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Shower Spy


I had tried everything during the past few months to catch a glimpse of my sister naked. Finally I was seeing what I had been dreaming about through the grate in the downstairs bathroom. A vent to help with the steam from the shower, but tonight it was a window into the bathroom that allowed me to see my 18 year old sister's incredible body.

Part of the reason I wanted to see her was spite... Most of the time I am sure people wondered if we came from the same family. She was hot, popular, active, and smart and the only thing I think I was at the time was smart. Smart enough to find a way to see her naked at least.

Blonde and slender my sister was who everyone wanted to fuck. Her form was amazing and when she walked into a room everyone turned and looked including the girls. She was very nice to everyone at school - not a bitch like so many good looking girls get to be when they get unlimited attention from boys. Captain of the girls volleyball team and active in many sports she was a teachers and college recruiters dream. Her one big flaw was that she treated her big brother like shit. This was her big flaw according to me at least.

At 18 I was not attractive. Thin and white with acne I was not hideous just not someone who the girls would flock too. Too thin for sports I spent most of my time on the computer looking at porn, jerking off and playing games.

Standing on a chair with my hands against the wall I could see my sister Susan getting out of the shower and starting to towel off. Her back to me I got a good look at her ass that jutted out perfectly from her tiny frame. Her tan line made my dick hard... She spent so much time tanning in our yard her white bottom was so defined by the tan lines it made her butt kinda glow. The tan line from her top was sexy too as she moved a bit while drying off I got a side view of her white breast. I saw her nipple capping her milky breast and as she ran the towel across it a few times it became erect. She leaned over to dry her legs and from the side I was in awe. She was truly incredible and no teen boy would ever be disappointed if they got her in the sack.

After drying she leaned in to the mirror looking at her face. Her figure was so delicate and hot I was bursting in my shorts. Her breasts hung forward just a little making them look a bit bigger from my view. She was so young they were so firm they just filled a little not a swing or sway. I studied her waist and ass and started thinking about what it would be like to bend her over a counter and fuck her to really humilate her. Susan turned toward me and got the first good glimpse of her patch at the front. Her pussy hair was golden yellow the same as her hair and it only made an impression because of her tan. Susan trimmed her hair down there into a landing strip. I had seen this many times on porn sites on the net, but never in a million years expected to see it on my sister. I started to wonder if all those dates paid off for the guys was she already fucking them. I felt a bit of jealousy as I was still a virgin myself never having even touched a tit except if you count a girl in 5th grade.

Only a few feet from the vent never looking up or suspecting anything Susan pulled up a pair of pink cotton panties. She threw on a robe over top and started to collect the clothes she had removed before the shower.

I was in a trance watching and fantasizing about her and I almost didn't make my escape. Jumping quickly down off the chair onto the carpet I quickly returned the chair and ran into the back guest bedroom downstairs.

I heard the bathroom door open just as I popped into the guest room. Susan stopped and looked around the rumpus room, but nothing appeared out of order so she moved into her room. I really was wishing at this point someone had built a vent so I could see into her room.

The next night she went to take a shower my parents were home. I waited for a few minutes after I heard the shower turn off to go downstairs so I could catch a quick glimpse. My heart was beating in my ears from the excitement as I pulled up the chair in James Bond like fashion swift and stealthy. I knew my parents may catch me, but seeing her again was too much to pass up. Climbing up slowly I was treated to the sight of her rubbing moisturizer on her chest and arms. I watched for too long while she streaked white globs of cream all over her body. I fantasized about her hands stroking my cock with that same cream. I heard someone moving upstairs so I jumped down and ran to cover up my crime scene.

I had escaped again... Rewarded for following my the impulses from my cock.

I jerked off three times in my room that night thinking about her touching her body with that cream.

On Friday my parents were out for dinner at the club and Susan had informed them that she had a date. I was pleased as a date meant she would shower early before she went out. This meant I would get to spy on her early before she went out.

Susan went through the same routine and this time I was ready. When she stepped out of the shower I had one hand on my lubed up cock and one hand on the wall. I watched her dry off and I stroked my cock while I thought about fucking that trim gorgeous body in front of me.

Well I started to cum while I watched and then the chair tipped over. I had pushed too hard while paying more attention to my cock while I came on the wall in front of me and the chair went out from under me.

In a second I was down. It probably scared the shit out of Susan in the bathroom as I hit the wall falling off the chair. Scrambling to my feet I grabbed my shorts and pulled them up as I scrambled up the stairs like a 800 lb elephant.

I heard the bathroom door swing open hard as she ran out. I was already running to my room... Susan must have put it all together as I left the chair, she heard the noise and she is smart like I said. It wouldn't be hard to figure what I had done with the vent right above the chair that I had tipped over.

"You fucking asshole!" Susan said as she stormed in my room with just the towel on still.

"What the fuck where you doing there! Mom and Dad are going to send you away when I tell them." Susan said and she started to cry.

"..I... am soooo sorry Susan." I said and at the time this was an honest apology as making her cry was not my intention. Humiliate and make her mad, but never cry.

"You are sick... Sick and twisted what kind of a fuckin brother spies on his little sister?" Susan was yelling and sobbing.

I sat stunned. Susan was right my parents were conservative and this would put me deep into a hole with them.

"Keith you are so fukin... " and then Susan's crying kept her from speaking. She then turned and left my room.

I sat in a daze. I loved spying on her, but getting caught made me feel sick to my stomach. Even worse I was horney thing about how her legs where so sexy in that towel when she was just in my room. She was right there was something really wrong with me?

Not sure what to do I just sat in my room hoping she would still go out on her date. I didn't want to have to answer the door and tell her guy that she didn't want to go out because she caught me looking at her like a creep and now she was too upset. Even worse would have been if she answered the door and told her date the same thing.

Well she did go out to my relief and for the next few hours I counted the minutes. I just prayed that she would make it home before my parents. Usually Susan had to be home at 11pm and my parents were usually home anytime between 8 pm and 1 am the later would mean my parents had fun and they had to come home in a Taxi.

Susan came home first at 10 pm earlier then I was ready for. She came in the door and looked at me sitting in the chair in the living room and her eyes welled up immediately.

"Susan I want to apologize. I know there is nothing I can say to make this better, but I want to tell you I am so sorry for what I did. You are right I am sick and I will do anything to make this better... okay?" I said hoping that would at least help a bit

Susan started to cry, but she was trying to hold back "I let him fuck me to bad you didn't get to watch."

"What... rrr." I was stunned those words where not a part of any plan I arranged in my head.

Holding her head up and not wiping away any tears she moved to the steps and went downstairs to her room.

I followed and knocked lightly on her door.

"Stay the fuck away from me Keith." and I heard her putting something over her face to quiet her crying.

"Susan I am so sorry I would do anything I promise it will never happen again." I said feeling like a total shit for perving on my sister.

All I could hear was muffled crying so I turn the knob and the door was unlocked.

"Susan please." I pleaded as she cut me off.

"No show in here get the fuck out!!!" Susan said and it was like acid from her mouth.

In a last ditch effort I entered the room. I was in so deep I figured it was make up or die when my parents found out. I was hoping at least for a reprieve from her telling when she was in this condition. My parents would kill me if she went to them like this.

"Karen I swear I will do anything please... I am sorry... You are so beautiful I couldn't help myself." As I said the last part she stopped crying and her face chanced profoundly.

I stood silent for a few minute while she looked and me and composed herself.

"Go get me all of your cash including the jar." Susan said firmly.

"Okay..." I said thinking I was a fucking idiot.

I was hoping this was some kind of test of how sorry I was and that she wasn't really going to take all my cash. I had saved up all the money I made for almost a year for a new computer and I was sitting on at least $1500 and she knew it. All I talked about was the new gaming computer I was going to buy I just needed $200 more for the video card.

I had gotten her to stop crying, but now I felt sick because I may have to give her what I worked for a year for. I got the stash which I kept in my room and return downstairs to find her in her silk robe sitting on her bed. I handed her the box.

"Was it worth it... Am I that beautiful?" Susan said looking right up into my eyes.

Not wanting to make matters worse I just stood there without a single word.

"Rick looked at my legs and tits on the ride to the theater and all I could think about was how you watching me naked in the bathroom. I let him fuck me outside the theater right in the car isn't that great he didn't even have to take me in and pay for a movie before we fucked. Isn't that what all guys want?" Susan said fairly matter of factly without a hint of emotion.

"I bet he calls again he loved doing me in the car." Susan stood up and moved right in front of me.

I was shitting a brick I was thinking she was either going to kick me in the nuts or make me strip down to humiliate me...

"I bet you wish you could have watched it?" Susan said, but she was wrong at that moment all I hoped was that I wasn't going to get a kick in the groin.

"Get on your knees you twisted fuck." she said starring me down.

I got down on my knees and told her "I am sorry... sooo sorry Susan... I gave you everything I had the $1500 is in the box."

"That isn't going to keep me from telling mom and dad. This is way bigger then that big brother." Susan said grinning now.

I started to speak again, but she moved right up to me before I could. Susan parted her silk robe at the bottom and showed me her pussy. I was stunned as she moved about 6 inches from my face.

"When I was in Rick's car and he was looking at me it turned me on because I thought about what you did when you looked at me in the bathroom. I didn't need any foreplay because by the time we got to the theater I was so hot he could slip his dick right in me. He blew his load in me in 2 minutes and I got him to drive me home. Can you see his cum dripping out of me?" Susan put her hand on my head as she spoke to direct me to the white cum leaking from her small pink lips.

I nodded my head.

"I didn't get an orgasm and since you made this mess and you love watching my beautiful body so much I think you better eat it out of me." and with those words Susan's hand moved my head to her pussy.

"You best start licking." Susan said forcefully

I stuck my tongue out and touched her pussy. Feeling this she pushed my head hard against her flat stomach and drove my tongue deeper forcing my lips to touch his cum leaking down her legs. I wrapped my hands around her legs and ran my tongue up and down her slit. I didn't have a clue how to eat pussy, but I was hard as a rock and now extremely horney so I did my best.

I cleaned her legs up and her pussy the best I could and honestly Rick's cum made me gag a few times to start, but it wasn't from the taste just the thought of another guy's cum. I had never even tasted my own. I concentrated on her pussy and her legs started to shake. She made a step back and then fell back on her bed pulling my head with her. Bringing her legs up onto the edge of the bed she lifted up pulling my head back into her pussy. In just a few minutes she came. I think she tried to hide it, but all the mussels in her stomach and legs went rigid and she whimpered.

She pushed me away and closed her robe quickly after her orgasm.

"I hope you enjoyed eating his cum?" Susan said with the full intention of making me feel small.

My dick was rock hard and she knew it. I wanted nothing more in the whole world then to fuck that sweet little pink pussy in front of me.

"Okay we are good for now Keith get the fuck out and you better not think about taking the money with you. You will do whatever I say whenever I say and that is that!" Susan waved her hand dismissing me.

I stood up and she saw my erection against my shorts. I made no move to hide it I just sucked guys cum out of my sister's pussy I was beyond shame.

I went to my room and jerked off. After I stroked myself to orgasm my dick remained hard thinking about her. I had to jerk myself off again just to get it to go down.

I got up late the next day after spending most of the night thinking about Susan. My parents had left a note, but I knew they went golfing already that was why I waited until I was sure they had gone. Saturday 11 am steady as the sun rising they play golf on Saturdays.

I was eating some cereal at the kitchen counter when my sister came up.

"Good morning Keith." Susan said entering the room.

"Good morning Sue." I said shocked not only by her perky attitude, but by what she was wearing. Small white cotton panties cut way down to almost her landing strip of hair and short T shirt that was tight around her tits and kept her midriff in plain view. I stood there looking at her as she went to the fridge.

"I was going to make you make me breakfast, but I have other plans now." Sue said sweetly.

Susan took out a yogurt and stood in front of me and ate it before saying "I will need you downstairs in the bathroom in ten minutes."

With that she was gone and I was thinking about what she was going to do to me.

I went down exactly ten minutes later and she was in the shower. I checked the door hoping it would be locked, but it wasn't. Dam she did say inside didn't she I quizzed my brain. No time for an error now if I did the wrong thing I would be fucked and she would tell my parents.

"I am here as you requested." I said as I stepped part way through the door.

"Just wait a sec I am almost done." She said from under the spray of the water in the shower.

I couldn't believe it I was going to see her totally nude. My dick went immediately from scared to full mast.

The shower stopped and she stepped out. She looked incredible up close all wet from the shower.

"Get me a towel and dry me off that is what you wanted isn't it you pervert?" Susan's comment made it clear she was still mad, but drying her or eating her out again was not much of a punishment for a slave.

I got the towel and slowly started to dry her back. Getting braver and more confident I moved to her hair and then to her breasts that I didn't get to see any of when I ate her pussy last night as they stayed covered by her robe. Not wanting to stay to long on them I moved down to one knee and painfully folded my erection as I leaned forward and dried her trim legs. I was so turned on my head was actually spinning. I moved the towel behind her to her ass and then to her beautiful little pussy. She stepped back not allowing me to leave it there too long.

"Come to my room." Susan said and proudly naked walked to her room and sat on her bed.

"From now on you eat my pussy whenever I say... No funny business you just get me off whenever I please. Guys that fuck me now cum to quick and rarely eat pussy so I have to masturbate for my orgasms, but now I have you my little slave." Sue said fully in control.

My sister laughed and then spread her legs for me to start. I didn't complain and unlike the night before I didn't hesitate I went right to it eating her out. After a few minutes when I knew I had her horney and going I reached up and pinched a nipple. At first she moved her hand to it like she was going to push it away, but after feeling it she covered it to encourage me rolling her little nipples through my fingers. I was really getting her off and this excited me further. I thought I was going to cum in my boxers. Slowly I reached down and pulled out my cock stroking it lightly so I wouldn't be found out.

Susan started breathing as she had before she came the night before and all of a sudden my dick got the best of me and I lifted my head from her pussy and trust my dick forward. I started to climb on top of her and she tried to fight me down. I was in-between her legs already as I moved up I grabbed each of her arms and held her down. I sunk my dick into her in a single stroke and came quickly in about ten strokes. Susan was molten hot inside and I couldn't hold off. I got off her quickly and sat on the floor waiting for what surely would be my doom, but there was nothing she just lay there quiet.

Thinking about what she said the night before I started to eat my own cum out of her pussy. At first she didn't react, but then she started getting back into it. By the end she came hard tensing her whole slender body in what seemed like three long orgasms.

She looked down at me and then just laid back wasted. My dick never lost it's erection after I came so I mounted her again and she was just limp like a rag doll. This time I lasted a lot longer and got to really enjoy her tight little hot pussy. She never moved to get me off, but she just lay there and did absolutely nothing as I dumped another load in her.

I was spent, but I had not had enough of her. My sister may have been sexually active for awhile, but I on the other hand had just lost my virginity to her. I proceeded to eat my come out of her yet again and after about 20 minutes she came again in an even bigger more explosive fashion. This got me horney again, but I wasn't going to push my luck I grabbed my shorts and left her room looking back to see her totally limp body on the bed. My dick twitched seeing this little 18 year old girl nude on the bed totally limp still looking so hot.

Over the next few moths we repeated this scenario every Saturday starting with her coming up in skimpy clothes and then to the shower. It eventually evolved into me greeting her after her dates and I would eat all the cum out of her pussy and then fuck her limp body many times while my parents were home. She eventually confided in me that she never had orgasms with the teen boys she dated only me. She said they fumbled or jumped her too quickly, but she didn't care she would be going home and getting off after with me.

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