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The lights were bright and hot. I couldn't see the people because of the glare, but I knew they were there. I could hear the murmur of voices and the clink of glasses. The smell of cigarette smoke also told me that we were not alone. I knew we were also being photographed by several video cameras and that our images were being projected onto monitors scattered around the club.

I stared at the patch of bare skin just inches from my eyes. Alex had shaved his pubes. I concentrated on sucking his cock. Alex and I were just one of several acts that made up the backroom entertainment at the largest and raunchiest gay night club in the county. This was our first set of the evening.

I usually stroked my own cock when I was onstage and sucking another cock. Have to give the paying customers a good show for their money, you know. But tonight, Alex was really flooding my mouth with his pre-cum so I was already preparing for his cum shot. Besides, his pre-cum and cock tasted good. He was coming off his two days off and he said he hadn't gotten it on with anyone. If that was true, his first cum shot of the evening should be a good one.

Alex and I worked together three nights a week. We did a show on each of the two stages. Each time I sucked him off and took a cum shot on the face and in the mouth. He touched my head and murmured that he was ready. I had sucked his cock to completion so many times that I knew the signs. His cockshaft became more rigid and his whole cock seemed to swell in size.

We had a regular routine. I'd take his cock out of my mouth and move my head back about a foot or so. Alex was a copious cummer, especially the first shot of the evening, with long, thick ropes of white jism. He'd aim at my open mouth. I'd take a long shot in the mouth or on the lips and nose, then lean in and close my lips around his spurting cockhead. I'd take a shot or two inside my mouth then lean back again and let him shoot at my mouth and face again.

The watchers moaned and groaned as Alex's first squirt of his thick cream landed on my upper lip and ran down into my mouth. His second shot hit deep inside my mouth. There was a smattering of applause. I leaned forward to take his cock in my mouth for a second, then leaned back again. A little of his cum ran down my chin as he spurted more onto my face and into my mouth.

When he was finished cumming, he held his cock over my mouth and squeezed the last few drops from it. We finished our little act with me cleaning his cock and wiping my face clean. Alex licked my fingers then we did a deep kiss as the lights went black.

There was some whistling and clapping as we left the stage and stepped into the dark hall behind it. Harry, the stage manger was waiting for us.

"Good show, Rex, Alex. I think that tape might be worth duplicating and selling in the store. What's your schedules for the rest of the evening?"

"Well," Alex looked at me. "We've got our second set at midnight on the other stage. And I've got a fuck show both before and after that."

Alex was one of the favorite bottoms in the club. I didn't do the butt fucking shows.

"What about you , Rex?

"Other than the second set with Alex, I've got several stints at the glory holes." The club had several rooms with glory holes and I worked them between the sets on stage.

"We've got a private party in the game room and we need someone to fill in for Lenny."

"Where's Lenny?"

"He called in and said he couldn't come in tonight because he had to see his sister."

Alex laughed, "He's probably found a hot, fat dick that he can't wait to sit on."

Harry grinned, " You're probably right, but that leaves us in a bind. Lenny was supposed to be part of a threesum show for a private party in the game room at eleven."

"I can't help you there," Alex shook his head, "Unless someone else takes my place for the fuck set at eleven."

"Which are you?"

"I'm the bottom with Wil."

"What about you, Rex?"

"What was the set up?"

Lenny and Eric were going to do a sixty-nine, while Lou fucked Lenny."

"If someone covers for me at the glory holes, I'll blow Eric if he'll take Lenny's place."

"Let me talk with Eric."

"O.K. I'll be at hole two for the next half hour or so."

"O.K. I'll let you know as soon as I can."

Alex turned to go. "I've got to get lubed up."

I followed him down the hall to a staff restroom. After rinsing my mouth out, I washed my hands and face. Although, we performers were listed as waiters and bartenders on the payroll, we never had any contact with the customers except at the glory holes. It was just as well, since from the time we came to work until the club closed we were naked or nearly so. Some of the guys wore a jockstrap, but I preferred to go nude.

The early stints at the glory holes were usually pretty quiet. The glory holes were actually perks for the regular customers and for the big spenders. The bartenders and waiters gave out blowjob tokens and chits to their best customers. The customers, in turn, could redeem them for a quality blowjob at any of the three private glory hole equipped rooms in the basement. The management of the club actively discouraged the 'volunteer' glory holes in the public rest rooms.

None of the staff had to 'work' the glory holes unless they wanted to. No one was paid to suck cock at the glory holes, but you could volunteer as much time as you wanted so long as you did your job. Several of the waiters and bartenders used their break time to suck a little cock on the job. As one of them said, 'It's another service for the regulars and the big spenders.' And, he allowed, he was off his feet for twenty minutes or so each time he took a break. And the tips were good.

I was one of the eaters who worked the glory holes. I worked them because I like to suck cock. There's nothing like feeling a warm tasty cock growing big and hard and strong in your mouth and in hearing the anonymous guy on the other side of the hole groaning and moaning as you worship his cock and make love to him with your lips, tongue and teeth.

My cock is hard the whole time that I'm sucking a cock. And I have to control myself when a guy shoots his wad down my throat. And by working the glory holes, I can suck as many cocks as I want and I can suck all shapes, sizes and color of cocks. However, after awhile you do recognize the club regulars, even if you can't see their faces. In addition to satisfying my desire to suck cock, work at the glory holes bring good tips for quality blowjobs. The tips, of course, are shared with all of the staff.

The glory holes are nicely set up. There are three glory rooms with the washrooms between them. The center glory room has two holes - one in each wall. On a really busy night at the club, four of us eaters might be sucking cock after cock. If it slows down the two of us might team up and do one guy together or sometimes you can work both sides of the room by yourself.

The glory, or dining rooms as they are sometimes called by a few of the eaters, are carpeted and there is a low chair for the eater. Access to the glory rooms and the washrooms are from separate halls so everyone can remain incognito. The rooms are well lighted and, if you want, you can make a few extra bucks by taping yourself at work and selling copies of the tapes in the club store.

There is a protocol at the glory holes. The customer must wash himself before offering his meat for tasting. The soapy taste is off-putting a times, but that's part of the job. The customer can wear a condom or the eater can put a condom on him or use a dam in his mouth. Everyone knows why and no one complains if they are sheathed up.

A few special regulars receive glory hole fucks, but that is something that Alex and Lenny and some of the other guys provide.

Early turns at the glory holes are usually pretty slow, but I did get to suck four nice cocks while I was waiting to hear from Harry about my part in the threesum. Two were especially nice. One was tan and the other was black. I love eating a variety of meats. There was a soft knock on the door.

Harry was waiting for me in the hall, "It's set up. Eric said he would be the bottom for Lou. They're getting ready now." I followed Harry to the small room off to one side of the game room. Lou was lubing Eric's ass when we entered. "Make it good, guys, the host is paying for a tape."

Lou wiped off his fingers as Eric and I hugged. "How do you guys want to start off?"

Eric shrugged, "You and I could be hugging and. . ."

"Why don't you continue to grease Eric's ass after hugging and I'll get you ready, Lou."

Lou grinned, "I'd like that."

"I know you would. And I'm going to enjoy it." Lou had a nice long slim cock. He was one of the favorite tops at the club. Harry liked him because his long dick showed up well in the acts and on video. The bottoms liked him because he could fuck them really deep and he didn't wreck their assholes. "You know, Lou, that slim jim of yours would go great in a deep throat or throat fuck act."

He grinned, "You want to work one up, Rex?"

"Sure. Why not?" I grinned back. "We'll need to do a lot of rehearsing."

Harry interrupted, "Get on stage, guys. See me about that new act later." Lou took time to take off his jock strap. The three of us, totally naked, stepped onto the darkened stage. We could see vague shapes and the glow of cigarettes out in the room.

AS the lights came up, Eric and Lou were kissing and hugging. I was behind them. The was a smattering of applause. I sank to my knees and kissed and licked their butts for a couple of minutes then I moved around front and began to suck Eric's cock. Our audience disappeared in the glare. Eric pulled out of my mouth and bent over. Lou rubbed his ass. He stretched Eric's hole with his fingers as he worked more lube into it. I started sucking Lou's cock. I stroked my cock as I sucked. Eric was stroking his too. When Lou was satisfied that Eric's ass was ready, he and I moved around so our viewers and the cameras could get a clear view of his long slim cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

Eric got on his knees beside me and I handed Lou's cock over to him. As Eric continued to suck Lou, I leaned way down . Eric's cock was sticking up between his thighs. I licked his swollen cockhead then took him in my mouth. After a couple of minutes of this, I moved onto my back. Eric got over me in a sixty-nine. Lou lubed his cock as we began to suck each other's hard dicks.

Lou kneeled behind Eric. I spread Eric's ass cheeks and he pointed his cock at Eric's glistening hole. After releasing Eric from my mouth, I tipped my head back and licked Lou's cockhead. The lube was orange flavored. Lou pressed his cockhead against Eric. I watched as it pushed Eric's tight pucker open Eric loosened his lip lock on my cock. I heard him groan as Lou's cock entered him and pushed deeper.

When Lou was balls deep in Eric's ass, I licked and sucked his nuts while he gave Eric a couple of minutes to get used to the long cock buried in his ass. When he started to pull back, I resumed sucking Eric's cock. Eric stopped sucking my cock. Between the fucking and sucking from Lou and me, he was moaning and rocking on his knees.

I scooted out from under him and got on my knees in front of him. Eric opened his mouth and I began to fuck his face while Lou fucked his ass. We see sawed Eric back and forth between us for some minutes. I heard some loud applause coming from outside the game room. Alex had probably just taken a big load up his ass in the eleven o'clock fuck show. Alex had a way of making sure the audience saw his gaping cum filled asshole before the lights went dark.

Lou was pounding Eric's ass with short hard strokes. Eric was humping his ass back against him and ignoring my cock. I began to jerk myself. If everything worked right, Lou and I would cum together. He let out a bellow and drove his cock deep, Eric almost screamed as Lou jerked his cock out of his ass. Lou squirted a long thick stream onto Eric's back, then literally rammed his cock back into Eric's ass.

Eric gasped as Lou rammed him and I shot a large wad onto his cheek. He opened his mouth and held his head still as I painted his face and dropped some cum into his mouth. Lou pulled his cock out and wiped it across Eric's ass. Eric turned his head so the audience and the cameras could see his cummy face. He turned his back to the audience and showed them the cum running out of his stretched asshole.

Lou and I turned towards the audience too so they could see our cum dripping cocks. Before the lights went dark, I noticed that Eric had dropped his load on the stage.

Harry met us in the offstage room, "Great show, guys. Especially with all three of you cumming together. Rex, you don't have much time to get ready for the set with Alex on stage two."

I washed my hand and face and met Alex in the hall. "I heard the applause. You and Wil must have put on a good show."

He grinned, "At first, I thought he was going to split me in two, then , when he came, I thought his was going to drown my form the bottom up."

"Did you cum?"

"No, but I'm ready to pop."

"Well, I'll take it easy so we can stretch it out and give the crowd a decent show."

"How about I tease you for a bit before you start sucking?"

"Sounds good. Let's get on stage."

Alex and I were kissing when the lights came up. I kissed and licked my way down his neck and chest, to his nipples, then down to his stomach. He turned so I was licking and kissing his ass. I could smell the lube and Wil's cum. Alex continue turning and I began to gently suck and lick his balls. His smooth hairless balls tasted and felt good in my mouth.

Alex held his cock. I held still so he could run the cockhead over my face. He teased my lips and tongue before pushing his cock into my waiting mouth. I massaged his cockshaft with my lips as he fucked my face. I let him set the pace, besides, I was enjoying jacking him off with my lips. His cock swelled and he pumped a wad into my mouth.

I moved back and opened my mouth. His cum lay on my tongue. Alex pumped his cock as he squirted several streams at my face and mouth. I took him back in my mouth to finish him. I stroked my cock as I sucked and I shot my wad onto Alex's legs just as the lights went to dark.

Harry met offstage. "Rex, they're backed up at the glory holes. Take Lou's place in three. Alex, can you do another set with Lou?"

It was twelve thirty when I took Lou's place. I guess the shows and the booze made everyone horny. I had barely finished sucking one guy off when another took his place. I'd take their first cum in my mouth, then let them shoot onto my face and chest, before finishing them with my mouth. The pace slowed rapidly at closing time as I sucked off the last several guys waiting at my hole. My jaw ached. I was a cummy mess, but the tip box was jammed with bills.

I went down to the locker room and showers. Wil was getting dressed. Alex was douching Wil's and Lou's cum out of his ass. Lou was showering.

"Geez, Rex, you look a mess."

I grinned at him, "Big night at the holes."

He finished showering. The locker room got quiet as the guys left. I was enjoying the hot water and silence when Harry stuck his head in, "Mind if I join you?"

"No, come on in."

He took a shower across from me, "Busy night."

"Yeah." I looked at him. He was nicely hung. I wondered if he would be offended if I sucked up to him sometime.

"Got any plans for tomorrow?"

"I've got a gig tomorrow at noon."

"Doing what?"

"I took out an ad in a swinger's mag. I got a call from a lady who wanted to know if I was a dancer and if I would be willing to work as a naked waiter for her bridge group."


"That's my gig tomorrow."

"Well, if you're done by three and feel like a few extra bucks, drop by here."

"What's going on?"

"We got a big party for a perspective groom and bride. Should be some good tips and we could use the help."

"O.K. I should be available. See you then." I turned off the shower.

"Tell me about your gig then too."

"Right. Good night, Harry."

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