tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShower Seduction

Shower Seduction


Chapter One

Brown paper bags crinkled beneath my arms. Beer, frozen pizza, and a list of anti-romantic movies filled both. Nothing unusual about that.

This afternoon would be totally normal. Just two friends hanging out together.

No thinking about disarming green eyes, tight abs and a smile that makes me wonder if a woman really could swoon.

You can do this Sophie. Just think about fluffy bunnies and granny panties. Noah's smile couldn't melt those.

I hope.

I clenched the key in one hand, white splitting the color on each knuckle as the lock clicked open.

My feet hesitate. It's okay to walk inside. You live here idiot.

I blew out a puff of air and pushed the door open.

The apartment was empty.

A lump settled in my stomach, and my shoulders sagged. Noah wasn't home.

I rolled my eyes and shoved the door closed. Okay. A physical reaction to your roommate having a life not involving you is a warning sign, Sophie.

You are addicted to someone you shouldn't want, and it has to stop.

Beer bottles clinked against the granite bench. I grabbed the pizza, spun toward the fridge and kicked my big toe.

Heat pooled in the joint and throbbed up my leg.

Noah's running shoes sat in the middle of the kitchen floor, socks dumped on top, forgotten.

My brow narrowed, and my lips thinned. Getting over this crush should be easy, I just needed to remember Noah was a slob.

I flexed my toes, rubbed the pain away and hobbled toward Noah's room, shoes clenched between my fist and laces dangling from my hands.

Noah's door came into view, cracked open.

One wooden floorboard creaked beneath my feet. Another crush killer, Noah never fixed what he broke.

I shook my head and stepped into his room.

Black running shorts and a crinkled blue t-shirt hung from a wicker hamper.

My eyes flicked to the bed. Sheets lay crumpled in the middle. Images fluttered in my imagination. Noah's bare chest, rising in slow even breaths, the sheet riding low on his hips. Did Noah sleep naked?

My breast tingled. Damn it, Sophie.

Water splashed and my body jerked to a stop. Noah's en-suite door was open.

Jackhammers slaughtered my heart. I clutched my chest, trying to rub away the heart attack.

Noah was in the shower. Naked.

My stomach flipped and a guilty need to spy on him burned beneath my skin. My eyes spied around his room, scanning for a hiding spot.

I could slip behind his dresser and watch him from the crack between the wall.

Cold prickled my skin, and I sighed. You can't spy on your friend Sophie.

I backed up. It was time to leave.

A muffled groan floated through my ears, swept down my spine and fluttered low in my belly. My eyes squinted.

Puffs of steam billowed from the open en-suite door, a haze covering the bathroom. But I could see him.

One hand pressed to the wall, head bent forward. Water dribbled down his back, tracing the defined edges of muscle and diving into the crease of his smooth, tight ass.

My throat bobbed.

Forest green was hidden behind his eyelids, closed as though concentrating on his fist wrapped around...

A heaviness settled into my breast, and my nipples tingled. Noah was gripping his thick cock.

His hand clenched and slid, gliding up, burying the head in his fist and twisting back down in a steady rhythm.

Lace scratched between my thighs like sandpaper sending a spark to my aching bud. I clenched my legs together and bit back the moan. I should leave.

My feet wouldn't move.

Noah's fist pumped harder. My tongue stroked the roof of my mouth in time, wondering what he would feel like rubbing against it. Noah looked thick enough to stretch my mouth wide until that delicious burn framed my lips.

Moisture pooled between my thighs and a gush of sticky heat dampened my shorts. My fingers traced the line of skin above the denim and dipped beneath the edge.

I hissed, snapping my hand back. What are you doing Sophie?

My cheeks heated and my eyes dropped to the floor. I shouldn't be standing here, in Noah's personal space, watching this very private moment. Just because I fantasized about him every night when I was alone in bed, didn't give me permission to watch Noah like a creepy voyeur.

I stepped back, onto the broken floorboard.

The squeak cracked in my ear and splintered down my spine. My heart convulsed, and my body bounced. I slammed the door forcing the handle into the wall with a loud thud.

Noah's head shot up and his neck twisted. Waterlogged strands of hair flicked against his cheek as his eyes locked on mine.

The same green ones that I had pictured burning into me as he pushed inside. Drinking in my flushed cheeks and parted lips as his tongue teased me between my thighs.

Adrenaline buzzed like millions of butterflies fluttering beneath my skin. I wanted to run, but my ribs ached from the almost heart attack, and my limbs were numb, refusing to move.

Noah's eyes widened, and his nostrils flared. His lips pulled apart, slowly, like he wanted to say something but didn't know what.

My head was spinning, and my legs felt wobbly like jello.

Noah's eyes dropped to my stomach and lower, to the tiny shorts clinging to my thighs.

Turn around and leave Sophie!

Noah's shifted through the haze of steam until he was facing me. He was completely exposed, legs spread, fist still clenched between his thighs.

Heat bloomed across every exposed inch of my skin. I backed up, my body crashing into the door again. Real smooth Sophie.

Noah's brow arched and a smirk tugged at his lips.

My clit throbbed. Oh god, he's never going to let me live this down. He once asked me if I ever pictured him naked.

I vehemently denied it. But here I was, watching him with my mouth hanging open like a drooling puppy dog. I couldn't deny this reaction.

Wood groaned against my back. I shuffled closer to the exit, to freedom, where I could find a hole to bury myself in.

Noah's stepped toward me, stopping inches from the clear glass screen. His eyes narrowed, and he shook his head.

Knots twisted in my stomach. Was Noah telling me to stay?

Fingers gripped his cock like a vice, and his wrist curled and twisted. The swollen purple tip pointed directly at me.

Heat scorched my skin, and that faint spark that had been simmering low in my belly roared to life.

His cock disappeared between his fist once more, and a groan tumbled over the pelting water. Creamy liquid sprayed against the glass, shooting toward me. Noah slumped against the tiled wall, panting.

I dumped the sneakers and bolted from the room.

Chapter Two.

I needed a shower.

My body felt wound tight and my head full of dirty thoughts about my naked roommate. I needed to scrub my body and mind clean.

I groaned. Why didn't you walk out straight away?

I sighed and dropped my head, water splashing down my neck. Because you're a sucker for those eyes.

Cold tiles smacked against my forehead. How am I going to deny wanting Noah now? My nipples were hard and aching, my body throbbing with a need bordering on obsession, not crush level.

I wanted Noah.

Hot steam surrounded me, crashing against my back and soothing my erratic thoughts.

I can't want Noah. He was my roommate and my friend. What if we slept together and it didn't work out? Do we still live together? Could I lie in my bed alone and listen as he groaned into someone else?

My stomach rolled. I'm fucked.

I needed to pack my stuff and move across the country, as far from Noah's solid thighs and dimpled cheeks as I could get.

Pipes groaned, and water dribbled to nothing. Warm steam billowed around my shoulders as I tucked the thick flannel beneath my arms.

I walked into my room and screeched to a stop.

Noah's long body spread out on my bed. Arms folded behind his head, legs stretching to the edge.

He looked relaxed and comfortable. An old faded concert t-shirt bunched at his hips, a strip of skin teased my eyes.

"Why did you run away Sophie?" He watched me from half closed lids.

My name curled around his tongue like a caress.

I gripped the towel, squeezing it tighter around my chest to hide the peaks stiffening beneath.

Noah's eyes roamed over the swell of my breast, down to the towel fluttering against my thighs. He is not checking you out, Sophie.

I shifted on my feet and swallowed the rapid beats hammering my neck. "I need to get dressed?"

Noah's brow arched and the corner of his mouth tugged up. "It's nothing I haven't seen before."

My skin flushed, and his eyes darkened. I could almost see that night replaying in his thoughts. Accidentally walking in on me changing, his mouth spewing out apologies but his eyes lingering a little too long.

My breath stuttered. Was it an accident?

Did he press his ear against the wall between our rooms and listen to me moan against my fingers every night? Did he want me as much as I wanted him?

Noah's eyes dropped to the curve of my breast, narrowing on the corner of the towel where one edge tucked over the other. "Take it off, Sophie."

Air thickened in my throat, and my skin grew hot. I stood there, fingers twitching on the towel.

Noah's brow arched, challenging me.

My stomach fluttered and twisted, making me want to moan at one moment and hug the toilet bowl the next. I swallowed, licking my lips and pushing the nerves down. "I..."

My cheeks puffed and I blew out a breath. "I want to see you come."

Flames of heat licked up my neck and scorched my cheeks. My heart hammered against my chest.

Noah's lips parted, air rushing out in a silent moan.

Eyes locked on mine, he lifted his head, arms unfolding from behind. The muscles bunched as he stretched, flicking the button on his jeans.

He pinched the zipper between his thumb and finger and peeled it open, the sound rippling down my spine. I stepped closer to the edge of the bed.

Noah's hips lifted, and the jeans shoved down. Black cotton briefs covered the place I ached to see up close, not through a haze of steam.

He bit his bottom lip, and a moan muffled between his teeth.

One hand gripped the bulge and squeezed, my chest clenching at the same time.

Noah pumped himself over the cotton. "This is hard with clothes on Sophie."

My stomach squirmed, and my thighs trembled. "Take them off."

Noah's throat bobbed, tongue stroking a line across his lips. He shook his head. "You first."

I swallowed the nerves bouncing up my throat.

Noah's fist stroked short and fast against the bulge. "Take it off. Please."

His voice was hoarse, the words like a desperate plea.

My fingers twisted on the edge of the towel and pulled. Flannel floated down around my hips and settled at my feet.

Noah groaned, eyes drinking in my naked flesh. "Sophie..."

My breath hitched, and my voice trembled. "I want to see you."

Noah's tongue dipped out, wetting his lip. His fingers squeezed once more and reached for the band of elastic. Thumbs tucked into the edge and pulled, sliding them down to where his jeans hooked around his ankles.

I sucked in a ragged breath.

Purple and swollen, the tip glistened and bounced against his stomach. Noah's long fingers curled, barely circling his thickness. He squeezed the base and twisted up, swallowing the tip in his palm.

My stomach trembled, and my thighs pressed together.

Noah's fist pumped again, hips flexing with the movement. Teeth nibbled at his bottom lip and eyes focused on the bare V between my thighs. "Touch yourself."

Air sucked into my lungs in a slow, drawn-out breath. My palms slid over my waist and traced a path up my hips, stomach convulsing beneath the sensations. One finger rolled up my breast, circling each nipple before my hands cupped and squeezed.

Noah's hips bucked, lips bunching between his teeth. "Fuck! Sophie."

Noah's moan echoed through the room causing my back to arch. One hand slid down my stomach and curled into the wet heat below.

I focused my eyes on his cock, moisture pooling on top. My tongue rubbed the roof of my mouth, imitating the way it would stroke down his length. I wanted to taste him, touch him.

I thrust one finger up, piercing my wet folds and gasped. My hips bucked and my head fogged. I needed more.

I shoved a second finger inside and pumped a frantic pace. My Palm pressed and released on the swollen bud. Heat bloomed outward, swelling my clit until white dots blurred my vision.

"Fuck Sophie, I'm going to blow." Noah moaned.

The sound vibrated down my spine and soaked into every pore on my skin.

My mouth slacked, and my legs wobbled. Waves crashed over me, and under me, a tidal wave of lazy satisfaction settled in my bones.

Noah grunted, spurts of white burst from his cock, splashing in ribbons against his stomach.

I slumped onto the bed, legs too weak to hold me up.

Noah reached for me, pulling me up to the bed with one hand and curling me into his side. He fell back, arm thrown over his eyes, chest heaving. "Fuck! I needed that."

I pressed my nose into his neck and breathed in his sweaty, familiar scent. My hand slid across his stomach, and one finger dipped into the sticky mess. "I can see that."

His arm lifted and eyes focused on me.

I rubbed my thumb and finger together, the liquid warm and thick.

My eyes lifted to Noah's as my tongue flicked out tasting him, salty and sweet.

Noah hissed and flipped me onto the bed. His eyes darkened and dropped to my lips. "I want that mouth on me."

My stomach clenched and I bit back the smile. "So do I."

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