tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShowing Off at the Beach

Showing Off at the Beach


This is a true story. I was house-sitting for some friends who live near the beach in Florida in mid-September. I decided to go jogging one morning on the beach, which is only about a block from their house. So I walked over to the beach, and put my stuff down on one of the beach chairs in front of the high rise resort there. After jogging down the beach and back for about 35 minutes, I had worked up a pretty good sweat, so I decided to take a dip in the ocean. Figuring that I might want to do this, I had worn my swim trunks to go jogging. And when I wear my swim trunks, I always wear something underneath so I don't get chafed. This day I had worn white bikini briefs underneath. So I took off my socks and shoes, left them on the beach chair, and headed for the water. Being mid-September, it was still quite warm, so the water felt great! After being in the water for a while, I started to get pretty horny, and I reached down and felt that I had a big hard-on. My waist was beneath the surface of the water, so I pulled my trunks and briefs down and had a good time stroking my long cock in the water. A couple of times, I laid back and floated and enjoyed watching my cock rise out of the water!

And then I got a really fun idea. I knew that my tiny white bikinis would be completely see-through now that they were soaking wet. I thought it would be fun to come out of the water wearing nothing but my bikinis to show off my long cock. Now remember it was mid-September so there weren't many people at the beach. Just a couple of joggers, a few older folks laying on their beach chairs reading, and a mom and her small toddlers making their way down the beach away from me. I certainly couldn't do this while they were within sight. So I continued to play with myself while they headed away from me, and finally around the corner and out of sight. So this was my chance. I pulled my rock hard dick all the way over to the left so that it rested above my left thigh, barely able to fit beneath the material in my bikini shorts. I headed toward the beach, and as my waist came up above the water's surface, I looked down and sure enough, there was my long, luscious cock on display for all to see! I continued to emerge out of the water, taking note that I was right in front of the high rise resort there at the beach, with each room having a beachfront balcony. It was so awesome knowing that anyone on their balcony or looking out their window at that time could see how hard my bulging dick was. I slowly made my way back to my beach chair, taking plenty of time to show off. I was so horny that I was tempted to just whip it out right there and stroke it for everyone to see. But not wanting to run the risk of being arrested, I pulled my swim trunks and shirt back on, grabbed the rest of my stuff, and headed back to the house.

I was so eager to jerk off, I couldn't wait to get back to the house. When I got back there, I dropped everything quickly, and immediately headed to their pool in the backyard. As soon as I got there, sitting by the pool I ripped off my shirt and yanked off my swim suit, revealing my bulging cock in my totally see-through shorts. I slowly ran my hands down my belly, and felt all around my cock and my balls, as I started to moan and groan. I started to stroke my long shaft, and found myself getting even harder. I know I was saying out loud how awesome my long, hard dick looked! I finally couldn't take it anymore, so I pulled off my tiny shorts, and let all 7 inches of my manhood spring to life. I grabbed my cock and stroked it as hard as I could, sliding my pre-cum up and down and up and down on my long, hard shaft. I know I was moaning and groaning quite loudly by now, so I'm sure any neighbors or anyone on the nearby golf hole got quite a show. (Hey, I'm sure we'd all love seeing a guy stroke a rock hard 7" cock!) But I didn't care -- I was really going now. I finally couldn't hold back anymore. And with a big shout, I let forth the biggest load of cum I had shot in a long time, soaking my stomach. It was unbelievable! Even then, it took a while for my big member to die down, as I just lay there with it draped across my leg. What an amazing day at the beach!

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