tagIncest/TabooShowing It All Ch. 03

Showing It All Ch. 03


It was Tuesday evening when, over supper, Dad said "Tom, Abi, something's come up next weekend." He looked at us both, an expression on his face I couldn't read, and Abi and I looked back, waiting. "Would you two be OK on your own, if your mother and I go out of town?"

"What's up?" I asked.

"You remember Don Martin? He's the main Toyota agent for the region. He's arranged a golf tournament out on the coast, and he says we have to go. Everyone will be there. All the main people, a couple of high-ups flying in from Japan. He says if we want to expand, we need be there. Both your mother and I need to be there."

"Sounds important," Abi said. "You have to go."

"You can manage the garage on Saturday, you're both old enough and experienced enough now. I'll make sure everyone knows you're running the show."

"This will be good for business," I said. "You have to do it. How do you feel about it, Mom?"

Our mother smiled. She was good looking, but quiet and unassuming. She always went along with whatever Dad wanted. She would do the same this time.

"I think I might enjoy myself," she said. "All the other wives are going to be there, and I know most of them, so it's going to be just a get together for us. The men will be playing golf, boasting about how good business is. I can enjoy the health club, get a massage and chill out. It'll be wonderful."

And that was it. Early Saturday morning they got into Dad's new Lexus and waved as they drove away.

I turned to Abi as we walked back inside. I wanted badly to grab her and tear her clothes off right then, but I did nothing. Now we had the house to ourselves until Tuesday morning. Now it was real. There was nothing to stop us doing anything - anything - we wanted. Nothing except ourselves.

It wasn't quite 8 a.m. and we needed to be at the showroom in thirty minutes to open up. The drive was fifteen minutes.

I pushed the front door closed and Abi stopped in the hallway and turned to me.

"What d'you want to do tonight then, Tom?" She said. There was a tiny, wicked smile on her lips, and she looked sexier than I had ever seen her.

I shrugged. "I'm easy," I said.

She laughed. "I'd guessed that! Wanna hang out here and chill?"

"Sure," I said.

"Alice wanted me to go around to her place. She wants to have a girls night and watch movies and bitch about guys."

"Uh-huh," I said. "Ask her round here. I like Alice."

Abi moved towards me and punched me on the shoulder. "I bet you do. But no way. I'll tell her I'm busy."

"And are you going to be busy?"

"I might be," she said. This time when she reached and touched my shoulder her hand was flat and her touch soft. "We might find something to do, yeah?"

"Yeah," I said, my voice tight.

"Work." Abi said, suddenly serious. "Get your ass in gear and let's go sell some cars. Show Dad we can do this."

Abi and I rode into work together, she quiet in the right hand seat, staring out through the window for the short drive.

As soon as I'd opened the showroom she climbed the spiral staircase to the upper floor. I saw her disappear from site and pictured her sitting at her PC. I couldn't imagine her working, but I wasn't sure what I imagined her doing. Ever since Dad's announcement on Tuesday I had been unsettled, fighting the wild thoughts that raced around inside my head. Fighting the big thought that kept pushing everything else aside - would I get to touch Abi tonight? How far would we go?

If she was willing, did I really want to fuck my sister? And then - God, if she did let me, I'd need some condoms. Where the hell could I get those without everyone knowing?

Soon the rest of the staff began to drift in. Mike and Helen, who were married, arrived first, then Pat on his own, and finally Wendy - the gorgeous, fragrant Wendy.

"Hi Tom," she said, sashaying in, swaying her hips as she walked past me, and I turned to watch her move along the length of the showroom to her desk at the far end.

It was probably the thought of what Abi and I might do tonight, but everything was turning me on today. Not that Wendy didn't usually turn me on.

Wendy was in her mid twenties, married to a salesman who was often away from home. She was formed as though someone had sat down, taken all the elements that made up a woman, thrown away the poor parts and put only the best into one package: Wendy.

She had shoulder length black hair that curled around a pretty face. Her eyes were large, light brown with tiny flecks of green, framed by long lashes. Her cheekbones were high and sculpted, her nose small with a little button turn up at the end. Her mouth was wide and she had the kind of puffed lips you thought only came about through surgery, but they had been like that as long as I'd known her.

From her elegant neck down things got even better. Her boobs were high and firm and large, always with some cleavage showing because she either wore a low cut dress, or a blouse as today, one more button undone than was normal.

Her waist was tiny and her hips blossomed out from there. Her ass filled her skirt wonderfully, and her legs were long and lean. She always wore high heels, and whenever she walked her hips swayed.

She turned around as she reached her desk and stared back down the showroom at me.

"Are you okay, Tom?" she said. "You look a bit flushed today."

I coughed and turned away. "Fine, Wendy. Fine."

Until recently Wendy had been my fantasy woman. I had lost count of the number of times I had jacked off to images of her, at least twice a week, sometimes twice a day, particularly if she had been in a sassy mood at work. There were just some days when she seemed to take great pleasure in teasing me.

She must surely have know the effect she had, and she would stand too close so I was enclosed in the scent of her perfume, accidentally brush against me as she passed, bend down to put a file away and make sure I could see directly down her blouse and into that soft valley between her pale breasts.

Unfortunately for me, given my erotic thoughts about my sister, that Saturday seemed to be one of Wendy's more outrageous days. Before we had even opened up she squeezed past me to reach for a file on a couple who were due to pick a new car up, then bent down and I'm sure deliberately stuck her ass out towards me.

"Sorry Tom, was I in your way?" she said as she straightened up with the file and went back to her own desk.

I just watched her go and then went to open the main doors. The funny thing was, for all the way Wendy flirted, I never felt that she would ever take it any further. It was all show, all teasing, and nothing more. There was something, under all the show, of someone innocent and a maybe just a bit hurt.

The day was long, and I needed something to distract me, but early there were few customers. By eleven only five people had come onto the lot, and only one of those had walked inside.

I told Mike I was going upstairs and climbed the spiral staircase to the upper floor. It was here that Abi and Helen worked, processing orders, arranging finance for customers, checking stock levels and arranging for deliveries. Depending on the time of year they might be working flat out, at other times, like now, they were quiet and I often found them reading, messing around, or surfing the web. Today was a web day.

I pulled a chair up next to Abi, making sure I was sitting a correct distance from her, and looked at what she was doing. Abi and Helen had deep desks pulled back to back with a low barrier between them. Neither could see the other's screen unless they deliberately walked around. Which today was a good thing.

Abi had a web page up showing pictures of shaved female genitals.

I leaned in close and whispered, "What the fuck are you doing?"

She glanced at me and smiled sweetly. "No one can see. I was curious what it would look like if I shaved everything off."

I looked at the image currently displayed. A naked woman showing from the knees to the shoulders, legs slightly parted, her pubic area completely hairless, the inner lips of her labia just showing. I felt my cock respond and sat back.

"You'd look good," I whispered.

Helen looked around her monitor and smiled at us in a distracted way, maybe wondering what we were whispering about.

Abi leaned towards me and said, "D'you think Wendy shaves completely? I bet she does."

"Wendy?" I said.

Abi smirked. "Don't tell me you haven't thought about Wendy!"

I shrugged.

Abi laughed softly and Helen glanced over at us again, then went back to her screen.

"I've seen the way your tongue hangs out when she's around. And I've seen the way she acts as well. I bet she'd let you fuck her if you tried."

"But she's almost thirty," I said. "And besides, she's way out of my league. And another besides - I don't think she would," I added, still whispering. "There's something wrong there, something off."

Abi looked at me and pulled a face. "But you do think she's more beautiful than me, don't you?"

Shit! "No, of course she's not... just different. You know how I feel about you, Abs." I looked at her with a puppy dog face, hoping I might be forgiven.

"I think she's more beautiful... in a kind of slutty way. You do think she's slutty, don't you?"

A way out? I tried for it. "Of course she is."

"Her husband seems nice though."

"He's okay, I guess," I said. I didn't really know him, had met him only a couple of times at staff barbecues. To be honest he'd always struck me as too macho for his own good. I could imagine him out on the road, bedding any woman that fell for him, while the gorgeous Wendy waited alone at home.

Just thinking about it sent me off on a little fantasy: Wendy alone, having to find ways to satisfy the needs her husband was neglecting; Wendy in the bath pleasuring herself; Wendy in bed with a small dildo...

Abi clicked on the back link and then selected a different web page. This time there was a picture of a naked man, also completely shaved.

"What about this?" she asked.

I looked. "What about it?"

"Are you ready for that?"

"I'm not sure," I said.

"But I bet you'd like me completely shaved, wouldn't you?" Abi moved her leg so it was pressed against mine and smiled sweetly at me. "Would you like to help me do that later on tonight?"

"If you need some help, sure."

She leaned close to me and whispered. "I'll let you shave me - shave me completely - but only if you let me do the same to you."

"I dunno about that, Abs. What if someone sees me?"

"Who's going to care? Tell them you like it. Don't tell them anything."

"I dunno," I said again.

The phone on Helen's desk rang from an internal line and she picked up, listened, then looked at me. "It's Mike. There's a hot prospect downstairs and he wants to know if you feel like going for the deal."

"Me?" I said. Dad never let me close a deal.

"Yeah, you, Tom. We've been told you're in charge today." She smiled.

"Uh, okay, tell him I'll be down now."

She nodded and passed the information on. I wriggled in my chair, reluctant to get up immediately in front of Helen, reluctant to let her see the arousal Abi had caused. But I couldn't just sit there. Abi saved me by passing over a glossy brochure containing details on the new Lexus range, and I used that to cover myself as I stood and walked back to the stairs. I kept my face turned directly ahead, not looking at either Abi or Helen.

Coming down the spiral steps I could see a tall man and willowy woman talking with Mike and Wendy.

"Ah, this is Tom, our senior salesman, I'll let him tell you a bit more about the LS 600h," Mike said, then added, "Tom, this is Mr. and Mrs Graham. They're new to town, moved into Manor Heights and they're interested in the new LS - the hybrid model."

I shook hands and walked them over the showroom to the display car, opened the doors and let them sit inside, smell the deep leather. The husband sat behind the wheel. Nine times of of ten it was always the man who sits behind the wheel. He ran his hands over the wood rim, cupped the large auto selector in his palm.

"I can take you out for a test drive if you like," I said. "We have a demonstrator in this exact same model."

He looked up at me and smiled, and I could feel the deal was almost done. He was physically aroused by this car. His wife sat beside him, smiling as well, leaning far back into the deep seats and stretching her slim legs out.

"Just let me get the keys and we'll take it out," I said.

I led them outside to where a dark blue model sat and opened it with the remote then handed the key fob to the man. "You drive," I said, and slid into the huge back seat. "What do you drive now?" I asked.

"Mercedes," he said.

"Nice car."

"Very nice," he said.

He slid the fob into its slot under the wheel and pressed a button on the dash. From the silence inside you couldn't tell the engine had started, and in fact it hadn't. Mr. Graham pressed down on the accelerator and we moved away in complete silence. The electric motor would power us for half a mile. When the engine did kick in, the silence inside didn't change

"So why d'you want to change? I know the Lexus is a beautiful car, and probably the most advanced technology you can buy, but the Merc's pretty good too."

"Oh, we'll probably keep the Mercedes," his wife said as her husband pulled out of the lot. He turned left with the traffic, heading out of town.

"How far can we go?" he asked.

"As far as you like. Just so long as I'm back in an hour, or they'll send out the cavalry. Why not take it up to the freeway and along to exit 4, then back along the country roads so you can get a feel for different surfaces."

He nodded. "Sounds good."

Once on the freeway the guy, after doing the usual business of kicking down to see what acceleration was like (phenomenal), he pulled it back to just under seventy. I pointed out the stalk to set cruise control and he removed his foot from the accelerator. All was hushed and smooth inside the car.

"So this would be an additional purchase," I said.

"The Merc's smaller. We thought Abi could have it as her car and I'd get something bigger. This feels good... Tom?" He raised his voice up at the end, unsure if he had remembered my name correctly.

"Tom, yeah," I said, smiling.

The first exit was coming up and he indicated and pulled off, swung around underneath and got back going in the other direction.

"Me too," he said, and I was confused, not sure what he was talking about. "I'm Tom as well. I've seen enough," he added, "Let's go back and cut a deal. How about this demonstrator - is it available now?"

I swallowed. Now I would have to come up with a sweetener, and I just hoped whatever it was Tom Graham would bite, and when Dad got back he wouldn't ball me out for being too easy.

As it turned out, a small discount and the offer of a couple of low-cost options sealed the deal and within an hour all papers were signed. Tom Graham was obviously not short of money, because he paid the full amount using a black American Express card, the kind that has no limit. It certainly made no objection to the $110,000 he put on it that afternoon.

By three everything had been arranged and cleared and arrangements were made for them to pick the new car up Tuesday.

As I walked back in from the lot after seeing them off, all the staff burst into a round of applause. Abi kissed me on the cheek, then Helen, and finally Wendy, pressing those large soft breasts against me and kissing me on the mouth. Arousal time again, and I wondered if I was going to make it until tonight.

By six o'clock everyone else had left, and I locked up the showroom and walked across to where Abi waited in our car. As I slid in behind the wheel it suddenly struck me I was following the stereotypes I had noticed earlier. I got out, walked around and opened Abi's door, and said, "Drive us home."

She slid across, climbing over the central arm-rest, and I sat in the passenger seat.

"Did you mean what you said earlier?" I asked as she drove. Abi drove well, fast enough, but without the aggression most men have.

"What did I say earlier?" she said.

"About tonight. Letting me shave you," I said.

"As long as it goes both ways. You really screwed that job on your balls, Tom. I simply have to sort that out."

"Okay," I nodded.

"You hungry?" she asked.

I thought about it, and realized I was very hungry. I had missed lunch because of the deal on the Lexus. But I had other things on my mind than hunger - food could wait.

"I could eat," I said. "But I'm not in a rush."

"Good," she said.


She nodded. "Good."

I turned in the seat to look across at her. She held her hands in the perfect position on the wheel, her slim body relaxed in the seat, and she was absolutely, completely gorgeous.

"I'm feeling really excited, Abs - and very nervous."

"Me too," she said, staring ahead.

I reached across and touched her leg, high up, my fingers curling inwards on her thigh, and she smiled.


"What is it?"

"You wouldn't believe how wet I've been all day. My panties are completely soaked through."

"Hmm," I said. "We'd better do something about that, then."

"You can't fuck me, Tom," she said. "There's no way I'm going to risk getting pregnant, not to my own brother."

"We could call in somewhere, get something."

She shook her head. "We'll work it out. I don't want to stop now."

I stroked her leg and let my hand drift up, my little finger touching her directly over her pussy.

"Stop, or I'm gonna lose control," she said.

"That's what I'm hoping," but I pulled my hand back as Abi turned into our drive and parked up in front of the house.

I opened the front door and held it for her, followed her in and closed it behind me as she turned and put her arms around my waist and lifted her mouth to mine. Before, we had only ever kissed like brother and sister. This time it was different. Her lips opened and her tongue darted out to meet mine. Our kiss lasted minutes, changing, becoming deeper and more desperate, and then she pulled back and looked into my eyes.

"Let's go shower," she said.

I followed her up the stairs and into the family bathroom she and I shared, watched as she unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off. I removed my own shirt, unbuttoned my pants and tugged them off. My cock was unbelievably hard, and had left a large wet patch on the font of my shorts.

Abi hesitated for a moment in her bra and panties, looking at me, looking down at the ridge in my shorts, then she reached around and unclipped her bra, then pulled her panties down. She had been right about them. The front was soaked from her juices, and once she was naked I could smell the sex rising off her body.

I pulled my own shorts down and stepped towards her, wrapped my arms around her and let my erect cock flatten against her belly. She lifted on her toes, pressing her naked breasts against me, her hard nipples rubbing against my chest, and we kissed again.

Abi turned on the shower and said, "Sensible now, Tom. I don't want your hand slipping."

I nodded as she stepped under the water, and I followed behind her with the shaving foam and a razor.

"Now?" I said.

She bit her lower lip and nodded. The shower cubicle in our bathroom was large, and she slid down the tiled wall and parted her legs. She had not shaved since the previous week and very short stubble had started to form. I grabbed the shower head with its long hose and knelt in front of her, sprayed the jet of water onto her belly and down onto her pussy. She moaned and twitched.

"Careful Tom, or you're going to make me cum."

"D'you want to cum first?" I said, playing more water over her pussy. She shivered each time the spray touched her plump labia.

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