tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShowing Off in New Orleans

Showing Off in New Orleans


It was a warm spring evening. The air was still and the sounds of Bourbon Street traveled well as we wandered down a side street to find the heart of the French Quarter. Joy was dressed that night in my favorite outfit, button down skirt, a nearly invisible sheer black blouse, black garter, stockings, and heels. To protect her modesty and keep her legal, she wore a light blazer over the blouse.

The evening was starting out right with dinner and wine at Emeril's NOLA restaurant that was fantastic. All during dinner, the waiter paid special attention to Joy because she had unbuttoned the blazer and let it fall open. I could tell that if he stood just right, he could get a glimpse of her breasts and he figured out very quickly where to stand and made sure that he hit that spot each and every time he came to our table. Joy acted like she didn't know, but, would coyly open the blazer a little more as he approached. She was beginning to love the attention, not just from me, but from him also. And all this attention was having a wonderful effect on her as the wine helped her to shed her normal inhibitions.

My cock stirred to a continuously erect state as I watched her flirt with the waiter and show off for him. He was a good looking young man with a very definite bulge in his pants as he served us some more wine. As he reached down to clear away the dishes, Joy leaned back and opened up her blazer completely to show us both how hard her nipples were. He nearly dropped the plate as she arched her back and pushed her beautiful breasts forward to show us. When he left the table, I leaned over and asked, "You're liking showing off, aren't you?" as if I didn't know the answer already.

A breathy, "Yes" was her reply.

"How would you like to go out and show off some more?" I asked.

"Would you mind?" she asked.

"Not at all, I would love to watch you." I replied.

The waiter came over one last time to collect our payment, Joy opened up her blazer for one last show. The waiter indicated that it was his pleasure to serve us and that he really enjoyed what he saw. He asked if we would like to join him later for a drink at the bar next door. She answered that we might and asked what time he got off work. "About 11:00" he indicated.

"Maybe we'll join you" she replied.

It was 10:00 now and we headed out to wander the action along Bourbon Street and kill some time.

Walking along, we found every kind of bar and saloon that you could imagine. Along the way, we picked up a couple of glasses of wine at one of the walk up bars. We noticed that there were several folks up on the balcony of one of the bars. The ladies were baring their breasts as men threw beads up to them. Joy stopped and watched as lady after lady pulled up her blouse to show her breasts to the men and women of the crowd. Likewise, many of the women in the crowd bared their breasts also, winning an assortment of colorful beads.

Finally, she turned to me and said, "I want some beads."

I said, "You know what you have to do to get them."

Then she took my hand and wandered over to the crowd. Walking right down front where the folks on the balcony and everyone in the street crowd could see, she looked up at one of the women on the balcony and opened up her blazer showing her breasts through the nearly invisible black sheer blouse. The lady on the balcony looked at her and dropped some beads to her. The crowd gathered around her and everyone was offering beads. She opened her blazer again showing off her beautiful and nearly naked breasts. The men she showed them to rewarded her with a set of beads. This continued for quite a few moments and I could tell that she was enjoying the attention.

After collecting a number of beads, she saw a man with a very unique set of beads. We approached him and she said she wanted his beads. He replied "These are bush beads."

"What if I don't have a bush?" she asked. Then, she unbuttoned all but the top two buttons of the skirt and pulled it open showing him and everyone near her shaved pussy framed perfectly by her black stockings and garter. The crowd roared as she was awarded the very special beads.

She let the skirt fall closed but didn't button it up and pulled her blazer closed and leaned over and whispered to me, "Can we meet the waiter? I have something special that I want to do."

I asked her if she was sure and she smiled and said was. We said our goodbyes to the crowd and wandered our way to the bar the waiter was supposed to be waiting at. We found him in a corner booth. Joy slid into the booth next to him, her skirt splitting open to show him her perfectly shaved pussy. As we sat and talked about him, us and a few other things, Joy never once covered up her pussy. Her blazer stayed basically open to give him full view of her hard nipples.

Finally, Joy said that she had something special planned and asked if he would be interested in trying something different. He asked what she had in mind and she replied, "I want you to watch me fuck my husband. And while you're watching, I want you to jack off for me. But you have to understand that you won't get to fuck me."

"Sure, it sounds interesting." he replied.

As we walked back to the hotel, Joy's blazer dangled open so that we both along with anyone else on the street could see her breasts. She unbuttoned all but the top button of her skirt and with each step, her stockings and thigh show for us. At one point, she stopped in the street and opened her skirt to show us both her pussy. She dipped her finger into her pussy right there in the middle of Toulouse Street and offered it to my lips. She was very sweet and very wet.

As the elevator door closed at the Hotel St. Helene, Joy took off the blazer and handed it to me. She stood there and modeled her ultra sheer blouse and her beautiful breasts showing beneath. When the door opened on our floor, she reached down and popped the last button on the skirt and handed it to the waiter. She walked down the hall and stopped and posed at different locations dressed only in her black stockings, black garter, the sheer blouse, and black spike heels. We entered our room and the waiter sat down on the couch while she pulled me over to the bed. She slowly unbuttoned and removed her blouse to fully expose herself both the waiter and me. She slowly began to undress me. And once I was completely naked with my hard cock pointing straight out at her, she dropped to her knees and looked over at the waiter and smiled then opened her mouth and took my cock deep and wrapped her lips around the base. The tip was covered with my sweet precum and she licked and sucked it clean. My balls tight in her hand, she cupped them and cradled them. She slowly devoured my cock and looked over at our audience quite often. It was hard not to cum right there.

Her mouth felt so good. She pulled my cock from her lips and turned to the waiter. "Would you like to get naked?" was all she asked.

Not needing further instruction, he removed all of his clothing and his hard cock sprang loose. She smiled at him and complimented him on the size of his cock. Then she pushed me down on the bed and stood in front of the waiter and ran her hands all over her body, making sure that he got a good view. While she moved in front of him, he stroked his cock and a big drop of precum formed on the tip. Joy bent over and flicked her tongue across the tip and swirled the juice in her mouth, moaned and swallowed.

She turned to me and slowly moved over to where I was spread-eagle on the bed and straddled me facing him with her ass towards my face. Both the waiter and I watched from different directions as she grabbed my cock and guided it between the dripping lips of her pussy. With one fast movement, she dropped down and impaled herself on my very thick and hard cock. As she pushed my cock as deeply as she could, she cupped my balls in her hand and spoke to the waiter, "Stroke if for me. I want to watch you stroke it. Make yourself cum for me."

His cock was about 8 or 9 inches long, thick and very hard. She moved her hips on my cock and ground deep into her while she watched him. He stroked it in long strokes. "You like watching me?" she asked him.

"You are very beautiful and sexy" he replied.

She was mesmerized by his hand on his cock. The more he stroked, the more she fucked me in long deep strokes, her hand on my balls the whole time. I could feel her pussy pulsing as she watched him stroke that hard cock. She rode me with greater and greater speed as he came closer and closer to his orgasm.

She could see that his balls tighten up. She knew that he was close. "Come stand in front of me." she said. "I want to feel you shoot onto my breasts."

He stood and brought his cock right in front of her. She leaned forward and licked the tip and told him again, "I want to feel you shoot onto my breasts."

The head of his cock was swelling and turning dark shade of red as the blood filled it making it hard. His thighs tightened and his legs grew tense. Her movement on my cock became stronger and faster. She cupped her breasts offering them for him. She enjoyed watching him jack off for her. I could feel her pussy convulsing with each stroke of her hip. I could see him stroking his cock for her in the mirror in the room. It was a fantastic sight -- this beautiful woman riding my cock with cupping her breasts and the waiter standing just inches from her pounding his cock harder and harder. I got to watch in the mirror what Joy watched close up. The first stream arched out and caught her chin and right down the cleavage of her breasts. The second went side to side and stretched across both breasts just above her nipples. With the third he leaned closer and the cum landed on her lips and in her open mouth and dribbled down her chin onto her tits.

I got to watch all three full streams of cum shoot onto my beautiful wife. It sent me over the edge just as her pussy tightened around my cock. I pumped her full of my hot cum. Filling her until I could see it oozing out around my cock as she milked every bit from me.

She continued to move on my cock after I came. Churning around working the cum into her pussy. She looked up at the waiter and then thanked him. "Did you enjoy the show?" she asked him. She was churning her pussy on my still-hard cock while she smiled at him and massaged his cum into her tits. I nearly came again.

"Yes, and you?" he replied.

"Very much. Thank you for your load. It was so hot and I love having it on me. I'm going to sit here on Roger's cock for a while. Mind letting yourself out?" she replied.

"Not at all." He replied and turned towards the bathroom to clean himself up.

While he was in the bathroom, she lifted herself from my still hard cock and turned around to face me, mounting me again. She looked down at me and continued to massage his cum into her tits while she slowly churned her hips on me. She still had his cum on her lips and chin. Looking up at her like this, my cock hardened more.

The waiter said his goodbyes and thanks and left us alone. Joy looked down and asked me if I had fun. I responded by a quick jab with my cock and asked what she thought. She smiled and asked, "Can I fuck him while you watch?"

I smiled back and said, "I think you earned the privilege."

We snuggled and fucked for another hour while we talked and planned for the next night's activities.

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