tagIncest/TabooShowering With My Sexy Sister Ch. 02

Showering With My Sexy Sister Ch. 02

byTawny T©

Tess- older sister

Dotty -- her friend.

Kit -- younger Sister ,telling story

Betsy-- Friend of Kit,

Brandi Mason -- neighbor

Vivian -- Viv - Mom


Synopsis of Part I. -- My sister Tess and I had wrestled naked while showering together and it had gotten both of us hot. I had watched her getting off under the shower while watching me wash my pussy and ass at her careful direction. When she got out of the shower and was drying off, I didn't think she could see me, and I got off under the shower but later learned she could see me in the mirror. She told me of her friend Dottie and how we had been intimate. We were talking on the bed and she got hot again. I begged her to let me watch her bring herself off. I watched her getting off from close up and put my hand over hers as she masturbated. I was so hot I thought I would explode. When she came explosively, she asked me if I wanted her to bring me off. Did I ever. The thought of my sister making love to me made me even hotter and I came and came.

Later, we ended up making love together for the first time. It was long, erotic, exotic and glorious. The next day she called Dottie, and had her come over. Dottie made love to me, and it was fantastic. Then I made love to her too. I was lying on top of Dottie, in a 69, and Sis behind Dottie with the long gleaming strap-on dildo, the large head already buried halfway inside her spread pussy. At that moment Brandi Mason, our next-door neighbor walked in on us. Mom had given her a key and told her to keep an eye on us.

We were dumbfounded and Sis begged Mrs. Mason not to tell Mom about it and told her we would do anything she asked. "I'll sure have to tell Vivian, or she'll never, ever, forgive me." She said with a smile slowly forming on her face, and a wicked twinkle in her big blue eye as she took her blouse off and then her sexy looking bra, and moved toward the bed. Her magnificent full breasts bounced and swayed as she walked toward us.

As she stopped beside the bed, looking down at the three us there, frightened and confused, she pealed her shorts and panties off. Her pussy hair was neatly trimmed in a heart shape above and shaved cleaned below. Her neat pussy lips pouted out drawing our stares. She spread her legs slightly letting us have a clear view of her pussy. We could see wetness there.

"She'll want to enjoy all three of you lovely, sexy young girls too! She'd never forgive me if I kept you three all to myself, now would she?"

We were all dumbfounded as she came over and sat on the bed. She patted Sis on her smooth ass and smiled at her. "Oh, that is one of our favorite dildos. Give her a little fuck Tess Go ahead, it feels wonderful in your pussy. We have several in different lengths and diameters. They fit our pussies and our asses both. You three seem to have found our treasure trove. I have some more treasures at home and some surprises I know you'll love to watch. Some home movies and you'll all be surprised at who is in them." She laughed.

Sis smiled faintly and then slowly began to move her hips back and forth, fucking Dottie slowly and deeply. Dottie groaned as the invader slid deeply inside her.

"Good, Tess, slow and deep. Now move up a little and make the dildo press against her "G"spot. It really gives her a lot of stimulation."

Sis's cute ass moved back and forth and she rose up just a little and must have hit the "G" spot for Dottie moaned out loud and her hips thrust forward, burying my face into her drenched pussy. The hot wet flesh felt so good against my face and mouth. Her hot clean pussy odor enveloped me. I wanted to eat her delicious pussy forever.

I felt a hand stroke my head and Mrs. Mason kissed my cheek and slid a finger between my mouth and Dottie's pussy. She slid it inside Dottie and then pulled it out and tasted the delicious juices.

"Very good Kit, give her clit a good tonguing. Make her cum in your mouth. Come on Dottie; lap Kit's delicious looking pussy. I want to taste all of you girl's pussies before we are done." She stroked our bodies, moving her hands over us, tweaking our hard nipples her soft fingers moving over our sensitive skin. .

It wasn't long before Dottie cried out and her hips shot forward and Tess pounded the intruder deep inside her till she exploded. I kept my mouth against her pussy and when she came her pussy gushed out a stream of hot pussy juice. I loved the taste of it and her pussy odor thrilled me. I hugged her closer to help keep my mouth glued to her savory pussy. She cried out over and over and her face mashed against my pussy and I exploded along with her. I collapsed atop her and we rolled to the side panting.

We lay there and looked over at Mrs. Mason and she had her thighs spread wide and her fingers were slowly stroking her wide open pussy. It was rather large compared with ours and gleamed as she rubbed it and her pussy literally dripped over her fingers. At the top was her rather large clit, round and slid out of its sheath. It was almost as big around as my little finger and a beautiful shade of pink. The folds of her pussy hid her vaginal opening and looked like a beautiful rose. My clit gave a jump as I got my first real look at an adult pussy. My mouth watered just from looking at it.

"Ladies," I want you all to call me Brandi. We are going to have a lot of fun today and later too, when I call your Mom and tell then what we have been doing. She can join us, but first I want you all to move back a little."

She lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide and reached down and slipped two fingers inside her spread pussy. She pulled them out and motioned for me to lick them. I hesitated for only a fraction of a second and thought, 'What the hell, what ever Brandi wants, Brandi gets'. I took her wet gleaming fingers into my mouth and sucked and licking them as if they were candy. Damn, they tasted good. I slid two fingers inside her dripping hot box and then licked them. Delicious!

"Damn, that was good Kit; I can tell we are all going to be very close and very intimate friends. Now girls, you three got me really hot watching you make love to each other. My pussy is so hot and drenched. Now if you will., I really need to cum. I'm on fire from watching you sexy young ladies making love. OK it's my turn. Feel free to explore my body and make love to it any way you want, any way. Just use your imagination and think how you'd like to have your own body made love to by your friends here today. OK?"

We sat there for a long minute and then I leaned over and caught Brandi's large breast and stroked it and bent down and took her huge nipple in my mouth and licked it and then sucked the tip into my mouth. She moaned softly and I sucked her nipple pulling on it with my lips and stroking her belly, my hand moving downward to her exposed pussy. Dotty moved over and slid between her spread thighs and began to slowly stroke and kiss her inner thighs. I slid down and kissed Brandi's lips, and my tongue slid along them then probed inward. Her mouth was hot and her tongue probed and fenced with mine deliciously. My body shivered at the delicious flavors of her body.

We three made love to the voluptuous woman who had caught us in the ace of making love to each other. She sighed and thrust her hips upward as Dotty probed her pussy with her long tongue and slid it deep as she could then slid it upward to flick over the turgid clit.

I caressed her breasts moving from one to the other stroking her hot flesh and pulling her nipples into harder points. I twisted them from time to time giving her a little hurt which she seemed to enjoy.

I was kissing her deeply, my tongue slid in and out and then Brandi whispered in my ear and she got a huge grin on her face. I stood up, put a leg on each side of Brandi's head and squatted down. Brandi guided my hips and I wound up with my aching pussy over her mouth. Brandi slid her tongue out and I slid down on it. She opened her mouth and took all of my pussy in her mouth and tongue fucked me. My head went back and my hands went to Brandi's head and guided it up and down my aching pussy. She licked and sucked it for the longest time and suddenly I had a naughty thought.

I moved to the side and slid my hips backward and guided Brandi's firm swollen nipple to my pussy and wiggled my ass downward till her nipple probed my gash. She hissed a soft "Yessss, like that Kit. Damn, you ladies are really learning how to please yourselves and me also. Fuck my tittie, yes, like that! Oh, yes, lick my clit please, Dotty, make me cum, yes, ohhh, yes. I have to cum, ohhh!" Brandi moaned and her body shook and her hips thrust upward. Her large breasts shook and moved from side to side as she jerked her body in the throes of passion. I moved my ass forward and back, fucking her magnificent tit with my pussy. It rubbed against my clit and I shuddered in the beginning of a fantastic orgasm. I was breathing hard, my hips thrust down onto Brandi's long hard nipple . I began to cry out as her hard erect nipple flicked my clit and probed against my pussy.

The room was filled with the smell of sex and our cries and moans echoed off the walls. I wished briefly for a camera and someone to film the erotic scene. But we all were in the throes of passion and no one to film us. Dotty moved close to me, kissed my lips and her tongue slid out to run over my lips and Brandi's hard nipple. I moved slightly and let her mouth and tongue play back and forth stimulating both Brandi and me.

Our passions fed off of each other and we all climaxed at about the same time. Dotty had her mouth glued to Brandi's pussy and her free hand was buried inside her pussy, stroking it and her turgid clit. The very thought of what she was doing to Brandi sent her over the edge and she screamed into the hot pussy flesh before her.

One by one we each became silent and only our labored breathing filled the room. We rolled apart and lay still, gently stroking the person nearest us. I looked over at Brandi and she smiled at me and licked her lips.

"Ladies, you all get an "A +" for your efforts. Not bad for beginners. Viv and I will have to give you some pointers on the finer points on making love to another lady, but you all are sex queens in your own right. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She said throwing her head back and shaking it in pleasure.

"Are you really going to tell Mom? " I asked. "She will kill Tess and me."

"No, I don't think she will. I'll just tell her what I saw when I came in and how well you all did on making love to me. Maybe she will join us in an orgy of lovemaking. You'll all be surprised. Trust me!" She said as she sat up, reached out and pulled us one by one to her, hugged us against her full breasts, and gave us a soft kiss and slipped her tongue inside our mouths.

She dressed slowly, almost posing for us as she slipped on her clothes. She bent forward and let her large breasts settle inside the bra cups, stood up and fastened the front clips. She kissed us each again and gave us a little wave as she left.

"Ohhhh, God. What will Mom say when Brandi tells her. She'll kill us, I know she will."

I said. "We'll be grounded till we graduate from college and get married."

"I don't really know. If those two have been fucking each other with the dildos and stuff, then it might be a different story. Then Brandi lies down and invites us to make love to her body -- carte blanche." Tess said.

"What does that mean?" I asked puzzled.

Dotty smiled at me. "It means what ever we want to do to her, no holds barred. Fuck her any way we want to. Make her eat us till she, or we drop! Whip her ass till its red as a beet. What ever our nasty little minds could think of to do to her -- nasty or nice."

"Oh!" I said, looking at her, her fingers slowly stroking her beautiful pussy.

I knew how she felt. We went into the shower together and were rather subdued as we washed our bodies and each other, no sex playing. We were sated now but our minds were going a mile a minute on what could/would happen next.

Later I went in to Tess's room and she was laying on her bed her arms around Dotty, kissing slowly and gently. They looked so beautiful together.

"You two look very relaxed and sexy as all get out. I'm going over to Betsy's house. I'll be back later. Are Mom and Dad coming back tomorrow?" I said.

"Yes, tomorrow. Damn, I wonder what will happen. I hope Brandi is right. You and Dottie, are you going to eat her?" Sis asked with a naughty wink.

"I don't know, but I sure want to try it with her if we can work it. Don't know if her mom is home. Wish me luck." I said to the two sexy lovers.

"Come here a moment." Sis said and I went over to the bed. She pulled me to her and slipped her hand under my skirt and lifted it. She pulled my panties down and pulled my hips to her. She gave my pussy a long kiss and her tongue slid from the bottom upward till she flicked my clit. Damn that felt good.

"Take that kiss and give it to Betsy. Tell her I sent it to her and want to give it to her in person, first chance we get. I want to eat her sweet box." Sis said with a laugh.

"And be sure to tell us all the naughty details." Dotty said giving me a kiss on my lips and a little tongue flick that felt so sexy.

"Damn, you two are going to seduce me and I won't want to go to Betsy's house at all." They laughed and Sis slapped my ass and pointed toward the door. I shot her finger, but with a big grin on my face.

A little later I knocked on Betsy's door and her mom came to the door and let me in. She gave me a hug and said Betsy was in her room. I thanked her and went down the hall to Betsy's room. The door was closed and I knocked. Betsy opened it and was delighted to see me. I went in and she closed the door and grabbed me and kissed me, her arms pulling me to her and her tongue slid into my mouth. A little shiver went through me as I wondered if that tongue was going to slip into my excited pussy tonight. We kissed for a long time, till we both were hot and excited. I reached down slid my hand under her dress and cupped her sweet pussy and rubbed it my finger finding her slit through the thin panty cloth.

She jumped then put her hand over mine and slid her hips forward against my probing fingers. We kissed and caressed for long minutes till we were both breathing hard. I felt her panties become very damp as my finger stroked her slit.

"Wow, what got you so hot, Sweetheart?" she asked her eyes wide and a smile on her lovely face.

"You did, you sexy lady. You are not going to believe what happened to me last night. Can you lock the door?" I asked thinking ahead of what might happen in a few minutes.

Before she could get to the door, there was a knock on the door and she answered it. It was her mom and she said they were going to a movie and would eat dinner afterward and for us to make our selves comfortable. There was plenty of food in the refrigerator and to help ourselves. They would be back much later. I asked her if she minded if I spent the night with Betsy. She smiled and said of course I could spend the night and that I was welcome any time. My heart was going a mile a minute and I almost jumped up and down. I controlled myself and thanked her. She is a beautiful woman and my eyes went to her firm breasts and wondered how they would look naked and if her nipples would taste delicious. I had to tear my eyes off of them. I don't think she noticed my hungry look. Damn, careful gal, I thought!

Betsy closed the door and when we heard the car back out of the garage she locked the door, just in case, and we grabbed each other and fell on the bed.

"Wow, talk about perfect timing. Now I can tell you in great detail what happened last night." I started with my shower with Sis and her jaw dropped as I told her about masturbating and watching Sis get off too. I put in all the little details of how Sis looked and how beautiful her body is and went on about her pussy and how sexy it was. I could tell I was getting to her as she began to wiggle in the bed and her hand went under her panties and rubbed her excited pussy.

"Now the best part. She told me about her boyfriend and what they did and you can't tell a soul, but he kisses her breasts and, are you ready for this? He kisses her pussy,"

"No way!" Betsy gasped.

"He does, and she and I got really hot and she let me kiss her breasts. She has beautiful breasts and puffy nipples. I kissed and licked them over and over while she held me against her."

Betsy's eyes got big and she motioned me to go on. "I kissed, sucked and stroked her beautiful breasts for the longest time. They tasted delicious and it got her really hot. She took her panties off and I got to see her pussy very close up, and brought herself off, while I was kissing her breasts. She had a huge orgasm with me helping her do it and my pussy is really getting wet talking about it." I paused.

"Go on, go on, and don't stop. What happened then?" She said bobbing up and down.

"I asked her to take her panties off and she did. Her pussy if beautiful, pink and it was so wet. I could see her clit as she stroked it and God it was so exciting. She finally exploded as I helped her cum. Then it was my turn to cum. She pulled me to her and we French kissed for the longest time, just like we do, but she's had a lot of experience. When we really got hot, she spread my thighs wide, and Dottie, you'll never guess what she did next. She moved real close and licked my pussy from top to bottom and put her long tongue inside me." I stopped as Betsy's mouth had dropped open.

"No!" She said her voice husky.

"Swear to God. She licked me and slipped her tongue inside my pussy and sucked it over and over. God it was fantastic. I went wild and had the biggest climax I have ever had in my life. You have given me some big climaxes, but Sweetheart, this was a hydrogen bomb climax." I said to my astonished friend.

"Damn, you are really getting me hot. I have read of people doing that, but never thought it might be so really wild." She laid her hand on my arm and in a low voice asked "Could we do it. Would you kiss my pussy? I want to try it and then I'll do you too if you want me to."

"Oh, you sexy sweetheart, of course I want you to. Let's get undressed and then we can really make love to each other." We moved together and kissed and stroked each other and our clothes disappeared slowly with no rush. She bent forward and kissed my nipples and nipped at them with just a little hurt that I loved. "Yes, like that lover. Bite them a little harder, make me cum. Yes, like that!" I cried out as she began to really get me excited. It may have been because I knew that I was going to slip my tongue into her virgin pussy and her's into me.

Our bodies slid together, soft flesh against soft flesh. I couldn't wait and slid my hand down and cupped her pussy mound and my finger found her wet slit and I curled it inside her, she gasped and thrust her hips forward against my hand. I found her clit, small and firm and rolled my finger back and forth over it. She wailed her approval and bit my nipple sharply. It was more than I could stand and I pushed her back on the bed and licked a wet trail along her satin smooth thighs and then her pussy mound. I found the soft furrow and ran my tongue up and down rapidly letting my tongue make contact with her clit at the top of each stroke.

She screamed out and I was glad we were alone in the house. I sucked hard and thrust my tongue into her delicious pussy and felt her shudder and her body became rigid. Her hips thrust against my mouth and suddenly her pussy erupted and her juices flowed into my waiting lips. Oh God they were delicious and I felt my own pussy contract in unison with hers and my body went into spasms of ecstasy along with hers. Our climaxes seem to go on and on, each building on the last till we both gasped almost in unison and gave one last cry of ecstasy then fell back exhausted. I saw stars and gasped for breath. The whole universe seemed to explode and I had the most fantastic orgasm of my young life. It was long minutes later when we both came out of our passionate ecstasy and I was able to hold her in my arms as she gasped for breath.

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