tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShowing Off At Spring Break Ch. 02

Showing Off At Spring Break Ch. 02


(More thanks to Victoria for all the assistance she provided.)

Foreshadowing: After being covered in cum-shots from her tits to her pussy, by the four- member "Security Team", Paula was given a black "Security" t-shirt, told not to clean up and then escorted to the VIP concert viewing area. The "Security Team" promised to return for the trio and escort them to the backstage band area at the end of the concert..


"Oh my fucking god," Phoebe-Paige breathed excitedly. "Where did you find those hunks?"

"Yeah," Piper-Jean echoed, "Where? Come on Paula, no holding out! You know the rule! You have to share the skinny." Piper Jean was grinning, but her words were barely heard over the all the cheering as the first band entered onto the over-lit stage.

"They found me; but let me tell you during the intermission," Paula said, "and I promise to tell you all of it. And no ladies, I won't leave anything out!" Paula grinned to the other two girls who sat on either side of her. It was a good thing that she was going to fill them in during intermission. There was no way she could have told them all of it now, because she'd never have been heard over all the cheering and screaming that accompanied the first four groups.

Finally the intermission was announced and two of the Security staff came back to see if the girls wanted any drinks or anything to eat. There were eight more groups to go and another scheduled intermission, so if they were hungry, they'd best speak up now. The girls quickly gave their drink orders and the two guys disappeared and returned shortly with trays of drinks and eats.

Phoebe-Paige eyed the 6-foot 6-inch blonde up and down and set her sights on sampling his goodies as soon as possible and hopefully again later. She'd been horny to feel him between her legs ever since he first showed up with a disheveled, cum-smelling Paula in tow. She didn't need to ask Paula what had happened to cause her delay in meeting them, she knew! She nearly spilled her Pina Colada when she realized that the object of her wayward thoughts had just spoken to her and when she hadn't answered, he had lightly touched her shoulder.

"W-w-what did you say? I'm sorry I didn't hear you the first time." The giant sat down in the empty seat next to her and repeated what he'd said.

"Do you like what you see?" he said as he bent lower. "If so, then you and your lady friends could help us settle a bet we have going. Are you game?" The built, bulky security team member couldn't keep his eyes off Phoebe-Paige's cleavage and felt his 9-inch cock growing as he imagined giving her a tit-fuck, until he shot his load all over them. She had the most beautiful full globes he'd seen ever fill out a swim top.

"I certainly do like what I see. Are you offering a sample?" Phoebe-Paige couldn't believe she'd just asked this brute with the massive arms something that forward, but she couldn't take it back now. It had been said... it was out there. She had to screw up her courage and continue.

"If I could persuade you to get me another Pina Colada, I'd love to help you with that bet... or we can talk about a side wager, if you'd like."

"Why don't you accompany me to the VIP bar? It's down these stairs and practically right under where we're sitting." He stood up to his full height and held out his hand to help her up from her chair.

"Shall we?" He took her hand as Phoebe-Paige told the other two girls she was gong to the VIP bar with the security escort and she'd return shortly. Taking his hand, the pair took off, rounded the railing and headed down the stairs and soon disappeared from sight.

At the bottom stair, he pulled her around the end of the railing and into the dark well beneath the stairs where they'd be out of view. He reached behind Phoebe-Paige and undid her swim top as he felt her hands undo his zipper.

"Oh yeah, baby. Take my monster out. Suck him to get me good and hard. I want to fuck these tits of yours and cum on them. Do you like that? My standing bet with the other three is that you do like titty fucking. Your tits are perfect for it."

He watched Phoebe-Paige take his 9-inch monster between her hands and lead it up to her mouth, and then he felt her lips close as far over it as they could go and then she began to work it in and out between her lips, sucking it really deep as she bathed his now hard length with her talented tongue.

He pulled her swim bottoms away from her body and shoved his hand down into the wetness between her legs. He could smell her arousal, and he knew she'd be wet. Quickly he slid two fingers into her sopping wet pussy and began to fuck her, stroking her 'g' spot over and over as she continued to swallow his rock hard beast.

Phoebe-Paige opened her legs wider to allow better access for this giant's big hand, and felt her pussy lips spread wider as he pushed a third finger into her sopping wet box. She'd never had three fingers fuck her before, the most the guys at school ever got inside her, was two. Her hips began moving in sync with his thrusting fingers and she took his cock more deeply into her mouth as she felt it begin to slide in and out of her mouth as he face-fucked her.

"Oh yeah, baby! Suck that thing! Take him all the way in. Mmmm, yeah!" He began to fuck her mouth faster and faster and she was expecting him to pull out so he could give her the tit-fuck he had talked about. Phoebe-Paige wanted to feel the load that she knew this guy was building land on her tits. She knew that it would be large, hot, and thick.

She felt the fingers in her pussy moving faster and faster when he suddenly pulled one out and pushed it into her ass. His hips were beginning to move faster as well as she felt his cock go deep into her throat. With a primal growl she suddenly felt him shoot his load into her mouth and she could do nothing but swallow all of it.

He was still fucking her month as well as her ass and pussy when she felt her own climax release all over his fingers as it began to run down her inner thighs, making them slick as she became aware of the fact that he had finally stopped cumming. He pulled his monster, now sated, from between her lips, turned her around and sat her down on a near-by box.

"Let's get your drink and get you back upstairs. We'll be picking this up after the concert is over. I haven't cum on your tits yet, and I intend to. Pull your swim bottoms up and fix your top." Phoebe-Paige merely nodded and did as he told her, acting quickly. They walked to the bar, got her drink and returned to the others just as the house lights flashed, signaling an end to intermission. Thanking him for the escort down and back, she took her chair, gingerly, sitting on Paula's left once again.

The other two girls had watched how she sat down and as soon as the guys were gone, the two turned to Phoebe-Paige and waited. They didn't have long.

"The guy is massive both in length and girth! He's 9 inches of hard steel. And his cum? OMFG! He gives it by the gallon! Damn near choked me on it when he came. He was going to give me a titty-fuck but got carried away fucking my mouth as I got him ready and he came in my mouth while he fucked my pussy with two fingers and my ass with one.

"All three holes, girls," Phoebe-Paige giggled and continued, "all three at once! I win that bet!" The girls giggled as the house lights went down and the stage lit up for the second set of bands. Each girl had her mind on the "Security Team" members and wondered which of them would get pussy, or anal, fucked first; and which girl was going to be lucky enough to have two fucking her at once.

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