander continues the prayers, sure then that the life tribute was worthy.

"Now Pan, god of the wilds and the savageness of life. We next pay tribute to you...but how then do we do it? You played music and enjoyed wild games, so wild merriment we will make to you."

With this part of the prayer music was started on a sound system nearby. A game of tag broke, then dancing...a chase, then a mock hunt. You are tackled and thrown...a merry game of cat and mouse played out throughout the room.

Finally, satisfied and breathless, we all gathered back around the bed...the music silenced.

"So we make merry to you Pan and so it is good. Bless in our night of celebration for it is you also that we hope to appease."

He pauses, a grin on his face.

"Lastly, we give tribute to you Dionysus, chief god of this night. You are friend of Pan and wild lover of Lilith. We drink this whole bottle amongst us four in your honor, in hopes that our drunken merriment will rival that of your ancient rites."

With that he took the cup from the nightstand nearby, raised toast to the air above his head and drank. He passed it then to Vivi who drank and passed to Phoenix and then to me. I drank...feeling its strong taste affect me. We passed the cup around until the bottle would pour no more life into it.

"Great gods, we pray to you now that our revel is just beginning. As we drink more wine and eat great cheeses and make much mischief, be among us and enjoy our company. With that we end our tributes to you and eagerly go to revelry."

Another bottle of wine is opened and a package of cheese broken out. New music is started as we eat and drink our fill.

Once everyone feels sated of food and drink 'Xander turns to me and says

"And now for those other bits Pan and Dionysus did enjoy..."

He walks over to me again, kissing me deeply, my breath turning to ragged gasps at their intensity. He cups my breast through the dress, rubbing until my nipple becomes hard and pert against his touch.

Vivi and Phoenix similarly embrace, her fingers running across his scalp as moans flow about the room.

'Xander's hand passes to my thigh, and then slides down my panties.

He breaks the kiss just long enough to look at you, an eyebrow raised expectantly. You raise your leg obediently, knowing you are now his for the night.

You smile back, eyebrow cocked, daring him to do whatever comes next.

He bites your neck, his fingers running up your thighs to your flower. As he drains you he rubs along your petals, caressing you. He slides inside you, not breaking the embrace. You moan at the pleasure and he growls in response.

He pushes you back onto your section of the bed. He breaks the embrace to kiss your lips, one hand still between your thighs, the other pulls aside your dress and bra, rubbing your breast.

Your nipple becomes his next plaything; he suckles it, nipping it gently with his teeth, blowing softly against it, teasing into a rock hard nub as you moan from the attention.

Finally he strips you out of your dress, your bra...you lay on the bed naked in front of him...his for the taking.

Looking up with parted, pleasure filled eyes you see too that Vivi sits naked on the end of the bed, Phoenix's cock in her pale hand...you see her stroking it, then guides him into her mouth as she makes him hard and ready for her glistening slit.

You realize that the room is free and you push Xander to the bed. You straddle him, feeling his manhood against your naked pelvis. But you know he must wait.

You unbutton his shirt, kissing and nipping each piece of skin as you expose it. You slide off his shirt and run your hands over his muscular chest.

With a wicked smile your hands slide down to unbutton his pants and slide them off. Running your hands over his legs and thighs, you know he wants you. You look into his eyes as you slide off his boxer briefs. You slide yourself on top of him and you feel him fill your cunt as he sighs softly and runs his hands over your breasts. You begin to grind and ride him, thrusting against him as you wreathe in pleasure.

He rubs you perfectly and you squeeze his cock to the point of milking him, both of you feeling the sensations pass over you again and again, the pleasure and past alcohol threatening to send you over the edge. You moan and he rolls you to your back, lifting your legs up as he hungrily pistons back and forth, the strength of his hips thrusting into you fully. Your moans becoming screams.

You see him tense and he pulls out, a smile on his face as he jacks his cock and cums all over your breasts. You gasp as the warm liquid splashes over you.

Vivi and Phoenix lie talking nearby. At the sight of 'Xander cumming, Vivi eagerly comes over to you and begins to kiss, lick and suckle your breasts as she cleans his cum off you. Your eyes go wide in surprise at her boldness and eager lust for cum.

The room became a twisted turntable as 'Xander takes Vivi by the hand and twirled her around once.

She giggles and again sits down on the edge of the bed, her cheeks rosy from drink and eyes glittering with lust and she looks at his semi-erect dick now inches from her face.

She takes his member into her mouth, sucking, licking and completely swallowing it to make it hard again. You feel a twinge of jealously as she pays him these attentions until suddenly you feel a playful nip on your neck.

While you were watching the other two, Phoenix had snuck up on you, his wanting eyes making you feel as sexy as ever.

He runs his hands slowly over your naked skin, making you feel on fire. You reach down, touching him, feeling him harden more to your slight touch. Emboldened, you smile at him and take him inside you as you lay back, grasping his hips with your calves. You lay back against a pillow, back slightly arched, and pull him into you over and over again.

Vivi soon lays on her back also, legs resting on 'Xander's shoulders as he hammers into her, moans passing over the room, with growls and grunts from the males.

Soon mischief creeps into your mind, whether your own or those patron god's taking their places. You push 'Xander down and nod at Vivi to do the same to Phoenix. You lower yourself onto 'Xander in a reverse cowgirl.

Vivi turns herself toward you and you both ride your master's cocks as you run your fingers across her full busty breasts and she your perky ones. As you kiss her lips you feel your master go rock hard. You smile through the kiss, running your hands over her soft porcelain skin and kissing her deeply as you squeeze his cock with your pelvis and rise up and down his shaft.

As he begins to tremble you lift off for a second and in one smooth motion you slide a condom down the length of his engorged member. You slam yourself down again, screaming in pleasure and grinding over and over against him...round and round as he groans.

You slide up and down tightly and at a fast tempo, quaking as you feel an orgasm welling up inside you. As you reach your peak he stiffens, letting go a second time and sending you reeling as you feel the cum spurt inside you.

You giggle and lay back, kissing 'Xander. You notice that Phoenix has not yet came, Vivi teasing him more and slowly working up and down his cock as she moans loudly and gives you both a show. You begin to play along, kissing her lips, suckling her nipples, even rubbing her clit as she moans louder and louder. Just as Phoenix looks like he's about to explode, Vivi hops up quickly and shoves his cock into her mouth, milking his cum down her throat in greedy fashion. She finishes and he collapse back against the bed.

Vivi giggles as well, enjoying her cum drink and she kisses you again and plays her hands over you.

After a few moments everyone lays out on the bed, not bothering to dress, just collapsing...a pile of everything and nothing.

He strokes your hair gently as you lay against him and fall asleep, a smile of satisfaction and pleasure on your lips.

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