tagRomanceShorts #03: Irish Eyes

Shorts #03: Irish Eyes


She had never ridden on a motorbike before. Now here she was, in a state of the Union she'd only visited twice before, riding pillion on what her friend called a Victory motorbike, made mostly in the US, "more Victory than Harley", he had said. Whatever that meant. They had just gone down the driveway but she was as tightly wound as a drum, her knees locked in place on either side of his hips.

"Darlin', you have to relax, or else you'll be a mass of pain when we get back!" He turned to look at her briefly, then continued, "Put your arms around me, lass, and tuck your knees into my thighs." He nodded when she complied. "Yeah, that's right, just like that! Now, relax!"

She tried, but she couldn't stop her knees from tensing, and he felt it.

"Think of riding the bike as riding your lover. You have to make love to it, become one with it, flow with it." He turned again, grinning at her, and she blushed to the roots of her hair. "Can you do that, Carrie?"

He settled his behind on the seat in front of her, and wiggled backwards just a little, making her feel him more between her legs. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a desire to ride him overwhelmed her, causing her to blush again and lower her head. She relaxed, and gave in to the impulse to slide her hands up his belly to his chest. The leather was smooth, cool, sensual to the touch. She felt his chest rise and fall, and she smiled. Bryan felt Carrie slide her hands up his chest, and his response was immediate and telling. He was glad she hadn't thought to put her hands on his legs and slide them up there, or his erection would have given him away at once. She was visiting from out of state, and had called to say she was in his neck of the woods. He thought a bike ride and a picnic made for a good date, if you could call it that, since she was leaving at the end of the week to go back to work. The whole summer had passed, and he had given up on seeing her. So when she had left a message on his cell phone, telling him she was in town already, he had been hard pressed not to dance a jig in front of his work mates.

He rode easily, making sure to stay well within the speed limit, because he knew she was a first timer, and nervous. He felt her relaxing the longer they rode, and by the time they reached the spot he'd chosen for their picnic, in the park by the lake, she was so relaxed he thought she might be asleep. Her cheek was pressed against his back and her arms held him close. He slowed to a stop, and savored the feel of her against him. When he finally stopped completely, he felt her chest rise and fall against his back in a deep sigh. It made him smile.

"We're here!" he said gently, turning his head. "You okay?"

Carrie let go of him and got clumsily off the bike. "Yes," she replied, and then stumbled. Her legs trembled from their long unaccustomed position on the bike.

Bryan hopped off the bike and grabbed her before she fell. "Hey! Come on, lass!"

He took her by the elbow and led her over to the big tree by the lake, where he always came when he wanted to think, to be alone, to be at peace.

"Sit here, love!" He spread the blanket he had tied onto the back of the bike, and watched as she settled her ample frame on it, her back against the tree.

"Don't you need any help?" she asked, feeling guilty.

"What for? It's nothing!"

He unloaded the saddlebags, and spread the cheese, fruit, and wine, and two glasses out on the checkered cloth he'd also brought. Carrie looked around, idly plucking plump grapes off the bunch nestled among the other fruit. The lake was wide, fairly circular, and dotted here and there with watercraft. The section of shoreline that Bryan had chosen for their picnic was completely secluded, except for the bike track that led to it.

"This is really pretty," she said, trying to hide the sudden fit of nervousness that swept over her. She could feel her face redden when Bryan looked over at her.

"Yes, it is," he answered, his eyes never leaving her face. "Very pretty indeed! Beautiful, in fact!" He stared at her for a minute more, then turned his attention to the wine.

Bryan watched the slow flushing of her cheeks as she took in the full import of his words. Her brown eyes widened, and he couldn't stop the instant response of his body. He turned away, to stop himself from touching her.

"I come here a lot," he said, "when I'm stressed." He busied himself with the picnic things. "Care for a glass of wine, lass?" Carrie nodded, laughing, as he opened the bottle and poured her a glass. He could feel those wide brown eyes watching him pour the wine. He fought to keep his hands steady, and chuckled quietly at the urgency of his lust. He saw, swirling in the liquid in the glass, his body ravishing hers, her body taking him in. The sound of the wine being poured was the sound of her sighs, and his groans of pleasure. He inhaled deeply, and handed her a glass, resting the bottle gently against the tree.

"Are you stressed now?" she asked, accepting the glass with a smile.

His answering chuckle rolled around her, enveloping her in sensual warmth. She felt it on her shoulders, down her arms, in her belly.

"Here's to discovery," he said, instead of answering her question, and tipped his glass to hers.

"To discovery!" she echoed him, and sipped the wine, avoiding his hot gaze.

The air was sultry, the day pleasantly warm. Bryan let himself recall the other times they'd met. Their first meeting had been at a New Year's Eve Ball almost two years earlier. His family owned a large construction company in the state, and every year they hosted a big holiday ball at company headquarters for the workers and their families. She had been visiting her friends in the city, one of whom was a corporate attorney for the company, and she had gone to the party as his date. Bryan had seen her almost as soon as she had walked into the room, and his reaction had been immediate and telling. He smiled as he remembered how he followed her with his eyes everywhere she went that evening, and how he watched to see if there was anything real between her and Guy, the friend with whom she had come to the party.

When he saw that Guy was too busy chatting up Gail, Bryan's own sister, he'd made sure he was where she was when the countdown ended and it was the New Year. He'd made sure they were dancing, and he'd kissed her gently on the lips. A soft salute that, because he hadn't wanted to scare her, but he had still wanted her to know he was interested. He knew she got the message; he could read it in her eyes then, in the awareness she tried to hide but couldn't. Before she left with Guy, he had asked her out, and she'd agreed to meet him for lunch at a local eatery. "Hey! Where are you?" Her voice brought him sharply back to the present moment. She was looking quizzically at him above the rim of her wine glass.

"Oh, I was just reminiscing..." He let his voice trail off and looked at her. Her glass was still almost full.

"I thought you wanted wine," he said, indicating her glass.

"I thought I did, too!" She laughed. "Sorry!"

"No problem! Want a beer instead?"

"Sure," she answered, and then looked away toward the skier on the lake.

He relieved her of the glass, and replaced it with a cold beer. "Enjoy!"

She tipped the bottle up and took a long swallow. "Mmmmm! Cold!! Good!" She smiled at him, and then went back to watching the skier do turns on the lake.

He went back to daydreaming. The lunch date had been a disaster. He'd been late, and he'd been filthy. She took one look at him, in his work clothes, and he knew he had lost her. Whatever spark they had had at the party died as she eyed his muddy clothes. Even after he explained that he was only there to beg off, and ask for another date, because something had come up at work, and to get her phone number, she looked skeptical, and told him to call her at Guy's mom's place. She refused his offer of a ride to wherever she was going, and he had left in such a funk, his house mate had yelled at him and left for the evening.

Another smile curved his lips as he watched her sip the beer. Her lips around the mouth of the bottle were driving him crazy, as he imagined them around his hard rod -- yes, it was hard, and there didn't seem a damn thing he could do about it. Just thinking about her usually got him to sit up, and this being with her sent him directly to "Go!" Their next meeting, at Guy's parents' home, was better than their last, and the kiss he stole at the end of THAT evening together still made him tingle to think about it. She'd been caught off guard by him, as she was going back inside from taking a breather in the cool night air on the terrace. He'd followed her, and when she would have opened the screen door, he touched her hand.

"Hey! Pretty warm evening, isn't it?" he'd asked casually.

"Yes," she'd murmured in reply, "it is!"

When he hadn't moved his hand, she'd looked up at him with those big brown eyes and said, "Let me pass, please!"

"I'd like to think the spark we felt two weeks ago hasn't died," he'd said, and turned his hand so he was holding her wrist. She looked down at his hand, then up at his face, and when he took her other wrist, she didn't resist, but let him touch her mouth for the second time. He felt himself grow harder now as he recalled how he deepened the kiss, and when she still did not resist, he let go of her hands and held her shoulders, pulling her flush against his chest. She had relaxed -- he could feel it -- and opened her mouth to let his questing tongue inside its waiting warmth. Only the sound of footsteps coming up the steps from the garden stopped him from pulling her into his arms.

"Bryan," her voice brought him back again, "do you own a boat?"

She was looking at him with amusement in her eyes.

"No. I splurge on the bike." He smiled at her, wishing she would come over to where he sat so he could kiss her, the way he had done that night. "Do you have time for a boat ride? I can arrange something with my Uncle Dave..."

"No! No, it's fine! I just wondered." She waved his offer away and reached for a cracker.

"Hungry?" he wondered.

"Just peckish," she said. "I'll be fine. Relax!"

She settled her back against the tree, and Bryan raised himself up on an elbow.

"Anyone ever tell you you're incredibly beautiful, Carrie?"

He watched her cheeks warm, and he could not resist a minute more. He sat up, almost upsetting the wine in its ice holder, and moved across to sit next to her, reaching for her with one hand, pulling her face to his, and kissing her deeply.

"I've only been wanting to do that since the last time we saw each other," he confessed, and held her mouth under his again, probing its warm depths with his hungry tongue. "How's it been for you?"

He didn't wait for her answer, but lay back, pulling her down on top of him, and slanting his mouth over hers again and again, tasting the beer she had been drinking, and the cheese she'd just eaten, and that flavor that was her, under it all.

"You're very persuasive, you know that, right?" she whispered against his mouth when he let her up for air. "The last time we kissed, that wasn't all we did, as I recall!" Her eyes sparkled, even as her cheeks grew pink again.

"You're right," was his murmured response. "I've been thinking about that, too!" He pulled her face down to his again, stopping whatever she had been about to say with another hot, wet kiss. The feel of her silky tongue in his mouth enflamed him, and he moaned, hugged her hard to his chest.

"Do you have any idea how much I want you, lass?" he whispered into her hair. "You've been a fever inside me for six months. Nothing could cure me till now."

A bee buzzed by, flew off, and then returned, and Carrie stirred. Bryan let her go, reluctantly, and she tried to settle herself against the tree again, but the smoldering look in his eyes was her undoing. She looked helplessly back at him, and he sat up slowly, not taking his eyes from hers.

"What's that look for?" he asked her. She didn't answer him, just stared. He stood up and pulled her up to stand in front of him, the food forgotten, their surroundings a fading reality.

"Are you gonna tell me now?" he asked again, pulling her to him. "I'm trying to decide how best to tell you that I want you so badly..." She looked him in the eyes as she made her confession, and saw the answering desire flame out from his.

He lowered his head, and she opened her mouth, raising her arms to encircle his neck. He hugged her back, pulling her flush against him, and feeling her lean into him, molding herself against him. She parted her legs, letting his hard cock settle between them, and when she moaned into his mouth, he made up his mind.

"This can't wait, babe!" He searched her face, as if the answer to some pressing question were written in it.

"Bry, it's so open, though!"

Her only worry was the open air, but he would soon make her forget where she was. He kissed her again, and pulled her with him over to the bike, which was hidden from all but the eyes of those who might be in the clearing. He rested his butt on the seat and pulled her into the V of his legs, not letting her go, not ending the kiss. She moaned again, and he felt it on his tongue. He sucked on her tongue, and then eased his mouth off hers. "I wanna touch you in that place that makes you giggle, and turns you on at the same time," he whispered, and watched her face grow warm with memory and desire. He tugged gently on her top, and she pulled it over her head and dropped it at her feet. Her breasts still made his mouth water, and the lacy thing that encased them today only made him drool more.

"Damn, lass, you're so beautiful!" His voice shook a little, and he watched her take the flimsy garment off, exposing buttery skin to his gaze.

She slid her hands over them gently, slowly, pausing at the peak of each nipple, and moaning softly. Bryan's heart raced, and he licked suddenly dry lips as she teased her flesh and smiled at him.

"Want a taste again?" she offered, her voice thready with desire.

She pushed her chest up, so that her nipples grazed his chest. He rewarded her with a low moan, and another deep, hungry kiss. And then he bent his head and helped himself to the gift she offered, sucking the hard point of one nipple into his mouth while he caressed the other aching breast with a trembling hand. Carrie moaned and pushed herself further into his mouth, loving the pull of his tongue on her flesh, and reveling in the corresponding pull low in her belly, that made her gush and wet her panties.

"Bry!" she breathed, when he switched sides.

"Mmmm?" he mumbled, the sound vibrating on her taut skin, pushing her higher.

"Please!" She seemed to be unable to articulate her desires, and just then, she wasn't even sure WHAT they were. She only knew she needed him, and admitted to herself that she had never stopped needing him after they had made love that first time. Bryan raised his head and kissed her mouth again, drawing her into himself, trying to show her just how much he wanted her. He reacquainted himself with the sweet treasures in it, making Carrie squirm against his hard erection. He pulled his shirt up over his head, and began to unbutton his jeans. Carrie's hand stopped him.

"Let me!" she said, and pushed the button through the loop. Her trembling hands made it hard for her to finish the job, but she managed to slide the zipper down, slowly and carefully over his hard rod, before pushing his jeans down his legs. Bryan took them off, and watched as she touched him through his boxers. He hissed when she stroked him, and pushed himself into her hands.

"God, you feel so good, Bry!" she whispered hotly.

She stroked him feverishly, and Bryan marveled that he grew even more under her lustful ministrations. He was reaching the point of no return, and he wanted inside her. He eased her away from him, groaning at the loss of her warm hand on him, and relieved her of her own jeans and panties. He brought the flimsy thong up to his nose and inhaled, feeling his cock jerk in response to her uniquely female scent. He turned them around so that she was on the bike, and he knelt before her to sample the delights promised by the wet panty he held in his hand. Carrie whimpered when she felt Bryan's mouth on her. The first time he had done it, she had almost died with the pleasure it gave her. And now, she had to force herself to stay upright and not collapse in a puddle on the ground. She felt his tongue licking her up and down, and his teeth scraping the hard button of her aroused clit. When he pushed a finger inside her as he sucked on her clit, she came, crying out her release. Bryan pushed a second finger in, and Carrie was beside herself, feeling another orgasm flash through her.

Bryan watched her as she came, her body damp with sweat, her lips parted in ecstasy. He exulted in his ability to make her forget where she was, and suddenly he wanted more. He pushed up to stand between her legs and pulled off his boxers.

"You still okay with this?" he asked. "Nothing between us?"

"I am, if you are," Carrie said, glad that she could feel him without the barrier of a condom. The first time they had been so involved they had forgotten, and it had been so sweet and powerful that they had decided to go on as they had begun.

Bryan turned her and positioned her so her back rested on the seat, with her sweet bottom hanging off the edge so he could thrust into her. He lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders, and thrust in again, groaning with the pleasure she was giving him. She felt so damn sweet, he never wanted to stop. He thrust harder and faster, and Carrie jerked up to meet him, feeling like liquid fire was coursing through her veins. She could feel his hard rod stroking in and out of her, and she writhed and circled her hips, wanting to feel all of him. Bryan growled as the fire burned higher and hotter, and reached down to stroke her erect clit, rubbing it as he plunged in and out of her soaking sex. He felt her muscles contract around him a moment before she erupted again, and he could hold out no more. He cried out with her, and stifled their cries in a hard kiss as his body emptied itself inside her. He pumped into her faster and harder until he was spent.

Carrie watched as Bryan pulled back. She could feel him trembling around her, and knew she was in a similar state. She let him pull her up, and she slid her heavy breasts against his damp chest, reveling in the feel of his chest hairs on her naked flesh. Everything about him turned her on, and she finally admitted that she would be miserable if she lost him. He hugged her tenderly in his arms, kissing her neck, her ears, her throat, her cheeks, and finally her lips. She opened for him, and he sucked on her tongue as he ground himself against her again, marveling that he could be ready again so soon. But he knew she was tired, after the unaccustomed bike ride, and they were naked on the lake shore.

"Babe, maybe we should take this home!"

He pulled her up and handed her her jeans, keeping the thong in his pocket. He dressed quickly, needing to slow over his arousal.

"Here, let me help you!" he offered.

Carrie smiled, and licked her lips, letting him dress her and help her back on the bike, and refused to think how little time they had left together. They would discuss it this time, and make plans. Right after they made love...again.

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