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Showing Him Off


- Introduction -

I told myself I'd submit something about blowjobs with the female (or giver) in charge as it's something I greatly enjoy (teasing is great fun, and gets you a BIG reward!) but I just can't seem to find the right words or get myself in the right mood as I just start thinking about cum instead.

So I thought, fuck it - might as well write about cum.

When I was younger and single I watched a lot of porn. Porn is strange for me, it's so bad it makes me laugh yet also turns me on at the same time. Strangely enough hentai REALLY turns me on even though it's probably the most ridiculous thing ever created. When it comes to porn the thing that really gets me going is hearing the sexual moans of other women, but only if there caused by a man. Lesbian porn just isn't my thing (even though I'm bi – figure that one out).

Anyways, with this porn watching I was introduced to facials. And my god I loved them. I have no idea if it's the submission, the fact that she had caused him to shoot so much or what, but I became obsessed with cum and facials in porn.

Sadly my first 2 boyfriends wouldn't cum on my face but third time was lucky and he was more than happy to give me his white goodness wherever I wanted it.

Of course the first time we met in person and the first time he came on my face (same day, I'm classy) is one of my most fondly remembered but I plan on including that one in the story of how we met so no details about that one here!

- 1 -

The first time we had someone watch us was a beautifully powerful cum shot. I'd done my usual trick of having his cock as my phone's wallpaper and having a friend "accidentally" see it a few times. During the winding down of a house party it was just me, him (the fella) and her left when she brought it up. Of course I didn't mind showing him off at all as I knew he'd love it.

As soon as I started undoing his zip I could see him getting hard, the idea was obviously turning him on as he was absolutely massive when I pulled his cock out. And when my friend said "Oh my god" as I knelt before his erection I could see his cock bulge at her words. Sure we we're feeding his ego but his ego-erections are some of his finest and tonight he was defiantly displaying the goods well.

I'm very very open when it comes to sex and it was well known by my friends that I could deepthroat him and so of course, she asked. I simply smiled said, "Of course" and began slowly taking him fully in my throat. I was showing him off and loving it, showing what I had, and he was more than happy to be displayed.

I sucked and stroked him expertly. Not too slow, I didn't want my friend to get bored, but I wanted to show off my bedroom talent - it made me feel powerful. I took him deep and purposefully, I worshipped his cock rubbing it all over my face. She knew I loved sucking cock and I wanted to show her why.

Her compliments during the session were putting him over the edge, and I could tell he was getting close. I sucked his head gently as I reached to pull my dress and bra down so my chest was out. With how big and firm he was I could tell this was going to be a big shot and I wanted my friend to see it. I wanted her to see how much I could make a cock cum.

I gripped his cock in my hand and started to stroke him quickly, he was holding it back, I could tell. I looked up at him and said "Show her why I love you" and my god did he shoot.

The first shot was unbelievable; it was hugely powerful and still probably the longest continuous spurt he's done to date. It was just one huge constant stream of cum. After taking his first spurt my friend was just in amazement and the feeling of power made me feel unbelievable sexy. I thought that was all of it, and would have been more than happy if it was, but with every stroke another spurt shot out of him. I was in heaven, I felt like a sex goddess as he coated my chest with his cum. Of course wearing a black dress might have not been the best of ideas but at the time I didn't care where it went, I was just so happy to have made him shoot so much.

I sat there, my chest drenched, my dress probably ruined with his seed dripping off me onto it and I was so happy. I turned to my friend and smugly asked, "See why I love him?" Of course at this time I had no idea she'd become a regular playmate.

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