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I have always liked to give little "shows". My husband Len loves them, and, for a long time, they were always private. I would wear something tiny, like g-string panties and a pair of high heels, sometimes just a skimpy bra and no panties, and I almost always had my hair all fixed and makeup on. I would make him sit in another room while I dressed, and sometimes I took a little while to get it all right. I would come out into the room and begin to pose, and I would ask him what he would like. He always wanted to fuck too soon, and I made him wait so that I could tease him some and build his desire, and, have fun.

During our love making, we sometimes talked about another man fucking me. For a long time, it seemed, in my mind, there wasn't a possibility of that happening, but the talk just got sexier and sexier, and Len vividly described what he wanted to see, and that was me showing off and posing for him, and for another man, and Len wanted to see how much the other man wanted me before I let the guy have me.

One time, he had some of his friends from work over to watch football on TV. They were sitting on the sofa and on the floor in the TV room. I came in and sat for awhile as they watched. As we sat there, I looked at each one, there were two guys and Len, and I realized that I was in a room with attractive men. Just a couple of nights before, Len and I had great sex that included a long conversation about what I would wear for another man, and how I would entice him into fucking me in front of Len. As I sat on the sofa next to him, I found that I really wanted to please him, and to please myself by indulging in making this fantasy come true, only now, there would be more than two men involved.

I got up and left the room, going down the hall to the bedroom. After prowling around, I decided not to just appear in a little bit of underwear. I decided that I needed to measure the guys' reaction to me before declaring myself to them collectively. The outfit that I put together included a cute little tennis dress that I made myself (it was a peach colored cotton knit, cut so that it stood out at the hem, real short), then sheer, seamless pantyhose, and white 4" stacked heel sandals. The effect was one of all legs, except when I bent over to pick up the newspaper. Then it became a lot of other things.

My heart was in my throat as I walked up the hall to the TV room. Their attention was on me the moment I turned into the room, and their eyes were all over me in less than a second. The room is pretty large, and I walked around as if looking for something, and I moved in complete silence. Back in front of them, I stopped at an ottoman, bent over from the waist, and slowly picked up the newspaper, As I straightened, I turned and looked at them, passing my eyes over each face, and I gave Len a kiss from across the room.

I walked out slowly and went back into the bedroom after picking up the paper. A minute later, I heard steps down the hall and Len came in and said that his friends had begged him to get me to come out again. After having been so bold, it was now kind of scary, but I told him to go back and I would join them. Wow, on one hand this was really exciting, but on the other, three guys and me, as the center of attention, and not just passing through. Well, it did sound wild and fun, so I took off the pantyhose, put on the heels, and went in.

I just walked around, allowing the boys to get a good look at me. They were all sitting on the floor. I suppose they all wanted a better view up my little dress. You know, it's fun showing your partially covered body off to men. My legs have always gotten a lot of attention. This time, I got to move slowly around the room, standing close to each guy, and, after my husband touched me once, they all started to touch me. They wanted me for themselves, and I wanted each of them.

I sat down on the floor next to the oldest guy, and put my arm around him, cuddled up, and gave him a wet kiss. He put his hand on my leg and started sliding it up. I reached over and touched the other guy. He grabbed me and pulled me onto his lap, slid his hand under my dress and started touching my ass. I ended up in each of their laps at one time or other. Amazingly, I still had the little dress on, and I got up and told them, in my best "boss" voice that I had my pants off, and I expected them to do the same. How funny! You could tell they were embarrassed to be seen by each other without their clothes, but they managed to get naked. They were motivated. I loved it.

After we got rid of the jeans, I sat everyone on the floor in a triangle. I stood in the middle of course, and, with everyone's attention, I slipped off the dress. I sat down on the floor, and without letting any of them touch me, I made sure each one got a little show. I turned, I sat on my bottom with my legs open to their faces, I posed on my knees with my legs spread, and I stood up and bent over, letting my bottom spread open, allowing them to see all of me. Finally, I got down on my hands and knees and just started crawling around, getting into their faces, giving kisses, being touched. I was also being saluted by three erections that were getting more impressive all the time. They were touching those erections. I guess that they just couldn't control themselves.

Finally, I felt some hands grab me around the waist from behind. I turned around to see a look of excitement, and I saw that his hands were shaking. I kissed him, and then turned around on my knees and placed my hands on the floor, and lifted my butt up in the air a little. He slid his dick right in.

I was just barely able to keep a little order while I fucked each of those guys. I did it on my knees and on my back, and I allowed them my cunt with their mouths. The whole thing actually stayed kind of organized as I was fucked more than I ever had been at one time in my life. It was really strange how this all came to happen in such a nice way, and even though you could call it a "gang bang", I felt that I was in control, handing out the goodies that I wanted to hand out. Part of that was getting fucked by one guy while my husband paid close attention to my breasts and nipples, all this going on while being watched by another guy. It was especially exciting to hold eye contact with those watching me being fucked by another.

Talk of this episode still is part of our love making. It was just crazy, and it was fun, and special. The fucking was very pleasurable, but the posing and the drawing of their attention to me was unbelievable.


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by Anonymous10/20/18

Fun wife

I would really enjoy this situation if I wasn't the husband. Being one of the other guys and being flashed and seduced by some cute wife would be great fun. The experience would create lasting memories.more...

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