tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShould Have Known... Ch. 03

Should Have Known... Ch. 03


I lay there, tied to my bed, a cock in my left hand, another in my mouth, and one buried in my ass. The man I'd trusted and let into my house walked around the bed snapping pictures of my body being exposed and abused. My mind was racing, in a total panic...I was being used as a toy by these men, like a blow up doll. They didn't care if I was enjoying it, or if I wanted it...but I did. As much as my brain was saying no, my entire body was screaming yes.

I sucked down hard on Danny's giant cock, he'd bottom out in my throat, choking the air out so that I couldn't breathe. I was trying to hard to time my breathing while still sucking greedily. When he'd pull out I'd flick my tongue over and around his head, teasing him while trying to buy time to gasp for air.

I jacked at the cock in my hand, it had swollen so that I could barely touch my fingers around the shaft. The latino man's lips pulled and tugged at my left nipple in time with my ministrations. Jolts of electricity shot through my body as he rubbed and flicked the small nub of my clit.

Frank plowed roughly at my ass, his loud grunting paced to time with his balls slapping against my tail bone. As the pain subsided I actually started to feel myself grinding back against him. I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying being stretched by this man, being filled in a way I hadn't before. Danny's cum continued to leak out of my pussy, dripping down and providing constant lubrication for Frank.

It was glorious.

John walked back into my view, camera held high. I moaned around Danny's cock as he came in close for a shot of my face. Even that was turning me on...knowing there would be pictures of me being the dirty little slut that I am. John lowered his camera, grinning wickedly.

"Tony," John started, and I felt the mouth leave my nipple, "You can't really be satisfied just fucking her hand...I have an idea."

John popped the release on the strap around my right hand, Tony did the same to my left. Free from the restraints, I still continued to jack of Tony, and moved my right hand to massage and pull at Danny's balls.

"Oh yeah," Tony moaned, "you found the perfect whore John."

"Get her feet too, we're going to flip her over."

Danny pulled out of my mouth, stepping back. I whimpered a little at the loss, but Frank was still pounding madly into my bowels. Tony pushed me up, and I wrapped my arms around Frank's neck, grinding down into him. He chuckled deeply and bit down hard on my neck. I came almost instantly, clenching down on Frank's cock. His hands were on my ass, supporting me as I collapsed against him. I felt light headed and dizzy...I heard Frank grunt hard and felt his jizz splash against the walls of my ass just before the world went dark.

I must have passed out.

When I came too I was lying on top of Tony, my head resting on his chest. I could feel him moving slowly into my pussy, gently and yet hungrily. My panties and nylons were gone, I couldn't believe I didn't remember them being taken off. I was now completely and totally naked in a room with four strange men.

It turned me on immensely.

I started to sit up, to push down on to Tony's dick. But as I leaned back I felt resistance. I glanced over my shoulder and saw John standing there at the end of the bed. He had stripped his clothes off at some point. Cock in hand, he pressed against my ass, lightly stroking up and down his shaft.

"John, no!" I whimpered, "I can't do that!"

"You can and will, slut." John said lustily, "Now bend down again and take what's coming to you."

"I don't think I can..." I whimpered, a little sob escaping my lips.

"You don't have a say, you're a fucking toy. You know this, I know this, we all know this. Look at you, you're sitting there grinding against a guy you don't know...cum leaking out of your ass."

"No...I didn't ask..."

"You did. You begged. And I gave you what you begged me for, now I'll take what I want!"

With his left hand, John forced me down, pressing my face against Tony's chest. Tony wrapped his arms around me, pinning mine to my sides, holding me in place. He was balls deep up my cunt, but had stopped moving thrusting in and out.

"It'll be all right," He whispered, "Just relax and let him slide in, trust me, you'll love it."

John moved with slow deliberation. While my asshole had been spread wide by Frank's earlier rough usage, it was by no means expanded for John's wide member. He rubbed the head of his cock around the rim, both teasing and scaring me. I clenched a little in anticipation...something Tony noticed.

"Relax honey," he cooed, "it's going to happen no matter what, be open to it."

I pressed into Tony and concentrated on relaxing all my muscles. John pushed the head of his cock into me and I could feel myself expanding to accommodate him. He moved back and forth, inching his way further and further into my ass until I could feel the roughness of his pubic hair tickling my skin.

Tony and John started moving in time with each other...pulling and and pushing in with a rhythm that was well practiced. The pain was agonizing. I couldn't move at all, I was pinned between these men, stuffed and filled. And yet...I couldn't have wanted anything more. I could already tell this was going to make me cum again...and again. I wanted it, willed it. I tried to push back, to grind into them...but there was nothing I could do aside from lay there being used.

Danny kneeled down above and to the left of Tony's head, giant dick in hand...Frank mimicked his position to the right. Frank grabbed my roughly by the hair, pulling my head up so that I was at eye level with their cocks.

"You know what to do, bitch...do it!" he spat, shoving his meat toward my lips.

I flicked my tongue out hungrily, lapping at the pre-cum that glistened in front of me. Tony reached up and began mauling at my breasts, teasing and kneeding them...but also supporting my weight so that my hands were free to grab onto the cocks in front of me. And I did...stroking them and sucking them to the pace of my fucking. I alternated back and forth between Frank and Danny. I was able to handle Frank much more so I would suck his cock down my throat and flick my tongue out over his balls. Danny was so much bigger, I'd leave my hand wrapped around his shaft so I could jerk off whatever I couldn't fit in my mouth.

Tony pinched and twisted my tortured nipples, setting my already raw nerves on fire. John smacked my ass, hard, and I squealed a bit around Frank's cock. This seemed to encourage him, and he smacked my ass again on the other side.

"Fuck," slap, "Ing," slap, "Whore!" slap.

"Yes!" I cried out, releasing Danny from my mouth, "I am, use me like the whore you know I want to be!"

The heat of my ass cheeks now matched the heat of my lust. I sucked down onto Frank's cock with wanton abandon. I no longer cared that it was rape...I no longer cared that this was something good girls didn't do...I was no longer a good girl. I came again there, for what time I'd lost count...the orgasm causing me to scream around Frank. It was too much for him and he started spurting into my mouth.

Frank grabbed the back of my head as I tried to pull away, "Swallow it whore. Prove you're a toy worth fucking."

And I did...as much as I could. Some escaped, drizzling down my chin and dripping on to the pillow. I kept sucking, milking whatever I could out of him. His semen tasted like salty stale beer, but I found myself wanting more. When his dick began to soften I moved over to Danny, hoping to get him to do the same.

Frank picked up John's camera and started snapping more pictures. I looked directly his way as I sucked on Danny...I was no longer afraid of being on display, I loved it.

John called for Frank to come over. He slowed in his merciless pounding of my ass to pause and allow for some pictures to be taken showing me impaled on two separate cocks. Once the pictures were done to his satisfaction he began pumping into me again roughly. It only took another minute before he was cumming hard into my ass. He pulled out, letting the last few spurts hit the reddened skin of my butt cheeks and ordered Frank to take more pictures.

Free from being pinned, I started grinding down onto Tony, while sucking on Danny. Another orgasm hit me hard, and I could feel the walls of my pussy spasm around Tony, clenching and releasing, milking his cock. At the height of ecstasy I looked up at Danny pleadingly...

"Fill me back up Danny, please," apparently I do beg..."fuck my whore ass."

With a grin he jumped off the bed and positioned himself behind me. He didn't even pause to make sure it was ready, he just thrust himself deeply inside me holding both my hips for support. I came again...I didn't even know it was possible, but I did...I felt like I hadn't even finished my last one.

Tony moaned loudly in my ear, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me down toward him. I could feel him filling my cunt with his hot juices. I ground back against Danny at the same time, willing him to cum inside my ass. And as Tony was laying there, kissing me gently along my neck and collar bone, that's just what Danny did.

Danny moved away, and Tony lifted me off his spent cock, laying me gently on the bed.

John snapped some more pictures, laughing quietly as they all got dressed.

I lay there splayed out on the bed, cum leaking out of my holes. I was numb in my euphoria, I didn't care what happened next...I'd never felt so good in my life.

I heard the men leave without another word. I glanced at the clock...five...I still had an hour to shower and change the sheets.

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