tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShowstopper Ch. 02

Showstopper Ch. 02

byStardog Champion©

Jeri Littles had been the Wife of one of Stan Northfield's business associates back in Cathy's 'wild and crazy' days. Rifling through her memory bank, trying to dredge up everything she could recall about Jeri as she drove home that night, it served as a good mental exercise for Cathy to take her mind off the events of the evening.

Those days a half decade earlier had become quite a blur in Cathy's head, and thankfully there weren't a lot of photos circulating around to document them. She could still clearly picture Jeri in her mind however. Auburn-haired and about 5 foot 2, Jeri Littles was quite the spit-fire. Slightly younger than Cathy, she had very pale skin with several clusters of freckles that made her look like the most innocent girl on Earth. That innocence was certainly tainted in Cathy's mind from clear memory of doing lines of coke, among other things, with Jeri on more than one occasion on the sofa of whoever was hosting one of their 'neighborhood' get-togethers.

Cathy also remembered Jeri alluding several times to some of the more risqué hobbies she and her Husband shared, but Jeri never really seemed to push Cathy in that direction, thinking she and Stan just weren't cut from the cloth necessary to dabble in that sort of hedonistic lifestyle.

"Why are you thinking about that after all these years?" Cathy had to ask herself, now parked in her driveway before making her way into the house.

By the time she was in bed and rested her head down on the pillow beside her already sleeping Husband, Cathy playfully allowed her mind to wonder if Jeri was still active in such things.

By the next morning, a calmness had returned for Cathy, and she felt everything was going to be OK. Despite the craziness of the night before at work, nothing had really changed. Even though she'd be party to two of the models at the network doing some pretty outlandish stuff with each other in the women's shower, they hadn't had a clue Cathy was there. Sadly, she'd become quite proficient at keeping secrets and that one would be a piece of cake compared to some of the other stuff she had to deal with in her personal life. Still, just to be safe, Cathy made a point to skew her schedule away from any exercise shows with either Becky or Kevin for a few months.

Cathy also chided herself for even thinking about making contact with Jeri Littles, and opening up whatever Pandora's Box that would lead to. For awhile, Cathy honestly felt like her feet were squarely back on the ground. Like a junkie swearing off the smack in a rare moment of clarity, Cathy wouldn't have such an easy time outrunning the strange hunger brewing inside her. The unfulfilled pull of neglected want was there at every turn.


It took about 4 days before Cathy Northfield's libidinal sanity took yet another hit.

Sitting up in bed studying her notes for the following day's shows at work, Cathy looked over at the clock and saw if was almost 11pm. Her Husband, as he often did, was sound asleep in his recliner downstairs and as for her two sons, the youngest should have been in bed and the oldest was off God knows where running around town sewing his oats.

Gazing through her preparatory notes one last time, out of habit Cathy flipped on the 11 o'clock local news to see what was happening in the world. Satisfied the world was just as screwed up as usual, she switched over to Shop Anytime a few minutes later to see if everything was cool at the network before turning in.

A lump suddenly formed in Cathy's throat when she saw one of her fellow hosts was doing an exercise show that hour. That lump turned into a full blown boulder when she realized both Kevin and Becky were working on air that night, just as they had with her four days earlier. The remote control now trembling in her manicured right hand, Cathy couldn't move her thumb to switch the television off.

Feeling a voyeuristic grip invisibly clutch her entire body, Cathy couldn't help but stare at Becky and Kevin each time the camera turned towards them. An instant and stirring sense of deja-vu wafted like an ionized fog through Cathy's body. The sound she'd committed to memory of the two young lovers having sex in the shower reverberating now inside her head as she watched them demonstrate the ellipticals on live TV, Cathy's right hand silently disappeared under the covers before coming to rest on the front of the silk pajama bottoms she often wore to bed.

It didn't take long before the musky wetness percolating inside Cathy's vagina began to leech through the material of her panties, coating her long pale fingers.

"Door's closed...no one will ever know," she told herself before easing the notes off her lap then sliding deeper down under the covers.

Slipping her fingertips under the elastic band of her pajama bottoms once she was comfortable, Cathy never took her eyes off the TV as she reached over with her left hand and turned off the light on the nightstand. The room bathed now in nothing but the glow coming from the television screen, Cathy gently began dipping her fingers one at a time into her buttery and fizzing quim.

"This is soooo wrong," she cringed to herself watching one of her friends and fellow female hosts from the network do her on-air presentation while Cathy had her own right hand shamefully buried inside her underwear.

Any guilt was shelved for the moment when the camera turned back towards Becky and Kevin, each visibly sweating as they went through their paces on the exercise equipment up for sale.

Even though she'd masturbated numerous times in her own bed, no one had ever been home at the time, and she certainly didn't have the TV tuned into the very network she worked. Her fingers gradually basting in her own dripping juices, Cathy turned her head to take a mili-second look just to make sure the bedroom door was closed before committing herself fully to what she was about to do.

Satisfied she was safe in her endeavor, Cathy turned her full attention back to the TV and trained her laser-like focus on the two young models on the screen.

An extended, "MMMM..AAAHHHH," rolled from Cathy's throat, and her crotch began to rotate seductively under the covers once she'd hurled herself down that slippery slope.

Digging her heels into the mattress, Cathy could hear the sound of her fingers sloshing through her dripping cunt as she watched Becky and Kevin on the screen. Juxtaposing the image in front of her with the memorized sound of them having sex from the other night in her head, Cathy felt the most unique and surreal sensation bubbling through the gristle of her body.

Often visualizing a random man she might have met that day, someone from her past, or any one of a number of her stand-by sexual triggers when she masturbated, what she was experiencing now took everything to a completely different dimension. Laying there in bed, literally taking voyeuristic liberty with the two young models, ever pore in Cathy's body tingled when she began imagining herself having sex with both of them.

Knifing her fingers rapidly through her throbbing vulva, it looked as if a wolverine was spinning under the sheets as Cathy frigged herself towards release. While she had to get her nut as quickly as possible a few days earlier eavesdropping on Becky and Kevin in the shower, Cathy could now take her time building up to orgasm while her Husband slept downstairs. Alternating the speed and savagery of her self manipulations, out of sheer awkwardness, Cathy found herself slowing her fingers whenever the camera panned away from Becky and Kevin on the equipment and back to her fellow female host.

"I won't be able to look her in the eye the next time I see her in the hallway," Cathy cringed before slipping back into her erotic trance as soon as the two models were back on screen.

In that moment it was lost on Cathy that she was doing the very same thing that had so grossed her out when she accidentally discovered one of her Son's friends might have masturbated to her when she was on TV.

Her right hand cupped like a grappling hook against her crotch, with almost blinding speed Cathy jabbed her middle and ring fingers in and out of her cunt while grazing her thumb across the tip of her raised clitoris. Grinding her behind into the mattress below, Cathy stared straight into the television, picturing herself sandwiched between Becky and Kevin that night in the shower.

Seeing their muscles on screen repeatedly flex and fire as the unsuspecting couple worked out on the equipment, in the recesses of Cathy's mind she imagined herself snared between the two, allowing the young couple to rub their strong and probing hands all over her body. The sheet and bedspread crumpled on top of her, Cathy could feel her own wetness splattering against her hand each time she pumped her fingers in and out of her flooded fissure.

"Uh...Uh.....Uh....UHHH......UUUHHHHHH," the volume and urgency of Cathy's gasps increased until she was forced to grind her teeth together to keep from waking the house.

All that bottled up energy finally detonated a minute or so later, giving Cathy Northfield the distinct feeling of someone that had dove on top of a grenade just before it exploded when she came.

Her head tilted, now staring at Becky and Kevin through her barely slitted eyes as the tremors of her release pounded like a drum through her body, Cathy kept her hand buried deep between her thighs as she curled up in a fetal position on her side. Pinching and darting her fingers across every square inch of her spasming pussy, Cathy laid there in an almost seizure-like state imagining Kevin's cock buried deep inside her cunt while Becky simultaneously reached around her from behind, tweaking Cathy's nipples as she kissed Cathy on the neck.

Her body sprawled sideways on the bed, Cathy wallowed in that glorious state for several minutes. Finally managing to reach over to the remote and click the tv off, Cathy laid in the dark, completely drained but fulfilled, her mind once again drifting back to her old friend Jeri, and the illicit avenues she might offer.


Jeri was about as shocked as anyone could be when she took the call from Cathy Northfield wanting to meet for cocktails one afternoon. It had been nearly five years since the two had been close, and a lot of water had flowed over falls. For starters she was now Jeri Shaw, not Jeri Littles. Finding out Jeri had divorced then re-married didn't surprise Cathy, especially when Jeri let on the guy was much older and a lot richer than her previous Husband.

Sitting in a corner booth at posh Florida bar, even though the two women were vibrant, well dressed and extremely attractive, they couldn't have been more of a mis-matched pair. Career driven and family oriented, Cathy had a much more genuine and polished aura necessary to be the TV personality and salesperson she'd become over the years. Jeri, on the other hand, had developed into the quintessential uber wannabe Sunshine-state socialite, complete with a multi-millionaire second Husband with one foot in the grave. A socialite however with very keen feminine intuition.

For Cathy to go through as much trouble as she did to find her new number and set up a date after a half decade out of touch, Jeri assumed she must be searching for something.

"I don't do coke anymore," she managed to slip into the casual conversation in case Cathy was looking for a dealer to score.

"It's something a little more complicated than that," Cathy offered once the two women had exhausted their trivial small-talk.

By the time Cathy finally finished beating around the bush and told Jeri why she'd invited her for cocktails, Jeri had to motion to the waiter to bring her another stiff drink as she absorbed what Cathy told her.

"All this time and you're finally curious to see what the 'lifestyle' is all about? Did Stan put you up to this? " Jeri asked, knowing more times than not it was the Husband who opened this particular can of worms.

"No...just me..he doesn't have a clue and I want to keep it that way," Cathy offered soberly. "Things haven't been the best for us for a year or so..it's been a gradual process...stuff I really don't want to get into but it seems like lately all the planets have been aligning and I started thinking about you."

"...Uh...Huh," was all Jeri could manage as she cocked her head and studied Cathy, trying to convince herself it was the same woman she used to know sitting across from her.

"I'm assuming with your job..you're looking for something ultra discreet?" Jeri finally shifted forward to continue the conversation.

"Yeah..that's been one of the biggest hang-ups in trying to search out something on my own..God knows even a town this big..everyone it seems still knows each other," Cathy almost whispered as she did what she could not to make direct eye contact with Jeri.

"I might have just the type of thing you're looking for actually,' Jeri's eyes lit up as she leaned in closer to Cathy and placed her right hand gently around Cathy's wrist.


"God..I don't know if I can go through with this," Cathy bit her lip and groaned as she sat in the passenger seat of Jeri Shaw's parked Jag.

Staring down the extended driveway at all the other cars along with edge, Cathy could almost smell the affluence surrounding her as she watched several couples make their way up to the front door of the easily three million dollar home before being allowed inside.

"Are you sure no one here's gonna recognize me?" Cathy looked over to Jeri and asked, as if looking for any way out of the situation she'd created for herself.

"Cathy..I know your on TV but it isn't like your on 'Dancing with the Stars' or anything..you work for a home shopping network. These people here shop at Macy's and Bloomingdale's..they wouldn't be caught dead ordering anything off television," Jeri re-assured Cathy. "Besides..you're gonna have doctors and lawyers in there along with every other flavor of businessmen with their wives and significant others. Everything is based on total discretion..everyone in there has something to lose. I've been coming here on and off for 10 years and we all hve enough dirt on each other to bring this entire city down if anyone made a scene."

"Besides Cathy," Jeri playfully added, " with all that make-up you wear on tv, no one would recognize you without it anyway."

"Well that makes me feel better," Cathy just shook her head and took the ribbing.

"So before we go in..I told you about the ground rules..just leave your cellphone here in the car..no cameras..when we're inside the woman has final say as to what does or doesn't happen. There are going to be about a dozen or so rooms once we're inside along with the lounge where everyone can sort of hang out together and get comfortable..each one of those rooms has a different sort of theme or kink," Jeri softly laid out to Cathy about what to expect inside.

"If the door is propped all the way open, anyone can come in...if its cracked that means the people inside don't mind if you watch..if it's closed then that basically means 'do not disturb'," she added.

"OK," Cathy nodded her head, feeling as if she was going on some sort of X-rated field trip in school.

"Now you mentioned you didn't want to have sex with anyone..that you just wanted to watch," Jeri smiled.

"Yeah," Cathy replied. "That's OK isn't it?"

"Oh yeah..there will be plenty of people there just like you..we'll see how well you're able to handle the temptation..you're going to be hit on by some pretty attractive men and women," Jeri warned.

A foreboding wave of angst swept through Cathy's belly but she opened her door as soon as Jeri did, then walked side by side with her friend towards the secluded mansion.

Not exactly poor herself, Cathy still had to gasp from the luxury and elegance once she sat one foot inside the house. From the first breath she took, Cathy's lungs filled with the sweetest scent of peppermint incense, along with several other enticing aromas, not the least of which was a hint of human arousal permeating the ornate surroundings.

Cathy couldn't help but smile when she saw the way many of the patrons' eyes lit up the second they saw Jeri walk into the room, almost as if she was a star in their circle. Feeling like a third wheel as Jeri went around saying 'hello' to everyone, it didn't take Cathy long to start feeling the weight of several stares on her as well. Unprepared for the gravity of such a sexually charged situation, Cathy couldn't help but feel a scarlet blush leech across her cheeks and neck.

"Gotta be her first time at a place like this," most of the eyes sizing Cathy up could easily guess.

Reaching down to nervously twist the wedding ring on her finger as she often did when she was uncomfortable, a rushing tide of anxiety washed through her stomach. She almost had to ask Jeri where the bathroom was but after mustering ever ounce of poise she could, Cathy swallowed hard and continued following her friend around the room, making introductions.

There were upwards of 18-20 people scattered across the spacious living room, mostly married couples with a handful of single guys hanging out as if waiting for something to come their way. Everyone was dressed upscale but casual, as if prepared to get naked in a hurry if the opportunity presented itself. Since Cathy knew she wasn't going there for any shared physical activity, she'd wore a nice pair of black slacks along with a sleeveless, sequined top that showed off her arms and shoulders, the two parts of her body she was most proud off at her age with all the time she spent working out.

Despite Jeri's sarcastic remark about all the make-up Cathy wore on television, Cathy had decided earlier in the evening not to put too much on, creating an almost reverse disguise for herself. Stealing a peek in one of the mirrors that adorned the living room walls, Cathy could honestly say she looked nothing like the woman that often walked out on stage on TV. Even though she tried to be discreet, she couldn't help trying to see if she recognized any of the participants there from her ventures out into the community, as well as gauging to see if any of them recognized her. Feeling somewhat safe in her stealth, she couldn't get over how relaxed everyone seemed. Obviously the fact that Jeri had brought her, and vouched for her, put Cathy in good stead with the group.

Cathy spent the better part of the next 30 minutes drinking as many vodka and cranberry juices as she could to settle her nerves as she made small talk. There was quite an erotic tingle however each time one of the other couples would get up and disappear upstairs, often taking another couple with them, or on a few occasions one of the single guys, several of which were barely old enough to be her son. Even though everyone was quite polite about it, Cathy could also feel several eyes in the room sizing her up like raw meat, and despite the fact she was only there to watch, Cathy did feel a twinge of strange jealousy when no one came over to try and put the moves on her.

"Let's get up and take a look around," Jeri leaned forward in her seat and prodded Cathy once she felt like everyone had warmed to the newbie she'd brought to the party.

"You dipped your toe in the water Cathy..let's see how far into the deep end you're ready to tread," Jeri joked to her visibly nervous friend.

"I don't know..I didn't bring my bathing suit," Cathy giggled.

"Oh don't worry..they have no problem with skinny dipping around here," Jeri instantly shot back.

With that the two women made their way upstairs to the approving stares of everyone they'd just been talking to.


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