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Shower Sanctuary


Darcy is a 5-foot cute little strawberry blonde with curly hair and full round body. Not, saying that she is fat, because she was not, just voluptuously round where a woman is supposed to be round. She is head of the pep-squad at the local college. She is best known for her life full of accidents where she is just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but never has anything actually bad come from it. This has also led to her remaining a virgin even in her first year of college.

Daryl is the token geek on the rival college's basketball team. He is not a bad player, but not the typical player either. He only stands 6-foot tall, wears the thick black glasses while he plays and the entire team knows that he is also virgin. This geek has a slightly different fame, and that is that he seems to always be in the right place at the right time, and good always seems to come from it.

- - -

The game had gone well, ended without any need for overtime and the visiting home team was heading into the locker room victorious. The coach tells everyone that the buss is leaving in 15 minutes, so everyone know that there is almost no time for showers, but the first few people in the locker room door might be able to squeak out a quick shower. Daryl is the first one through the door and heads for the largest stall at the far end of the line of stalls.

Darcy did not go to the game, but had finished her evening power walk and wanted a shower. She always used the college locker room for these showers even when there was a visiting team using them. She was just quick about it, and made sure that there was more than enough time to sneak in and out again before the end of the game.

She liked the stall at the end because of it size. It was just a bit larger than the rest. All of the showers had a small changing room attached to the shower stall for women's privacy while they were getting ready. She zipped into the stall, neatly piled up her clothes and jumped into the shower.

She must have lost track of time because the next thing she heard was the team coming down the stair. She quickly shut off the shower but had no time to escape. She hid in her shower stall, wrapped her towel around her and hoped for the best.

Strange things happen when two people with such opposite luck run into each other.

As Daryl walked into the changing room of the shower stall, other guys were already getting the water up to temp. He stripped fast, and ignored the pile of clothes already sitting on the small bench. He opened the small curtain between the changing room and the shower stall.

Much to his surprise, when he pulled back the curtain he found a beautiful strawberry blonde wrapped in an orange towel. Looking into her begging eyes, he forgot about the fact that he was standing there nude.

She held her finger up to her lips and voicelessly whispered, "Please don't tell."

Her begging eyes, baby curls, and beautiful pouting lips mesmerized him instantly. Daryl turned around to make sure the outer curtain is closed. It was, but he noticed that the partitions around the changing area did not go all the way to the floor. If she hid in the changing area during his shower, the other players would see her feet and know she was there. He quickly mentioned this and that he would have to be the last one out of the shower if she did not want some other guy coming in as well.

With her cute little pout, she nodded her approval of the plan and backed in the rest of the way into the stall.

When her back hit the wall, she suddenly saw all of Daryl. Between feeling trapped and realizing that a nice looking naked man had her trapped. She was confused.

She visualized having her 'capture' take advantage of her and then the alternative. Stories that the other women told about gang rapes came to her mind and that this one nice looking naked man was her only protection from becoming meat for an entire team.

Daryl's mind must have been in a simular place because he realized that he was naked and she was not. "Your towel will get wet," he whispered to her, "besides you get to see me, and I should get to see you." He smiled.

With that, she hesitantly took off her orange towel and he dropped it on the bench with his. She watched him as he checked her out. She watched his dick slowly expand. She had never seen one in person before, and never seen one that was limp.

He reached past her, brushing her body with his as he turned on the water and brought it up to temperature. A few of the guys chided him about taking too long. He blew them off keeping his secret shower nymph just for himself. He did like her shape and began to imagine her body in the positions of the women in his stash of magazines.

As he visualized the pictures his penis stiffened to a dick, and finally to a rod. He was not the best-endowed person but was about average. His eyes closed as he was lathering his hair and actually getting clean, he did not notice how his guest was looking at him.

Daryl did notice that his rod brushing something as he showered and his mind came back to reality. His member was pointing straight up and was hitting a cute naked woman's beautiful breasts.

There had to be something wrong with this because he had not taken advantage of the situation. He looked down at her and saw that she was fixated on his manhood. Now he would have to do something, even if was not much. He reaches forward, ran his hands down her arms, her eyes came up to meet his, and he raised both of her hands and set them on his staff.

His touch brought her back to reality as well. Her eyes now locked on his, she did not know what to do. The she felt it in her hands. It felt good and it excited her. She could hear the men talking outside the shower and slowing began to move her hands up and down his shaft. She was not clueless on how to please a man, just had never done so.

Daryl's mind blurred as this was the first time a woman's hands had touched him. He smiled and she saw the pure smile on his face.

Daryl reached forward and caressed her face, touched her lips and ran his hands down the side of her neck.

When his fingers touched her lips, she felt the heat surge in her. Her skin was now begging to be touched, but he was not touching. She decided to be bold, and took his hands and placed them on her breasts.

His rod visibly throbbed when she did this, and he was enjoying himself. The head of his shaft was between her breasts and he now had permission to let his hands roam her body. He did.

When his hand returned to her face and his thumb slid across her lips, her mouth opened from the pleasure she was feeling. He saw her mouth open and straight below it was his begging member. He hooked his thumb in her mouth gently and pulled it to his shaft.

Darcy was not sure she wanted to do this, but it had all felt good so far. But, she did as Daryl was urging and took the head of his shaft into her mouth. She experimented. She did not know how far in she could get this chunk of meat, but she pushed her limits. She bobbed her head up and down his shaft and played with her nipples. Then caressed it with her lips.

A fire was growing between her legs and she wanted this man inside her. She was still not ready to do so, but was only somewhat satisfied by having him in her mouth, and she was enjoying that. Then he slid her off his rod and she started to wonder what she had done wrong.

"Fair is fair," he said with a smile and squatted down in front of her.

She did not know what he was about to do, but got the idea when he lifted her leg and put his head between them.

He reached his tongue out, explored the folds of skin, and felt her quiver as he did so. Then it hit just the right spot and she had to bite her lip to keep from yelling "hollay looya." Then he slid a finger inside her and she almost collapsed on the spot.

Daryl had never imagined a woman could taste this good. She seemed to be in heaven and this really made him happy. His first time with a woman and she was having a real orgasm. He could feel the muscle respond and clench around his fingers as he explored her.

Guys outside were starting to yell that they were headed for the bus. A few were still in the showers, but his time was running out. He started to stand but as he got eye to eye with the well-pleased woman, wrapping his arms around her lifted her off her feet. His rod slapped her in the ass and her legs wrapped around his body for stability.

Although she wanted him, she had to put up some resistance. She put on a face that begged and pleaded "no," but then slid herself onto his shaft.

Both of them were suddenly in seventh heaven. He began to pivot in and out of her and she began to burry him deeper and deeper into her burning loins.

It only took a few really long deep penetrations before her whole body stiffened and clenched around his.

He knew that he could not take much more of this and after she relaxed, he lifted her off. He wanted more, but did not want to take any chances.

She wanted more. It did not matter to her at this point what he wanted, she wanted more and she whispered her plead into his ear while grabbing his rod firmly.

He heard only a couple of guys in the locker room and they were almost ready to leave. One was still in a shower and that was it. He got an idea, not one he was sure she would go for, but he would try.

He pulled a short part of the bench into the shower from the changing section and sat down on it, spreading his legs wide.

She looked at him confused. She wanted him inside her.

He reached forward, turned her around, spread her legs and lowered her body down.

She was getting the idea. "Just a different position," she thought to herself. His rod, pointing straight up hit her ass and his fingers played with her clit.

She tried to maneuver him into her, but he did not comply.

He moved her just a bit more, his dick touching her ass again and then down he pulled her.

She again bit her lip to keep from yelling out as the entire length of his shaft impaled her backside. She wanted him though, and for some reason that was although first a bit confusing suddenly really wonderful.

He pumped her up and down on him playing with her clit and breasts and took control of both bodies as he did.

She felt him building even larger, his breathing changed and she could feel herself beginning to orgasm again. When she did, his rod exploded deep inside her. The crimson flames caused her head to fall back on to his shoulder and felt like that shot from her mouth.

He pumped her a couple more times, and she felt him softening inside her. She stood up, turned and kissed him deeply. It took him a second or so, he was conscious of his environment again, and her mouth firmly, passionately attached to his.

"Daryl, are you wacking off in there or something? Come one, we have got to go," yelled the last voice in the locker room.

"Just a second," he replied and stood. He handed her a towel and grabbed the other.

They dried, and both dressed. He headed out to his bus, and she waited for just a minute more before exiting the locker room herself.

He entered the bus, took his seat.

"Daryl, remember virgins sit at the back," chided one of the other players.

"Then I am fine right here," he said dreamily.

One player looked at Daryl, then back over to the locker room just as Darcy was making her escape.

"Daryl, was she in the locker room the whole time?"

Daryl just smiled, and making her orange towel into a pillow laid his head back and went to sleep as the bus took them home.

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by Cyberweasel8909/10/17

Just beautiful!

That was a beautiful story. A few typos, but the content more than made up for it. It was wonderful to see two people with such opposite luck find each other by chance and enjoy such a sweet first timemore...

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