tagGay MaleShould I Take a Chance?

Should I Take a Chance?


This work like others that I will submit will be based on true events. The story is for adult viewing only, and this story is about male to male contact.

I'm your average 50 year old male living in small town America where everyone knows everyone's business. For that reason it's difficult to find another male for discreet fun.

I'm 6 foot tall and weigh in at 185. I'm a marathon runner and weight lift only to keep my muscles strong enough to endure a long distance contest. Over the years my dark hair has decided to leave me, and now I own a tuft of thick, silver hair. Those long days in the sun from years ago have given me that weathered look with smile lines in tact. All in all, life has been very good to me and I'm still in wonderful shape.

I've been married for as long as I can remember, and wouldn't have it any other way. It's been only the last few years that I have noticed other men. Why that interest started I'm not really sure, but it probably has a direct relationship with the internet.

All those lunchtime workouts followed by group showers never even caused me to peak at another male, well not until the past few years anyway.

I've had my share of chats with other men online but never have I taken the chance of meeting one in person. This town is too small for that, and I don't want to be found out. I did have an interesting offer recently from another male and that's why I'm writing this story.

Let me share that story with you.

His name is Rick, we first met at the fitness club and later we became business associates. I think that I first noticed him at the club because we are close in age. He is also a funny guy and successful in his business. Like me he has taken care of his body over the years and remains in good shape. Unlike me I noticed that he is very hung, and I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that I was drawn to that.

We became fast friends because of the many similarities that we share. We are both married with kids, about the same age, and both sports crazy. Once we got to know each other better his firm started to use my services for which I was thankful.

It was about 6 months ago that Rick called me to have lunch with him to chat about a few things.

Lunch was wonderful, a quiet place that makes specialty burgers which are my favorite. Rick and I had a table outside in the sun with no one else around. We talked sports, business and family things as we ate. When we finished lunch we ordered coffee and continued talking.

"I have something that I want to share with you that I hope won't end our friendship, and something that I need you to keep confidential," said Rick.

For some reason I felt that he was going to tell me that he was getting divorced or cheating on his wife. I was ready and braced to offer support to my friend which ever was the case.

"Whatever we talk about will not be shared with anyone," I said to reassure him.

He continued, "I've been married for 25 years now and plan to stay married. I love my wife and enjoy her company most of all."

"I was sure that he was about to tell me that the cheating on his wife," I thought. I just hoped that I didn't know who his female partner was.

Rick continued, "I enjoy men as much as women and I want you to know that, since the day that we first met I've found you very hot and hope that you feel the same about me. I've met with men over the years and it's always been in secret, I love another man's company in the bedroom and I love a guy who loves to suck cock."

A deer in the headlights was the phrase that would have most applied to me at that moment. I didn't know what to say or how to respond. My guess was that he noticed me looking at him in the shower after we worked out, and mostly looking at his rather large cock.

He told me that I was HOT, how do you respond to another guy telling you that?

In my anonymous chats online with other men my fantasy has always been to suck cock, long cock sucking sessions. The fantasy of pleasuring another man orally gave me a huge hard-on, something my wife no longer did.

Did Rick know this about me, was it obvious, I hoped not. How could he know this?

"I'm not sure what to say Rick, why tell me? Of course I will keep this chat between us but I don't think that would be of interest to me," I lied.

My penis was becoming hard just listening to him talk. How could he know that I was interested, or was he just fishing? I knew that if I stood up right at that moment that the lump in my pants would tell the truth, no matter how much I denied it.

"Mike I've seen you when we shower peaking at me, but don't worry I won't mention that to anyone, it's our secret. My experience with men over the years tells me that you may want to try just what I mentioned, and I want it as badly as you do. If it will help you to say yes I have a place that's private and no one but you and I will be there and I will help you with what I think you want," said Rick confidently.

Rick continued taking, "that being said, if I made a mistake let's leave now and forget this chat, but if I'm right let's take a short ride to my place," Rick smiled knowingly.

In the cool air of the sidewalk cafe while sitting under our umbrella my face was flushed and my skin ablaze at what he just proposed. I could feel beads of sweat forming on my forehead as I refused to make eye contact with the man who somehow knew my secret.

I called to our waiter for a check and gave him my credit card to cover the bill never looking once at Rick. When the waiter came back with my copy of the receipt I carefully folded it and put it into my wallet.

I adjusted my bulge and stood up as I got ready to go. Rick remained in his chair sitting but looking at my face for a sign. I slipped on my sunglasses, put my wallet away and looked at Rick.

"You drive Rick, let's leave my car here, I told him."

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