tagGroup SexShould Old Acquaintance?

Should Old Acquaintance?


"I'm not sure why I went through with it, Gyen. Five years later and she still hasn't grown up!" Dave complained to his closest colleague at the Advertising Agency. "Look at her, out cold on the couch again. She won't even admit that it happens every time she drinks, or even that she almost always gets drunk when she does drink!"

Maureen, his wife, was on the couch, head turned sideways toward the cushions, legs curled up at the knees and tilted in the same direction. She was a stunning woman standing five-foot six with medium length black hair, blue eyes, and a very thin waist making her curves very noticeable. They had had some great years together sharing the things they had in common: movies, dining out, skating, and scenic drives. Looking at them it was hard to believe that they had any problems, but Maureen seemed to have a problem when she drank alcohol. It wasn't that she needed a drink every night, but she liked to drink at social events and on weekends, especially when friends were around. Whenever she did, she got drunk very quickly. Maybe it was because of her one hundred fifteen pound frame. Whatever the reason, it seemed that she just couldn't handle alcohol like most people.

Gyen remembered Dave telling him that as the years went by, Maureen started blacking out if she drank more than her share. In fact, many times she had no memory of the previous night. Although most people perceived Dave as jealous, Gyen knew he was just very cautious about his wife being taken advantage of in her drunken state; he attended all of her office parties at the bank where she worked as an administrative assistant. Gyen understood, they had both noticed how guys would try to 'help' her when she was tipsy with a hand on her waist, on her hip, or around her shoulder; Gyen was guilty of it a few times himself.

"I think I know why you went ahead and married her dude – because she's gorgeous?" Gyen tried to lighten Dave's mood. He was Dave's soundboard, even at work, always trying to make him feel better about the day, the work, even the hours. Gyen hadn't been over to Dave's condo in a few years because his former girlfriend really didn't like spending time with Maureen. However, Gyen's latest love interest worked late hours as a nurse, and Gyen decided to spend that time at Dave's condo every other weekend. Besides being attractive, Maureen was a pretty decent cook.

Tonight she made chicken Marsala and the guys settled back to watch some college football. Maureen, as was her custom, worked through six or seven glasses of wine and passed out.

"Gorgeous is more than looks, Gyen. A woman needs some class to be gorgeous." Dave countered shaking his head and looking over at Maureen. "Passing out doesn't qualify as a class act."

"Well, I remember you taking her out with us after work those first few years. Heads turned when you walked in the room with her. I'm pretty sure you thought she was a class act then. But hey, you picked a girl that liked to party. Well, she still does. What's wrong with that?"

"Yeah, I remember when I first met her, Boyd told me I had a new drinking buddy, except this one was hot." Dave laughed. "Problem is that the party is over so quickly now. She gets wobbly after just three or four drinks."

"Yeah I know." Gyen tried to console him, but he was too upbeat all the time to keep a solemn mood. "But I bet you didn't mind very much when you were dating her. I can see it. There's this intoxicated, but gorgeous woman hanging all over you and you just have to take her home to your place every night. Yeah, must've been rough!" Gyen chided.

"Well, it was great in the beginning, but after a while you want to have a conversation when you get home, ya know?"

"I guess, but I don't think that's what all the guys were thinking you'd be doing once you got home. Anyone of them would've traded places with you in a heartbeat."

"Yeah, nobody ever sees the other side with her. All they see is her looks. I wanted to break it off a couple of times, but..." Dave cut himself off. "I mean, look at Harry's wife, Kim. You don't see her falling all over herself."

"Because, with those knockers, she'd hurt someone." Gyen quipped.

"Yeah, that's for sure." Dave tried to whistle, but they both started laughing.

"I can't believe you would ever break up with Maureen, you go everywhere with her, like a jealous husband."

"I'm protective, not jealous."

"Whatever." Gyen didn't differentiate the two.

"But I also thought she'd grow to be a more responsible person by now. We're almost thirty years old. It's the reason we haven't had any children. I'm not sure she's got control of herself, never mind children."

"Maybe that's what she needs to straighten up?" Gyen piped in.

"And if it's not? That wouldn't be a fair experiment.

"So then you wait awhile until you have children. Maybe she'll realize exactly that? In the meantime, she's still gorgeous. You have to appreciate that at least?"

"I do. Sounds like you do too. That's about the fourth time you mentioned how gorgeous she is."

"Still jealous, huh?" Gyen always called Maureen gorgeous, but more out of reverence, not lust.

"Sorry Gyen. I'm just frustrated that she can't have three or four drinks without getting tipsy. And I'm not jealous! I just get ... protective because some asshole is always trying to take advantage of her when she's drunk."

"Don't fret it Dave, women can straighten up in a hurry when guys make a move on them."

"Not Maureen. It's been awhile since we've hung out together, my friend. I'm telling you, once she's out, I could strip her naked, and leave her in a room with someone and she wouldn't raise an eyelid. What do you think would happen then?"

"Wow!" Gyen thought of some things. He looked over at Maureen stretched out on the couch. Her form fitting sweat pants outlined her curvy round bottom and the brief cotton top was little barrier to her obviously braless breast. He smiled as he envisioned her stripped naked on the couch. He shook out of his daydream, but not before Dave noticed.

"Come on Dave!" He smirked nervously, knowing that his reaction was a little too obvious. "Don't exaggerate. She has to have more drinks than that to be that oblivious."

Gyen was a good-looking Asian, about five foot eight and one hundred sixty pounds soaking wet. He was a good guy and he and Dave developed a great friendship at work. Gyen's ex-girlfriend didn't like to spend time with Dave and Maureen because of Maureen's obvious issues when she drank and how she hung on Gyen when she was tipsy. Dave didn't want Gyen to have any issues, so they just kept a working relationship.

Dave watched Gyen's eyes slowly roll across Maureen's figure after his comment and he became aroused knowing Gyen was thinking about what he just said. The thought of showing Gyen that Maureen wouldn't wake up, even if he started to remove her clothing, made him hard. Suddenly, he wanted to play it out. What harm would there be?

"Okay, I'll prove it." There it was. It came out of Dave's mouth.


"Watch." Dave strode over to the couch. He turned Maureen slightly so that her back was flat on the cushions. He slowly slid her feet down until her legs were flat as well.

"Dave, what are you doing, dude?" Gyen was laughing his way through this, but it was nervous laughter.

Dave ignored him and brought both of Maureen's hands above her head and rested them over the edge of the couch. Her stretched out form showed the nice mounds under her light cotton top. There were two straps over Maureen's shoulders and small buttons down the middle of the blouse. Her breasts were so firm she rarely wore a bra, something not gone unnoticed by Dave's friends. Dave snapped open both straps.

"Come on Dave." Gyen was really nervous now. "She's gonna wake up and get really pissed off!"

"Don't worry Gyen. She won't wake up. You won't believe me, so I'll prove it."

Dave moved his hands over the buttons on Maureen's blouse and started to open them. As the material parted, Gyen noticed the awesome shape of Maureen's breasts coming into view. The curve of each breast showed down the middle of her blouse. They were very full and very firm as they rose straight out above her chest. As Dave got down to the last button by her waist, the blouse parted until the dark circles of her nipples were nudging out from the material. Maureen's very round tits were now fifty percent in view.

Gyen didn't realize that he absent-mindedly reached down and touched his manhood.

"Yeah, they're nice huh?" Dave noticed Gyen's reaction.

"All right, you proved your point, but if a guy groped her, she'd wake up for sure. Come on – button her up before she wakes up."

Dave was extremely horny now. There he was standing behind his wife's head, looking down at her open blouse with his friend watching from just a few feet away. Gyen thought of all the times he helped Dave take Maureen out of situations where something like this might happen, and now here he was watching in anticipation!

"No she won't – watch." Dave said as he moved his hands onto the middle of her collarbone and spread them causing Maureen's blouse to fall to her sides, leaving her top completely exposed. He started to massage her breasts and moved his fingers over her nipples, circling them. Maureen moved slightly, but didn't open her eyes or do anything to show she would wake up.

"I told you. She doesn't even know it's me."

"Holy cow!" Gyen eyes widened as he took in Maureen's form. Not only were her breasts almost perfect orbs; they fit her body so well. She had beautiful skin, very feminine shoulders, and a narrow waist that made her breasts look larger than they were. Still, her size thirty-four C-cup breasts were more than his girlfriend carried and she wasn't as curvy as this! He was enjoying this exhibition, but was nervous about the outcome.

"Dave, come on, she's going to wake up. How are you going to explain what's going on with me still here?"

"I'm telling you, she's out. Actually, you do it! I'll prove to you that she wouldn't know if some stranger was groping her."

"No Dave, I ... I couldn't do that to you."

"Do if FOR me Gyen, really, it's cool. I always did wonder if she would even wake up if someone did."

Gyen looked up at Dave like he was losing his mind, but he really wanted to feel Maureen's tits. Secretly, he always had.

"You won't be pissed later will you?" Gyen cautioned.

"No, really, go ahead. Better you than some stranger."

Gyen knelt down next to Maureen, staring at her eyes to see if she really was sleeping. He hesitated and started to move away.

"Shit Dave, she could wake up any minute and I'm toast."

"Gyen, believe me, I see this all the time. She had at least six glasses of wine tonight, she's out."

Gyen's eyes moved over Maureen's form. He raised his right hand and laid it down on her breast. He let out a breath that showed his approval. "Damn!"

When Maureen didn't move, he took his other hand and started massaging both of her breasts. His hands moved down onto her stomach and back over her chest again. "I can't believe this?"

Dave noticed Gyen's hand slide down along her flat stomach, toward her waist.

"Keep going."


"Go ahead, the sweats. I want to see how much she can sleep through."

Gyen wanted to stop, but he couldn't take his hands off Maureen's soft skin. He moved his hands under the waistband of her sweats until his fingers brushed some hair above her sex.

Dave reached his long arms over her and pulled down her sweats until they were halfway down her ass.

"Oh my god, she's not wearing ..." Gyen noticed that she didn't have any panties on.

"She rarely does. See why I'm so worried?"

Gyen ran his fingers through her pubic hair while keeping his left hand on one of her breasts. He had a major erection as well now. He wanted to bury his face into Maureen's body, but didn't want to take more initiative than Dave gave him.

Maureen finally stirred. Dave leaned over her as Gyen jumped up and backed away. He said a few things as he lifted her to a sitting position. Maureen eyes were rolling around and barely opened. Gyen noticed that she was unaware that her top was off or that anyone else was in the room. He heard Dave talking to her.

"Okay Mo, we're gonna get changed now and get you into bed. You had another rough night."

"Did Jin ... gone home?" Maureen somehow garbled.

"Yes, he went home."


Dave leaned her back and pulled down her sweatpants. They were down around her knees now. As he looked over to Gyen, he lifted her legs up so that he could remove them completely. Dave knew that her bottom would be facing Gyen when he did, exposing her ass and pussy to him. One look across at his friend confirmed his thoughts. Gyen was focused in at the line separating the two full pussy lips, which in turn were surrounded by a very fine looking ass and long legs reaching up and out to where Dave was holding her ankles.

"Jesus Dave!" Gyen was staring at Maureen's pussy. It looked great to him, but this was getting a little crazy. His good friend was disrobing his wife in front of him.

"I told you she wouldn't notice!" Dave answered as if winning a prize. He laid her back down onto the couch.

"Sit down on the couch with her." Dave was now very commanding. "It won't even occur to her that she's lying naked next to another guy.

Gyen was mesmerized and just followed through. He sat down next to Maureen. She was curled up with her head at the end of the couch, but her ass was three inches from his leg. Gyen stared down at her beautiful curving hips, her round globes, and finally at her sweet sex just inches from his hands.

"Go ahead Gyen. Do what any guy would do if they were in this situation. I want to see what would happen."

"But Dave?"

"I'll tell you when to stop."

Gyen put his hand on Maureen's hip. Her skin felt soft and warm to the touch. He lowered his right hand to her right cheek and felt her curves. He slipped it further around and under her cheek, then between her legs. He wasn't sure if Dave would say anything, but at this point he couldn't hold back much.

"Holy shit, Dave! I just touched her. She didn't even flinch!"

"Told you. I have to always keep my eye out because this is what might happen."

Suddenly Maureen stirred. She looked down through squinting eyes and noticed her nakedness.

"Dave? My clothz r gone?"

"Sorry Mo, but you got drunk and spilled stuff all over your clothes."

"Gyen's hom?"

Gyen became rigid hoping she wouldn't notice him right next to her. But Maureen looked behind her trying to focus on who was sitting with her.

"Is Gyen?"

"Yes, sorry Mo." Dave was trying to work his way through this. "Gyen was staying over tonight, remember. He accidentally came out while I was taking off your wet clothes.

"Gyen's is ... and Mm nak-ed. Got all wet and Gyen's here." Then, after a pause, she continued. "Okay, Gyen's good frend. I'm naked, okay."

Maureen rolled over onto her back, exposing her tits to Gyen once again. Then she dropped one leg to the floor and bent the other at the knee separating her legs and exposing a full frontal of her pussy to Gyen.

"Oh my god, Dave. This is too much for me. She's too fucking hot!" "See?" Dave claimed. "She doesn't even flinch when she's naked in front of you. What would another guy do now in your position, huh?"

"I'd have to fuck her, Dave." Gyen relented. He meant 'they'.

Dave sighed and looked at Gyen. "I wasn't thinking about how much of a tease this would be for you. I'm okay with it if you want to DO something Gyen. No guy should have to walk away from where you are right now."

Gyen stared at Dave. "Dave, you got your point across. Stripping her down is one thing, but are you allowing me to have sex with your wife?"

"Yes, I want to see if she would even wake up. Better you than a stranger."

"Dave, I'm giving you a moment to reconsider, but if you don't, please don't regret this."

"No regrets Gyen."

Gyen pulled off his shirt, pants, and underwear. His erection was pretty sizeable for his small stature. But instead of fucking her, Gyen kneeled down in front of the couch and put his face into Maureen's pussy. As his tongue made its way in and around her sweet sex, Maureen started to writhe on the couch. Dave knelt down next to her.

"Feel good Mo?"

"Mmmm. Very gdd." After a pause, she giggled again. "How kin yoo talk wen yoo do that?" She opened her legs more as Gyen moved his tongue deeper between her lips. "Jin's here now?"

"Yes, you like that?" Dave egged her on.

"Yes, fuck with Jin here."

"You heard her partner." Dave slid his hands across Maureen's breasts and invited his friend aboard. Gyen stood up and put his erection against her pussy. "Always wanted to do that, haven't you?" Dave added.

"Geez man, who wouldn't." He pushed in and leaned down over Maureen so that he could hold her tits while he fucked her. He took his time and really enjoyed her tight opening. "Damn, she's so tight, even though she's drunk. Amazing!"

Maureen stirred again and became more aware.

"You feel difrent Dave."

"That's because Gyen is fucking you, not me."

"No, Jinz not sposed to be fucking me, Dave, why?"

Gyen knew this was all going to come down on him when she remembered it, but her pussy felt way too good to stop.

"You getting a good fuck Mo?" Dave's tone showed little emotion.

Her voice was less garbled now. "Yesss, getting a good fuck. Keep fucking, more." She sighed.

Maureen looked down and at Gyen sliding his cock between her legs, and then up at Dave again.

"Dave? Why is Jin fucking me?"

"You started dancing and took your clothes off. I really couldn't stop him after you asked to fuck him?"

"I did? Him too?" Maureen blurted out.

"So you have done this before?" Dave's erection grew along with his feigned anger. Gyen was picking up his pace as Maureen thrust herself against him.

"Richard ... in bathroom ... after dinner."

"I remember that night, Mo. We went with Richard Stracca and his wife to a dinner theater. Richard showed you to the bathroom. I knew you were gone long. So you fucked him?"

"No, sucked his cock."

At this Gyen's eyes widened and he changed his pace to long slow thrusts.

"What happened Mo?"

"I remember ... on the floor. Oooh." She was pushing back against Gyen now. "He put hiss cock in my face and took down my top ... yes, ooh! Gyen, that's good!" Gyen was getting close to coming. "He said I promised him, so I just did it so there was no trouble."

"Show me what you did with Richard, Mo." Dave said as he took his pants down.

Maureen opened her mouth wide and took Dave's thick member. She moved up and down on his erection as if she savored it, all the while moaning from the banging that Gyen was giving her.

Suddenly, Gyen stopped, leaned back, and let out a grunt as he came.

Maureen was still pushing back when Gyen stopped.

"No, don't stop, please more!"

Gyen shook his head and took a deep breath. "I can't, I'm done."

Dave slipped his cock from Maureen's mouth and moved over between her legs. He pushed in and brought his pace up quickly.

"So, I really can't trust you when you drink, can I?"

"Only some, Dave. Oooh, yes, that's good. I can't stop them sometimes when..."

"Show Gyen how you sucked Richard's cock!"

Gyen moved astride the couch and Maureen took him in her mouth, tasting her own juices.

Dave was pushing his rather thick cock into her. "Everybody wants to fuck you. I can't stop them as long as you drink like this Mo. Maybe it's better to invite them to fuck you when you're drunk since that's what you'd do anyway. At least then I'd get to enjoy it too. Would you like that Mo?"

"OOOooooohh. Oh cummn, cumm. Ohhh!" Maureen came hard. Gyen came a few seconds later as Maureen pulled his cock away from her mouth and let him cum on her lips. Dave came seconds after seeing that.

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