tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShowing in Duluth, MN

Showing in Duluth, MN


For some reason every time we're in the Duluth, MN area we tend to have a bit more fun and a little more exposure that we have when we're closer to home. For those of you who are familiar with Duluth you'll identify with this story very easily, and if you're not from the area then I hope you'll sill enjoy this story of how T was accidentally, and then intentionally exposed. This story is written as it happened.

We often go to Duluth, MN for a get away from the normal, hectic, pace of life that we both have with our jobs. If you'd like to go back and find the story "Driving through Duluth" you'll see that for some reason T tends to worry less about who might see her naked when we are in that city, and that's just the only other time I've written about. Perhaps it's the fresh cold air off Lake Superior?

We've stayed at several different hotels in and close to the city but one of our favorites is right down on the waterfront next to the lift bridge that opens when the large ships come in and out of the harbor. Since this is quite a popular tourist area where families congregate we usually come in the off peak tourist season and mid-week when there are less people around.

A couple years ago was the first time we stayed at this hotel and we were impressed to see the ships come and go so close that they blocked the view of almost everything else as they passed by. After we checked into our room we went out and watched a huge ore boat come in and then ran back to the room as we were freezing.

After getting inside we moved over in front of the fireplace to warm up, this was the only area of the outside wall that was not floor to ceiling windows. As we were getting warmer I keep peeling off layers of T's clothing. Since her ass was cold I quickly got her stripped out of her pant and panties so the heat could warm her bare skin. It wasn't but a couple minutes more before she was standing nude in front of the fireplace occasionally turning around so that first her front and then her backside would be warmed.

Of course I was enjoying this and as she would turn one side to the heat I would take advantage of the side that was being warmed and stroke her and squeeze either her tits or her ass. At the same time I realized that if a person was standing out by the street they would be able to look right into the room and see us standing behind the only curtained off part. The thought that someone might look in got me even more excited so I moved to the side just in case someone would be looking so that they would have a nice view of T's nakedness.

After a few minutes T suggested that we get in the hot tub which was near the fireplace but more out in the open and visible through the windows. She asked me to turn down the lights as she walked over and turned on the water. I turned off most of the lights and turned down the light over the hot tub so that it was just a soft warm glow that seemed to spotlight the hot tub.

As usual T filled the tub with water that was too hot and as I sat in front of the fireplace it was a thrill to watch T as she sat and stood on the back side of the hot tub while she ran cold water into it. Her body was already bathed in the soft golden glow from the dimmed spotlight, and since it was the only light that was on in the room it also showed her nudity very well.

After the water had cooled off T settled in and I soon joined her with a couple of drinks to enjoy as we relaxed. I think that once we were sitting in the tub we were pretty much out of sight but after we had enough of the hot water I was treated to the sight of T getting out of the tub and drying off as she faced the window and showed her naked body to everyone that was walking or even driving by. During all of this she was completely unaware of what people might see.

From there we moved into the bedroom and although the sheers were closed we left the heavy drapes open as we went to bed. I would sometimes see shadows moving around outside in the dark and since we had left the bedside light on I'm guessing that they could see even more through the sheer curtains.

After a wonderful time of enjoying each other and having great sex we got ready for sleep and T asked if I would close the heavy curtains. I think she knew that we may have given a show, but wasn't worried about it since it would look like it was not intentional.

The next morning we had breakfast in our room sat in the hot tub for awhile, again with the curtains wide open, and then decided to walk into the city too look around. After we'd spent a few hours looking in antique shops, having lunch and walking around we headed back to our room.

I had left the light on over the hot tub and as we walked across the bridge it was very clear that even in the daylight, but certainly even more at night, everyone that wanted could look right into our room. Where our room was located, and the position of the hot tub created the perfect angle for every pedestrian and every car or truck that drove over the bridge to look right into our room and have a full view of the hot tub.

We stopped and looked at the hotel, T asked if that was our room and I said "yes". When she asked if I thought anyone had looked in and seen her naked I replied, "I hope so." We got back to the room and since it was still daylight we changed into our robes and watched the ships come into the harbor and all the people walk by. I was able to get T to give a special quick show to an older gentleman that seemed to want to hang near our window. While everyone else was watching the ship pass by, including us standing in front of the window, he was looking right at us instead.

I managed to pull the tie on T's robe and quickly pull it open to flash him her tits and shaved pussy. T looked right at him then took the robe out of my hands and tied it back together. He was the only voyeur that I knew had gotten a good look at T's nakedness the whole time we stayed there. But I'm certain many others got a look as well.

We went out for dinner that night and as we returned we once again warmed ourselves in front of the fireplace. The curtains were still wide open and T never moved to close them nor ask me to shut them. The rest of the night was similar to the night before. T ran the water in the hot tub, it was again too hot, so she stood naked in full view of the bridge and anyone outside as she waited for it to cool off.

The only difference this night was that after the hot tub we spent some time sitting in the living room watching the night and the activities going on. We were pretty well hidden from the bridge traffic but anyone walking close to our room would have quite a view. Although we both were wearing robes T's was wide open so she was on display and she was stoking me as we watched the lights of the city at night.

The room also has binoculars since many people want to watch the boats and I was surprised when I looked through them that there was some type of event at the arena across the bay. Outside of the arena there were the large "tourist" binoculars that are located at many scenic places and although you are supposed to use them to look at the ships at least two of them were being used to look at our hotel and probably at our window.

I chuckled and told T that she even had admirers from afar and handed her the binoculars. When she looked across the bay and one of the guys waved at her she put them down and pulled her robe together and told me that was enough being on display for the weekend.

Once again we moved to the bedroom, and this time I left the sheer curtains cracked open an inch or so while we played around. When we were done she again asked me to close the heavy curtains and with a smirk also said "you might as well close the sheers too." I was really proud of her as accidental nudity and exposure is one thing, but when you realize that you've been putting on a show and then do it again that's real exhibitionism.

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