Shower Time


It's dark enough for the streetlights to be turning on when I get home from work.

I close the door and lock it, dropping my keys into my jacket pocket. It does not take long for my jacket and bag to get hung up out of the way until tomorrow.

I'm home.

After a long day I feel a little tired and my hair feels grimy after a few trips into the busy factory today. This just won't do. I know it won't take long for the water from the shower to be nice and warm so I waste little time in getting ready.

I'm in my bedroom. First I pull my jumper over my head, reminding me I should probably run the razor over my armpits again, getting a little stubbly there now. Next I undo the top few buttons of my pale blue and white shirt before tumbling that over my head as well. I flop down onto the foot of my bed and peel off my socks and toss them on top of the rest of my discarded clothes. From here I can see out of my wide window and at the trees behind my building. It's starting to get dark, I can make out the glow of lights from a few houses beyond the leafy barrier but know that I should be safe from prying eyes. I don't bother with the window blind as I unbutton my trousers and slowly pull the zip down. I tug the waistband, lying back on my back and raising my hips to pull my trousers past my butt. The trousers join the other clothes on my floor.

All I have now is my underwear as I stand up and walk into the bathroom next door. I turn on the fan and shower and pull the curtain across. It will not take long for the shower to heat up so I return to my growing pile of laundry and face the window at the other end of my room. I can see myself reflected in the window glass, it's almost like peeping on myself.

I have a comfy black bra and grey thong. Nothing else. The bra clasp comes away and I hold it loose against my try small breasts with one hand. The other on the side of my face as I pull an exaggerated gasp posing for my voyeur through the window. I bring you to mind and grin as I drop the bra and raise my hands jiggling my boobs for your entertainment.

"My dear, want to watch?"

Now that I have thought of you a familiar stirring is beginning. I rub my fingers over the front of my thong, enjoying the feel of the cotton against me and I turn to face away from the window. I deft tug here and there sinks my thong between my butt cheeks and enhances my figure. I wiggle my but for you before dropping the thong. I catch it on one ankle and lift it up, deliberately exposing my pussy to my fantasy of you watching.

I cant resist bringing the thong to my face and breathing in deeply.

A familiar smell.

An arousing smell.

I throw it over my shoulder and strut, naked, to the shower.

I enjoy the water's warmth, shave and lather myself up. It does not take long for me to feel clean again but my mind is becoming more and more filthy. I roll my head back, water cascading off my face and down my neck. I pinch each rock hard nipple and roll them between thumb and finger knowing I grunt in a most unladylike way as I enjoy the sensation. My pussy is becoming more and more insistent as I cup and squeeze my tiny tits but I make it wait a little longer.

A couple of minutes at most and I can't resist and more I slide a hand down my body exaggerating my meager curves and swirl a thumb over my lips as a probing finger parts them and explores my tight pussy. Ever the showgirl I bite my lip as I penetrate myself for you.

I shift my weight supporting myself with my left hand flat against the tiles and giving me the chance to spread my pussy comfortably while standing. With the water falling on the back of my head and neck, my hair falls in saturated curls against my face.

I continue to probe myself, adding another finger and curling them as I adjust the angle and rhythm. I gasp, sigh and moan as I fuck myself in the falling water; my skin is pink and hot not just from the heat of the shower but also from my exertions.

My fantasies surface as my curved fingers find the spot they know from experience. I cry out to the phantom of you I wish was watching.

"Yes, right there!"

I gasp in a breath.

"I'll stretch my cunt for you, watch me fuck myself for you..."

The words come out in heavy and heaving breaths as I reach the edge. I strum my thankful clit and bury my fingers deep into my hungry pussy as a welcome feeling begins to wash through me.

"Fuck yes!"

The orgasm crashes through me. My knees shake, my shoulders shudder and I shout in triumph to the encouragement of coming for your pleasure.

I bask in the feeling and realise I have sunk to the shower floor I still have two fingers plunged into my pussy and I manage a lazy grin as I have another spark of inspiration. Keeping them there I shut of the water and awkwardly grope for a towel. I clumsily pat most of the water and tousle my hair so that it is not sopping wet. I throw it to the bathroom floor and raise a foot to the lip of the bathtub. I imagine you are here with me as I pull my fingers out.

"Almost clean... Want to help me clean these Sweetie?"

I imagine your smile as I offer you my fresh sweet juices. Unfortunately you are not here with me. Not yet. I smile as innocently as I can manage before licking my fingers noisily clean. The familiar taste sets my mind rolling again.

Perhaps I'll cum again tonight?

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by Anonymous07/22/18

Beautiful Agony

Would’ve loved to have watched as you strummed your clit and moaned aloud. Love your story Lindsay!!

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