tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShould Have Known... Ch. 02

Should Have Known... Ch. 02


With no other warning, John pushed his cock into my pussy. My juices made the violation smoother than it would have been...but I still felt as if I was being torn apart from the inside. I'd never felt a man that thick before. He was stretching my canal beyond what seemed possible. It was.......amazing. I know I shouldn't have, but I loved it. His strange aroma, the feel of his hands on my hips, the pounding of his cock deep inside me. I was being taken by an animal, and much to my dismay, I was loving every minute of it.

I planted my feet on the bed, trying to gain better leverage to push up against him. I could feel the roughness of his pubic hair scratching against my clit, and my tiny thong panties rolling against my hip, pulling tightly between by buttcrack. I bit my lower lip and moaned in ecstasy. I'd never just been fucked before, it was releasing someone I didn't know I was.

"What a slutty little whore you are" John grunted, "look at you, trying your best to fuck a stranger's cock."

"no..." I moaned this, I couldn't help it. I wasn't a whore, it's not like I did this all the time. This was only the third cock I'd ever had inside me.

"Little. Fucking. Whore." Each syllable was punctuated with a slam of his cock deep into me.

I sobbed a little again. I didn't want to be a whore, and I didn't want to stop. I wanted this feeling to keep going and going. Sex had never made me feel this carnal. I heard John breathing harder...it was now impossible to keep up with his pace while tied down like this, so I lay there, letting him hold my hips up and plow into me, his balls slapping crudely against my ass. I felt a second orgasm building, and I started praying to myself that he'd let me have it.

Myself? Or to him? I'm sure something in me screamed out loud.

He laughed wickedly, paused mid-trust as if considering, then pulled out.

"No!!!" I cried out...this time knowing it was out loud.

John walked to the head of the bed and ripped the blindfold off my eyes. I squinted, the light on the ceiling blinding me for a moment making me feel disoriented. I started to look around for him, and that's when I heard the grunt and felt the first spurt of hot jizz on my cheek. He stroked his giant cock next to my face and kept cumming...the second shot landed across my nose. I closed my lips tightly, I'd never let anyone cum on or near my mouth before. The third and forth shots hit my lips and chin. I pinched my lips even tighter and closed my eyes. I could smell the saltiness of his hot spunk on my face. I made me feel like vomiting.

He leaned back a bit, I chanced a peek out of one eye hoping to prepare myself for what was next. That's when the doorbell rang. John pulled his pants up and fastened them. I sat there expectantly, waiting for him to unfasten the cuffs.

...I should have known better.

I heard him talking quietly out in the hall. I'd completely forgotten the fact that he'd called someone earlier. Making note to keep my lips closed, I frantically tried to find a way out of my bindings. These things were impossible...I thrashed on the bed trying to work something loose all the while stealing glimpses toward the open bedroom door.

John appeared again in the doorway, a look on his face that I understood all too well. He grabbed his camera and took a shot of me laying there in the bed, white liquid all over my face, pleading with my eyes since I was too afraid to open my mouth. I turned away, I didn't want pictures of this.

"Woah," said a new voice, "Dude, John...are you sure this is okay. She doesn't look like she's into it."

I sobbed a little...the new voice understood. He'd let me go so I could wash my face.

"It's fine guys, just watch what this little whore does," with that he stuck two large fingers back inside my pussy. I still hadn't come down from the fucking he'd given me just moments before, and it didn't take long before my hips started bucking on their own accord, my second orgasm was only moments away.

Wait...."guys"? What did he mean by "guys"? I looked toward the door again. There were three guys...all good looking, all staring at me as I John slid his fingers faster and faster inside me. A short blond guy already had his cock out in his hand. His cock didn't match his stature, it had to be at least eight inches long, and he could barely wrap his hand all the way around it. I felt my eyes widen with terror and lust.

"Here Danny," I heard John's voice again, "You look like you're ready, and I know our new fuck toy is...dive right in!"

My eyes tracked him as the short blond guy walked across the room, shedding his clothes. He was in great shape, even from my awkward angle I could see the definition of every muscle in his body. Danny kneeled at the end of the bed, and positioned his cock at the sopping entered to my pussy. He looked at me as if for confirmation. Without thinking, I nodded...my pussy was so empty, and I was SO close. I needed to be filled, I needed to cum...and at least this guy was going to be nice about it. He entered slowly, he wasn't as wide as John, but he was longer, I felt the head slowly move into me until it bottomed out against my cervix. Danny gasped and sat still for a moment. I could feel his cock twitching inside me. He pulled slowly back out again, as if he was trying to feel every inch of me from the inside. I moaned. It was all he needed...he started pounding into me with a power I wouldn't have expected from a man his height. I closed my eyes and willed my orgasm into fruition.

I felt something slapping me on the cheek with no cum. I opened my eyes again. One of the other men was standing naked next to me, cock in hand slapping me in the face with it. He was chubby, not fat...but he had a bit of a gut. His cock looked almost exactly like my boyfriend's...just over six inches long and about as wide around as one of those big-stick popsicles.

"Open up whore, I don't want to have to wait for your pussy" he spat. I shook my head. There was no way I was doing that. Ever. I don't care how good the fucking felt.

"I think someone needs to learn a little lesson about being a fuck toy" said the same guy, still slapping my cheek with his cock as he reached and untied my corset.

My breasts spilled out almost immediately, the soft pink nipples hard with arousal. Chubby used his free hand to maw at my right breast, needing the globe as if it were dough. Danny chuckled, and I glanced down to see him staring at my breasts, if it were possible, I'd swear I could feel him get harder and longer in my pussy. Chubby set the head of his cock down on my lips, rubbing Johns spunk around with it.

"Open up sweetie," he sang, twisting my nipple hard, making me gasp. Before I could even finish taking in air, he'd shoved himself into my mouth. Letting go of his cock, he grabbed my hair, twisting my face toward him, leaned down and whispered for only me to hear..."If I feel teeth, I'll cut this pretty breast off. Got that?".

I sobbed again, and nodded, trying to open my mouth as wide as possible. I'd never sucked a cock before, and I was so afraid of hitting him with my teeth.

Danny chuckled again..."Knew you'd get her to open up Frank," he almost sounded like he was cheering.

Through my tears I saw John moving around again with the camera. Snapping photos of my violation from different angles. Frank thrust deeper into my throat, still holding my hair, and I gagged a little. The salty, bitter taste of John's semen combined with Frank's meat on the back of my tongue was more than my gag reflex could suppress. I felt another set of hand groping my left breast and pulling and tugging at the untied corset to get it out from under me. I tried to turn to see the guy, but Frank's hand held my head firmly in place. The orgasm that had been building since my first fucking finally swelled over me, I was drowning in sensations from the cock in my pussy and in my mouth, and the hands on my body. It was intense, and I knew it was to be the first of many more...these guys showed no signs of letting up.

Danny grunted and shoved hard into me...I could feel splashes of his jizz inside me. He pumped a few more times as if for effect, then backed away off the bed grinning from ear to ear. He walked over next to my right, pushing Frank's hand off my breast. My pussy felt sore and empty...and begging for more. Frank pulled out of my mouth, his cock glistening with my saliva.

"Here Danny-boy, get yourself cleaned off."

Frank pulled my head toward Danny's softening member. Before I could protest, Danny was gliding smoothly in and out of my mouth. It was the first time I'd ever tasted my own juices...they were sweeter than I thought, far sweeter than John's load of cum had been.

"Jesus Danny" I heard Frank's voice at the foot of the bed, "You left a wet gaping hole here, what am I supposed to do with the slut now?"

"I'm sure you'll figure something out," laughed John somewhere in the room.

Snap. The camera was going off again. I felt someone's cock in my hand, just gliding back and forth...I heard another voice asking John how long they had to play with their toy. Danny was starting to get harder in my mouth, it became more and more difficult to breathe, and I started having to time it around in thrusts....pump, inhale, pump, exhale....it was all I was focused on for the moment. So I didn't feel Frank's course fingers teasing around in my pussy. It barely registered when he spread the mix of Danny's cum and my juices down around the bud of my ass. I did feel him pump into my pussy a few times, but mostly just because I felt myself lurch up on the bed. When he stopped, I didn't care, I figured he'd given up.

Once again...I really should have known better.

I don't even remember the first sensation, I do remember screaming around Danny's cock and Frank crudely shoved his cock straight into my ass with one fast motion. The searing pain shot through me, and I felt that I must have been torn in half. But with Danny's cock in my mouth, my screams must have just sounded like loud moans. The guys all laughed. I felt Frank pause mid thrust and heard the camera go off again. A face floated before me, it must have been the other guy. He was dark, Latino I'd guess, and he had a large scar down one cheek. He was grinning madly and watching closely at my reaction...timing a pinch of my nipple every time Frank buried himself in my bowel.

"Oh she's a fun one" the Latino guy laughed, then bent down and started sucking on my left breast, moving his hand down to play with my clit.

The pain in my ass was subsiding, and amazingly, starting to feel good...it helped that my clit was being massaged and my nipples toyed with. I started actually sucking on Danny's cock instead of just letting him fuck my face. If it was going to happen anyway, I might as well enjoy it, right? I mean...it felt so damn good. I started squeezing and rubbing the cock in my hand...but didn't dare move my hips for fear that Frank's cock would start to hurt me again.

John's voice was in my ear..."I knew you were nothing but a cock whore from the moment you messaged me back, I'm happy we can help you learn what you truly are."

Yes...I thought...yes....I do love this. I love holding this cock, and sucking this cock, and fucking this cock...all of them. I wanted to feel all of them fucking me. In every way possible.

John was right...I was a cock whore.

I wish I'd known...


To be continued?

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