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Show Me What You Got


Here's the story on how I got caught by my own cleverness -- by you, of course. I hope you enjoy it. Sire. By the way? Remind me to never make bets against you again.

Why are you laughing?

Okay, okay, so this is the fifteenth bet I've lost, and the fifteenth time I asked you to remind me...

Yes, Sire. I will behave. Nicely, even.

YOW! Hey, no swatting! We agreed on that, remember?

Thank you. That feels better. Sire.

Now...on with the story.


It was already a hot day in downtown Chicago. I was in a mood to strip and run to the Millennium Park fountain, to splash my pals and flash the norms. Well, why not? There were no kids around, and it must have been in the mid-90's. I get sick of clothes when it goes over 80.

I wasn't alone. Crow was restless, standing on the top of the bus shelter, her hair a finger-snarled mass of rose curls, looking around. We'd been waiting for the bus to The Museum of Science and Industry, but it was taking so long. If I teleported her to the fountain, surely she'd get naked and-

"BA BAH BAHAHAHA!" a thousand trombones sounded, just barely in unison.

"Jiminy Christmas!" Nick roared, jumping backwards and blocking his ears.

"Wah-wah-wah-waaaaahhhhh," mocked a trumpet.

As one, we turned to glare at the SAIC musician who had laid claim to the little performance area in the corner. He was grinning at us; then he darted to another electronic instrument and rapidly typed in notes. Something like a hyperactive humpback whale competed with an extremely p.o'd cat played, all over a bass that made one's bones tremor. Suddenly, the man was a rocket, dashing around spinning dials and smacking sticks and palms on flat surfaces, making horrible beeps, blatts, cat screams, glass shatters, distorted hyena calls, all with a constant droning tone and piercing whistle over it all.

Suddenly, Crow hopped down to mock-whisper to Ken, "This music sucks! You should dance to it, Peanuts-kid style, to see what he does. I dare you."

He snickered. "Mock a SAIC student? Sounds like fun! What do I get if I do it?"

"Other than the joy of it?" She grinned. "You get to dare me to do something."

We all looked at her. First of all, Crow's dares are never this juvenile. Secondly, she never takes dares. But her eyes, usually calm and silver, looked like kaleidoscopes with pink, rose, orange and saffron whirling around. Something was going on. She needed the distraction.

Ken marched right up to the dude, and got down with his best orange-shirt-Peanut dance, hunching up his shoulders, shuffling, turning to the other side and repeating. As people began to stare, he got into the mood and tossed in a little bit of jig, a little bit of break-dancing, and a little bit of acting like he was electrocuted -- all as the music dictated.

Now, you'd think the man would get pissed off. He was, after all, being eclipsed. But this guy? No. Grinning, he went with Ken's motions. Made the noise into a bizarre techno that we all laughed, norms and magi, joining in to dance.

Finally, he closed down the piece with a fucking riff on Beethoven's 9th. Seriously! With a fey triumphant look, he said, "Thank you for attending my piece: Pretentious Suburban Nihilist Deconstructs Music. My name is Amadeo d'Argent; you can find my works at SAIC's Sound Labs and on Mixmasters.mus. Love!" And he bowed.

The norms drifted off; the bus came and went. But we magi were curious; we crossed the park and came up to him just as he made his instruments simply vanish. Crow's eyes focused, turning the shade of indigo that means she's about to launch 1001 questions, and she zipped ahead of us all to stand before Amadeo. "Cool show, dude," she began, clasping her hands behind her back and leaning forward. "And some major magicka," she whispered huskily.

Ken and I looked at each other, worried. Yeah, the dude was a major hunk -- I'm talking like 6 feet something, long glossy dark braided hair down to his waist, form-fitting purple pinstripe pants, matching vest and brilliant red button-down shirt -- but Crow had just finally agreed to a hand-fasting with her lifemate. One that forbid all other men. But she didn't look like she cared, and the man was checking her out as he smiled sensuously. Wickedly. I dunno.

"Well, hello, sweet thing," he murmured, his hands extended. "I must say, you remind me of the babe."

Oh, come on! How could he possibly carry of quoting from The Labyrinth?

But it worked; she was blushing, even as she stepped back. Ken had to throw out a hand to keep her from falling. "You," she whispered.

"Indeed." He bowed again, one arm sweeping before him, the other behind, one leg crossing before the other as if he was this knight from the days of chivalry.

The again, some of our best magi were from those times, but he felt different, somehow; much older.

"But you're not looking for me," she said. "If anything, I am the mirror, not the..."

He stood. "Understood. But, my dear, you are one step the closer to her. And your magicka feels so sweet, so tempting..."

I loved how his red lips curled knowingly; how he came closer to her; how the air fairly shimmered with the heat coming from him. Somehow, his shirt had unbuttoned, revealing a hairless, truly ripped set of abs. I wanted to lick the sweat off of him.

"I, uh, you see." Crow laughed, then blushed when he took her hands and kissed both of her palms. "I shouldn't be doing this," she said, but her eyes were turning that shade of purple that promises intimacy. He came closer, looking down at her with this smugness, and my spine tingled. "I made a promise."

When he pressed her close, leaned her back and pressed his sweet red lips against hers, she moaned, threw her arms around him, and kissed him back. His hands went down to clutch her buttocks; she, in turn, let him lift her so their sexes were at the same level, pressed close with only clothing keeping them away from full intercourse. And she was panting, eyes wild with the need.

Ken cursed. "She's breaking her word," he growled.

"She can't help it," I gasped. Gods, it was erotic. I could feel the waves of lust going from him to her, only to be mirrored, intensified, and reflected back. Really, who was this dude??

Blanca growled; looking at her, I found her lion's tail out and swishing, and her nails turning to black needle-like claws. Nick was shimmering, his eyes gone tricksy. Daybreak was cracking his knuckles, grinning most ferally. And Darren? Fuck. Our god-touched one's nostrils were flaring, his fists were clenching, and the Bull's Aura was rising around him. Even his god-ally was on the defensive.

But everything in me knew Amadeo was no enemy. He wasn't trying to force Crow, only to seduce her. I felt that, if she hadn't wanted him, he would never have offered himself to her. There was this feeling of honor running deep, of some history between them that could not, should not, be explored.

Wait. Lust, seduction, music...I knew who he was! And we needed him to join us. The Seer had predicted one such as he would come...

I teleported Crow next to Darren, and, as he helped her stand upright, calm and come out of the lust-trance, put my hand right between Amadeo's pecs. "So. Amadeo. Sire. This is the deal. She's not available. Jealous husband and all that."

He looked aside, sneering in disgust. "Of course," he spat.

Woah. Bitter much? I had a cure for that.

"But I find you quite the temptation. You are...so...damn...delicious. And my boy loves to watch me with others." I stroked down his chest, over those lovely abs, and rubbed fingers daringly over his pants before I darted my hand away. "I know who you are. Sire. I know one of your claims to fame."

I teleported my clothes back to my apartment.

As everyone stared, I pressed my breasts together, kissed at him and said, "If you can catch me, you can have a taste of me. But that means tearing yourself away from her. Can you handle that, old man?"

His eyes lost the range to intrigue, and how he laughed. "Old man?! Oh, I will catch you, fiery little mage; and when I do, your boy will be, if not jealous of our play, at least envious my lingual talents."

Ooh, how that made my skin tingle. I do love a man going down on me in public. And this one? I was already wet for him. So I taunted, "Promises, promises," and teleported just as he came up to me, just as his fingers traced a line of sparks up my spine.

He teleported after me, and was right behind me just as the water came spraying down. "Hey!" he cried out, before laughing. "You don't want to know what this suit cost."

Crow dashed by, and swatted his ass. "Nothing; I bet you had it magic-crafted." She giggled, then leapt up into the air when he tried to grab her. Hovering, she circled once, then fled when he reached up to her with energy to pull her down.

"No," I said, spinning to come up in his space. I leaned forward, licked his lips and said, "I have dibs."

"Do you?" he asked, arms going around me.

I teleported to the other side, and laughed at his perplexed expression.

"She's a wizard," Darren called out roughly, smile mocking the other. "Do catch up -- sire."

"You mock. Do I know you?" Amadeo asked.

"One of us; the passenger." Darren chuckled. "To find out more, you'd have to catch me." He made his clothes vanish. "But since I'm not a woman, I know you'll never bite." His bull's aura flashing, he changed form to a pillar of magma and sank into the ground.

"Who are you?" Amadeo demanded, teleporting to Ken and grabbing his arm.

"We're the City-Sprinter tribe, of the Red Knights magi club, bloke," Ken said, the Irish rising in him. "Who are you?" And he broke loose, tumbled back, and did a series of backward handsprings that led him to the Prairie Path steps, where he stood on his hands.

I ran up behind Amadeo, unable to resist, and stroked my hand over his pants zipper and lower. "Well, well, someone's ready to play. But someone is also overdressed."

Again, the water splashed to the ground, soaking him.

A tremble ran through the ground. Darren was heaved back up and deposited harshly; luckily, he was still in liquid form, so nothing broke. And, in a terrible voice, Amadeo roared, "I do not tolerate little children's games!" With a yanking motion, he had Crow grounded in one of his arms; with a gesture, he had me in the other. "Now. Are we playing hide and seek? Or are we all consenting adults?"


Gently, his fingers twined in my pubic curls. "Caught you fairly."

I nodded. "Y-yes, yes you did. Your majesty." I even attempted a curtsy.

Crow spoke next. "I...I want your touch. No, I need it. I need you. Himself will have to deal; after all, he's got three wives."

That stopped all of the tribe cold. The rest joined together and came forward, so all 11 were half-circling Amadeo and us captives. "You sure?" Darren asked.

Her hands balled into fists. "I am so fucking tired of himself calling all the shots. I am in charge of my choices, my desires, my actions. Not him!" She turned to Amadeo, pressed up against him and said, "Willing to taste me once you've enjoyed Este?" Her hand ran up my arm. "We three can play?"

I'd wanted a turn with Crow ever since she and the others crossed over from the other world. She and I had touched astrally; she was so exotic, and so powerful... "Yes," I whispered, stroking down her breast. "Now, please," I whispered to Amadeo.

"As you desire, little wizard Este."

A red cushion appeared on one of the benches overlooking the fountain. Amadeo led us to it, then had me sit down. Smiling, he knelt before me, and made me open my legs. Right there. In front of everyone. Ohhhh... gasping, I leaned backwards. He pulled me forward, and Crow had to get behind me before I could tumble back. Even as her energy tickled mine, Amadeo's lips met my labia, and I was crying out in delight.

He kissed me, then slid his tongue up to my clit. Cruelly he teased me by dancing the very tip of his tongue around my rosy bud until I whimpered, then he went to licking up & down my labia with long sweeps. I was on fire; the sweet tingles spread from my sex and over my body, until I was gasping rapidly. And, still, he licked. His eyes always meeting mine, showing me how much he desired me.

"Muh muh my cccccl," I whimpered.

He pulled away just enough to whisper, "Not yet, baby. If I lick there, you will come. And I never let my ladies got off so easily. Oh no. You're going to be pleasured, not just tongue-fucked."

And licking turned to delicate kisses. He traveled my body with that sweet mouth, From my toes to my forehead. Back down, he suckled on my nipples, nibbled, and tugged. I was shivering, now, and needed Crow's embrace to keep me upright. He went to my belly button, and the way he tongue-fucked it made me feel like I had a second cunt. In and out, until my skin was buzzing, until I felt a tiny release.

I cried out for mercy, wordlessly because who could speak?

"Can't handle me, can you?" he teased.

A challenge? Yes! I loved a good challenge. Maybe I could even get him to go with us...

I looked into his eyes and said, "I bet you couldn't handle me, if I was doing this to you."

"King of All Pleasures," he reminded me, nipping the skin below my belly button.

"Wizard, exhibitionist, called shameless harlot by the People of the Books...oh, I am nothing like you have ever seen -- or seduced -- before."

"So, you think you can take me down?" And I thought he'd been passionate before. Now he was burning. "Want to wager on that?"

Oooh, yes. Wager against the King of Gambling and Pleasure. About who could give the most pleasure. "Yes. I win, you come home with us, meet our group, and consider joining us. You win..." I bit my lip, then decided to take a big risk. "You get to teach me all about math, geomancy and astronomy. If I whine, you can Dom me for an hour. Just, no beating."

"Deal," he said, and took my hand in his.

We shook on it.

"Let's go!" he said, standing up.

"Hey, what about..." I gestured to my raw, hungry sex.

He grinned. "If you whine, I can Dom you." He raised a hand when I moved to protest. "You didn't say, 'and if I whine,' darling; it was a new sentence. Come." He lifted me to my feet. "Let us meet your group. I have been interested, anyhow. Crow, darling, will you help her walk? Este, since you like to be naked, you cannot dress. "

Really? Ken never challenged me like this. Even when he tried playing Dom, which wasn't often. He would happily do me in public, hold me, then let me dress and teleport us home so we could fuck.

But not Amadeo. No. He had me walk, naked and wet, to the El stop. Up the stairs, onto a train; luckily, he let me sit on cloth. Then... "Spread your legs wide, pretty wizard. Let everyone see how wet you are for my touch; how desperate you are to please me."

"I..." Gods. I wasn't ready to flash, anymore; I just wanted to come, snuggle, and go home.

"Do it, youngling." He rubbed my belly, and it soothed me.

Swallowing, I did as he ordered. And I grew more aroused, if you can believe it, to see so many heads turning around to look at me. Some murmured and looked away, but others...man, they liked seeing a naked woman all exposed before them. And...I liked it, too. This was more; this was a level of intensity I never knew I craved until now.

"Mmmm, delicious," he murmured, and ran his fingers down to tow with my labia.


But when the dudes across the way whipped out camera-phones and aimed right at my pussy, making me gasp and close up, he made a gestures and their phones shut down. As they swore, he chided. "Eyes, only, if you please. She is not yours to photograph."

"Fucking warlocks," one of them muttered. "You show-ey the puss-ay, you lose all right to privacy," he snarled at me, and leaned over to grab my thighs, force them open.

No! I never wanted that!

"Get lost," Amadeo said, lips stiff with anger; they vanished.

"Where are they?" Crow asked.

"Lost. Do pay attention." He leaned over to her, as she sat facing our sideways seat, and cupped her face in one hand. "You are so like her. But uniquely you. It's fascinating."

"Does she resist you?" Crow teased.

Again, his lips were tight, stiff. He looked away from her angrily.

Looking at me, he saw how I shivered, and made a dress appear on me. Wrapping me in his arms, he held me close. "I am sorry, dear one," he whispered, "I had no idea. What has happened to humanity, that it no longer respects proper boundaries?"

"The Book religions; they made sex a shameful thing, and women's sexuality both a taboo and a fetish. Those guys really believe that, if a woman acts 'slutty,' they can do to her what they want. Because she 'asked for it.' Part of the thrill of flashing was surprising them, then vanishing before they could touch me. I felt like I was mocking them. Now..."

"I didn't know; I will not do that to you again." His embrace was so comforting; he made me feel warm, loved. Why he was so tender to me, a god with a lesser-powered stranger, confused me. Was Sven right when he said the gods had created us with their DNA, and protected us against other powerful beings who wanted to own us as slaves? I decided to ask him later, and simply enjoyed his loving embrace.


Just when we got to Hyde Park, Amadeo was looking at me with those hot eyes. Maybe because I was started squirming, and my hand was inching to my lap for a quick finish-off. If I went back to House Ottiviana wet, a certain High Priestess was going to claim dibs, and really make a show of me.

He understood. "I cannot leave you wet, anymore. It is cruel. And you need my tongue. Don't you?"

I nodded rapidly.

So he carried me from the El, down the stairs, and to the little park hidden amongst tall trees. Once again, he lay a soft cushion down for me, placed me down tenderly, and knelt. Licking his lips so they shined, he gave me this look, then went back to work on me. More licking; tiny nips and tugs at my labia. Every inch of my pussy was explored, tasted thoroughly, loved.

His tongue entered my sex, and he fucked me rapidly. Oh, how my flesh grew tight as the pleasure soared up, up, up, oooh, to the place of no return, when orgasm was no longer a chance, but a guarantee. I squealed, putting my legs around his neck. "Yes, yes, yes!" I encouraged him. "I'm soooo close! Please, please..."

But he kept going!

Until, suddenly, just when I wanted to weep from being on the exact edge of coming, the tip of his tongue swept up and pressed hard on my clit.

I exploded with pleasure. My body felt jolted, again and again, with electric orgasm; the pleasure radiated out to my thighs, my belly, my breasts. When he relaxed his tongue, I started coming down.

Only to have him press his tongue against me again. I bucked upwards, crying out loud. Ken, who was leaning against a tree with his dick in hand, came when I did. Crow's busy fingers grew stiff and pressed hard against her clit as she, too, came. To see her skirt up around her waist, her rose-colored pubic curls and sweet pink pussy exposed, made me come a third time.

In fact, everyone in my tribe -- even usually chaste Blanca -- had given in to arousal; they were sprawled all over the park, having orgasms. Seeing them all in pleasure made me come again.

Amadeo groaned.

Suddenly, Crow was behind him, kneeling, baring his sex. As he hissed, she began rubbing her hand up and down him, trying to close around him and failing as her hand was so little. "More moisture," he cried; she spit on her hand, and returned to pleasuring him. I loved the feel of his hot breath on my pussy, and stated making pleasure noises to goad him.

Oh, he loved that. His back arched, and Crow was against him, whispering as she pleased him. I had his chest in my face, now, so I started licking him. Sucking on his nipples made him cry out; when I kissed him, he was ravenous as he kissed me back. Back to his nipples, this time to nibble.

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