tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShowers & Moans Ch. 01

Showers & Moans Ch. 01


She awoke uncertain of where she was. Her hands were tied behind her, and she was blindfolded. Another piece of fabric gagged her, firmly but not painfully. It was quiet, and she could feel the breath on her neck, and in her ear - “Shhhhhhhh. Stand up.” A man’s voice, but not one she recognized. Not one she could ignore, either.

“Walk with me,” said the tense voice in her ear. Escorted by the elbow, her high heeled shoes, black and shiny, clicked hollowly across what sounded like a wooden floor... carpet, then wood.. they paused, and a door was opened. “Step forward.” A new sound, but why couldn’t she see? It sounded like.. tile, warm, humid air, and there were slight echoes - a large room?

A hand pushed up through the back of her short hair, and another began to pull down the zipper of her dress, slowly, so slowly.. Stopping at her tied own tied hands, this stranger’s hands took her ass and squeezed. “mmmmm... I have plans for this.” Sliding her dress down, forward, it began to fall to her waist, the straps catching at her wrists, keeping it from falling to the floor. Reds and brown and gold, cut low, thin straps over her shoulders... The long, full skirt, falling in shimmering waves to her ankles... She’d fallen in love with the dress, paid for it with plastic, knowing she wouldn’t regret spending the money she didn’t yet have... it was the perfect dress, and who was taking it off her so seductively? What was happening? A party, a drink, then another drink...

Her wrists were untied, and her arms, sore and tired from the discomfort, relaxed, her hands meeting to rub at her lightly chafed wrists - the blindfold not even her first thought. “Good girl, that’s what I like... now, lets take this dress off...” He slid the straps down, careful of her wrists, she heard him kneel, and kiss the raw skin. “Step out of your dress, dearest.” His breath tickled against her skin, warm in the moist air. “Now take off your shoes.” Clumsily, unable to see what was around her, her arms held tightly in front of her, she stepped out of the heels, and stumbled against her mysterious captor, wondering why she was so compliant.. But his voice, so deep and dangerous - no matter that she couldn’t see - it was a voice that demanded faith, and obedience.

Gently, his hands moved up to her shoulders, and turned her around, facing away from him. Moving close behind her, he unhooked her bra, sliding his hands up under her breasts, cupping their weight - “What have we here?” Surprised, amused, a burr of laughter, almost - the small silver rings in her nipples were taken, tugged at, her bra tossed aside.

Safe in her blindfold - there had been no knife, no pain, just the small discomfort of her wrists - and that pain had been kissed and savored, she leaned back into a tall, hard chest, her now naked back finding an expensive material... a jacket? She wasn’t sure, but the cold cufflinks on her breasts suggested that he, too, had been at the party.

A new sensation - fabric binding her wrists, soft, wet... silk? Her stockings, taken at the waist, were slid down her hips, and again, he stepped back, kneeling, his kiss on her shoulders... down her spine, down her ass, the hands pulling her last bit of clothing down her legs, to her knees, to her ankles. “Good little girl... now step out of these.”

She lifted one foot, off with the stocking - then the other, and jumped! A finger tickled the instep of her foot, and as she stumbled, his large hand stopped her from falling - “I’m sorry. I won’t hurt you - don’t hurt yourself.” This time the laughter in his voice was nearer the surface, mocking her. “I didn’t realize you were so ticklish.”

His fingers traced up the inside of her legs, running up to find the wetness she couldn’t hide. “You’ll be wetter than this, soon. Step high, right here - and your other foot, in you go.”

A shower - the humidity, the warmth, the tile and echoes - and a tub... large, smooth...her head turned towards his voice, wondering what was in store for her. His hands pressed down on her shoulders, and she sat obediently, awkwardly, with her hands tied in front of her. “Lie back, and don’t move unless I want you to - you’ll know, and I’ll tell you.”

Another tie was knotted around her ankle, which was lifted up, to rest on the edge of the tub, and then the other. A moment or two passed, and then her nipple rings were again teased - “I'm glad you have these.” Small, cold chains, jewelry fine, but stronger, ran down her chest, and were clipped to her rings - “and, this will hurt much less than if I were clamping them onto your nipples -” startled, she moved to sit up, and found that her ankles had been secured to the tub, or the walls - which, she couldn’t tell. Her nipples, too were then chained to the sides of the tub, holding her in place.

Then, he wrapped another tie around her legs, at the knee, spreading her legs apart... this time, she felt the ties pulled, tightly, to - what? perhaps rings embedded in the tub - but did it matter? For the first time, she began to feel frightened, and she moaned through her gag.

“Shhhhh,” came his voice, reassuring - “remember, I said I wouldn’t hurt you... I think you’ll enjoy this very much.” Then, with that dangerous tone - “you’re being my good girl, you haven’t struggled... so keep it up.”

Now, with her ankles tied at the foot of the tub, lifted up, and her knees spread and tied, her legs open, her wrists tied in front of her, blindfolded, gagged - what could be next? The large, strong hands, lifting her, slid more binding under her thighs, wrapping around the tops of her legs, and tied her wrists.... and then, fingers slid down into her warm, wet, slippery cunt, pulled back out to caress her clit... “Can you reach your clit yourself, with your hands tied there? Try for me, beautiful.” Mockery, teasing, almost loving, and so sexy... Damn it, if only she could see, or speak!

Barely, just barely - she could almost reach - but the closest she could come to her clit, which was almost pulsing with heat, was to pull her own lips up and away from it.

“Perfect. Absolutely perfect.”

WATER - hot, and hard, and immediate, streaming down in a torrential jet from the showerhead, slammed into her clit, and she screamed through her gag with the immediate pressure, stronger than any tongue, or vibrator, or hands, stronger than anything she’d felt in her life - ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh.

God, what an evil wonderful feeling, and the laughter of her captor brought an answering moan and stifled smile through her gag... “I told you you’d like this... now, I’m just going to watch for a while, my sexy lady.”

Tied at the knees, the ankles, the nipples clipped, she couldn’t pull away from the water - only lift her hips, and push herself towards it... her fingers pulled her lips back from the water, exposing her clit, and she rocked in pleasure... and felt heat spreading around her body... the tub had been stopped, and the water was slowly filling around her body...

Loosing track of time, lost only in her own pleasure, she felt a hand on her head - holding it down, the water started to fill past her ears... soon, her blindfolded eyes and gagged mouth were joined by her water filled ears, sending her back into her own world of pleasure. How long could this go on, what else could happen to her? She didn’t know, and didn’t wonder... “I won’t hurt you,” he’d promised, and whatever came next - orgasm after orgasm had left her uncaring, blissed beyond thought.

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