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Showing My Wife


My wife Lois and I grew up in the country, met when we were nineteen and twenty, got married a year later and started our life together. The first two years were fast and furious. We worked hard and played hard. Our love life was great. As the new wore off, we made love a little less, but just as intensely. I became aware of Penthouse Forum first after picking up a copy left in the locker room at work. Later, I purchased my own copy. Eventually I shared some of the letters with Lois. She dismissed them at first, and told me to find something better to read. However I noticed that the first few times she read some letters herself, our lovemaking was more animated than usual. I asked her why she was so horny if the letters were that inferior. She teasingly said that she was turned on by my body, not the letters.

As more time went by, we began talking about the letters, discussing the various situations that turned us on. One Friday night we were out for dinner when our waiter began paying particular attention to Lois. Now Lois is a petite blonde, 5'2",115 lbs., with perky 32C breasts. At this time she was tanned and dressed in a button up blouse and medium length skirt. The waiter was a young man probably fresh out of high school. He seemed to barely notice me. I mentioned to Lois that she had an admirer. She of course dismissed me as being too imaginative. I dared her to unbutton another button on her blouse and see if I was right. At first she seemed reluctant, but then a sly smile came across her beautiful mouth. She went to the rest room and came back. Sure enough, a button was loosened on her blouse allowing some cleavage to come into view. Our waiter noticed immediately. He seemed to be very flustered from then on. That evening, our lovemaking was especially intense and vocal.

The following morning, I complemented her on how sexy she had been. She blushed a little but I finally got her to admit that her little exposure to our young waiter had really turned her on. That evening, we went to the movies. I suggested her wardrobe and she readily agreed. She wore a very short black skirt with 5" heels, garter belt with stockings, push-up half bra, crotchless panties and a thin, tight light tan scoop neck sweater top. She did her hair and makeup with a little extra flair. She looked stunning and very different from the cute young girl I had married. At the movies, we kissed frequently and I copped a feel of her legs during the film. A couple a few seats down seemed to be attracted to our frequent caresses. When we got home, Lois did a slow strip. As I helped her with her clothes, I remarked how turned on she was. She took off her bra, but left her stockings, panties, garter belt and shoes as I thoroughly ate her pussy out. She was very vocal. We made love several times that night.

The next week we read some stories about exhibitionism. We were both turned on and made love several times that night. I suggested to Lois that I help her with her wardrobe and then cruise the mall the next weekend. Friday night I chose a short denim mini skirt, shimmering cream and gold thong, 4" heels and a tight fitting top with a demi bra. The top was navy and had a low cut semi V neck. I dropped Lois off at one end of the mall and then drove over to the other side. I entered on the bottom level and looked for her as I "window shopped" my way down the mall. About half way down, I saw her looking at the display of a trendy shoe store. As I caught her eye she smiled and winked. She seemed to nod to a young guy a few stores down. I walked on by and noticed him really watching Lois. She entered the shoe store and browsed a while. After a time, a young salesman approached and asked if he could help her. She asked for some 5" heels in various colors.

I watched from the opposite side of the store front as she tried on first one and then another pair of shoes. She seemed to spend quite a while raising and then spreading her legs as the young salesman tried hard to conceal his semi hard on. Finally, Lois selected a pair of sexy cream colored 5" heels and wore them out. Her other admirer had awkwardly waited as she exited the shoe store. He followed her from a distance until she turned into the restroom area. Nervously he followed behind her. I was a distance behind and also went to the men's room. Her young admirer used the urinal and seemed to be straining to get his cock back into his jeans. As he left, I spent a little extra time washing my hands. When I came out, Lois was coming out of the ladies room. She smiled subtly and walked ahead. Her admirer was back in the mall proper, but not too far away. When she passed him I saw her hand him something and say thanks. As I walked past I saw him hold up and then try to conceal something cream colored with gold trim. Her panties.

She began walking briskly the way she had come from. I went back to the car and drove back around to the original drop off spot. We barely made it home. I felt her dripping pussy all the way back and believe me; her denim skirt was soaked when I finally took it off her and ate her pussy. We were both so turned on and horny. I can hardly wait for the next girl's night out.

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dumb cuck shit from another cum-eating "author".

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