tagRomanceShow You How Ch. 01

Show You How Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Rock My World

November 2010

"Why are we stopping here, Nelle?"

"Rule number 13, Nate. Never question the motives of a woman about to blow you."

Damn, I wish I had my cell out and ready to capture the look of confusion that quickly turned to anticipation on his face—it was fucking priceless!

"Oh? Well, in that case, forget I asked anything!"

Grabbing his jacket, I pulled him over to the other side of the alley, where we could be sheltered by a couple of dumpsters, from any inquisitive pedestrians.

I gave him a quick "fuck me" kiss that promised more later, while taking that time to undo his belt and fly, granting me access to carry out the deed I promised him moments before. Dropping to my knees, I grabbed his ass for leverage and pulled the full length of him into my mouth.

"Dear god, woman...You're going to be the death of me!"

God, I live for that choked voice, filled with lust and raw passion! After making a round trip from base to tip, I took that moment to take a breath. Looking up at him with a devilish stare, I filled the silence with a signature snarky reply...

"Well, try not to die on me now...That would say all kinds of creepy things about me, K?"

"This is true...B-But...at least I would die happy!"

"I'm sure you would Mr. Baxter. However...I'm not done with you yet!"

And with that, I pulled him by his ass again, taking his full length into my mouth to finish what I had started.

Whether it was the fact that we were in the shadows of an alley that connected two popular streets that people often used to bypass the intersections, or that we were just outside a restaurant's back door—the excitement of getting caught made it feel like only a few minutes had passed, before the signs and quivers of his impending orgasm started. Or maybe I was just that good...

I braced myself to swallow the cum I was milking out of him, dropping my tongue to the back of my throat to release some of the suction, so everything would go seamlessly, without interrupting my tempo by gagging.

One, two, three swallows and he was done, But, I always give a couple more base to tip round trips, taking in his orgasm completely, which usually leaves him speechless for a few minutes after. I think I enjoy giving him such powerful orgasms more than I like getting them myself...Sometimes anyway.

With a second wind coming over me, I jumped up with excitement, remembering we were our way to the bar.

"Ya good? The band is going on in a few. Let's go see what a 'blues, metal, funk' band sounds like!"

"Yea, I'm especially good...now. Thankfully there'll be alcohol because that combination sounds confusing...at best." He replied with raised eyebrows and a slight eye roll.

Wrapping his arm around my shoulders, a shiver runs over me, reminding me it's November, and I tuck an arm under his jacket, around his waist, linking a finger through a belt loop. He kisses my temple lovingly as we head back to the street.

Rounding the corner to finish walking the last block to the bar, another couple turns down the alley giggling and barely keeping their hands off each other. I can't help but to give them a wink as they pass by, while nuzzling into the crook of the arm I have come to take so much solace in.

"Three months." I blurt out.


"The couple back there—three months," nodding my head in their direction.

He looks back briefly to see who I was talking about and asks, "How long they'll last, or how long they've been together?"

"Hmmm...Either!" I giggle, as we arrive at the bar.

I pout inwardly as he drops his arm from my shoulders, to open the door.

"That's not nice Ms. Foster, for all you know, they could be soul mates." I love the sarcastic tone he takes when he knows I'm right.

"Yea...they could be. But they're not. They're in lust, not in love...Big difference."

"I see. You seem to have first-hand knowledge of this so-called difference."

As we scope out an opening at the bar, the bartender gives us the cursory nod and reaches for two glasses and begins scooping ice into them. Undoubtedly to make our drinks of choice—Long Island for me, and Whiskey sour for him. He sets the finished drinks on the bar beside us, along with two Coors Light tall boy's.

Nate slipped the bartender his card before I had a chance to get mine out. Sneaky bastard.

"And FYI, I do know the difference. What they have is good for a couple months. Tops. What we have is the shit that lasts lifetime's."

Giving him a quick peck on the cheek, I grab my drinks and head outside to the bar's patio for some crisp, autumn air, before the band goes on.


March 2008


What is Ginny doing here? I knew I had to be dreaming, seeing as I was having an oh-so-yummy rendezvous with Ryan Reynolds... Nonetheless, it's still a private moment—no roommates allowed damnit! What the...?

"Ginny! Get the fuck off him! He's mine for tonight!"

"Then get your ass up, and I'll stop..." "what—"


I woke Up to to Ginny's persistent knocking/banging on my door. Jeez, that woman and her intolerance of laziness. I guess I can't procrastinate any longer. Taking my time to roll out of bed and pad across the room to turn my alarm off, I turn back to my bed longingly.

"Mr. Reynolds, we'll have to finish that another night," I mumble to myself as I run a brush through my mid back, auburn hair.

Ugh, 8:10. Thankfully work is right down the road, so the 50 minutes I had before I was due in, was more than enough to get ready and "commute."

After what felt like an hour long morning pee, I headed out to the kitchen; hoping coffee will do the trick to wake my mind up, before Ginny decides to inquire about my date last night.

Luckily, Ginny must've been in her room, finishing getting ready for work. The kitchen and living room were empty, giving me the quiet I needed to wake up fully and attempt to prevent the dull ache in my head from becoming a full blown hangover.

It's like she has a sixth sense that picks up when I want to be alone, and decides to make herself known anyway. Boy was she as bubbly as ever this morning. it's days like today where I want to hate her. Looking gorgeous in her Nordstrom's clothes that hung to her figure as though they were tailored only for her to wear.

She looked stunning in steely grey trousers and a cranberry colored silk blouse, with matching pumps that gave the perfect amount of sass to the ensemble. Her thick, yet silky smooth blonde hair was pulled up into a professional and sleek pony.

"Hey girl! Sooo..How'd it go last night?"

"Ginny, please. I haven't even had my first cup yet."

Ginny was the sweet southern girl, through and through. She was a beautiful girl, inside and out, really. Sadly, until I warmed up to her, I thought she had as much use as a bull with tits. I never thought it was possible for someone to genuinely be that happy...all the time. That and the perfectly coiffed hair with strategically placed honey colored highlights and golden lowlights (as if there's a difference—they're both a shade of blonde), didn't help to avert one from thinking she was a ditz.

"Janelle Lynne Foster! You put out didn't you? I thought you were playing hard to get this time..."

I swear the woman was beyond her years. She was 24 going on 40. Half the time it was as though she somehow channeled my mother directly to scold me over things she found to be "unfavorable."

"Seriously?! What part of no coffee in my system yet, don't you get?" I knew if I didn't nip this conversation now, I'd end up spilling everything before I realized it came out.

"Well good morning to you too! You know I just worry about you, Nelle. I don't think I can stand another Matt Nathanson marathon this month." She teased as she was pouring coffee into her Caribou travelers mug, followed by a splash of low fat/no sugar added creamer.

"OK, first of all. Matt Nathanson is a lyrical genius...and hot as hell. Second, it wasn't like that last night, OK?"

"OK, OK. Well, did you at least have fun?"

God, she could be relentless sometimes! I know she sees me as the sister she never had, but damn!

"Christ Ginny, I don't know yet. I need to process it all." My tone was icier than I intended and I immediately regretted it. But Ginny seemed to be in too good of a mood to take it personally. "Fine, if I hear Matt serenading you about how it can be so 'Amazing Again' later, I'm confiscating your iPod!"

"Ginny, if you keep dissing my Matty, I might have to reconsider re-upping the lease with you. Besides, it was only our first date. You know I reserve my Matt marathons for those who last at least two months!" I said between blowing breaths to cool my coffee, before taking a long sip, as though my life depended on this substance for survival.

"Well played Ms. Foster. Still on for dinner tonight?"

Oh shit! I completely forgot about our dinner plans. It's not like I have much else planned, after all--Work, and that's about it. I highly doubt I'll hear from Nate again since I was more abrasive than is the norm, even for me. With a deep sigh, I promised myself to work on the rough exterior I have unknowingly put up for the world to get though. Before I could spiral into why I was so harsh with him, I decided I wanted some Mexican food tonight and set the dinner date with Ginny.

"Of course, I'll meet you at El Rodeo around 6:30? We'll talk more then, over the margarita(s) that has my name on it."

"Oh, this should be interesting. See ya tonight!"

And with that, she was out the door into the hustle and bustle of the quasi city we called home—Raleigh, North Carolina.

Gulping the last of my coffee, I went to get ready for work. Another day at the office couldn't sound more unappealing right now. I just wanted to go back to the Ryan Reynolds dream I was having 20 minutes earlier and surrender to a day in bed.

With a heavy sigh, the responsible side of me reprimanded, "Sleeping doesn't pay the rent, hun!"

Heading back to my room to get ready for work, I stopped to grab my iPod and played with the dial until I got to The Killers, "Show You How." I popped in the ear buds and turned it up, while hastily grabbing some clothes to wear.

Singing along, I went into the bathroom to make myself look more presentable and less like a hot mess. Before it could jump to the next song, I put the song on repeat, smiling at how suiting the lyrics were at the moment. Which only made my stomach knot, both in anticipation of talking to Ginny later about the date and wondering (ok, hoping) if I'd hear from Nate.

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