Showing Everything [Nude Pics] 03

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Marlee embraces Talia's proposed experiment with a woman ...
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Hi, it's Marlee again. Today would be the day. It was a Saturday, my husband Nick was off golfing and cavorting with his friends until late afternoon at least. I was free. My near-nude, then maybe fully nude, body would be on display in person to another woman. The outcome of this "experiment" (described in previous chapter) would tell me if I was ready to interact with people who left comments on my online nude pics.

At around 11 AM, I walked out to our pool deck, with two glasses and a bottle of my favorite white Burgundy (Bonneau du Martray) in a proper bucket, wearing nothing but a thin (and wide-open) beach robe. I slipped out of the robe, deciding to lounge completely nude by our pool while I sipped the wine and waited for Sunni ....

(This isn't a pic from that day; Nick took it a while ago on a sunnier day. You don't mind me using it to set today's scene, do you?)

* * *

Who was Sunni? She was "the right woman" that immediately came to mind when talking to my healer, advisor & friend, Talia (again, not her real name), about this "experiment." (Previous chapters provide helpful context - & pics.) Sunni was born somewhere in Asia (I'm honestly not sure where) and is a yoga instructor affiliated with the gym where Nick works out. As you might expect, her body is lithe and athletic. She also has an exotic demeanor that I must say I find quite attractive. She's in her upper-20's, low 30's. I had met her a few times and found her friendly, but I really didn't know her well. Her husband, David, and Nick are close.

So, why her? In small talk one day, Nick told me about a woman who recently started working out in his gym. He said she had such an amazing body that all the guys couldn't help but notice. We know how guys are; that's to be expected. Sunni's reaction was what got Nick's attention. She obviously was impressed. "I saw Sunni staring at her when she was signing in at the reception desk. When she left the desk, Sunni introduced herself: 'I teach yoga here. Please come by. You have a beautiful body. Would be nice for you to join yoga!' That's right, Sunni told her directly that she has a beautiful body. Don't usually hear women say things like that to other women. But Sunni was NOT shy about it. Wow!"

Duly noted, Nick! That checked the two most important boxes: I found Sunni exotically attractive, and she obviously noticed and appreciated other women's bodies. How would she feel about mine?

And how to approach her?

It turns out that Sunni was also a great cook, more like a chef, who grew her own herbs, spices, vegetables. Nick and I had been dabbling in growing some of our own. Our results thus far were ... it would be fair to say that we could use some help. It made perfect sense to invite Sunni over to assist with our veggies and ... more?

So, I faked a reason to drop something off for Nick when he was at the gym and stopped by Sunni's adjacent yoga studio between her classes. "Nick tells me that David says you're a wonderful a cook - and that you grow a lot of your own things. That is so cool! I'd love to learn some of your secrets, starting with your garden. We try, but neither of us has much of a green thumb. Is there any chance of you coming by our place on Saturday?"

Sunni lit up at the compliment and said, "Sure! Nick and David golf Saturday. I bring some things to plant. Easy. What time should I come?" "How about noon?" "Sure, we will have fun!"

* * *

Knowing that I had never before experienced an in-person encounter like this, Talia suggested that to bolster my confidence and "get in the mood", I review some of the comments about my body that women left on my online pics. (Again, previous chapters explain.) Sipping my wine, I re-read several (which I had saved on my phone), including:

A woman said I'm a gorgeous, wonderful venus? Very sexy & no vulgarity?? Quite a compliment coming from another woman, that sweet comment made my naked body squirm ....

Another woman loves my "breasts and nipples and gorgeous smooth pussy"? Another woman? I had to wonder ... what will Sunni think? We would soon find out .... At that point, I just knew that Kimmy's comment made me smile ... and caused my fingers to glide over the parts of my body that she said she loved .....

Then, there was ....

Yes, Jenny ... the entire scenario was making me feel rather naughty myself! Women really did seem to like my nude body. Maybe Sunni too would think that I had a beautiful body.

Lying there reading the comments, I continued to caress my bare pussy mound, then circled my fingertips around my nipples. I pinched and twisted them lightly. Just playing around. The wine and the words were having their desired effect. I was getting loose. No, more than loose. The wine, the women's comments about my nude body, and the thoughts of what might soon happen, were conspiring to get me aroused.

At around 11:50, I slipped into my tiniest, most see-through micro bikini. (Being completely nude when Sunni arrived would have been crass.) Then I took another sip, caressed my now mostly nude body, played with the strings of my tiny bikini bottom ... and waited.

* * *

In the short time since our first post, almost three hundred and fifty thousand (!!!) Literotica readers (& millions more before we posted here) have seen nude images of me. Some left comments on prior posts, some sent direct feedback to us, saying that they got hard, and stroked or fingered themselves - or even had sex - to my pics. Some even sent us pics and videos of them cumming to me. We LOVED every comment, email, pic, video. Thanks again to all those who left a comment, sent a message, pic and / or video ....

But unlike the many, many people who have seen nude pictures of me, Sunni would, within minutes, be right next to me. She would be seeing me nude in person . And for the first time, I wouldn't be anonymous .... That anticipation caused my pulse to race, even more than it does when I think of online viewers jerking off or fingering themselves or fucking to pics of me nude ... or of men and women saying what they would do with me if they had the chance.

What would Sunni do? And how would I react? Or vice-versa? That was the point of the "experiment" Talia had suggested. We would soon find out .....

* * *

I told Sunni that she should come around to our side gate and let herself in when she arrived. I would be out behind the house by the pool. When I heard the gate open and Sunni call, "Marlee?", my heart was pounding. I got up and walked over to meet her.

She wore a skin-tight tank top / sports bra. Her breasts were petite; only somewhat larger than my tiny breasts. But she too had very prominent nipples, the outlines of which were rather obvious. And her yoga pants looked like bright blue paint on a naked body. I had seen her very fit body in a similar yoga outfit before, but for some reason, she seemed entirely sexier, more erotic now. Maybe because I was almost naked myself, and maybe because of the direction in which my mind was wandering? I think it was the first time I ever looked at a woman and consciously thought, "She is hot!"

Wearing only the tiniest of see-through micro bikinis, I welcomed her. "Hi Sunni! Let's go out back." She followed me around to the back of the house and onto the pool deck. Viewed from behind, my near-total nudity was even more pronounced; obstructed by only a few, very thin, straps.

(Obviously not from that day, this was how my body looked to Sunni as she walked behind me ....)

After the short walk to our pool, I turned towards her, openly showing her my basically naked body. This wasn't a gym or doctor's office; it was poolside. Private poolside. I had never before exposed myself so completely to a fully clothed woman in such an environment. I was aroused, but acted nonchalantly, as if me standing there in in my tiniest white see-through micro bikini was nothing.

I smiled and said, "Welcome to our humble abode! I hope you didn't have a difficult time finding us, the last couple of turns can be confusing." She returned the smile, and said, "Oh no, no problem. Waze is good. And David been here so he gives good directions."

She paused and smiled more. Sunni tried to be subtle about it, but I could tell that she was perusing every inch of my near-nude body. I smiled back. Someone else might have averted their eyes, acted shocked or embarrassed, maybe even gasped. Not Sunni. Despite her token effort to maintain a pretense of decorum, she was definitely checking me out.

She said, "You have very nice place, Marlee. Very private." "Yes, thanks" I said, "and I do take advantage of that by ... well ... wearing what I'm wearing." I smiled and said, "I thought that since you see women's bodies all the time in your studio, it wouldn't be ... an issue? But if I'm making you uncomfortable, I can put on my robe." She said, "Oh, no, no. Absolutely not! You have beautiful body, Marlee. Very beautiful. Good like this. No need to cover up." (Smile)

We were off to a good start.

* * *

We keep a modest garden right outside the lanai between our house and our pool. Again, the idea (OK, my ruse) was for Sunni to bring some of the herbs that she cooks with and plant them for us. While she did, we made small talk about how to care for the plants, etc., etc.

When she finished planting, Sunni washed her hands under the hose she used to water the newly-planted rosemary, thyme, parsley (etc.). Then she started taking pictures with her phone - of what she just planted, and of our garden, and our pool area, and some interesting trees around our yard. Sunni definitely enjoyed taking pictures .....

Then, biting her lip, Sunni looked at me and her phone. Sensing that she wanted to say something but was unsure whether she should, I suggested, "Why don't we sit for a bit and share a glass? It's a very nice French white burgundy. What do you say?" Smiling broadly, Sunni said, "I only drink little, but today, I have some with you, Marlee."

We reclined in matching chaise lounge chairs; a table with the chilled wine between us. We just chatted for a while, somewhat aimlessly ... about food / cooking, work, yoga, the cost of houses, etc., etc., etc., blah, blah, blah ....

* * *

A slight but unmistakable sense of nervousness was in the air. We both knew that we were not talking about what was really on our minds, which was: my exposed body. All the while, my nipples and bare pussy were very much on display through my sheer micro bikini. I intentionally did a bit of "adjusting" (playing with?) the very minimal straps of my WW (bottom and top).

After all the build-up with Nick - shaving, micro bikinis, risky picture-taking, online posting and comments about my body, sharing it all with Talia .... Now, here I was, essentially nude next to, chatting with, and semi-teasing a clothed woman. Part of me seemed to want to show Sunni everything. Was that even possible? Did I really want her to look and be very interested? Honestly ... OMG ... to see if she would get hot for me? How crazy was that?

Sunni barely took her eyes off my body as we continued to sip the wine. It certainly seemed as though I had her attention - and interest. Who knew where that might lead?

* * *

Finishing the bottle, we were both feeling the wine's effects. Inhibitions finally evaporating, Sunni broke the ice, asking, "Where did you get your bikini? So small and very sexy." I told her how Nick found them on-line and ordered several. I told Sunni that at first I couldn't believe how tiny and revealing they were. But, since Nick loved to see me in them, I wore them in our yard and other "special" places. Nick also told me that the company he bought them from had a contest where people could submit pictures of themselves in these bikinis and possibly win prizes.

Sunni turned to me, smiled again, and perked up: "Contest very interesting, Marlee! I'll take pictures of you, and you will win! You have such a beautiful body, you have to win!" Smiling, heart pounding, I said, "Yes, sure, take pictures - but use my phone. Later we can look at them on our big screen and decide if we want to enter the contest. OK with you?" "Oh, yes," she said, "that will be nice."

Picking up my phone from our side table, I said, "Let's first open another bottle." This time I picked (from the wine frig in our nearby outdoor kitchen / grill area) a very nice sweet white Bordeaux - a Sauternes. It happens to be distinctive for its relatively high alcohol content. All the better to further dispense with any remaining inhibitions....

I popped the cork and refilled Sunni's glass. "Maybe this will inspire more creative picture-taking!" Refreshing mine as well, I took a long swallow and said to myself, "Here goes!", not knowing where picture-taking might lead. Then I gave Sunni my phone and said, "You're in charge!" (She took a LOT of pics with my phone that day. Nick later cropped, resized, edited, etc., the ones we included here. He's good at that.)

"OK! Stand by pool with hands over head. Twist to side too."

"Beautiful! This shows you so much. Very nice!" Then Sunni paused and looked around. Then she said, "I have better idea, Marlee. Go into the pool, OK?"

My heart was really pounding now. Of course, Sunni had to know that my see-through-when-dry micro bikini would become completely transparent when wet. Could she have guessed how rock-hard my nipples would become? We would soon find out. By that request, Sunni erased any lingering doubt as to whether she was the right person for Talia's experiment.

I smiled, said, "Sure", and eased into the pool ....

"You look very naked from behind, Marlee. Just see tiny strings. Very beautiful."

Down our steps and into the water, I was careful to fully immerse my micro bikini. Since it's so small, that was easy. Lying on my back on our float, I was where I wanted to be - on full display to Sunni ....

She could clearly see my rock-hard nipples trying to rip through my tiny see-through top. "Very exciting to see so much of your body, Marlee." That was an understatement. Once my tiny white micro bikini got wet, she saw ALL of my body.

This was becoming quite surreal .... All the while as we both continued to sip from the second bottle of wine (I left my glass within reach on the pool coping), Sunni clicked away. My mind kept flashing back to online comments by women about my body. Nick & I frequently recalled the hottest ones before or during sex, so I remembered them well ....

The combination of the wine and all the build-up to this - the first-time ever showing my body to, and being photographed by, a clothed woman - left me in a sexual trance. My spinning head was filled with women's comments about my nude body ....

So, beccy wanted to see more of my pussy? Recalling her words just increased the undeniable, steady increase in my already heightened libido. She would have enjoyed being in Sunni's position .... The fact that my pussy was completely hairless was obvious even when the bikini bottom was dry, but now Sunni could see ....

... everything ....

Sunni's breathing grew noticeably heavier. She swallowed hard as her glance shifted between my eyes and my pussy. Breathing heavily myself, I whispered, "It's OK, I know you want a better look ... go ahead."

Sunni slowly moved around the side of the pool, knelt on the edge and leaned in .... and took more direct images of my thinly-veiled pussy lips. To get this pic, her face was almost between my legs:

"And no hair - none at all. So perfect with your tiny bikini. So smooth. So exciting!"

I recalled that Sunni wasn't the only woman who loved my hairless pussy ....

"Now I see all of you, Marlee. How do you feel for me to see and take pictures of all your body?"

Very slowly, calmly, I smiled and said, "I know you are seeing all of my body now.... At first, I was very nervous, but now I want you to see it ...." Things were heating up, my sexual temperature rising .... I quietly admitted, "It's very exciting for you to see me like this....."

Sunni smiled. As I started climbing towards the pool edge, she asked, "Ready to come out now, Marlee?" "Sure", I replied. As I emerged, Sunni continued to click ....

Women are always critical of their bodies, but even I thought my butt look hot in this pic:

By now, Sunni had seen (almost) all of me ... a sight some women said they were drawn to again and again ....