tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShowing Off My Wife Ch. 03

Showing Off My Wife Ch. 03


"On Display"

Looking back it's hard to believe my wife and I allowed ourselves to submit to a co-worker, but it happened quite naturally. During a drunken night, James coaxed my wife to expose herself (with me in the room); weeks later he had her take sexy selfies which he uploaded to the Internet (with her face cropped to protect her identify). James seized upon both my wife's exhibitionist tendencies and my submissive nature. If I thought it was going to stop there, I was wrong. Having pushed a little, he was ready to push even further.

A few weeks after that erotic selfie session James invited us for a night out with he and his girlfriend. He even offered to pick us up so we wouldn't risk a DWI. I didn't suspect a thing, until that night when I walked into Jenny getting dressed. She looked great: short black skirt, white blouse, white nylons, knee high boots. "Wow! That's a great outfit."

She gave a guilty shrug. "It was a... a request."

"From James?"

She nodded. "Are you angry?"

How could I be? I had been complacent from the start; it was too late to stop now. I shook my head.

She picked up her phone. "Good, because... um... He wants to see a picture." She stood there and held out her phone for me.

Another man was telling my wife how to dress, and I was to photograph it for him. What went through my mind as my wife stood before me, waiting, seemingly growing impatient with my delay? Confusion, mostly, and a little jealousy. But I didn't argue, I walked over for the phone, then stepped back and readied the phone's camera app.

"Wait," Jenny told me as I held up the camera. She slowly lifted up her skirt, exposing the top of her thigh highs and her shiny white panty. "Now."

I snapped the photo - she had a half smile - and handed the phone back, then watched as she clicked away, sending the erotic picture of her to another man.

"As he requested," I said, feeling somewhat resigned. She just shrugged as if it were out of her hands.

I left her then, still feeling a bit shaken. Jenny finished prepping - makeup and perfume - while I dawdled in the living room. I opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses. She joined me in the kitchen. "To a fun night," she said as we clinked our glasses.

I wondered what else James had texted her. "So, we're just going out for drinks, right?"

She nodded. "As far as I know..."

As I sipped my wine, I realized that my wife was up for almost anything tonight. Anything that James wanted.

Just before nine o'clock James's car pulled up in the driveway. As we stepped outside I saw him standing by the passenger door. The front seat was empty. "A change of plans," he told us. "Suzanne couldn't make it, so it's just the three of us."

Jenny approached him and gave him a friendly, innocent kiss on the cheek. He then opened the door for her, and as she slid in, he stood there, watching her. Knowing how short her skirt was, I knew he was getting an eyeful. And rather than quickly shutting the door, he remained standing, looking down. It was a silent request for my wifed. And she obliged: she swiveled her body and from their shared smiles I knew she was giving him an even better view. She was surely spreading her legs and maybe even lifting her skirt.

As James closed the door he looked over at me. What was he thinking? What was his opinion of me, a husband who was essentially giving up control of his wife? He gave no clues; he just pointed for me to get in the back seat. As I walked past Jenny's door I peeked in. She was folding her skirt, and didn't look up. I got in the backseat. James got in the front, started the ignition, and backed out of the driveway.

We made small talk on the drive to Daniel's - a bar/restaurant near the local airport - until James turned the radio up, just loud enough to mask their voices if they talked in a whisper. I heard muffled snatches of conversation, stifled laughter. What were they talking about? What were they planning? Curiosity was killing my inner cat.

Soon enough we pulled into the half-full parking. Jenny reached for her door handle but James held up his finger for her to wait. "Allow me." He and I both got out of the car, but it was James who scooted around to open her door. I watched as he stood there. I watched as Jenny swung one leg out, her skirt rising, her white panty exposed. I watched as she moved her other leg and lifted herself off the seat. I watched her exit the car and give James a silly slap on his arm. I watched and said nothing.

The restaurant area was full but the bar area had empty stools and empty tables. James surveyed the place before directing us to high top table off to the side. He held Jenny's chair for her, positioning her with her back to the bar. I scanned over the restaurant area, which was about two feet lower than the bar area, and separated by a single metal railing. This meant that people sitting in restaurant could see us, about at eye-level with our seats. And since there was no one sitting in front of Jenny to block the view, the four air force guys at the table in front of us would be able to see up Jenny's skirt. So, this was James's plan...

After the waitress took our order, James whispered to Jenny. A moment later I leaned over and saw that she had opened her legs. For the next several minutes I kept glancing at the four guys, young men in their twenties, joking, watching a basketball on one of the corner TV's. I waited for one of them to notice the show being offered. Sure enough it happened. While the three of us continued talking about whatever, the blond crew-guy now kept looking over. Over and under. Jenny noticed, too, and I soon felt her leg bump mine, which meant she was opening her legs even further. A few minutes later a second guy caught sight of Jenny's offering.

James whispered to Jenny. She shrugged. He whispered something else. She nodded, then slipped off her seat. "I'll be right back." We both watched her walk away, as did the servicemen down below. Our drinks had already arrived; James lifted his beer and said, "This is fun!" I merely nodded.

When Jenny returned she slid on the seat, careful to keep her legs together. She held white fabric in her right hand. She looked around to insure no one was watching before opening her grip, and displayed her white underwear to James. "Thank you," he told her as he reached for it. He grasped the silky fabric, looked at me with a smile, then slipped the underwear into his jacket pocket.

This is fun - James's words rang in my ears for the next hour, as my wife exposed her bald pussy to a table of servicemen down below. And by now all four of them were in on the view. When we finished our drinks, the waitress came around with another round. "The gentlemen bought this round," she told us, pointing to the foursome. We looked over as they men held up their glasses and laughed. One of them even gave Jenny a thumbs up. She blushed, but I knew she was loving every minute of this.

At one point one of the servicemen picked up his phone as if to take a picture, but James instantly gave him a stern look and shook his head firmly. The guy knew better; he set the phone on the table and shrugged as if to say 'sorry.'

For an hour my wife was on display. She loved the attention, the thrill, the excitement. She was talking faster than normal - I could tell she was nervous. James was enjoying it in his usual calm, cool manner. As for me, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Around eleven it was time to go. As we got out of her chairs, the four men started shaking their heads, dismayed at our imminent exit. James told my wife: "I think your audience wants an encore." He whispered in her ear. Here's what transpired next: James positioned himself to Jenny's side, essentially blocking the view of most of the people in the restaurant. Then Jenny reached down and grasped her skirt; she glanced about furtively, ensuring that no one could see. And then, when the coast was clear, she pulled the front of her skirt up, higher and higher, until her pussy was fully revealed to the four men looking over. They let out a cheer.

Leaving the restaurant, both my wife and I were feeling a bit buzzed. In the parking lot James again held the car door for Jenny, and again he got quite an eyeful as she got in the car quite unladylike. She giggled as she flashed him her now panty-less crotch. I followed James around the car; he got in the driver's seat while I slid in the back set behind him. "You did good, Jenny," he told her. "I bet all four of those guys will be whacking off tonight to thoughts of you tonight." He started up the ignition. "Your husband, too - probably."

I didn't say anything.

Before we pulled away, James fished into his jacket pocket for my wife's panties, which he took out and hung them on the rear view mirror. A trophy of sorts. Something to remind me on the drive home. He looked at me through the rear view mirror, smiling.

Driving away he kept the radio up louder than before. I sat quietly in the back.

Halfway home I watched as James placed his hand on Jenny's knee. It was the first time he had actually touched her sexually since all this began. And it was fairly innocent - his hand on her knee. He glanced in the rear view, obviously waiting to see if I was going to protest. I didn't. Instead I sat there quietly, watching them exchange grins.

About a block later I noticed that Jenny had spread her legs a bit. I could see more of her left leg and her skirt hat gotten pushed up her thigh. Again, James muffled voice. Seconds later her legs parted even further. From the backseat I could only see the side of her exposed leg, but I knew that James's view was her groin totally exposed.

I was unprepared for what happened a few minutes later. From the backseat I watched as Jenny reached over and placed her hand atop James' hand, which was still on her knee. Then, ever so slowly, she began to move his hand, trailing up her leg, over her thigh, and then over and down between her legs.

We had crossed the Rubicon: another man could soon be fingering my wife!

Again James checked my reaction in the rear view. Again I just sat there. I said nothing, did nothing, and gave my tacit approval.

What followed was one of the most exciting sexual experiences of my life. As we drove down a two lane road, Jenny arched her back and set her head back firmly against the headrest. Her hand gripped James's wrist. His arm was moving back and forth. He kept glancing back at me in the rear view, enjoying watching me watching them. From the steering wheel remote James lowered the music - he wanted me to hear Jenny, who was letting out soft moans.

"Do you like that? Does that it feel good?" he asked her.

She let out a breathy 'uh-huh'.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, please don't." She looked over at him and grinned. She then lifted leg up to give him even better access. (I almost thought she was going to place her feet up on the dashboard, but she didn't.)

As for me, I didn't want him to stop either. I was too in the moment for that, and I rationalized it by thinking that she wasn't cheating on me. He was just touching her. And yes, I had an erection stretching at my pants.

"Does it feel better with your pussy shaved?" He waited for her reply, a mere head nod. "Are you glad you shaved your pussy for me?"

For him. He was rubbing it in now. Articulating his control over Jenny, over me. And the effect was erotic for the two of us. I could tell from Jenny's body that she was getting closer to orgasm. I found myself rubbing my hard-on through my pants.

With the scene getting hotter, James slowed the car and pulled to the side of the road. As he continued fingering her, Jenny released her grip on him and snaked her arm through the bucket seats. She was reaching for me. She wanted me to hold her hand as she climaxed. And so, with one hand still rubbing myself, I reached over with the other hand and took hers. She squeezed my hand tightly. She was moaning louder now. James was staring at me via the rear view mirror. My wife was going to cum from another man's fingers in her bald pussy, and I was going to be there for her display.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/24/18

Loved it

I loved your story, very erotic. My pussy is soaked from imaging I'm the women in your story. I would just love for you to include in a feature story, allowing other men to take pictures, but no faces,more...

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by mralx9908/17/18


As an author I take reader's comments seriously, even the negative ones. I'm going to be revising these stories to make the wife less 'cheating' (than just being submissive to anybody) - and I willmore...

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by kiteares08/13/18

Now it's actually happening

and the tag is on the end, this should at least be in LW rather than pretending this is E&V.

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by Anonymous08/05/18

Even naughtier

Nicely naughty. If continued, wife will insist that her face be included. Later, husband
must use both hands to hold her cunt wide open and choose which toys for her enjoyment.

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by julie_oregon12/28/17

Wonderful … can't wait for next part

This is a wonderful, believable, slow hot seduction. I can't wait for what comes next. Please don't keep your excited readers waiting.

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