tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShould've Taken Uber Ch. 01

Should've Taken Uber Ch. 01


DISCLAIMER: This story is a fantasy about rough, non-consensual sex. The fantastic part is the reaction of the victim -- women do NOT actually enjoy being taken and forced, unless they have explicitly consented to it in advance as part of a game or role-play.

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Heather walked down the stairs into the subway station, wrinkling her nose in disgust at the smell of stale urine and cursing to herself about having to be here. She normally would have taken a cab at this time of night but ten minutes of waiting for an empty yellow cab to come by and 3.5x surge pricing on Uber convinced her to take mass transit. "It's only three stops uptown," she thought to herself "and I'm NOT paying that ridiculous Uber price!"

She admired herself as she passed the window of a closed Dunkin Donuts -- she worked hard to keep herself in shape and it showed. She had model-quality looks; perfectly proportioned face with clear milky skin that pinked up most charmingly when she blushed; classic high cheekbones, full pouty lips and huge pale blue eyes that made her look so innocent that she had gotten away with murder growing up. Her body was just as stunning; 5' 5" with long toned legs, slender hips with a pert little ass, and tiny flat stomach topped by a pair of spectacular breasts that seemed to defy gravity. Fashion had always been her first love but unfortunately regardless of how pretty you were 5' 5" didn't get you into the big time in modeling and you can't fix height, so she took her fashion sense to Madison Avenue and those looks opened a lot of doors for her there. At 24, she was now a junior account exec at an up and coming ad agency and there had been a big celebration tonight for landing a huge new account, including a bunch of employees from the firm they were now representing. She had worn a shimmery, silvery, spaghetti-strap mini-dress that hugged her body in all the right places, but not too tightly; no bra as she didn't really need to wear one, especially when she was out looking for attention; four-inch open-toed heels that stretched out those legs and accentuated that firm little butt; and her natural golden blond hair in a layered wavy lob that looked like she didn't even work on it.

There were a lot of successful men at the event that evening and she had wanted to stand out and be noticed -- mission accomplished. She hadn't had any action since she broke up with her last boyfriend three months ago and was hoping the evening would lead someplace interesting. She had flirted outrageously but had ended up leaving disappointed, frustrated and horny. There were a number of attractive guys at the party who were falling over themselves to spend time with her but they were all weak and timid -- all desperately trying to prove they were more of a gentleman than the next guy and would never take advantage of her. Fuck! She wanted a man -- a real man who would respond to her shameless teasing, assert his strength and take control of her. That kind of guy could have taken her home tonight. All these parties were the same; lots of good looking guys but nobody with the balls to give her what she really wanted.

She stumbled a little as she got to the platform and realized that maybe she'd had a little bit more to drink than she'd thought. As she fantsized about what might have been, the train pulled in the station and she sat down. A few people got off at the first stop and a few more at the second while she was still lost in thought. The train lurched forward jolting her out of her reverie and she realized she was alone in the subway car with five, well-built young black guys. None of them were sitting that close but they were all checking her out pretty brazenly. Damn! She should have been paying more attention but the combination of being buzzed and daydreaming about how she had hoped tonight would go distracted her. Oh well, only one more stop and she'd be gone. They guys were clearly all together and one who seemed to be the leader got up and sat right across from her. Suddenly she felt a wild impulse and decided to have a little fun. Maybe it was the booze; maybe the horniness; maybe something in her wanted to punish these guys for staring at her so boldly -- probably a mixture of all three combined with the feeling of invulnerability she had built up over so many years of getting away with everything. She stared right into the leader's eyes, then smiled and licked her lips ever so slightly while uncrossing and recrossing her legs slowly and deliberately. Her dress was short enough that he had to have seen all the way up to her white lace panties -- at least just for a moment.

He raised his eyebrows and she giggled as the train pulled into her stop and she got up to get off. She was thinking how much fun that had been as she stepped out the door when suddenly there was a strong hand across her mouth, another around her waist and she was dragged back onto the train. She was in shock for a minute as she was pushed back into a seat and the doors closed. The leader was to her left, another to her right, one stood right in front of her while the other two stood in front of the closest two doors. The train pulled out of the station and she started to panic, finally starting to struggle. It was no use -- the men on either side were much bigger and stronger than she was and controlled her easily. The leader had his arm around her neck covering her mouth while holding on to one wrist while the guy to her left held her waist and the other wrist.

"You didn't think you were gonna shake that smokin' little body in front of us and we were just gonna let you walk away, did you?" the leader whispered in her ear. Heather struggled harder to no avail and the leader just laughed. "Don't get yourself all worked up sweetie. We'll take care of all that for you in just a little while."

Heather realized she was in for some real trouble if things didn't turn around fast. She looked around at the guys in the car. They were all at least 9 inches taller than she was -- one of the guys guarding the doors must have been 6' 8" -- and all were very muscular and in shape. There was no way she was getting away from them without help. Her only hope was someone else stepping in to the car. As the train pulled into the next station she saw a man standing on the platform in front of her car, she tried to make eye contact with him but a brief shake of the head from the 6' 8" monster sent him quickly to another car. Her heart sank as the train pulled out again.

"Yo, we in the hood now -- shouldn't have no more trouble with company. Junior, you keep an eye on the door but Leroy get on over here and let's see what we got." He turned to Heather as the smaller of the two door guards walked over to stand in front of her. "Now honey, if you promise to be good I can take this hand off your mouth -- you gonna be cooperative?" She looked around at the four studs surrounding her, gave her best docile little girl look and nodded her head. The leader looked her in the eye and removed his hand.

"HEELLmmph!!" her scream was cut short as the big meaty hand clamped down over her mouth again.

"Hunh. Kinda figured. I like a bitch with spirit; makes it that much more fun." Without a word, two of the other men pulled off their bandanas -- one squeezed her jaw hard, her mouth opened involuntarily with pain and he shoved the bandana in her mouth. The other wrapped the second bandana around the first and tied it behind her head. No more yelling or screaming was possible now; Heather could smell and taste the sweat from the bandanas and had to focus on breathing through her nose.

"Yeah, like that. Leroy, Demarius, grab her wrists and hold her arms out behind us -- slip them straps off first." Heather was helpless as the two men in front of her slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders and held her wrists against the window. At the same time, the two men she was sitting between each grabbed one of her thighs, put it over their knee and held it there, spreading her legs wide. Her firm tits were the only thing holding up the top of her dress while the bottom had ridden up as her legs were forcibly spread, exposing her pussy only barely covered by a pair of sheer white lacy panties. Her mind was reeling. How did this happen? One minute she was almost home from a night of drinking and flirting, feeling in total control, and the next she was totally helpless, gagged and held at the mercy of five large powerful men. She was terrified about what would happen next yet strangely turned on at the same time. These were the kind of men she had fantasized about, masturbated herself dreaming about after all those frustrating corporate events. She had offered herself briefly and they had taken the offer -- she was not permitted to reconsider.

As these thoughts ran through her head, her body began to respond-- she tried to control herself thinking "No!! This is wrong! How can I be excited by being taken against my will!", but the gang surrounding her were about to make it even harder for her to control her primal feelings. The leader ran his hand lightly along her smooth thigh, sliding his finger just under and along the edge of her panties. The man on her right pulled her dress down to her waist and whistled, "Damn, Marcus, look at these titties!" They were round and firm with barely a hint of sag even at size 34C; silver dollar sized pink aureoles and long nipples starting to harden against her wishes.

"Wow! Fantastic -- one of the nicest pair I've ever seen, and startin to tighten up too if I'm not mistaken. Get on in there, Calvin -- no sense leaving this pretty little thing waitin!" Calvin didn't need to be told twice, he grabbed the breast closest to him and began mauling it -- squeezing it and rubbing the nipple between his fingers. Her nipples were very sensitive but she loved the pleasure/pain sensation from having them abused -- she squirmed under the rough treatment and both nipples hardened, sticking straight out more than half an inch as if begging for more. Leroy obliged, reaching out and grabbing her other nipple, pinching and twisting it, pulling it and rolling it between his fingers. Demarius got in the act as well, cupping and squeezing the breast Leroy was working.

"Mmmppphh!" she moaned through her gag as she winced from the pain.

Marcus moved the flimsy white lace material aside and started to rub her clit, moving one thick finger around and around in slow circles until her nub began to harden. Marcus then grabbed the nub between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing it hard and rubbing his fingers in tight little circles. Heather jumped -- at least her hips lifted off the seat -- and tried to twist her body away from the savage handling of her sensitive tits and vulnerable little pussy. It hurt, but she didn't really want it to stop -- the twisting was an involuntary reaction to the overwhelming sensory input. The pleasure and the pain of her clit and nipples being molested were almost too much for her to take. Gone were any thoughts of trying to keep her body from responding. Her skin was flushed and she was breathing heavily through her nose, a slight sheen of sweat had appeared on her forehead as she strained ineffectually against the hands keeping her immobile; her nipples were painfully engorged and rock hard and her pussy was sopping wet. Whether by accident or design, these thugs were treating her body exactly the way she had always secretly desired. Deep down, she had always wanted to be dominated by strong men who weren't afraid to take what they wanted -- men who responded to her flaunting her hot little body by claiming it for their own use.

Calvin had moved down and taken her nipple in his mouth, sucking and chewing on it for all he was worth. Marcus decided to see how well things were progressing and reached down to stick his fat middle finger into her pussy, one knuckle at a time until it was all the way inside her. He looked at Heather and grinned; she blushed furiously and looked away because she knew he could feel how sopping wet her pussy was. He know now for sure that she was excited by the mistreatment he and his gang giving her. He slid the finger in and out a couple of times before adding a second -- soon he was pistoning two thick fingers in and out of her juicy cunt all while he continued to pinch and rub her clitoris with his other hand.

Heather was beside herself. Her body was on fire from the ministrations of a gang of thugs that had simply taken her on the subway car. She couldn't get away, she couldn't stop them, she couldn't even scream -- and that helplessness just added gasoline to the fire. Her nerve endings were overloaded with sensation and she could that feel Marcus's fingers inside of her were going to be the straw that broke the camel's back. She was making little whimpering noises with each thrust inside her tight little hole and she knew it wouldn't be long now before she had a massive orgasm.

The five gangsters themselves were not unaffected the situation, the stunning blonde before them was unbelievably sexy -- helpless, exposed and obviously responding physically to their harsh manhandling despite her struggling. They could hear her mewing and the wet squishing sounds Marcus's fingers made each time they violated her little pink cunt. Her giant blue eyes were wide open, moving from face to face and pleading with them -- though for what wasn't completely clear anymore. Then her eyes fluttered closed and her head lolled to the side -- it was obvious that she was losing control. Their cocks were ramrod stiff to a man, straining against their baggy jeans; even Junior, who was supposed to be on guard, was staring at the scene on the subway seat rubbing his crotch.

"Hey Junior! You s'pposed to be on guard duty!"

"Ain't nobody coming now. Besides, we gettin off at the next stop."

"Shit! We there already? Alright everybody, get this bitch cleaned up a little. Get that dress back on and get her on her feet. No, leave the gag on; no sense taking a chance with her screaming. Nobody's gonna see the bandana in the middle of our crew in the dark. We need to look sharp and get her back to the crib so we can start the fun."

Heather's eyes snapped open with a fresh wave of terror -- "start" the fun? Somehow she had never thought past this subway car but now she could clearly see the thick bulges in the pants of each of her attackers and realized these men were never going to be satisfied with just using their hands on her body. She wondered with a shiver if the legends about black cocks were true -- she knew she was going to find out. Of course they wouldn't just keep her here in the subway all night; they had to get her someplace less public and safer -- their "crib". Her emotions were a complete mess, fear for her safety warring with a deep, primitive desire to continue what had started. She had been so close to coming when it all stopped and she was hustled to her feet. She could barely stand but made a feeble attempt at resistance anyway. Marcus grabbed her jaw.

"Don't go getting any ideas about causing trouble now. We got a couple of blocks to walk and if you create any kind of stir you'll pay for it later. And there WILL be a later -- look around at this crew and you know you ain't getting away."

As the subway car doors opened they marched her out onto a dirty, poorly lit platform. Marcus and Calvin out front, her next with Leroy and Demarius each holding an arm and Junior looming behind her. Up a short flight of stairs and out onto a side street lined with metal security shutters and burned out buildings. They turned away from the well-lit main street and headed into the gloom. They saw only one person, a middle aged black man in a fedora and a long leather cost on the other side of the street going the other way. Heather had not completely given in yet; she still clung to the idea she could get back home and had to try -- she struggled and tried to cry out through the gag. Junior almost immediately had his mitt around her throat which shut her down immediately but she had managed to attract attention.

"Whatcha got over there, Marcus? Anything I'd be interested in?"

"Don't you worry 'bout it Willy, you gimme a call in a little while -- keep this between us and I'll let you have a taste."

"Just between us, Marcus. Course I might have to let a few of my boys hear about it too ya understand." Willy laughed evilly and kept on walking.

They walked another 100 yards to a nondescript, dark warehouse with a thick steel door. Marcus unlocked it and they pushed her down a short hallway, through another thick steel door and into dark open space with racks of shelves and boxes up to the ceiling. There were no windows and only a small utility light to see by. Past the shelving they turned along a wall and came to a door, like the door to a music studio but without a window, also locked. Through that door was another short hallway with a door at the end. Right at this final door Marcus stopped and turned to her. He nodded to Junior and the gag was removed.

"Now through this door is our crib. We gonna have us some fun with your fine white ass in here. I took the gag off for two reasons -- one, that wall we went through is soundproof, and that on top of the warehouse out front has all those boxes between here and a thick wall with no windows and solid doors means you can scream as loud as you want and no one gonna hear a thing. Go ahead, scream for help."

Heather took a deep breath and screamed bloody murder at the top of her lungs. The gang just stood there smiling and she could tell just from the way the sound died that Marcus was telling the truth.

"Yeah, and two, we gonna need that mouth open real soon." He grinned and it sent a shiver down her spine. He turned towards the door but spun back, grabbed her hair and twisted her head. "Oh, and don't think I'm gonna forget about your little stunt outside. You're gonna get some punishment for that -- like I promised. Funny thing though, attracting Willy's attention means I'm gonna have to let him and his in on the fun -- and you probably ain't gonna like that either. So you did yourself double damage -- shoulda kept quiet like I said."

The door opened and they walked her into a large, well-lit space. There were some couches, a fridge and a huge wall-mounted TV but Heather was focused on the rest of the space. All the walls were covered with mirrors; there were benches of different sizes, two wooden poles, racks, other contraptions she had never seen before but which looked fairly sinister and shelves filled with handcuffs, ropes, whips, and toys of all descriptions. This place was built for one purpose -- the domination and sexual abuse of women. "Oh my God!" she thought, "what's going to happen to me in here?" As horny and excited she had been at her savage treatment on the subway, she thought she might be in for more than she could handle. She shrank involuntarily backwards from the sight but Junior just laughed and shoved her into the room and Marcus locked the door.

Heather wrapped her arms around her body and looked around, her apprehension warring with her curiosity and still unslaked desire. Marcus walked towards her and she backed away a step.

"You ain't going nowhere, sweet thing. One way out, you'd have to get past the five of us first and it's locked anyway." He turned to his boys and said in a low voice "Just take the dress and shoes off and hang 'em up where she can see. She's gotta feel like she can get outta here again or she'll just give up completely and be no fun at all. You can do what you want with them frilly panties." He turned back and the gang fanned out and surrounded her. Heather looked Marcus in the eye with her best, innocent baby-doll look and tried one last time.

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