Shower Fantasy


For years Chris has heard of the gay spa that had come to town. He was too young to become a member when he first heard of the spa. 'Nate's Showers' was located in a central part of town.

When Chris turned 19 he made up his mind to go and have some fun. The cashier at the ticket window told him that a one time admission fee was just $20. Reserving a room and a shower stall was only $40 for one day and one night.

The rooms of the spa reminded Chris of the logged cabins he stayed in during summer camp. Once he paid for his shower stall and room, the cashier said, "Your room is 130. Its down the hall and to the right."

"Thanks." Chris replied, accepting the plain white towel and the room key.

Chris walked into the dimly lit hall and could hear the sound of multiple showers running. He walked for about thirty meters down the hall and turned right. On either side of the hall, Chris read the numbers posted on the doors. 127, 128, 129, and finally 130. Chris took the key chain hanging from his arm and unlocked the door.

"Well hi there, cutie." A deep voice resonated from beside him.

Startled, Chris turned to see who had spoke. A tall and masculine man stood towering over him. Chris would guess that he was in his 20s. Being 19 himself, that was fine.

"Hello." Chris said. "I'm Chris." He held out his hand.

"I'm Ben." He began. "Is this your first time here?" Ben shook Chris's hand.

"Yeah. I'm kind of nervous. But I'm so horny." Chris explained.

Ben looked at Chris and noticed Chris was still dressed. Ben made a subtle tug of the towel wrapped around his waist. "You know you can be naked here, right?"

"I know. I just got here. I'm in room one hundred thirty. Shower Stall twenty-nine." Chris said.

"Oh, ok. I'm in room ninety-two. Shower Stall one hundred." Ben offered. "You're really cute, I'd like to get to know you."

Chris blushed. So this is what its when a guy flirts with you? Chris has always thought of himself as straight, maybe bi-curious. Technically he was still a virgin. Unless you count masturbating with your best friend side by side on your bed as sex; which Chris didn't. He and Max never touched each other, they just laid there jerking off.

"Can I find you in your room after I get undressed?" Chris asked.

"You sure can, Chris." Ben replied.

After Chris unlocked and pushed open the door to his room, he watched Ben walk away. Ben has to be at least 5'9". Being just 5'2" himself, Chris had always liked taller men.

Closing the door behind him, Chris wasted no time pulling his t-shirt off. He sat on the twin size mattress on the bench and untied his shoes. Once he pulled off his socks, he stood up unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, pulled them down with his boxers, and stepped out of his jeans and boxers. Chris pushed them under the bench and laid on the mattress.

Visualizing Ben in his mind's eye, Chris started to get hard. Chris had an even 6 inch cock. He loved being uncut, or uncircumcised. Slowly he stroked his dick stiff. Chris loved to pull his foreskin down and push it back up. He did that for a few minutes but couldn't get Ben out of his head.

Standing up, Chris wrapped the towel around his waist, opened the door, closing it, and locked it behind him with the key. Walking down the hall, Chris followed the sound of the showers until he reached the open bathroom. There were small plaques with numbers written on them above each shower stall. 98, 99, 100.

Sure enough Ben was standing in his shower, fully nude. Ben's impressive cock was uncut, and fully erect at 7 inches. It pointed downward and his foreskin was pulled up.

"Wow." Chris muttered.

"Thanks for coming Chris." Ben greeted. "Take your towel off and join me."

Chris accepted the invitation and unwrapped his towel. There were hooks off to the side so Chris hung his towel and stepped into Ben's stall.

The two of them stood there admiring each other. No words were needed to see what Chris longed for. Looking down, Ben watched Chris kneel before him and take Ben's dick in his hand. He stroked Ben's cock sensually until there was thick pre cum at the head.

"Pleas suck my cock." Ben begged. "That feels good."

Chris could only oblige. Taking in Ben's dick in his mouth, making sure his mouth was wet and lips moist, Chris sucked and sucked. Upon hearing moaning from Ben, Chris gently tugged his foreskin up the shaft with his lips, and licked the tip of Ben's dick. Chris repeated this until Ben shot a huge load of cum into his mouth. Thick semen slammed against the back of Chris's throat.

"Oh fuck!" Ben shouted. It was then he turned on the shower. Warm water rained down on them while they were in a swirl of ecstasy.

At long last, Chris finally fulfilled his fantasy about being watched while he sucked a hot guy off in the shower. They drew quite a crowd. If only Ben knew that Chris had lost his virginity to him.

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