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Shower Surprise


I came home late and the only thing on my mind was a shower then bed. I started undressing on route to the bathroom and stepped into the shower leaving the bathroom door open for the steam to be let out. I thought I heard a noise but it was hard to tell over the water and I didn't worry too much about it. Suddenly the curtain is pulled to the side and a man grabbed me by the throat. I was too startled to scream or fight back until I hit the bathroom floor, as soon as the cold tiles hit my back I startled awake and started arching my back and hitting with my arms. But he was sitting on my legs and had a lot of weight on me, and his one arm already had one of mine. He reached for his rope on the counter and threw one loop over my hand as I struggled then went to get the one I was hitting him with. He wrapped both together and quickly flipped around. I tried hitting him in the back or kicking out but he also had a rope ready for them and soon tied my legs together. Grabbing me around the middle he easily lifted me over his shoulder and started into the hallway down to my room.

I continued to try to get away but to no avail, he was too strong, ripped really. He dropped me onto the bed and quickly tied the end of my arm rope to the bed frame, tightly so I couldn't move away from him. Then he moved on top of me again and quickly untied and retied my legs so that they are spread and stretched on the bed. All I could think of was "What do you want?"

"You," is all he said in a deep lust filled voice; I couldn't see his face for a ski mask that covered it. He got off of me and I could see his strong toned body as he took off his shirt. Then he lowered his jeans and his cock came into view, hard with the thrill of catching me. I found my self getting interested in him until I mentally kicked myself into remembering that he's my attacker. "Yes, I'm all hard thinking of you." He says as he rubs his hard cock along my body. His other hand suddenly finds my pussy, "and it looks like you are getting wet for me."

I couldn't handle getting aroused for him so I started struggling and calling him every swear word in the book. " Well I was going to put that mouth to work, but another day I think." Then he pulled a piece of fabric from his pile of clothes and quickly tied it around my head to gag me. "No worries I like to play with my girls before taking them. I want you to say that you want me." Then he went down and started licking me, at first I was too angry and wondering if I can free myself to worry about getting aroused. But as I found myself truly stuck, I found myself getting a lot of pleasure from his questing mouth. I hadn't had anyone go down on me for a while but this felt better than anyone before. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming and I didn't want to give him the satisfaction, but no matter how I pulled or bucked he held me there with his tongue and fingers until I couldn't hold back any longer. Breathing hard I came on his face and let the pulses take me away, until his voice said, "There I gave you pleasure and now I want to give you some more but you have to beg for it."

He moved so his cock was ready to enter me, "Do you want it?" I shook my head and tried to swear through the gag, I wouldn't ask for him. I couldn't help cumming, but I wouldn't give in and ask. "Stubborn, but you will break." And he shoved his cock in, he was wider than what I was used to but his length was perfect, rubbing and hitting every spot in me that I loved. I couldn't help a moan, he just laughed. Then started slowly pushing in and out of my hungry pussy; I was in heaven, yet still tied to a bed as a captive. Soon he was picking up the pace and I could feel another orgasm on the way hurdling towards me faster and faster. At that moment he just stopped and pulled away. I gave a little groan, but I held back the urge to pump my hips forward.

"Oh you can't cum until you beg for it, do you want my hard cock?" I still shook my head no, but I really wanted to cum, or be free. Neither happened yet. He started pumping into me again and I was floating almost there and he stopped again, frustrated I told him he was a sick freak, but it didn't quite sound the same through the gag. In a mocking voice he said, "Now that didn't sound like a 'please I want your cock'. No you'll have to ask for it to cum." And he continued the pattern until I was only getting fucked for seconds before I would have cum.

I couldn't take it anymore. "Fuck me! NOW!" I screamed through the gag, he took a second and untied it.

"Now say it again but nicer, more pleading."

"Please I need to get fucked to cumming. I need your cock to get me to cum." His answer was to pound me hard and quick. Finally I was there and my body convulsed in a strong orgasm, but he didn't slow. I would start coming down and then I would spike again higher and higher until I felt him grunt and stiffen as he flooded my overheated pussy. I blacked out into a foggy sleep, I felt myself being released and a blanket covering me then I was out. The next morning I woke up and thought what a strange dream, until I felt the gag on the pillow beside me the slight soreness of my pussy lips.

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