tagGay MaleShower Surprise

Shower Surprise


The hot spray of the shower was raining down on my neck and shoulders, my eyes rolling back in my head. I was enjoying my personal time in the shower. I was on my knee's, easing down on a nice size dildo. It's almost in to the base when I jump and the dildo pops out with a whoosh. I hear a shout behind me. "Who gave your permission to play with that cunt?" Dad barked the question at me. He opened the shower door, grabs me by the stuff of the neck pushing me forward, exposing my lubed and slightly loosened ass. He pushed a couple fingers deep in my hole and asked sternly, "who's cunt is this, boy?"

"Your's Sir," I replied, embarrassed at being caught, but enjoying his savage touch. If I wasn't hard before, I was now.

"Then why are you in here playing with MY cunny without permission?" He demanded. He slipped a third finger inside of me, aggressively thrusting inside me, just this side of violent.

I could hardly answer... I didn't know what to say. I stammered. "I was just... It feels... I wanted..." I trailed off without really saying anything.

"You want? What do you want boy? You want that pussy stretched out, eh? You need something in there 24/7?" He taunted.

I grinned sheepishly. "Well, yeah," I sputtered, trying not to sound like a smart ass. But I was thinking, "that sounds pretty fucking amazing to me."

SLAP! His other hand smacked my ass and I jerked. My ass clenching around his fingers. "Quit smiling ya fuckin' pervert cub!" He snarled at me. Though I was facing away from him, I could tell from his tone his smile went from ear to ear. I know how much he loves me. Loves my hole. Then he was completely in the shower. On his knees behind me. He pulled his fingers out and separated my ass cheeks with his thick paws. Then he spit on my gaping rosebud and shoved four fingers back inside of me. A couple more smacks and my ass was turning red. The hot shower water was not helping. I was overheating now. He was drenched on his knees behind me. Still in his suit. I know I am going to have to run it down to the cleaners later, but it's worth it. I love when he takes me like this.

He reached up above me and turned off the water. With his four fingers still buried in my ass he unzipped his pants and fished out his stiff cock. I felt another stream of warm liquid hitting my back now and running down my ass crack. He turned his hand, with his fingers still stuffed inside of me, to cup and catch the waterfall of his piss flowing back towards him. He spread his fingers and opened my hole... The piss running over them and inside of me. He must have liked this because he suddenly rose up and shoved his still pissing cock deep in my ass along with and past his fingers.

"You like that boy?"

"Oh, yes Sir!" I rasped back at him. My breathing was heavy and my cock was straining. Not to mention my red ass and tender hole.

"Your making a mess of my suit, cub!" He stated matter of factly.

"I'll take care of it Sir, I promise!"

"Good boy," he purred. His hips started pumping slowly. His hard cock felt so good sliding in and out of my lubed, stretched hole. "This is my pussy boy. For me to use and play with as I please. Understand?

"Yes Dad. I understand."

His thrusts started picking up speed. He grabbed my hips and aggressively pulled him self deep inside me, over and over. I could feel his thick uncut shaft sliding in and out of my hole. He pounded me relentlessly and I was in heaven. After several minutes, I was not sure if he was still soaked from the shower (he was still in his suit and tie) or if he was dripping now with sweat from the vigorous fucking he was giving me. He slowed his pace and eased back out of my hole. Pawing my head, he turned me around and poked his rigid cock in my face. "Taste your pussy on my cock son!" He ordered. I eagerly obeyed sucking in slick cock, savoring his piss, my lube, and ass juices. His hips began to gyrate again. He fucked my mouth and leaned over me grabbing at my loose and still hungry hole. My own cock had a long thick string of precum stretching all the way to the shower floor.

His Daddy cock began to swell and get even harder. His breathing got raw and heavy. I was sure I was about to get his load in the back of my throat, when he abruptly pulled out and flipped me on my back... He pulled my legs up, pulling my ass off the floor and and nearly to the height of his waist. He angled his stiff wood at my hole and spit on my ass as he pushed inside me again. He spit on my chest and face for good measure and I licked at what I could reach with my tongue.

He was in an animal frenzy now. His lust was up and he was hungry for my ass. So he took it, and me along with it, for a furious ride. Humping me with intention he stared into my eyes. A little bead of sweat and water rolled down his forehead, down his nose, hanging there and growing till it swung off and right onto my lips. I licked at it, pulling it onto my tongue to mix with all of the flavors he had given me in the last few minutes. I guess he read my mind, because he leaned in and kissed me as hard as he fucked me. And now I could add the taste of his lips to the mix.

This seemed to egg him on because he began to slam his cock inside of me, fucking with abandon now. His husky breath coming in heavy waves. This was it. My head now against the shower wall, I bumped into it with every thrust. I did not care. I could feel him inside me growing until he raised up and like a balloon popping he spasmed and flooded my ass with his load. Jerking as if in a seizure, he continued to fuck me erratically. My abused hole was full of his piss and cum now.

He looked down at me and smiled a devilish smile. "So you need that ass filled 24/7,

eh? You need something in there all the time? Well I don't want anything in there unless it's me!" With his stiff manhood still holding its place inside me, he reached over to the ledge of the shower and grabbed a medium size but plug. He rested it on his cock and pubes, the tip touching where his cock met my hole. He grabbed the lube, and squeezed a drop out onto the tip of the plug and pushed. As he eased the toy inside of me, he slipped his own meat out. The plug easily replaced his cock.

"Now you are stuffed with a toy and I am still inside you boy. We are both happy, yes? He teased me with both his words and his actions. He stood up and stepped out of the shower. He undressed with me looking up at him. I was almost euphoric, but still far from satisfied. We're we done? He still had that devilish grin on his face.

He looked down at his handiwork, me sprawled on my back with the base of the plug sticking out of my ass. A little piss and cum had leaked out and was dripping to the floor. "Clean me up son," he demanded. So I got on all fours again and lapped at his plump half hard dick.

His wet suit in a pile next to the hamper, he grabbed my head and pumped several times before pulling me off him. "Turn around, face down, ass up," he commanded. Of course I did as I was told. He kicked at the plug in my ass. I clenched at it.

"Get back in the shower, cub." And again I did as he bade. He stepped in behind me and squatted down. "Resume the position," he said. So I put my face to the shower floor and raised my ass to him. He gently tugged on the plug causing me to tighten trying to hold it in place. "I want to see my cub piss out of that boy cunt". I was instantly hard again. I loved when he spoke these vulgarities. It was not demeaning to me... It was just good ole dirty talk. Showing me how piggy of a Daddy he could be.

He pushed down on my hindquarters and raised my shoulders. Then pulled harder on the plug with one hand and slipped a finger into my open mouth with his other hand. He was straddling me as he released the plug from my hot hole. I clamped shut as a little piss cum mixture dripped out. "Piss for me son. Let me see what you got for Daddy," He cooed, raspy, demanding, sexy as hell.

I relaxed my sphincter a little and a stream of piss and cum slowly flowed out of my twat... onto the shower floor and right down the drain. He took his left hand and put it in the stream. Shifting his stance a little he pulled his left hand up and slipped a few wet fingers into my mouth as he withdrew his other finger. "Lick it up boy! Slurp up dad's piss and cum. Right from your hole.. That hole that I own." I licked and lapped his fingers and his entire hand.

"We're still not done boy," he growled in a slow and menacing voice. "You like these toys, huh?" He asked rhetorically. I wasn't sure what he was getting at. He pushed my head back to the shower floor... Right down in a leftover little puddle of piss. "I wanna see how much you like 'em. I wanna see just how hungry your little boy pussy is."

He reached back up to the ledge and grabbed something. I heard a little rumble and a bottle of poppers rolled right up to my face and bumped me in the nose. "Take a good strong hit boy," he growled. I grabbed the poppers and started to sit up. He shoved my head right back down with a splatter. "Keep that head down and that ass up, boy!" He barked at me.

"Wow," I thought, "he's really getting into this." My cock was straining and simply oozing precum. Being taken, used, and controlled like this got me off in 32 different ways. I heard him rustling around behind me. No idea what he was up too. I didn't really care, I was just along for the ride... What a fucking ride.

I unscrewed the cap and removed it, placing my thumb over the bottle mouth quickly. I pulled it up to my nose and breathed in one nostril nice and deep. I replaced my thumb and moved to the other nostril... Holding my breath as I did so. I slowly exhaled, took another deep hit, and replaced the cap.

I felt his hot hands on the meat of my ass cheeks again. He was kneading my ass. I could tell he was enjoying watching my asshole contort under his machinations. His thumb rolled over my swollen ass lips. He spat on my hole again, he knows how I love that. He knows all of my buttons, just as I know his. His thumb pushed in, quickly joined by the thumb of his other hand. He pulled them apart, opening my twat for his inspection... And more of his spittle. He left one thumb inside me, pulling while he reached for something with the other hand. I felt a cool sensation spread over and into my asshole. He was slowly dribbling lube on me. Suddenly I felt a something pressing, pushing, opening me up completely. He had grabbed the dildo I was using when he caught me and was putting it back where he first found it.

"Let's pick back up where you were when I cam in, cub." I could feel his wicked smile even though my face was planted on the shower floor. He eased the dildo in deeper. It was a regular size toy, 9" long, maybe 6" in circumference. I could take it easy. As long as I was properly relaxed. The poppers and his aggressive yet gentle pace ensured I was significantly relaxed. Before I knew it he had the entire 9 inches buried in me. His hand holding it in place. My hole was stuffed and the heat of his hand melted into the crack of my ass, radiating around and sinking down inside along with the toy.

In a snap he yanked it out. I shouted and started, my head popping up. He shoved it back to the floor and pushed the toy cock right back in... He pushed it all the way back in. Faster this time. Then he pulled it completely out and drove it back in to the base again. Faster still. He kept doing this until he was piston fucking me with the dildo. I was moaning and squirming. He wrapped himself around me to hold me in place. His hairy body pressed against and entangled with mine. I could hardly move.

I was 5'9", 195 lbs. and average build. Maybe 15 lbs over weight, but solid. He was 6'4" and 240 lbs and very solid. He had a little gut, but he liked the gym, almost as much as he liked his cigars and beer. I could smell the cigar in his pelt. That was as much a stimulant to me as the poppers. He continued to impale me with the toy until I completely gave up and my sphincter opened right up.

When he felt the resistance leave me and my hole, he slowed and dropped the dildo next to my face. "Lick it if you want, dirty boy. Like to see you taste your own cunt." He grabbed a bigger toy off the ledge and lube it up. We began the last scene all over again. He fucked me slowly, gaining speed, forcing me to open up up to his assault on my hole. Once my body surrendered to his new plunder, so did he. And he grabbed the largest toy off the repeating the scenario. I huffed on the bottle of poppers and gave in to my dad's obsessive designs on my ass.

With my hole stretched and stuffed full of a large silicone dildo, dad flipped me on my back. He straddled my head, lowering his own ass down to my face. "Hungry son? Eat your Daddy's ass. Get your tongue in there deep. The musk of his sweaty ass had my hormones racing. We had been at it for nearly 2 hours and I still had not shot my load. As he squatted over my face, I greedily lapped at his ass. Dad flexed his ass squeezing my tongue in his hole and then letting it slip further inside. He would let the big toy slowly work its way out of my cunt before he'd pull it back in.

I was so turned on now, my cock was so hard and swollen it hurt. I wanted to cum. I had to cum. I needed to cum before I exploded. Dad held the toy deep in my hole with one hand and grabbed my cock with the other. Just a few gentle strokes and I was writhing in ecstasy. My cock erupted with jizz, shooting on dad's face and chest, and finally dribbling on my own stomach.

He let the toy fall out of my ass as he rose off my face. He turned around, and I saw him licking the pearls of cum I had left on his face. He knelt back down over me, facing me. He took a finger and scooped up a strand of cream from his chest. His finger moved towards my face and I opened my mouth for him to feed me my own semen. Daddy continued to wipe my fluids from his body then he place his hand between my legs again and slipped a couple of fingers inside me once again. Manually injecting me with my own seed.

"You were a naughty boy," he teased. "Remember that ass is mine. If it needs attention, you just let Dad know. I will tend to it as only I can. Now let's get cleaned up." He helped me to my feet and as I faced away from him and turned on the water again, his hard cock all too easily slipped back inside me. He was obviously keeping his promise to occupy my ass 24/7!

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