Showering With My Sexy Sister

byTawny T©

"That's not all!" She giggled lowering her voice. "He put his tongue inside me, licked my pussy over and over till I came. God, I thought I'd go crazy."

I gasped, I had read a little about men kissing women's pussies in her fuck books but thought it was just fiction. "He actually licked your pussy, and put his tongue inside you? Jeeese!" I was flabbergasted. It was making my clit hard and my pussy so wet thinking about his tongue inside her cute pussy. The girls laughed about it, but I didn't know any one who said they had been "eaten."

"And it was fantastic. He licked my pussy for the longest time and sucked and licked my clit. He put a finger inside me pumping it in and out and I came like there was no tomorrow. It was out of this world, I almost fainted it felt so damn wonderful.

"He made me promise not to tell any of the other girls he ate me. Some guys think it's nasty and they make fun of 'cuntlappers.' I won't tell anyone, I don't want to get a bad reputation. The next thing they would say was we were fucking, which we definitely haven't and I'd get a reputation as a slut. Don't you dare breathe a word about it! OK? You do and you are D-E-A-D! You got that Missy?" She said very seriously.

I promised and was thinking about him sucking her breasts and licking her pussy. My mouth watered.

"Is it like French kissing? Betsy and I do that lots. It's fun. We like to do each other. It feels so good doesn't it?" I giggled.

"You and cute little Betsy Frenching each other. You two are really naughty! Do you do anything else?"

"Like what?" I asked not knowing what she meant.

"Oh come on! You know. Playing with each other's tits, or pussies while you French each other." She said tilting her head, a lopsided grin on her pretty face.

"No. We just kiss each other. It feels really nice." I said, then my mind kicked in. "Do you and Dottie play with each other's pussies." Dottie was a close friend and had stayed overnight in our house many times. They always locked the door and I could hear giggling and laughing but never thought too much about it.

"What do you think, Shrimp?" She laughed, rolling her eyes up dramatically, giving me her answer.

I sat looking at the TV screen, but not really seeing it. My mind was running a mile a minute. She and Dottie? Dottie was a cheerleader and drop-dead-gorgeous. This was some heavy shit she was laying on me. My Sister and her best friend making love! Damn!

"Sis, I really like taking showers with you." I said in a small voice. My throat had tightened up at the thought of telling her this.

"I like it too." She said absentmindedly, not seeming to pay too much attention to my statement her eyes on the TV screen. The sexy action on it had slowed down a little.

"You know what I like best about it?" I asked my mouth feeling like it had cotton in it. I could feel my whole body tingle. She didn't say anything but turned her head to me and looked at me, giving me her full attention. "I like to feel you against me, you feel so nice when we are wet. I really like to feel your tits against my face. I - I - well, I wanted to suck on your nipples. I loved seeing your pussy too. It's so pretty and so sexy too."

"Really? It feels so sexy having you against me too, when we are wet. I got hot the other day when you were washing your cute little pussy. God, I got so hot I had to cum watching you fucking your ass with your finger and rubbing your clit. You gave that cute little asshole of yours a real work out. Watching your soapy finger sliding in and out was so damn sexy. I know how good it feels when I do it to myself or Dottie does it to me!

"I was mean. I should have let you bring yourself off while I did myself. I don't know why I did that? We could have watched each other. But you did cum while I was outside. I watched you in the mirror. I almost brought myself off again watching you, but I went into my room and made myself cum on the bed, thinking about you slipping your finger up your cute little ass. I watched you cum and ran out and did it to myself. I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry! I tend to be a fuck-up sometimes. Forgive me little Sister?"

My tension gone, I grinned and stuck my tongue out at her, we laughed. We sat in silence, neither of us talking, and not really watching the TV either.

"Would you like to kiss my tits? I'll let you if you want to." She asked softly.

I couldn't talk, I just nodded dumbly. She sat up and pulled the top off and sat there in just the thin bottoms. Her breasts were beautiful; the nipples were erect and sticking way out. I loved the puffy swollen areolas. My lips almost puckered looking at them.

She moved to the edge of the bed and hung her legs off of it. She motioned for me to get on the floor between them. I slid off the bed onto the thick carpet and kneeled between her spread thighs. I could make out the shadow of her brown pussy hair through the thin material of her sexy panty bottoms. It was pulled up tightly in her pussy, right along her prominent crevice. I stared at it.

I wished she'd take them off. I moved closer and kneeled up in front of her, between her spread thighs. She reached out and pulled me to her. Her breasts pressed against mine, her nipples seemed to be drilling two holes in my skin. Her body was hot as could be. She bent her head and kissed me softly on the lips. I almost melted. Her kiss was so soft and her lips warm against mine. Her tongue slid out and played along my lips. God, I almost died!

Betsy and I had kissed lots of time. I finally managed to meet Sis's tongue with mine, and our tongues played against each other. My hand was on her arm and I felt her take it and move it. She put it on her breast and rubbed it over the firm globe. I almost fainted it felt so wonderful. I let my hand roam over her hot breast, her hard nipple pressing against the palm of my hand. She pressed her chest forward against my hand as our tongues played. It was so erotic.

Kissing Betsy was never like this! I was kissing my big Sister and playing with her breast at the same time. I had died and gone to heaven! My heart was beating a mile a minute. I pulled back and looked at her sexy breasts. The nipple I had been fondling was very erect, it was longer too. I had done that! Me!

"You are really a good kisser Sweet One. You and Betsy must have been doing a lot of practicing!" She chuckled, then leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips. I took both hands and ran them over her soft breasts. The skin was so soft, yet beneath the skin, her breast was firm. I squeezed them and stroked them. It felt wonderful. I felt a hot tingling sensation run through my whole body.

"I hope when my boobs get larger, they are as sexy as these." I grinned up at her. I stroked them over and over, and then played with the nipples, pulling and rolling them between my fingers. I could feel them swell and become even harder. It was making my mouth actually water and my pussy began to tingle while I looked at them.

"Kiss them. I love to have them kissed and the nipples sucked on. Come on Baby, I want you to suck them for me. Please?" She asked a little breathlessly.

I bent and kissed the tip of her neglected breast. I took the long nipple between my lips and sucked on it. It was warm and the tip hard. I ran my tongue around the hard tip and against her swollen areolas. Jeeez, I was actually sucking my Sister's breasts. I couldn't believe it! I sucked on them like I was nursing, while my hands cupped and stroked them. My body went hot all over.

Her eyes were closed and she seemed to really be enjoying it. I pressed in a little and took more of her nipple and breast in my mouth, opening my mouth wide, sucking harder. God it felt so fantastic, and her skin tasted so good too. I could taste the powder she used on them. Her skin tasted so sweet. I cupped her breast with both hands, squeezing it, molding it, trying to get more of it into my mouth. The pear shape of it helped me, but my mouth was too small and her breast too large. I tongued her nipple like I do when I kiss Betsy's tongue, flicking it around and around the swollen areola and using it against her hard nipple. It seemed to get even longer as I sucked.

I pulled back a little and saw she had a hand down against her pussy, rubbing it through the thin cloth. Her finger ran along the furrow, pressing the cloth deeper into her pussy. I sucked her nipple again and put my hand down over hers while she moved it up and down her slit.

"Take your bottom off, please Sis. Let me see your pussy. I want to watch you play with your self. Oh, please?" I begged her.

She stared at me a moment then nodded. I moved back as she lifted her ass and pulled her bottoms off. I noticed the crotch material was dark, wet with her juices. Her eyes were very wide open, almost as if she were in a trance. She kicked the flimsy bottom aside and sat back down. She spread her thighs and I moved back between them and kissed her breasts, going from one to the other. I moved my head sideways so I could see her pussy out of one eye. Her fingers played up and down her spread slit. The odor of her excitement surrounded me. It was the sexiest thing I had ever smelled, another girl's excited pussy; spread wide, open inches from my face. I could feel the heat from her thighs and pussy. I actually trembled as I inhaled her sexual odor.

One hand went to the back of my head and pressed me against her breast a little harder. I felt her fingernails dig in to my scalp. I didn't mind at all. I sucked harder, tongued faster. Her fingers moved faster against her clit, making little circles around her pink clit. I could see it momentarily when her finger moved out of the way for a split second. I was so close I could hear the little liquid sounds her fingers made against her wet pussy. She began to moan and whimper. I cupped her breast harder and sucked hard on her nipple. It tasted divine. I put my hand on top of hers carefully feeling the motion of her hand. I moved it a little so as not to obstruct my view, so I could see her clit and her fingers playing over it.

She began to gasp and she cried out as she came. She moaned, then screamed out as her body went into shivers of delight as she climaxed. I was glad the folks weren't home! My pussy was on fire and I wanted to rub it so bad, but I wanted to help her cum. I sucked and tongued her nipples going from one to the other, back and forth. She gave one last long undulating scream of joy and fell back on the bed, her breast pulling from my lips.

She lay panting. Her legs were spread and I could see her wet pussy, it was beautiful. I had only seen it wide open like this once before, but I leaned in and looked at it close. The lips were swollen and puffy, her clit a small pink bean at the top. Below, her neat brown ass hole looked inviting too. But her opening was like a red rose. There was a little of her juice in the middle, a small pool. My mouth watered as I looked at it.

"Ohhh, thank you little Sister. That was fantastic. I came like gangbusters. Wild! I loved your lips and tongue on my nipples. You are some lover. Come up here and let me hold you."

I moved up on the bed and she pulled me on top of her, holding me against her hot body. I kissed her lips and she kissed me back softly. I lay on top of her hot heaving body. I had helped my Sister get off. I had kissed my first breast and loved every second of it. I felt like a million dollars.

My Sister and I lay kissing softly. I was lying on top of her hot body. She was still breathing heavily from her climax. I nestled my body down against hers. I shook my head slowly. I had just kissed her breasts while she rubbed her pussy and made herself cum. I had done it! I had dreamed of doing that while we were in the shower, but now I had really, actually done it. I had gotten to suck and kiss her nipples and helped her cum. My hand had been on top of hers and I had felt the motions as she played with her clit. I was so happy, but my pussy was tingling and I wanted more. My hips seemed to have a mind of their own. They pushed downward against my Sister's body. I was nestled between her thighs and my pussy pressed downward against her spread naked pussy. My clit seemed about to burst.

She giggled. "Why little Sister, I think you are horny. You're dry fucking me. Poor Baby, is your pussy hot?"

"It's on fire, my clit seems like it will explode, it burns so. I have never felt it like this before." I said frowning, my voice a little strained with the sexual tension in my body.

"Well, you helped me cum, now it's my turn to help you get off. I'm glad Mom and Dad aren't here. I would have just scared them to death when I screamed out just now. You sucking my tits really got me going. Thanks. Now it's your turn to cum. Want to?" She laughed. Of course I did.

She rolled on her side and dumped me on the wide bed. She took my t-shirt and pulled it up and over my head. Before I knew what was happening she had pulled my panties down and off. She did something unexpected, she took them and put them to her nose and breathed in, smelling my odor on them. The crotch was wet! Her eyes sparkled above them. I lay on the bed beside her, totally naked, like she was. My panties flew across the room. She began to stroke my body. God it felt so wonderful to have her hands move over me. She kissed my face, my neck, my ears; I never knew that could feel so nice.

When she got to my breasts, she sucked on my nipples. I knew they were sensitive, but no one had ever sucked and licked them. My nipples came to life and she gleefully sucked them to two hard points and nibbled on them with her teeth. It made chills run down my spine and my pussy ache like crazy. She took them between her fingers and rolled and pulled them till they really stuck way out, rock hard. She licked my breasts too, sucking on them back and forth. They are more champagne glass sized and she was able to get most of one in her mouth. My areolas were large, but not as "puffy" as hers. Her hands were moving slowly over me. I lay on my back my thighs spread wide. My pussy felt about to explode.

Finally her hand cupped my pussy mound and she squeezed it. She ran her fingers through my brown hair, twirling it around her fingers. I moaned it felt so good. "You like that little Sister? It feels good to have someone else caress you. Dottie and I have done it for several years. We got to French kissing each other and it kept going further and further. You'll love what I'm going to do to you next. Just relax and enjoy it. You have never felt anything like what I'm going to do to your little sweet box. I'm going to eat you till you cum like you have never cum in your life." She almost growled her voice had dropped so low. She was obviously anticipating it too.

I shivered wondering what she was going to do to me. I thought I knew, but it was never clear in the fuck books just what the women did to each other. They "ate" each other, but didn't really go in to much detail. Now my big Sister was going to "eat" me.

She got off the bed. She took two pillows, had me lean forward, and put them behind my back and head, propping me up. "There, that's so you can watch me. It makes it so much more fun that way, you can see me eating your sweet little virgin pussy." She moved down to the foot of the bed and got on her knees. She leaned on the bed and spread my legs wider. She was looking up at my spread pussy. My pussy tingled and I almost couldn't seem to get my breath.

"Ohhh, your pussy is so pretty. So clean and neat! Damn, Sis, why didn't we think of this before? Your little pussy is so virginal. We'll have to trim your pussy hair a little though. That can really be fun. Dottie and I trim and shave each other. We usually wind up making love when we do.

"Mnnn, I've wanted to eat you for so long. But first I want to really look at your sweet pussy, tease you a little, and make you and me both want it so bad we can taste it. Dottie and I do that to each other, and when we cum it is like the world has turned inside out." She said as she slid upward.

She took her fingers and slowly stroked my inner thighs, softly, slowly. I shivered and goose bumps popped up all over my body. I bent my head so I could see her better. My mind raced, she and Dottie eating each other! My God! Now I was going to learn what they did to each other.

She parted my pussy hair, then my pussy lips gently. Her face was inches away, her breath soft against my bare flesh.

"Oh, your pussy is so beautiful, a soft pink, wet and slippery. I can see your little vaginal opening, like a pale rose. Here's your little pee hole, small and neat. I'd like to see you pee sometime. Would you like to pee for me?" She asked looking up at me, eyes naughty and sparkling.

I could hardly talk, my mouth felt as if it were full of cotton. I almost croaked out, "Oh, God, yes but I want to see you pee too. I want to see you do it too, oh yes."

"It's fun to do it. Pee while someone is watching you, their face real close to your pussy. Watch the pee come out of that little hole. We'll do it together, soon!" She said her eyes riveted to my pussy. I jumped as her finger touched me there, pressing against my pee hole. My urethra, I think she had called it; I'd have to ask her – but later. It felt so strange, so good. She rubbed it around and around.

"God, your pussy is so virginal. The lips are small and so neat." I felt her fingers play over my pussy lips and spread them a little more. Her fingers caught my inner lips and pulled them upward. I looked down and her face was almost touching my spread pussy.

"Oh, there's your pretty little clit. Mnnn, so small and pretty. It will grow. Play with it a lot. I do and it will get larger. " She laughed. "Wash it very good every time you take a shower. I'll suck on it and maybe that will make it grow too. You'll have to teach Betsy to suck on it while you suck on hers."

I shivered at that thought, then I cried out as her lips found my clit and she sucked on it hard. Her cheeks bowed in and out as she sucked and released the pressure again and again. Her tongue played over the end of it. I loved running my slippery finger over it, but her lips and tongue were so much better. She had me right on the edge. I hunched up against her mouth but she backed up and removed her mouth. I almost went crazy I wanted it so bad.

"Patience Little One, remember what I said? I want you to be wild with need when you finally cum! Ohhh, your little pussy center is so pink and pretty, like a little pink rose. Have you looked at yourself with a mirror?" I nodded. "So pink and tender. Mnn, I have to taste your center."

Her head dropped slightly and her tongue came out. She cut her eyes up at me to see if I was watching. How could I not watch? I jumped as her tongue touched me. It felt as if she had shocked me. She flattened her tongue and ran it the length of my pussy, bottom to top, flicking my clit at the top of the upstroke, giving me sensations that were beyond anything I had ever experienced. My mind whirled, my body felt like a thousand wonderful needles were pricking me all at once.

"Oh, you taste delicious, your pussy is almost dripping. I'm going to love this too." She said as I felt her tongue slide from the bottom of my pussy upward. It felt like nothing I had ever felt in my life. Over and over her hot wet tongue moved up and down my slit. Thrill after thrill shot through my body. She moved her tongue back to the bottom and I felt it press inward just a little.

I cried out as she pointed her tongue and slid it slowly inside me. She wiggled it a little and pressed it slowly inward. Her hot breath seemed to set my pussy on fire. My fingernails bit into the sheet. I pushed my hips upward and her tongue slipped a little deeper inside me. She pushed and it tried to go deeper. Her tongue was large and my pussy so small. I felt her lips come down on my pussy and cover it. I cried out and heard her moan as she sucked hard on the opening. She was sucking my juices out! God, my own Sister. I wanted to do the same to her.

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