Showing Off at the Mall


A little old lady and her husband also caught my little accidental exhibition. She looks shocked, but he looks like he's about to have a heart attack, although the smile on his face tells me that he would die a happy man if he did.

I walk around the mall for five or ten minutes until I come to the Victoria's Secret store next to the food court. I love Victoria's Secret lingerie and I already have quite a collection, but a girl can never have too much sexy lingerie. I walk into the store and begin looking for something sexy to incorporate in my erotic excursion this evening. I pick out a sexy lace garter belt and a pair of white stockings with seams in the back. I find some very sheer white string bikini panties, much like the ones I have on, and another identical pair in baby pink. I chat for a few minutes with the sales girl who tries, unsuccessfully, to talk me into applying for an "Angels" charge card, pay for my purchases, and head back into the mall.

Just across the courtyard I see a Fredericks of Hollywood shop, and since I'm still looking for something naughty, I quickly head over there to see what I can find. To be perfectly honest, I know exactly what I'm looking for - crotchless panties! I've never seen crotchless panties at Victoria's Secret, but Fredericks has a great selection of these naughty underthings, and the store often has a styles that aren't available through the mail order catalog. I walk into the store and sure enough there's a whole rack of crotchless panties right in the front of the store.

I take my time and check them all out, one by one, finally selecting a lacy white pair with little pink bows and a sheer black nylon pair with "Please kiss my kitty" embroidered on the front just above an embroidered picture of a cat. I think that qualifies as naughty!

Now I have everything that I need to continue my search for a gentleman with an appropriate appreciation for my naughty undergarments.

The first thing that I need to do now is find a ladies room so that I can put on some of my naughty new things. There's a restroom right behind the food court so I head off in that direction. Although I'm excited to show off my freshly shaved pussy and new panties as quickly as possible, I can't resist the temptation to tease a few of the guys in the food court first. Since it's early evening there are quite a few people in the food court - perfect for what I have in mind.

In the back of the food court, near the rest rooms is a booth with two young couples about my age. I head toward the ladies room and as I get close to the their booth I begin fumbling through my purse as though I'm looking for something. When I'm right next to them my purse suddenly slips from my hand and falls on the floor, spilling the contents everywhere. This all appears quite accidental in spite of the fact that I dropped it on purpose. As I bend down to pick up the scattered contents of my purse I smile an embarrassed smile at the two couples in the booth. I get on my hands and knees and position myself so that my butt is facing directly at the two guys who are sitting on the outside seats of the booth while I pick up the scattered contents of my purse. I wish I could see their reactions but unfortunately I'm facing the wrong way. I'm no more than two feet from the edge of the booth though, so I'm close enough to hear one of them gasp as I bend over and I know that my sheer white panties are staring him in the face. I smile to myself as I consider the thoughts that must be going through his mind at that moment. There's no doubt that the cheeks of my ass are completely visible and I'm sure that the tan lines from my G-string bikini are visible under the fuller cut of my nearly transparent panties. I can feel the wetness between my legs and I hope that they can see the wet spot on my panties.

There are still lots of items scattered on the floor, and I take my time gathering them up and putting them back in my purse. My lipstick has rolled quite a distance away and I have to stretch to retrieve it. As I do I purposely spread my legs so that my newly shaved pussy comes into full view covered only by the thin veil of sheer white fabric. Because I'm so close to them, there's no doubt in my mind that they can also see the wet spot on my panties, which had grown considerably larger since my arrival at the mall.

At that point, I could no longer resist the temptation to observe the reactions from my audience, so I looked back over my shoulder, and as I expected, I found all four staring at me with open mouths. It took another minute or so to pick everything up and put it back in my purse and as far as I could tell, they continued to stare at me the whole time - even the two girls. When everything was safely back in my purse, I stood up, looked over at them and smiled another sheepish grin. The two guys looked like little boys who had just been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Clearly they had enjoyed my show, although I couldn't detect the telltale look of pure lust in the eyes of either of them that would mark him as a true panty fetishist.

I was so excited by the apparent success of my exhibition that for a moment I forgot that I was heading for the ladies room to change. As a result I just stood there smiling back at the two guys who continued to stare at me with dumbfounded grins on their faces. Apparently their interest in me was not sitting well with their girlfriends however, who were staring at them with testicle crushing maliciousness. "Get over it!" I thought to myself.

Five minutes later I emerge from the ladies room. I'm still wearing the same top, skirt and sandals, but now I'm also wearing the garter belt and the white, seamed stockings from Victoria's Secret. I've also put on the white crotchless panties from Fredericks. I've pulled the stockings up as high as I can, but even so, my skirt just barely covers the tops and if I bend over even slightly, anyone who's looking can see the creamy skin of my tanned thighs above the lacy bands at the top. For some reason that I can't explain, wearing stockings always makes me feel soooo sexy and I can't wait to continue my quest for a man to worship my panties.

As I walk by my new friends in the Food Court booth, I smile, and they all turn their heads to watch me. Then, just as I've passed them I look back over my shoulder, and smile again as I bend over slightly and flip up the back of my skirt with both hands so that they get a quick flash of my stockings, garter belt, and most of all, my white crotchless panties. I straighten up, let my skirt down and continue to walk away from them swaying my hips in my best supermodel runway walk imitation. The smiles on the guys' faces tells me that I've made their day, but it's obvious that their girlfriends don't feel the same way.

I head out of the food court looking for my next candidate. Soon I find a relatively secluded area at the far end of the mall where there are two benches facing each other. There's a man, probably in his mid 30's, and not bad looking at all, sitting on one bench reading a newspaper. I stop a short distance away and take a couple of minutes to formulate plan for something even more outrageous.

I like these one-on-one situations best because they allow me to focus all my attention on a single individual. Flashing groups is also a huge turn-on, but it's much less personal, and because of the presence of their companions, the members of my "audience" are usually more inhibited in their reactions. When I'm showing off for just one guy at a time, the range of options, both my actions and his reactions, is much broader. It's much easier to gauge his reactions, see what he likes best, make eye contact, and somehow communicate with him even if no words are ever exchanged. During these experiences I've learned that I'm much more likely to be rewarded with a multitude of enthusiastic and appreciative reactions, which is, after all, the whole reason that I choose to show off my body in the first place. Sometimes I almost feel selfish because, although I'm obviously giving them something that they enjoy tremendously, I'm really doing it for my own satisfaction. Luckily, my satisfaction is a direct consequence of theirs and that greatly enhances the experience for both of us.

I'm still standing some distance from the man on the bench. Slowly an idea develops and when I have the basics worked out I take a seat on the bench across from him.

In addition to my purse, I'm also carrying bags from Victoria's Secret and Fredericks The first thing I do after sitting down and placing my things on the bench beside me is to accidentally knock all my packages off the bench, spilling my purchases on the floor. The guy looks up and sees me and I can tell instantly he is very interested in the provocatively dressed girl sitting across from him. He gets up off his bench and comes over to help me pick up the items that I've spilled and without paying much attention to what he's doing, he picks up the pair of sheer pink Victoria's Secret panties. When he realizes what he's holding, he blushes as he hands them back to me. As I take my panties from his hand I purposely swirl the silky fabric against his palm with my middle finger for a fleeting second before I start to withdraw them from his gentle grip. As I do this, I can feel his grip tighten almost imperceptibly although it's quite likely that he isn't consciously aware of what he has done. As my panties slip through his fingers I look right into his eyes and give him a cute, but embarrassed smile as I thank him.

"You're welcome" he says, and as he smiles back at me, and I see it in his eyes immediately - that special look of lust that says there's something very special about my panties and he really doesn't want to give them back to me. At that moment I know I've found one of the men that I'm looking for - one of the men whose fantasies I can turn into reality. And I'm about to do exactly that.

After watching my panties slowly slip through his fingers he turns and quickly returns to his seat and begins reading his newspaper. Or at least he's pretending to read the newspaper. Every time I look in his direction he's actually looking over the top of the newspaper obviously trying to look up my skirt. If only he knew what he was missing! He's trying to be discrete about it, but every time I look up I catch him looking at my legs before he can divert his eyes back to his paper. I smile somewhat mischievously because I know that he won't be able to keep up this charade much longer. If he can, then I totally misread the look in his eyes a few moments ago.

I take everything out of my shopping bags so that I can rearrange it all after the spill. I glance at him out of the corner of my eye and find him staring at all the naughty items I've purchased. I look closer and I think I can see a bulge forming in his pants. We're off to a good start and I find myself smiling again as I think about how mercilessly I'm going to tease him.

Slowly I hold up each item, visually inspecting them to make sure they haven't gotten dirty before putting them back in the shopping bags.

First up is the pair of sheer white string bikini panties from Victoria's Secret. Using both hands, I hold them by the strings so that as they hang there in front of my face there's no mistaking the shape for anything other than a pair of sexy women's panties. First I inspect the front for signs of mall dirt, then I turn them around and check the back. I'm holding them right in front of my face and because of the sheer fabric, I can see my newspaper man right through them. As I suspected, he's now watching me with great interest and I decide that it's time to give him a little more to look at. I casually look around the area to make sure that there are no other people nearby and finding no one to disturb us I cross my legs. As I do I see his eyes widen and they are now glued to my legs. I turn sideways ever so slightly until I'm sure that he can see the lacy band at top of my stocking, the garter holding it up, and the deeply tanned skin of my upper thigh. A perfect view, for the moment at least.

I continue with my inspection by holding the crotch of the panties in my left hand while I hold them up close to my face, still searching for dust or dirt. With my right hand I brush away some imaginary dust and place them back in the Victoria's Secret bag.

Next I perform the same ritual with the light pink panties. Newspaperman's eyes haven't moved, but he now appears to be having trouble deciding whether to look at my stocking-clad leg or the pink panties that I'm holding only a foot in front of my face. Inwardly I grin as I decide to make his decision even more difficult.

Finding no imaginary dirt on my pink panties I put them back in the Victoria's Secret bag and pick up the sheer black crotchless panties with "Please kiss my kitty" embroidered on the front. As I pick them up I uncross my legs and shift my position on the bench. I move forward so that I'm sitting on the edge of the bench and as I do I spread my knees so that they're several inches apart. Now he can to see directly up my skirt to the tops of my stockings and tanned inner thighs. He should also be able to see my new white crotchless panties, but my legs are still close enough together that he probably can't tell that they're crotchless ... yet. Feeling very naughty, I hold up the black crotchless panties so that the "kiss my kitty" lettering is facing him as I inspect them for signs of dirt. Again I hold the panties by the side straps so that they hang down directly in front of my face. The combination of the suggestive embroidery and the missing crotch makes it very obvious that these are not ordinary panties and I wonder if Newspaper Man has ever seen such naughty panties before. When my inspection is complete I slip the panties into the Fredericks bag.

At first I appear very intent on reorganizing my shopping bags and I appear to be paying no attention to him. This makes him bolder and I can feel his eyes staring at my legs. Then suddenly I look up at him and catch him completely off guard, staring at me. He is totally embarrassed at being caught and he's so nervous that he actually drops his paper. I give him a sexy smile and go back to rearranging my shopping bags and drinking my soda.

When all the items are back in the shopping bags I take my drink, lean back on the bench and sigh as I put the straw in my mouth. I look over at him and he's smiling at me, no longer making any effort to hide the fact that he's watching me. I smile back at him and begin sucking and licking on the straw. I run my tongue all around the straw very suggestively and then put it in my mouth and suck on it.

By now the bulge of Newspaper Man's cock is easily visible in his pants and he looks around to see if anyone is watching him. He puts his newspaper in his lap and begins touching himself very discretely, but I can tell exactly what he's doing. My smile tells him that I approve of his behavior. I spread my legs a little further apart and watch his eyes bulge as he sees my bald pussy peeking out of the crotchless panties.

I decide to really torment him and I pick up my packages, acting as if I'm about to leave and causing his face to go pale. But at the last minute I stop as if something has suddenly come to mind. I walk over to him and ask him if he would watch my packages for a minute while I go to the restroom. Obviously he says yes - anything to keep me from leaving for good. I bend over right in front of him to put my packages on the floor and as I do, my cute little ass is no more than a foot from his face. I wiggle my butt back and forth a little bit and I can feel him staring at my shaved pussy. If his eyes are good he can probably see that it's dripping with excitement I'm so turned on. I smile at him again and walk off to the rest room.

When I return I have the white crotchless panties in my purse with just a bit of them hanging out to ensure he knows I've taken them off. I sit down, thank him for watching my packages and begin to suck on the straw again. I look around and no one is watching us so I slowly open my legs and put one foot up on the edge of the bench so that I'm is totally exposed to him - nothing but smooth shaved pussy and no panties to impede his view. I'm so excited and wet and I know that my entire pussy is glistening because I rubbed my wetness all over my pussy while I was in the restroom just to make sure he would be able to see how wet it was.

Newspaper Man has given up pretending that he's reading the paper and even though no one else can see him, I can see that he's rubbing his dick under the newspaper while he stares at my pussy. I look right into his eyes and smile at him again as his hand continues to stroke himself. I continue to suck on the straw wrapping my lips around it and lowering my mouth on it as if I were sucking his cock. My nipples are hard and easily visible through the tight halter top, but his eyes seem fixated on my pussy. I allow a small amount of my drink to dribble out of my mouth and drop on my top just above one of my nipples and then take my finger and try to rub it off. Now he's looking at my nipples and instead of trying to rub off the spilled liquid, I begin pinching my nipple while I smile at him again. My head rolls back slightly, my eyes close and a slight moan escapes my lips. I open my eyes, look right at him again, and ask him if he would mind helping me. He hesitates at first, but quickly gives in to temptation.

He takes a handkerchief out of his pocket and with his hands shaking in anticipation he walks over to help me. His erection is clearly visible in his pants and he makes no effort to conceal it. He approaches me cautiously and he's obviously not quite sure what to do. I look into his eyes and smile while licking my lips seductively. I look down to watch what he's doing and my pony tail falls forward and touches his hand. He gasps in surprise but wastes no time taking the cloth and gently rubbing my nipple in a futile attempt to remove the wet spot. My nipple hardens even more under the touch of his fingers and I whisper to him that I like what he's doing. He's standing in front of me and without the newspaper to cover him I can see a big wet spot in the front of his pants. It turns me on to know that watching me has excited him so much. I look at the spot on his pants, then I look right into his eyes and he blushes. I thank him for helping me clean up and he sits back down, shaking rather dramatically.

I look around again to make sure that we're still alone and I put my foot back up on the bench and open my legs even wider than before. He puts the newspaper back in his lap and starts rubbing his hard cock even more intently than before as he continues to stare at my glistening shaved pussy. By now I'm watching him just as intently as he's watching me. I reach down between my legs and slide two fingers into my dripping pussy, then when they're coated with my cream I bring them to my mouth and lick and suck them while I stare into his eyes.

My admirer is going crazy rubbing his hard cock through his pants and I can tell that he's probably going to cum soon, but I have one last surprise for him. I take the crotchless panties out of my purse, slide them under my skirt and begin rubbing them on my pussy, getting them all wet with my juice. I can't believe how naughty I'm being ... and then I have an even better idea. Slowly I begin poking my panties into my pussy with the tip of my finger. My friend's eyes go wide and he begins stroking his cock harder under the newspaper. I continue pushing my panties into my bald pussy until they're completely hidden from view and then I look right in his eyes and give him a huge smile. He can't believe what I'm doing, but I've got one last surprise for him. Ever so slowly I slide the panties out of my pussy. Inch by inch. They're dripping wet and I bring them to my face and inhale deeply, smiling at him as I do.

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