tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShowin' Him the Ropes

Showin' Him the Ropes


The knock at the door startled me. I was just lighting the last of the candles and trying to make sure that the suite was perfect for our rendezvous. With one last glance around to make sure that everything was in place, I opened the door.

There you stood, your leather bomber jacket swung lazily over one shoulder. I couldn't see your eyes because of your shades, but it felt like they were boring into me. All I could do was stammer, "hey," breathlessly. Then you smiled and I felt more at ease.

"Hey yourself, gorgeous," you said as you breezed into the room. As you took off your shades, you looked around the room. "You went through a lot of trouble, sexy. You didn't have to do that." You laid your glasses down on top of your jacket on the leopard chaise at the end of the bed. With a swift turn, you headed toward me.

I was caught off-guard by how quickly you moved towards me. I took an involuntary step back. That landed me up against the wall. The chill of the wall stung at my back as you ran your fingers through my hair. Leaning up against me, you whispered "Hey again," before you leaned down to capture my lips in a deep kiss. It felt like I was being sucked into you. I could feel my breath leaving me and going into you and vice versa. My knees buckled from excitement.

You broke the kiss and looked at me through hooded eyes. "I know I promised to take you out dancing and that this would not just be about sex, but damn. I want you so bad right now. Would I be out of line if I said that we can go dancing tomorrow night?" I knew you were waiting for my answer and I could feel the steel of your hardness pressing into my belly.

"If you want to make love tonight, we can do that. But, since we won't go dancing until tomorrow, I want to be in control tonight." I could tell that you were surprised by that answer by the sharp intake of breath. "I know I told you that I am submissive. I really am. I just want to try the other side this one time."

You took a step back and slowly pulled your shirt over your head. Carelessly tossing it aside, you started on your belt buckle. "Baby, if that is how you want it, you can have it." You smiled and slowly unzipped your jeans. As the jeans slid slowly down, you slid your underwear down with them. In one smooth move, you shed your jeans and boots. Standing there in only your socks and a smile you asked me, "OK, sexy. How do you want me?"

My heart started to beat faster, looking at you naked and ready. I wanted to drop to my knees and suck you into my mouth. Then I remembered this is about me dominating you. I slowly started undoing the tie that held my dress in place. "Get on the bed, baby. Spread eagle for me."

"Spread eagle?" You were halfway in the bed when you turned to look at me. "Uh, look, I know you want to be in charge and all, but there have to be some rules. You can't penetrate me with anything." You started looking around, trying to see what I have in mind. "How about we just go dancing instead?" You reached for your pants, but I stopped you.

"Don't worry about that, baby. I got you," I smiled slowly and laid you back on the bed. "I won't do anything to you that you don't like. Promise." Looking at you with my big eyes like a sweet little girl, you let me position your arms and legs.

From up under the bed, I pull out the cords that were holding back the curtains on the bed. "Don't worry, love. I will tie the cords lightly so that you can get out at any time," I told you. "As a matter of fact, go ahead," I stood back so you could slip your arm out. "See, honey." I smiled that sweet little girl smile again. "You can stop me at any time." I retied your arm and did your other arm and both feet, each to a poster of the bed. "Are you comfortable?"

"Let me see you." I could see you have been waiting for me to take the dress off. Slowly sliding one shoulder and then another one out of the dress, I let it fall like a pool at my feet. The bustier that I had on left nothing to the imagination. The pinstripes of velvet enhanced rather that covered up my palm sized chocolate nipples. The sheer black mesh held my breasts up perfectly but let you see them clearly. The only thing that held up my sheer black hose is the lace garter that was attached to the bustier. Knowing that you would never make it out of the room, I hadn't bothered with panties. My vulva was shaved and I know you could just see the silver of my clit ring peeking though my thick brown lips.

You were hard before I striped but after, your veins looked like they wanted to pop. I could see pre cum glistening on the tip. "How do I look, love?" I turned for you so you could see my full brown bottom, only covered by garters. I made sure I bent over just a little bit so you could see my lower lips open between my thighs and a glimmer of pink winked out at you.

I could tell that you didn't even hear me, as I looked over my shoulder. You seemed to be mesmerized by the seam running up the backs of my thighs. "How did you know I loved women in pantyhose with seams? Did I ever tell you that was a fantasy fetish of mine?" I could see you straining to lift up off of the bed just a little bit to check me out further.

Pushing you back on the bed, I reached to the side for my black silk sleep mask. "You didn't tell me," I cooed in your ear. I straddled you in the middle of the bed. My pantyhose caressed your skin, my breasts lay on your chest, I leaned forward to slowly slide the mask over your eyes. "I love wearing sexy lingerie. This is something that I do for me." With the mask securely in place, I sat back to look at you. The heat of my sex was burning into your stomach as you felt my wetness slide against you. I know you felt it when my hand slid down your stomach and I started to play with my clit.

"You put the blindfold on too early," you laughed. "You know I want to watch you play with your pussy." I smiled to myself as I took my finger away from my sex and rubbed it on your lips. As you started to speak again, I placed my finger, thick with my juices, on your tongue.

"Don't talk. Just go with it." I wanted to use you as my own personal fuck toy without knowing what you liked or didn't like. Taking the finger out of your mouth, I rubbed it all over your nipples, starting with the right one. I thought it was so sexy how your nipple puckered up and got hard as I tickled it. I stopped to put more of my wetness on it before I rubbed the left one. I heard your sharp intake of breath. I knew we had a long night ahead of us.

I slowly crawled up over you until I straddled your face. "Lick me." Your tongue shot fast, flicking over and over again on my clitoris. I could hear my clit ring hitting your teeth. "Slow it down." Your tongue did not miss a beat, nor did it slow down. I reached behind me to pinch your excited right nipple. "I said slow. It. Down." I did not let go of your nipple or release the pressure until your tongue took on a more leisurely pace.

"You didn't have to pin..." you started to say until I started on the other nipple.

"You will not speak to me. You will obey." My whole tone and demeanor had changed. No longer was I the sweet submissive that opened the door for you. My voice was deeper, more authoritative than before.

"Man, fuck this. This is not my thing. I am outta here." I heard the anger in your voice. I moved off you to give you room to maneuver. First one hand, then the other. Then both feet. You were trying to extract them but the more you struggled, the tighter the ropes became. "Let me up now." You sounded out of breath as you huffed and puffed, trying to break free.

Sitting at the end of the bed on the chaise, I watched you struggle and saw the moment you knew you had been tricked. "You never planned for me to be able to get out of this? You knew I was going to try? What kinda sick game are you playing, lady?"

With a heavy sigh (and a secret smile because I knew you couldn't see me), I answered. "Oh honey, I just wanted to try something different." I started making sounds like I was softly crying. "I am sorry that you didn't like our little game." Crying louder now, I walked away from the bed. I was watching your face closely. I could see that you were feeling bad about yelling at me.

"Damn, okay. We can try this. But, if I say stop, we stop. Okay?" You sounded gruff and just a little bit mad, but I noticed that your dick was still at attention.

Sniff. Sniff. "Are you sure, love? I don't want you to be angry with me." I made a big production of blowing my nose. "I just want to please you." Going into the bathroom to wash my hands from blowing my nose, I got my bag of tricks that I had stored in there. "You can change your mind now, if you want." I made sure that I sounded hurt and unsure and ready to cry again at any moment.

I could tell you were still pissed but you said okay. Boy, were you easy. I smiled to myself as I put the bag down softly next to the bed and straddled your face once again. "Will you lick me slowly and softly this time, please?" I knew that I had to sound sweet and complacent if you were going to lick me the right way. Your tongue flicked over my clitoris slowly this time. It allowed me the chance to revel in the feel of your thick tongue against me. Over and over again, you lathered my clitoris. I could not help but to grind my hips against your tongue slowly. As my pussy started to give you more and more liquid, you started to lick my inner lips. "Yes, please. Like that." Still sweet as honey, my voice begged you to give me more. Your tongue snaked up inside me, feeling like a miniature dick. You could feel my sugary walls pulsing around your tongue as I came with a scream of your name.

Weak from that amazing cum, I moved off of your face and placed myself between your legs. "You were wonderful. Time for me to please you back." I took the tip of my tongue and slowly licked the top of your dick. "Yummy!" As I got more into it, I traced the veins of your shaft slowly between sessions of slowly sliding my mouth up and down over your dick. Every time I had you in the back of my throat, with your tip past my esophagus, I moaned. The vibrations of it made you moan as well. I was massaging your balls and I could feel by the heaviness in them that you were building up a nice big cum for me.

I started to stroke your dick as I focused my attention on your balls. I loved the way they moved in my mouth. I was reveling in how they felt on my tongue. Your pre cum was acting as a lubricant and I knew that it would be mere stroke before you came, if I didn't change up my tactics. Still stroking you, I slide my tongue down further, behind your balls.

"Hey, uh," I heard you stammer. "You can just focus on the balls and the dick, baby. No need to lick anywhere else." With a little giggle, I took two fingers and held your butt cheeks apart. With much determination, you were trying to squeeze them closed. But, with your legs spread and tied, you didn't have enough agility to pull it off. Lick. Lick. My tongue swiped over your back hole, tickling the soft outer skin. It was contracting over and over again. "Uh, you can stop now," I heard you say, but I noticed that your dick still had pre cum coming out of it. It seemed like it was more than before. So, I did what any girl would have done. I slide my tongue inside and wiggled. The yell you let out was so feminine. "For real. Stop that." You were moving your hips, I guess in a move to dislodge me. But all it did was get my deeper into your ass. I started stroking you again, dick hard as a diamond, as I licked out your ass. I could tell that you hated that you liked it. But baby, you liked it a lot. After a few minutes, instead of trying to dispel my tongue, it felt like your ass was trying to take more of my tongue into it.

I had slipped one my tricks out when you thought I was blowing my nose. Now was the time to use it. I moved my head back for a moment, and put a finger sized vibrator in your ass. You were so into it that you didn't notice the difference until your ass started buzzing. "What the fuck!" you yelled as I fucked your ass with my mini vibrator, still stroking you.

Before you could tell me to take it out, you started to cum. Your thick white semen hit me on my chin. I aimed you into my mouth so that I could have the rest of it on my tongue. With the final shot, I pulled the vibrator out of your ass. Before you could catch your breath, I started to suck on the tender head of your dick. Softly, barely flicking my tongue. I knew that you would be extra sensitive now, but I didn't want you to go completely soft.

"You can't put vibrators in men's asses. We do not appreciate it," you tell me once you catch your breath. I stopped to answer you but you told me, "don't stop sucking on my tip, baby. That feels good."

So I sucked it a few more minutes, until it was semi-hard again. "I am sorry that I used that vibrator on you. But you seemed to enjoy it." I worked hard not to laugh out loud. I could tell that you really liked it more than you could admit to yourself. "But, as an apology for that, I am going to let you fuck my ass, okay?" Your dick shot up at full attention once again.

"Okay. Go ahead. Hop on!" You were so enthusiastic that I could tell that you had never had anal sex before. Your dick seemed to be waving at me back and forth, you were so excited.

"Before I let you fuck my ass, you have to get it prepared like I did for you. Okay?" We had already talked about how you hated to lick ass, so I knew this would be an uphill battle. I was preparing my arguments for it. I really wanted you to rim me out.

"Okay," you said. It was said so nonchalantly that I almost missed it.

"Okay? You are okay with licking my ass? For real?" I was astonished. I just knew that I was going to have to argue you down about it.

You chuckled and said "Baby, bring Daddy that ass so I can lick it good for you." Now that is what I am talkin' 'bout. I scrambled up, sitting on your face. I didn't know quite what to expect. But the rimming you gave me should go down in the world record box for licking with a deadly tongue. The way your tongue swirled over my dark hole sent chills up my spine. I started playing with my nipples while you did it but soon that wasn't enough. I needed to cum. I put my fingers over my clit and started to strum it steadily. As I started to squeal and moan, you made your tongue hard like a penis. It entered me over and over again as I came for you.

I was so excited that I didn't want that feeling of being filled to end. I moved off of your face. I went to stand between your legs and squatted until I was right over your dick. The head felt like a sear in my ass, stretching my back door. I had only did it one other time, so it was tight. I heard you sharply intake air as my ass squeezed you hard. As you went deeper into me, my ass loosened its grip, just a bit and started to throb around you. Both of us moaned in ecstasy as we enjoyed the feeling of you inside my tight hole. Experimentally I moved up and down, and the feeling was phenomenal. The goose bumps ran up my arms and thighs as you and I started a rhythm. In and out, in and out. When I felt like I could take it, I started to move my hips in a circular motion as well as up and down over you. That only intensified the feeling. I had never felt so full in my life.

With a wicked little grin to myself, I reached for the toy again. Reaching between my legs, I pushed the toy back into your ass. "Oh shit!" With a yell and a groan, your hips started to thrash wildly as you bucked into me. You were bouncing me up and down until I came right as your shot my tight hole full of hot creamy cum.

I took the toy out and placed it by the bed. Then I took your blindfold off. I was smiling and I could see you were trying not to smile back at me. Without a word, I untied your arms and legs from the post of the bed. Rubbing your arms, you sat up still looking at me. I could tell you didn't know what to say. Neither did I.

Then you got a devilish look in your eye. "That was great. Now it is my turn to do you." You got up from the bed, winching a little as your butt protested just a bit. You took the same ropes that had held you securely in place and tied both of my arms up high around the one of the foot posts of the bed. "I am going to leave your legs free." You sounded so maniacal that I knew that wasn't necessarily a good thing.

On your knees, you took my thick brown thigh and placed it over your shoulder. "You are going to come for me the way I want this time." Your tongue started the rapid hummingbird flicker over my clit. I tried to control your licks by moving. You simply grabbed my hips and held me into place over your mouth. An orgasm came crashing over me so fast, I didn't know what hit me. My scream vibrated off of the walls. You were not content but continued your tongue lashing. Over and over again I screamed as my pussy shot cum out, coating your chin and chest. But you would not let up. When I became hoarse from screaming, you laughed and went right back into me. I lost track of time, lost in the pleasures of your mouth. I didn't know if you would ever stop, but it was sweet torture.

When I thought I was going to pass out, you swiftly stood and entered my pussy. Not one slow stroke. Only the beat of your balls against my ass as you slapped into me. You were so thick that I could feel my walls being stretched fully. "You wanted to fuck my ass, now I will fuck yours again, pretty girl." You took two fingers and pushed them into my back hole. With your semen leaking out, they had no problem gaining access. Already stretched beyond endurance, your fingers made me feel so overwhelmed that I couldn't catch my breath. Harder you fucked me. Harder you slammed those fingers into me. When I complained that it was too much, you slid a third finger in my ass. "You will take it and you will like it. Tell me that you like Big Daddy's dick," you rasped into my ear. "Say it or you will have a four fingers or a fist in your ass."

With tears of ecstasy and pain rolling down my face I screamed out, "I love Big Daddy's dick in my ass!" With that scream, you let loose another stream of cum into me. It felt like it was copious as it coated my insides. I came with you, crying and shaking. It was amazing how much cum you had put inside me.

With a kiss to my lips, you untied my arms and hugged me. "This has definitely been an experience." We both laughed and fell exhausted on the bed. "If this is what you are like the first time we sleep together, what will we do for an encore?" I was too tired to respond. I laid my head on your chest and listened to the rumble of your laugh until I faded off to sleep. I had a feeling I was going to need all my energy for our first weekend away together.

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