In the twilight of the evening I walk down the street. I spot the only houses on the road that has a door that is slightly open. I look around, the street seems empty. I walked up the garden path, still furtive looking over my shoulders to make sure that no-one is watching. I gently push the door open. Being careful to be quiet. I pull the door closed behind me, being careful not to make a noise.

As I step inside the house I can hear the sound of running water coming from up the stairs. There doesn't seem to be any other sounds from the other rooms in the house. I slip out of my shoes and begin to tiptoe up the stairs. Although I am careful to step softly and to use the edge of each stair they still seem to creak slightly with every step. I wonder if I can be heard, and feel a sudden sense of panic. Still no-one seems to notice and the sound of the running water continues.

Standing at the top of the stairs I hear a female voice singing some little ditty quietly to herself. I stop to listen, it continues for only a few minutes before she stops. I smile to myself. I unbutton my shirt and allow it to drop to the floor. I remove my watch and drop ontop of the discarded shirt. Finally I remove my belt and unbutton my trousers. Sliding them over my firm ass.

I push the bathroom door open and I step through slowly, taking care to be as silent as possible. As I enter the room I feel the warmth of the steam against my face. It is oppressively warm; the air is thick and humid. My heart quickens and my stomach churns with nervous anticipation. Although the glass of the shower is heavily obscured by the steam I can still make out the silhouette of a woman. Your head is tipped back as the water rushers over you. I can see the outline of your womanly hips and breasts. I watch as you pull your hands seductively through your hair. Moving towards the shower door I slide it slowly open, taking care not making a sound. Your eyes are tightly closed and you still does not seem to realise that you are no longer alone. The warm sheet of water flows body over you like a waterfall. Your skin glistens and I am transfixed by the way the water caresses the outline of your body, the way the goblets of water drip from your body. I watch as you move your hands over your skin, sensually caressing yourself. Your eyes remain closed, there is still no acknowledgement yet that I am in the room.

Inflamed with desire I know that I cannot wait any longer. I step into the shower and in one rapid movement I grab both of your wrists with my hands and flip you around so that your back is facing me. I hear you gasp, perhaps in shock. I push both of her hands up against the wall and force you forwards. You try to pull her hands away, and you are strong. Stronger than I expected and I struggle to keep your hands pressed against the wall. However once the element of surprise has faded I am too strong for you. You are mine. Your torso is arched forwards and this causes your naked ass presses up against my now solid cock. I hold you for a few moments until you stop struggling. I remove my hands from yours and slide them over her body. My hands move up your shoulders, then trace the outline of your body, down to your waist. Your skin is soft, warm and smooth. Finally my hands come to rest on either side of your hips guiding you on to my dick. We seem to fumble for a moment before we both let out a moan as I feel myself sliding inside of you. I feel you grip me. I begin to thrust forcefully into you from behind. I thrust with all my strength. The sounds of the water cannot drown out our moans. The water is in my eyes and I cannot see anything. I feel you thrusting against me, squeezing me tightly. I can tell you are using the wall to push against me. You wants this more than you. I start slow but quickly build a faster rhythm. I feel it becoming more and more urgent. The water cascading over us is unable to cool the feeling of friction as our bodies rub against one another and the passion builds. My hands cup your breasts. You start to make louder and louder noises, struggling to control yourself. Then you lets out a what is almost a sigh as I explode inside you.

I hold her tightly, your head turns towards me and we kiss tenderly. My hands rap around your stomach and pull you towards me.

"I wasn't expecting you" you say with a little giggle.

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