tagMatureShorty: The Neighbor Boy

Shorty: The Neighbor Boy


This is meant to be a one shot story. I used it to get the juices flowing (metaphorically speaking) so i could hopefully finish some other chapters in other stories. As always, the sexual acts depicted are purposely unrealistic. If you are looking for that you won't find it here (but may find it in an upcoming story I am cooking up). Thanks all, and keep the feedback rolling in!


My little girl was home from her first year of college. Although it was hard calling her little, considering how much she had grown. She had always been an attractive girl; mixing her father's athletic body with my naturally bronze skin and exotic features. Her year away seemed only to have magnified them. It was something I was very happy about. I knew she would be able to have her pick of any man. I know that sounds bad, but the security she would know would always help her in life.

That's why I wasn't particularly happy when I came home one day and found her outside flirting with the neighbor boy in his pool. Don't get me wrong, Jimmy is a nice enough boy, but he wasn't anything special. The only reason his parents could afford to live in our upscale neighborhood was due to winning the lottery. They were both simple blue collar workers, and Jimmy looked to follow in their footsteps. I often saw him going to one of the neighbors to do yard work. As an 18 year old senior, he wasn't at the top of his class nor on any of the sports teams I was aware of. So the prospect of my angel wasting herself on him did not make me happy. Mind you, he was attractive. Hours in the sun doing manual labor had given him a tan muscular body. So, I hoped that this was just a passing fancy. Later in he week I found that not to be the case.

I do volunteer work during the afternoons. One day we had amazingly finished quite early, so I headed home. Entering the house, I heard muffled noises upstairs. Curiosity got the best of me and I headed up. As I got closer it was quiet obvious that my daughter was in the throes of passion. I'm not sure what compelled me to do it, but I had to take a peek. That peek would change everything.

There was my daughter, legs spread wide, shrieking through her orgasm and between her legs, facing away from me was Jimmy pumping the most obscenely thick penis I had ever seen in and out of my little girl. His strokes were powerful and rapid. I couldn't tell how long he was, but based on the length of the strokes he was already bigger than any man I had every seen.

Immediately my panties were wet and my nipples hard. I now knew exactly why Sara was so enthralled with our neighbor. I couldn't tear my eyes away. My angel wailed and moaned through orgasm after orgasm. I found myself unconsciously playing with my nipples through my shirt. It must have went on for twenty minutes before I finally couldn't take it any more and silently ran across the house to my bedroom and brought myself to my own climax. The entire time I masturbated I had images of that Adonis pounding away at my Sara with his mammoth penis. The orgasm that overtook me was one of the greatest of my life.

The next day, after only a few hours at the office, I found myself squirming in my seat. I was failing miserably at keeping the images of the previous afternoon out of my head. I decided to give in to my urges and left early in hopes of a repeat performance.

Upon reaching my home I noticed Sara's high school friend Amanda's car was in the driveway. I silently cursed my bad luck that I would not be getting the show I was hoping for, so I resigned myself to sneaking into my room and getting off to thoughts from the day before.

Entering the house, rather than hearing two girls gabbing, I heard a male voice coming from the den. Was Jimmy here after all? I tiptoed to the den and peeked in. On the couch sat Jimmy, totally naked. Next to him Sara was also naked. I had apparently just missed the main event, as Sara already looked like she had been through an ordeal; skin flushed and hair tousled. She was on all fours as she kissed and licked the massive head of Jimmy's awesome cock. I had never even thought that word before, but calling it a penis just did not do it justice. Then I saw why Amanda's car was in the driveway: She was crouched between Jimmy's muscled thighs licking and sucking on his immense balls. Both girls had a hand running up and down his shaft.

I was an amazing sight to watch these two girls worshipping Jimmy's towering manhood. It was obvious from the looks of total adoration in each of their faces that he had given them incredible amounts of pleasure and now they were doing their best to return the favor. For his part, Jimmy sat there with his hands behind his head and enjoyed their ministrations.

After several minutes of this the girls must have sensed that he was getting close. They began to speed up their jerking motions, and each looked to be sucking and licking much harder. Jimmy moaned and after a few more minutes he announced that he was going to cum. Each of the girls hurriedly got down and knelt before him as he stood and aimed his massive dick down at them. Then, letting out a long groan, he started to cum.

The first jet struck my daughter directly in her open mouth. The amount that spewed forth seemed impossible. He quickly turned and fired the next blast into Amanda's waiting mouth while Sara swallowed his first offering. He alternated like this for several more blasts before aiming lower and dumping an obscene volume on each girl's firm breasts. As the last drops emptied from Jimmy's spent cannon, Sara and Amanda turned and began rubbing their slimy breasts against one another while locking in a deep tongue kiss, no doubt swapping some remaing cum. Jimmy moved forward, placing his deflating cock against their kissing faces and they took turns kissing his cock head and tonguing his cum slit.

I rushed back to my room before I was discovered and immediately flung myself onto my bed and began to fiercely masturbate. Images of what I had just seen flooded my head. Not only did that young man possess the largest cock I had ever seen or heard about, but the amount of cum he produced was unbelievable. It was as though someone turned on a hose! In less than a minute I had an earth shattering orgasm. I had to shove a pillow over my face to stifle my scream. I knew then that I would be sneaking home early again tomorrow.

The next afternoon I left early for home again. My thighs were slick with my juices as I rubbed them together in anticipation. I entered the house quietly and listened. I heard nothing. I did a quick stealthy search of the house to no avail. I though that maybe they had taken their game outside, so I sneaked out and was rewarded with the sounds of slapping flesh and a woman moaning. It sounded to be coming from Jimmy's yard so I crept over to the bushes separating our yards and peeked through.

There was Jimmy in all his sexual glory, but the woman on all fours before him was not my Sara, nor did I see Sara anywhere. I quickly recognized the screaming woman as Sara's math teacher from high school. He hammered into her mercilessly, smacking her fleshy ass loudly with his hand every now and then. Much like I had seen two days ago from my daughter, I watched orgasm after orgasm wash over the woman's face.

Jimmy was much rougher to this woman than he had been with my daughter. His slaps to her ass had it practically glowing red and he had grabbed roughly by the hair as he fucked her. After nearly thirty minutes Jimmy pulled his horse sized cock from her abused pussy with an audible plop and spun her around, still gripping her hair. He jammed his cock head into her mouth and roughly began fucking it and her throat. Her eyes teared up as she suppressed her gag reflex, but she made no move to stop him.

When Jimmy began to cum, he didn't pull out. Having seen how much he came the day before, I knew there was no way this woman could swallow that much spunk so quickly. And sure enough after Jimmy's first couple of grunts, cum began to spew from her mouth. I could see her throat working to try and keep up with the tidal wave of sperm but it couldn't. Cum even began to shoot from her nose!

With the last dribbles (which were still more than most men produced when firing full blast) Jimmy pulled out and deposited them on her face. She coughed and hacked a bit but never stopped giving his cock attention. When it softened (which was still enormous) he slapped his cock against her sperm drenched face. I could hear the wet sounds all the way where I was, so I knew they weren't soft. But not only did she take it, she begged him to keep cock slapping her, which he did. I quickly dashed back to my room to pleasure myself.

As soon as my fingers met my clitoris, I came. It only took a bit more furious rubbing for me to bring about an even bigger orgasm. I lay there panting, slowly coming down from the rush of lust that had overtaken me. As my mind cleared I realized that Jimmy was cheating on Sara. Sara sharing him with her friend was one thing. But Jimmy fucking another woman while Sara was out was something totally different.

As I went downstairs, I built a head of steam over the issue. I decided to call Jimmy and give him a piece of my mind. Reaching for the phone, I noticed a note from Sara saying that she would be out until later that night. This meant I could talk to Jimmy face to face without interruptions. So I called him.

"Jimmy, this is Mrs. Arlington." I said with a stern voice. "I need to speak with you. Do you have time to come over?"

"Sure Mrs. Arlington. I'll be over in a couple of minutes." He sounded confused. How could he not suspect that I had caught him?

A few minutes later there was a knock on my door, and I ushered Jimmy in and directed him to the couch. He looked at me earnestly as I stood before him and began my rant. As I went, I made myself more angry causing me to lay into him harder and harder. He made no attempt to defend himself. He simply sat there with a slight smile on his face, which only upset me more. Suddenly the door opened and Sara came in.

"Mom, what's going on?"

"Sara! I thought you wouldn't be home till later." I answered, quite flustered at the interruption.

"So you decided to yell at Jimmy? Jimmy texted me, telling me to come home. So I did." She snapped, quickly moving to Jimmy's side on the couch. We would see if she still took his side when she discovered what he had done.

"Your mom 'caught' me with Mrs. Harris this afternoon. She was giving me a tongue lashing about hurting you." Jimmy said calmly. Sara just looked at me incredulously. It was obvious that not only was this not news to Sara, she was quite alright with it.

"Sara, he's your boyfriend. You should expect him to show you some respect!" I begged.

"Mother! He's not my boyfriend. I'm HIS slut!" I was totally stunned by this. It was hard to even imagine my angel saying such a thing, especially to me.

Jimmy reached over and grabbed Sara's head an pulled her in for a sloppy kiss. I was still too stunned to respond, but not to notice my daughter's hand move to his lap and massage the growing bulge there.

"Baby, why don't you show your mom why you're my slut." Jimmy said, breaking the kiss. A naughty grin flashed on Sara's face. I couldn't believe what she was doing! She unbuttoned Jimmy's pants and fished out his inflating cock. Up until now, I had been quite a distance away from anything I had seen, but now I was just a few feet away from his mighty tool.

Sara was immediately running her hands up and down his awesome length while purring lewdly. I then noticed that Jimmy was staring at me, his intense eyes boring a hole into mine.

"You see Mrs. Arlington, Sara is far from the only woman I am fucking. Although she is one of my favorites. Hell, you're one of the few good looking women in the neighborhood that I'm not boning on a regular basis."

I suddenly realized that all of Jimmy's forays to do 'yard work' were likely not what I had suspected them to be. And, while I should have been appalled, I found myself getting aroused. And also a bit disappointed that I had been missing out.

"Maybe you should fix that Jimmy." Sara pulled her mouth away from Jimmy's cock long enough to say. "I know you love big tits, and my mom's are enormous."

"They sure are." He grinned, eyes gluing to my chest. "And her nipples look like they're huge." Sara just hummed an affirmative around his cock head.

Earlier I mentioned that Sara inherited her father's toned body. While she did sport a pair of perky C cups they were nothing compared to my bouncing E cups. The rest of me was just as rounded; curved hips, plump bubble butt, big but firm thighs. Voluptuous to be sure. Even despite my advancing years I was still very firm and tight, just not the athletic tone of my daughter. I couldn't help but feel a warmth in my groin as I realized that Jimmy found me attractive.

"Mrs. Arlington, come suck my cock." Jimmy commanded. A small part of my brain cried out at how wrong this was, but the lust addled majority won out as I moved to the couch and sat next to him. Sara pulled herself away from Jimmy's crotch and held his mammoth prick, offering it to me. Gently, I reached out and wrapped my fingers around it noticing that they didn't come close to touching. It was so hot. So hard. My mouth began to water.

I felt Jimmy's hand gently press the back of my head. I needed no further prompting, closing my eyes and dropping my head to his cock. Stretching my lips I felt the head pop past and into my waiting mouth, sliding smoothly down and pressing into my throat. I slowly bobbed my head, savoring the sensation, causing me to moan into his dick. Even the copious pre-cum drooling from his cock tasted wonderful.

"Isn't it amazing mother?' Sara whispered in my ear. I responded by letting out a deep moan.

Jimmy gently lifted my head, his cock making a pop as it escaped my sucking mouth, Sara quickly taking my place. Pushing me back, he unbuttoned my blouse which I quickly removed and then he undid my bra with an expertise that showed that mine was far from his first.

As my huge breasts bobbled free, his eyes lit up. I swelled with pride knowing that my breasts outstripped any woman in the neighborhood. Without hesitation he dove in. Under his expert sucking and licking my already hard nipples somehow hardened even more. I saw that Sara was now double fisting his enormous erection so that she could watch Jimmy work on my titties. And work he did, alternating between one rock hard nipple to the other! After only a few minutes I felt my quim flutter and an orgasm passed through me. Two more followed before he pulled his face from my spit slicked mounds.

Without a word he stood and I knew what he wanted. I quickly shucked my skirt and panties and pulled my bronzed thighs apart as far as they would go. My pussy dripped in anticipation. I knew then that I had wanted this from the second I had seen Jimmy in action. Looking at it, just inches from my wet opening I had no idea how that fist sized head would fit. It didn't seem possible! But if my daughter could do it, I could.

He pressed firmly against my moist lips, stretching them like they never had before. And suddenly 'pop' the massive head was in. I threw back my head and shouted "OH MY FUCKING GOD!" as I came. Jimmy just grinned at me and continued humping forward; stretching my pussy to its limits and reaching depths never explored. When he reached the back of my tunnel and shuddered in pleasure and pain.

Without waiting he pulled almost all the way out and then quickly crammed it back in. He repeated this several more times, driving the air from my lungs before picking up a steady hammering rhythm. My cunt began to steadily spasm as I came over and over. Burning tingles passed through my body; so strong I could barely say anything intelligible.

"Oh fuck! So fucking huge! Don't ever stop fucking me you horse dicked stud!" I screamed pulling him down; crushing my stiff nippled tits into his chest and clawing at his back as a particularly massive orgasm passed through me. With our faces close, Jimmy kissed me with a tongue lashing kiss.

Suddenly he sat up, and jerked me up. He stood, supporting me with his pillar of a cock and holding my full ass, I quickly wrapped my hands behind his neck for balance. He started lifting me up and down over his cock with his muscled arms, slamming me down heavily while thrusting forward with his hips. More orgasms came, followed by still more. Gallons of our mixed juices poured out of me, dripping down his mighty pole and down his tennis ball sized nuts, which slung our juices around as they flew up and down to slap my ass.

My own massive mammaries careened and wobbled on my chest. Jimmy occasional caught one turgid nipple in his mouth and bit lightly, dragging even more pleasure from my sweat soaked body. I had no idea how long this went on, but would later discover it lasted almost an hour total. I was barely conscious from all my dozens of orgasms; relegated to simply holding on and moaning.

I felt Jimmy lay me down and wrench his cock from my battered pussy. It was both a relief and a supreme sense of loss. Straddling my chest, he wrapped my mountainous tits around his huge dong and began to slide it in and out. So long it was that even with my pillowy breasts the head would slide out across my face causing me to lick it as it went by, instinctively. His enormous balls dragged heavily across my belly. I swear I could almost feel his impending load sloshing within them.

Then I felt his humongous rod swell. I looked down and could actually see his cum slit widen before a molten jet of cum flew out and drenched my face. Several more thick blasts followed and I felt more splatter my breasts with such force that they wobbled. While he soaked my bosom, I licked the delicious ambrosia from my face. I've never liked the taste of sperm, but this man's was heaven! I felt his cock penetrate my lips and he emptied the last of his load in my mouth. Even his dribble was almost too much for me.

He pulled free and I gasped. My body still tingling and occasionally shuddering. I looked up through dreary eyes to see Jimmy standing before me, holding my naked daughter's fit body at his side.

"What are you?" He asked, simply.

"Your slut." I whispered through a throat ravaged by both a massive invader and many many screams of ecstasy.

"Good girl." He said, and I felt a warmth spread through me. "Come on Sara. I think it's time I broke in your ass." She giggled like a school girl and hopped away.

Despite my exhausted state I couldn't help but wish I could take her place.

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