tagIncest/TabooShowing It All Ch. 01

Showing It All Ch. 01


This is a slightly updated version of the story in response to comments on the first draft, and also some changes required for consistency as I completed Chapters 2 and 3.


I was sitting on the edge of the bed with my shorts around my ankles, a pair of scissors in my hand and a page printed from the Gillette website explaining how to trim my pubic hair beside me when my sister's voice exclaimed "What the hell are you doing, Tom?"

I jumped and almost cut into the side of my cock.

Abi stood leaning in the doorway with her arms crossed under her boobs. I had thought I was alone. It was Sunday afternoon, the day my parents always went to the Mall and then Wal-Mart for the week's groceries. I could usually rely on three hours to myself. Abi should be out with her friends, and I had assumed there was no one home but me.

I could feel my face flushing. "Um..." I said.

"Well?" Abi said.

"I was... going to trim my bush." I admitted.


"Well... it's meant to make it look bigger."

"Make what look bigger?"

"You know," I said.


"My cock," I said.

"Really?" She looked down at me and laughed, "That would be one hell of trick!"

I was insulted now. "It's not that small, Abi," I protested.

"It doesn't look very big to me," she said.

"And you know all about cocks, I suppose. Besides, it gets bigger. And you gave me a shock - that's going to make it shrink too."

"Huh," she snorted.

Abi and I were fraternal twins who had turned eighteen this summer -- and very non-identical twins. I was near six feet with dark curly hair. Abi was five feet four with curly blonde locks that fell to her chin, framing her face. She was my sister, so I probably wasn't too good a judge of how hot she was, but if I tried to look at her as just another girl then she was pretty hot. Slim, good legs, nicely toned butt that filled her jeans perfectly, flat stomach and sexy boobs. I had sneaked a look at one of her bras a while back and knew she took a 34B size.

Usually we got on really well together - but maybe not today.

I imagine, like all brothers, I'd had those thoughts about Abi. Most of the guys I hung out with who had sisters said they'd had them, and Toby Black told us he'd seen his sister masturbating when he peeked into her bedroom one night and it had really turned him on. But it had never occurred to me that I might ever do anything with Abi. My secret thoughts were pleasant fantasies, but that was strictly where they belonged, in the closet marked: "Nice to think about, but no way!"

Abi remained in the doorway with a crooked smile on her pretty lips. I leaned over and grabbed my shorts and started to pull them up.

"Oh no, don't let me stop you from gaining an extra half an inch," Abi said. "I'm intrigued now."

I looked up at her from my awkward position and waited. She made no move from the doorway.

"If I could have some privacy then?" I said.

"Why? I want to watch, see if it does look any bigger when you've finished."

"Abi!" I said.

"It's you that wants to shave your bush off," she said. "Go ahead, don't let me stop you."

"I don't want to shave it off. Just trim it a bit."

Abi pushed off the door and came into the room, grabbed the printed sheet from the bed and dropped into the armchair pushed back against the window. She read the words slowly, looked up at me, then back at the page.

"It says here you can shave them all off, if you want. Or shave your balls, there's a diagram here how to do that. But it does say you can trim as well." She turned the page to study the drawings. "And shave around the base of it. That's what makes it look bigger, it says here. OK!" She put the paper down and relaxed back into the seat, resting her chin on her hands. "Go ahead."

I stared at her but couldn't think of anything to say.

"What gave you the idea?" she said, putting her head to one side.

I shrugged. "Some of the guys at work were talking. And last week I was showering after my swim and there was this man..." I stopped, embarrassed, hoping Abi didn't think I made a habit of looking at other men in the showers.

"What about him?"

"Well, he'd shaved everything off. At least it looked that way - I didn't get too close."

"And did he look big?"

I nodded.

"Maybe he liked you, Tom. Maybe that's why he looked big. Did you think of that?"

"It wasn't anything like that!"

"You like girls then?" she asked.

I think my mouth fell open. "Of course I do! You didn't think-"

"No, not really," she laughed, " but it's just so easy to tease you, Tom. Go on then, shave those curly bits and let me see how it looks."

"I told you, I'm not going to shave them off, just tidy it up."

"So why the razor?"

"To do around the base," I said. "That's what it said on the website. Taking a bit off around the base will make it look bigger..."

"Like I said, Tom, good trick - but I'm still waiting for the proof."

I was getting mad with her now, as I always did when she acted this way - she could be totally infuriating. She sat there with her chin on her hands, watching me, seeming not in the least embarrassed. Okay, I thought, if she wants to watch then let her, see if I care.

I lowered the scissors again and combed some of the dark curly hair up and trimmed the smallest amount off. It didn't seem too bad, so I worked around some more.

"What about you, Abi, ever thought about a little bush work yourself?"

She laughed. "Don't be shy, Tom, say what you think!"

I shrugged, then realized it was almost a mistake with scissors so close to my cock.

"Only wondering. It's pretty common now, or so I understand."

She smiled. "Let's just worry about your bush for the moment, yeah?"

Five minutes after I started I was beginning to think that I might have taken a bit too much off, but there was no way to put it back, and I guessed it would grow out soon enough.

I had been concentrating so much - cutting with scissors close to your manhood will do that - I had almost, but not quite, forgotten about Abi. Then I became aware that as I trimmed I was starting to get aroused and my cock thickened until it lay heavily down inside my thighs.

I looked up at Abi and she was watching it with a smile. "It seems to be working, Tom. It definitely looks bigger now."

"Ha Ha," I said. "And it might get bigger yet."

"It's a good trick," Abi said.

I was aware of my heart beating in my chest. I was becoming incredibly aroused, and it occurred to me that it was because my sister was watching me. To begin with it had felt strange, and then I had forgotten about her and concentrated on what I was doing, but now the idea of trimming my pubic hair was turning me on, and the thought of doing it in front of Abi turned me on even more. I was sick, I thought, sick and perverted - Abi was my sweet sister, and I felt bad that my cock was responding like this.

"Sorry," I said. "Cocks, you know, kind of have a will of their own."

"Is that right?" Abi said. She was leaning forwards now, her elbows resting on her thighs.

"I guess you already know that," I said. "You've had boyfriends, haven't you?"

I knew Abi had been out with at least five guys, starting when she was fifteen. I didn't think there was anyone at the moment, but she had broken up with Doug only three months ago.

"You think I go around looking at cocks all the time, Tom?"

"I don't know, Abs. Do you?"

She snickered. "No such luck, Tom."

I laughed. "Abi, you have to be joking. You're a hot girl. All my friends would do anything to show you their... well, you know..."

Abi laughed back at me, then said, "You really think I'm hot, Tom?"

I glanced across at her. "Of course you are, Abi... really hot." The weirdness had just got weirder. I was tossing out compliments to my sister while my cock continued to fill with blood and grow hard.

To take my mind of things - as if it was likely to make things any better - I picked up the can of shaving foam and squirted some into my palm then used my fingers to rub it around the base of my shaft.

"What's that for?" Abi asked.

"I'm going to shave just around here," I said, pointing to the base of my cock where I had rubbed in the foam. "I think that's the important bit."

I used my other hand to move my cock aside. It had filled more and was now maybe five inches long, but still only partly erect. With the razor I started to work around the root, being careful not to remove too much.

"And your balls?" Abi asked.

"Not now," I said. "Maybe, some time, I'll see."

Her eyes were fixed on me as I worked. "I think it would look cool if you shaved your balls," she whispered.

I swallowed hard and continued to work. It was another five minutes before I finished and wiped the extra foam away with a damp cloth I had brought for that purpose. My cock was now over six inches and had started to lift up from my thigh.

When I looked at Abi her smile had gone, and her lips were slightly parted. If I hadn't know better I would have said she was getting horny.

"You okay, Ab?" I said.

She gave a little start as though I had surprised her. "Uh, yeah, fine Tom. Fine. It's really starting to work now, isn't it?"

"You're kidding me now, Abi. You know perfectly well what's happening here." I was feeling unbelievably excited now, and my cock twitched and filled more. Both Abi and I watched as it lifted clear of my leg and started to stand erect, extending and growing as blood filled the vessels and made it stiff. It was almost eight inches long now, and about as big as it got.

"When will it go down again?" Abi said, color in her cheeks.

I laughed. "You must know about cocks, Ab," I said. "Didn't any of your boyfriends get hard?"

"Not like that," she said. "Didn't have one who showed me their cock. Didn't want to see it, to be honest."

"But you don't mind looking at mine," I said.

"That's different," she said. "You're my brother, you're closer than a boyfriend. We tell each other stuff, don't we, Tom?"

"We do," I agreed. We always had been close that way. But that was that way... not this way.

"So does it?" She said. "I'm curious. You can tell me anything, Tom, you know that."

"Does it what, go down again? And does this arrangement work both ways, Ab? Are you going to tell me things too?"

"Yeah, will it go down on its own? And I might. What d'you want to know?"

"You know what guys do, don't you? Don't you do the same kind of thing too, when you get horny? I'll tell you what I do if you tell me, Ab." I was turning myself on even more now, and didn't care.

"Tell me what guys do, Tom?" Abi said. "If you tell me what you do, I'll think about telling you something back."

I couldn't tell if she was kidding or not. She must know what I wanted.

"What is it you do?" she asked again. She was definitely flushed now, and was sitting far forward in the chair, her arms hanging down between her legs. It was like she was trying to get as close to me as she could without getting up.

My embarrassment and shyness in front of my sister was being swept away by the feelings that ached in my cock and balls.

"I rub it... like this," I said, and put my hand around the fat middle section and started to stroke it up towards the engorged head and back down.

"And does that make it go down?" Abi said, "It looks to me like it's making it bigger."

And she was right. I felt more aroused than I had ever done in my life. The dark head of my cock was huge, purple and engorged, the sharp ridge beneath the head delineating it from the long pale thickness below. Veins showed blue winding along my length, and the central slit at the top was starting to leak clear fluid.

"Eventually," I said, rubbing a little faster.

"How long does it usually take?" Abi asked. Her voice was soft and husky at the same time.

"That depends."

"On what?"

"On how excited I am."

"And how excited are you now, Tom?"

"Very," I said. I spread the clear fluid leaking from the head with a fingertip and began to stroke again. "But I should warn you, Ab, you know what's going to happen if I keep doing this."

"What's going to happen, Tom?"

I couldn't believe she didn't know. I think she wanted me to tell her, to talk about it.

"I'm going to cum if I keep rubbing it like this," I said. Already I could feel the ache spreading from my balls, moving back inside my ass. I was going to have to be careful or it would all be over immediately. I had never felt this aroused before.

"Tell me what happens when you cum," Abi said.

She was definitely teasing me now, but I was turning myself on by talking to her about it and didn't want to stop.

"Well, if I keep on rubbing like this," and I stroked myself for a while as she watched. "It starts to leak this clear fluid from the top."

I lifted my finger and spread some more around, turned my hand and showed it to Abi.

"And then if I rub it some more," and my hand returned to my cock. "I get really excited, and I cum."

"You said that. So what happens when you cum?"

"I shoot semen out of my cock, Abs," I said.

"What's that?"

"It's this stuff that comes out. It's white and slippery and sticky at the same time. It shoots out of my cock."

"How far, Tom. How far does it shoot, this cum?"

"That depends. Sometimes about a foot. Other times maybe two foot."

"How long does it take?"

"That depends too. Some days it might take fifteen minutes. Other times, if I'm feeling really horny, it might only take two or three."

"You've been rubbing a while now, Tom. Are you going to cum soon?"

"I think pretty soon, yeah."

"Wow... I really want to see that..." she whispered.

"You do?"

Abi just nodded.

"You don't think it's weird, watching me do this?"

She took her gaze off my cock for a moment to look at my face and shook her head. "S'not weird, is it?"

I was beyond caring. I had felt uncomfortable earlier on, but now my only thoughts were on my cock and the pressure that was building.

I stroked my hand from the base to the tip of my cock. Each time it reached the base I could feel the bare skin against my hand where I had shaved myself, and it made me even hotter. I was building a wonderful rhythm now, speeding and slowing, wanting to cum but trying to make myself last.

I lowered my other hand and cupped my heavy balls just as they began to tighten and I thought I was about to spurt and bit my lip and held it back. I wanted to cum so much now, but I was still worried about doing it in front of Abi.

"You must know about this stuff, Ab," I said. "Girls do this too, don't they?"

"I don't have one of those!" Abi said.

"You know what I mean," I said, breathing hard now, my words coming out between gasps. "You must - have played - with yourself - down there."

"Maybe..." Abi admitted. "But I don't squirt any white stuff," she said.

"I suppose not," I grunted.

"A little clear stuff, if I'm very excited, but it's not white."

"Clear stuff?" I said.

"Yeah, clear stuff. I thought," she giggled," I thought I'd peed when I first did it. Then I looked it up and it happens to some girls. Sometimes we squirt a bit."

"Fuck Abi, really?" I said. The thought of my pretty sister squirting girl cum out of her pussy was almost more than I could stand and I felt my own cum start to rise inside my cock and I squeezed hard and held it back.

"Talk to me, Tom," she said softly. "Tell me what it feels like... describe it to me..."

"I might not be... very coherent Abs..."

"Just talk," she said.

"I'm really close to cumming now, Ab. There's this ache that doesn't hurt... deep inside my balls and... and up inside my ass too..."

"Your ass," she whispered, hardly audible.

"Yeah... and the whole of my cock feels... feels hot and aches as well... but the head... particularly the head feels so good... and the faster I rub... and I need to rub fast now Abs... I'm so fucking close to cumming now... the faster I... oh fuck, it's cumming Ab... if I rub fast like... like this... oh fuck! Abs I'm cumming now! Here it comes!" I shouted.

My balls began to churn and I felt a spasm rise up my cock, from the base to the head, and looked down just as the first thick jet of cum shot out and arced up and onto my chest.

"Wow," I heard Abi whisper, and then I was lost to all sensation other than the blasts of cum that rushed out of me and landed on my chest, my stomach and my arms.

"Wow," Abi said again, "You didn't say there'd be so much of it. And that is definitely more than two feet!"

I giggled, gently rubbing the last wonderful sensations in my cock. "That was quite a load, even for me," I said. "I guess I must have been over-excited."

Abi just stared, watching as my cock began to deflate, twitching as it shrank, lying back down against my thigh. I took the damp cloth and began to wipe myself off.

Abi got up and came across to me. She stood at the edge of the bed and then reached her finger to my stomach, dipping it into a pool of cum. She lifted her hand to her face and studied it, rubbing it between her fingers.

"Not as icky as I thought," she said, and sniffed her fingers. For a moment I thought she was going to lick them, but she lowered her hand and wiped it on the bedclothes.

She turned and walked to the door, then looked back at me. "That was fun, Tom. Can I watch you do that again sometime?"

"I don't know if that's a good idea, Abi," I replied. Now I had cum I was starting to feel bad about the way I had exhibited myself to my sister.

"No? That's a shame, I rather liked the show..."

"It just feels a bit, you know... a bit weird."


"Well... because you're my sister."

"And that makes it weird?"

She was smiling now, teasing me again, I was sure.

"Didn't it feel weird to you, Ab, watching me do that?"

She seemed to think about it for a while, looking off to one side, then she shook her head hard, blonde curls flying. "Felt good, to tell the truth. It looked like you got pretty worked up as well - or was that normal for you?"

I think I probably blushed. "Well, maybe, yeah, I did get carried away some..." I said.

"Hmm," she sighed. "So how about it, Tom?"

"How about what?"

"Another show next week?"

"I don't' know... let me think about it." I was beginning to feel really uncomfortable now, with my shorts still around my ankles, my cock laid back between my thighs, cum cooling on my stomach.

Abi grinned wickedly and said, "Tell you what, Tom. You let me watch that again, I might let you do the same back. You were right, girls do stuff as well."

I gulped. "Like... you mean..."

She smiled wickedly. "Maybe... only maybe though - I need to think about that as well - and it depends on how good a show you can put on next time."

Before I could think of anything else to say she turned and went out of my room.

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