tagGay MaleShould I Take a Chance? Ch. 04

Should I Take a Chance? Ch. 04


I hope that you have followed the previous chapters of this story. Please review the end of the previous chapter and it will help you to better follow along.


Rick held my head as he slowly sawed his wonder shaft in and out of my mouth...

It wasn't that long ago that this was only a fantasy of mine, one that I never expected to really happen. I would lie awake in bed long after my wife had fallen asleep, rubbing my tired package and thinking of what it would be like to suck another mans cock.

Rick was a good friend and business client, someone that I admired over the years and always enjoyed his company. When he suggested how we might "enjoy" each others company even more you could have knocked me over with a feather. I can only imagine what my face looked like when he asked me to suck his cock for him. At first it must of been a look of shock, a how could he know look. Later as he spoke more about how we could do it I'm sure that my look was than pure lust. I know that because my pocket friend was rock hard and I could not make it soften.

So here we were in Ricks condo and life was wonderful and now so exciting. I was on my knees sucking the most wonderful cock that I had ever seen and wondering how life could ever be any better, I was about to find out.

Ricks head was tilted back, I could see the bottom of his chin as I looked up. He held my head in both hands as he arched his back and pushed his tight hips forward to drive his fat shaft in and out of my mouth. I had my hands on his buttocks and loved the feel of his muscles contracting as he pushed in.

"Please use your tongue on the head for me as I pull my cock out, it drives me over the edge," Rick begged.

I did as I was told, I licked the head and slit while my lips barely sucked the head at the same time. As I was doing this for him, my cock was trying it's best to explode right through my business slacks.

"God your lips and mouth are so soft, I'm not going to last much longer," he warned me. Rick started to drive in to my mouth even deeper now with longer strokes as his hands gripped my head in a death grip. I held his balls in the palm of my hand as he pumped into me like a man possessed.

I on the other had was loving all of this, this is what I dreamed of, my tongue kept active teasing the belly of his swollen member as it was pushed and pulled over my lips. I felt like I was going to cum by just sucking his cock.

I looked up and saw that Rick was drenched in sweat! His body was almost rigid as he used my mouth to bring himself to the point of no return. The veins in his throat were bulging and his eye lashes seemed to be fluttering as his hips drove his cock deeper into my mouth. I could feel his member swell even more as he spoke to me almost incoherently, I knew that he was ready.

I was just starting to taste his leaking cum when he held my head very still.

"God, I'm cumming, here it comes get ready", Rich hollered as he pulled his member from my mouth.

Pointed straight at my face, he stroked his cock so quickly that it was hard to follow the hand motion. All at once I could see his cock head swell and the slit open as his first shot came directly at my face. I felt like I was watching this in slow motion, the head swells, the slit opens, and the liquid shoots right at me.

"Yes, yes, yes, take it all on your face", Rick said in a low hissing voice.

He hit me with two heavy shots right on my cheek and lips, the following smaller shots didn't make it to the target. I was thrilled as he wanked his member right on my face spreading the load all over my lips and cheeks.

"God, that was the best ever, now open your mouth and suck the rest from my balls", Rick ordered.

I was happy to oblige and opened my mouth to receive his sloppy, sticky, wet cock which was getting softer by the moment. Rick held my head and pushed his softer cock as far back as it could go.

"Oh, your mouth is so hot, I've never cum like that", said Rick. "We need to do this again if you loved it as much as I did, did you"?

As we sat down at his table and talked for a long time about how much we both enjoyed it he wanted to know if he could ask me a question.

"I have a friend who also loves to have his cock sucked, he's a great guy and married. If it makes a difference his cock is slightly larger than mine. We've known each other for years and have been together before having our cocks sucked at the same time.

Rick looked right am and said, "he would love this and so would you".

"Are you asking me to suck another man's cock while I'm with you", I asked?

Rick looked at me as if worried and said, "I hope that I didn't offend you but I would love it and I think you would also. My friends name is Ron and he's very discreet".

Rick suggested that he invite this friend to lunch where I could see him and than make a decision after that. That actually sounded good to me, how could that be a bad thing?

"You have actually have met him before", said Rick. "He was at the company sales meeting last month when you presented your new product line". "He was the mid 50's guy with with the athletic body and great smile", Rick pointed out.

I felt the heat rising from my toes up my body to my head. I knew who he was talking about for sure. This guy struck me as a mans man and he so attractive that I caught a peak at his crotch when he got up from the conference table. As I took a peak I felt that he caught me looking because as I looked at his face he was smiling at me.

This next meeting could be very interesting.

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