tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShowing Off At Spring Break

Showing Off At Spring Break


(Thanks and lots of kisses to Victoria for helping me with this one also.)

Paula couldn't believe her luck. Here she was, in Panama City, for Spring Break! She had come down with two long-time friends from high school, and as a surprise to the other two; she had managed to score tickets for the big hip-hop concert that would be shown on MTV.

As she slid into her red bikini and high heels, she started feeling wet between her legs from excitement. She tried to ignore her horniness, deciding that it would have to wait until after the concert though, because she was already running late. The girls had barely made it to the venue just in time to sneak in.

As Paula started winding her way through the crowd, she felt the numerous grabs and touches from all the horny guys. The touches were electric against her skin as she was being pushed until she felt rough hands grabbing her. In a moment, she was at the side of the venue looking at four guys wearing black t- shirts and she quickly noted the massive biceps with corded muscles.

In the few moments before she could find her voice and could speak, one of the groups "Security" team asked for her ticket. Paula grew flustered as she felt around her bikini looking for it, but couldn't find it. As she began to freak out, one of the other three security team told her she'd be all right if she helped them with a little side bet.

Paula's ears perked up as she asked what the bet was. The guard who had mentioned the bet then explained that his buddies told him that a woman took a while to get herself off. He told her that of she could prove them right or wrong. She could stay and even get a backstage pass out of it. Paula started getting wet just thinking about it. As the security guys pulled out a chair for her, she shed her red bottoms and her top, and then sat down on the now towel-covered chair. She was wearing only her high heels now, with her full, taut body exposed. She watched as the security guys surrounded her.

"I'll need some incentive first fellas, if you want it done right," she cooed before she began to touch herself. The guys all got the message and it only took a few lowered zippers to suddenly surround Paula with the long fantasized about vision of four long, hard cocks hanging over her.

As she looked around, she felt her nipples harden and her pussy moisten more. Her hands began to slowly blaze a path as she lowered them down to her shaven box and began her exploration. As if they had wills of their own, her left hand stretched her lips apart as the fingers from her right hand began to touch in all the right places. She started to moan loudly as the guys around her began to stroke themselves. She watched wide-eyed as she saw their cocks grow longer and harder right in front of her.

She began to salivate as she imagined her mouth sucking each cock in turn, and then feeling her pussy being fucked by two of these studs at a time, but for right now, she settled for just pleasing them visually.

As she felt her orgasm begin, she began writhing in her chair; rotating her hips and sinuously licking her lips with the tip of her pink tongue. Slowly she inched the fingers of her right hand deeper as the left hand pulled the lips of her pussy wider. She caught the movement of one of the guards as he tried to hold in his orgasm. She knew he wanted to fuck her, and she assured them that she wanted them to cum and that she needed to see them cum in order to finish properly.

The one guard by her left elbow was about to lose it. Suddenly, he climaxed. She felt the first hot shot as it landed on her tits, causing Paula to moan in delight at the sight of it. Then the guard by her left foot groaned as he shot off. The second load landed near her belly button.

Paula's earlier horniness was peaking and her own climax was drawing closer. She wanted to hold it off as long as she could, but the two loads of cum that had landed on her upper body, and knowing there were two more waiting to be released, she was nearly frantic as she fought to remain controlled.

She asked the two guards who had just climaxed, to move to each high heel covered foot, and then lift them so they rested on their muscled thighs. The two guards, who had not climaxed yet, took a few steps back then shifted into new places and stood a little closer to Paula's body.

Paula stopped her hand movements, but only long enough for the two guards; their lovely cocks now each semi-hard again, lifted her feet to their thighs as asked. A shock of electric need shot down Paula's spine and centered in her pussy, causing her juices to seep out from between her wide spread lips as a low moan escaped from between the lips of her slightly parted, red rouged mouth.

The guard who held her right foot was now fully engorged and erect again and the sight of the flowing juice was too much. He stroked his cock and watched as the second load landed just above the girl's wet pussy and began to run down over the fingers she was fucking her self with.

She moaned loudly again, as she felt the third load coat her fingers as it landed on her body. She had no time to recover as she felt another load land on her right breast and yet another land just above her pussy.

This continued, with each guard shooting on her, until cum covered her chest from chin to thigh.

She'd never been cum on so much, or by so many. These four lovely cocks just kept cumming and cumming. She had held back her own shattering climax long enough.

With two hard and deep fucks with three fingers, tt took only a moment for her to finish cumming. The two guards, who were still holding her feet, lowered them to the ground, as the two by her elbows helped her stand. Paula was reluctant to leave the area after watching each of these guys she had pleased, shoot their loads until her upper body was covered in cum.

As she tried to grab her bikini, one of the security guys handed her a concert t- shirt instead.

"We'll keep this until after the show. We'll meet you backstage and can get it then. Besides, the band members love the scent of cum on the girls that visit them, and you'll need escorts to their area."

Paula was excited, as she was lead back to the VIP area... briefly forgetting about her two high school friends; but knew, when she told them about this later, they would completely understand and be forgiving... not to mention just a little jealous.

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