tagGroup SexShowstopper Ch. 04

Showstopper Ch. 04

byStardog Champion©

Justin could tell from the way Cathy's muscles began twitching like falling dominos up and down her body, that she was on the verge of orgasm. Even if he closed his eyes, Cathy's impending release would have been clear from the way the married woman straddling his crotch was gasping loudly into the sheets below. His dick acting just like a shiver as Cathy anxiously hammered her cunt up and down on top of it, Justin made sure to keep the tips of his thumbs buried ever so slightly in the older woman's ass until she transformed into a writhing mess on top of him.

Knowing it was probably in everyone's best interest to get Cathy off as quickly as possible before she surely would have lost the mood realizing her friend Jeri was standing in the doorway watching, Justin couldn't resist the powerful lure of tempting fate and raising the stakes even more.

Just before pushing Cathy past the point of no return, Justin tightened his grip around Cathy's waist before whispering down to tell her he wasn't ready for her to cum just yet.

"WHHAA...WWHHAAA," Cathy wailed without looking up, frustratedly burying her head even deeper between her arms as Justin pulled back, momentarily denying her the release she so badly needed.

Edging upwards slightly, Justin made sure he kept his cock buried inside Cathy as he reached up to gently rub her back. Peeking over at Jeri and her naked friend as they watched from the door, Justin felt somewhat buoyed in his plan from the way the two women fidgeted as they looked on.

"Shhh," Justin whispered reassuringly down to Cathy as she straddled limply across his lap.

"I just wanted you and I to come at the same time...that's why I stopped," he told the visibly trembling woman before reaching his huge hands under her chest and squeezing her breasts several times.

"Stay just like you are," Justin added before leaning back and resuming his steady upward thrusts into Cathy Northfield's soaked and gaping vagina.

Turning his gaze quickly back to the women at the door, Justin felt a seismic tingle work its way down his spine when he saw Jeri slip her fingers down to her pussy and begin masturbating herself as she watched what he was doing to Cathy.

Spending the next several minutes rebuilding his momentum inside the spastic woman draped across his crotch, Justin paid special attention keeping Cathy's head down and turned away from the spot Jeri, and the woman he would later discover to be Tamra, eagerly watched every move he made. It didn't take long until his and Cathy's conjoined bodies took on the appearance of one rhythmic and perfectly morphed, sexual beast.

The longer he fucked Cathy, the more Jeri and Tamra inevitably shifted in the doorway until Justin realized why Jeri had such a refreshingly dazed look in her eyes. Focusing on Jeri's fingers swirling through the feathery lips of her vagina, Justin suddenly saw the strap-on dildo that was secured around Tamra's waist.

"She just fucked Jeri with that," Justin was almost sure of when he saw the glistening sheen of juices covering Tamra's large phallic spear.

"HHMMMM," Justin hummed to himself, pondering the possibilities as he steadily shoved his cock deeper into Cathy's boiling quim.

Sawing his prick in and out of Cathy until she was once again clawing at the sheets, Justin lost himself for a few seconds imagining how Cathy would look getting plowed by Tamra's strap-on, the same way Jeri apparently just had. The sound of his dick pillaging through Cathy's pussy now filling the room, Justin nodded for the two women at the door to sneak inside when he sensed the married woman on top of him was on the verge of release.

Watching as both women flared out to each end of the bed, Justin couldn't help but be struck by the visual of Tamra's petite and ultra feminine body juxtaposed with the outline of the dildo jutting from her crotch as she took a spot directly behind his head. Jeri, on the other hand, took her place a few steps away from the foot of the bed in hopes that Cathy wouldn't detect her presence until the time was right.

"MMMMMMM.....GGRRR..AAHHHHHHH," Justin's groans increased as he fucked Cathy, looking just like a jockey prodding a horse from the back of the pack in a desperate final push towards the finish line.

"UUHH..UUHHHHH....AAHHHHHHHHH....AAHHHHHH," Cathy grunted helplessly, her muffled screams cascading through the room as she blindly balled her hands into fists into the crumpled sheets.

Humping her pussy backwards against the younger man's cock in an unadulterated attempt to siphon the cum from his bloated balls, Cathy was forced to raise her head to breath as her orgasm twisted like a tornado through her spine. Her eyes still closed, Cathy would have probably collapsed right back down without looking if her senses hadn't been so heightened at that moment. Upon inhaling, she couldn't help but recognize the familiar scent of Jeri's perfume. Opening her eyes, Cathy was instantly met with the blurry outline of her naked friend crouched less than two feet away.

Wasting no time reaching forward as she watched Cathy's orgasm tear through her lithe and spasming frame, Jeri stared straight into her friend's eyes as she took each of Cathy's nipples between her tweaking and twisting fingers.

"GGRRRAAAHHHH..AAAHHHHHHHHH," Cathy moaned as if she were giving birth, her release screaming from every pore in her body as Jeri fondled her breasts.

For Justin's part, he was doing all he could to keep from cumming. Wanting to keep the pace and friction of his thrusts steady as he watched Jeri move in for the sexual kill, he somehow wanted to save his second nut of the evening in case Tamra was able to try something on Cathy with her faux phallus.

Securing the grip on Cathy's waist with one hand, Justin lowered the other down to the base of his bulging cock and clamped it off just before his raging seed shot deep into Cathy's quivering and thirsty slit.


Cathy Northfield was at a complete loss. Her body was drained, her mind wrecked and her senses overwhelmed, and it took every ounce of energy she had left to balance herself of her knees as she straddled Justin's crotch. Looking up at Jeri with a mixture of gratitude and betrayal as Jeri continued to kneel there, playfully twisting at Cathy's cherry shaped nipples, all Cathy could focus on at that moment was the warmth of satisfaction she felt coursing through every facet of her being. That, along with the fully erect log of Justin's penis that remained lodged and throbbing inside her still convulsing womb.

"What the fuck is that boy made of?" Cathy repeatedly asked herself as she marveled at the Justin's virility and endurance.

All this was before Cathy even realized a fourth person was in the room.

"Hold on Cathy...," she looked up and saw Jeri's lips move a few seconds before her friend's words registered inside her foggy head."We might not be done here just yet..."


Thirty-Five and married to one of the wealthiest men in the greater Orlando area, Tamra Riddell wasn't a stranger to the upscale Florida swing scene. There at the mansion with her Husband, who was busy at the time in one of the private rooms upstairs, Tamra tended to gravitate towards other women when she showed up to such functions. Even though it would have been a subjective measure, if there had been a poll taken of the party's patrons, Tamra would have been voted the most attractive woman there. A little over five foot two with the perkiness and build of a professional cheerleader, when you added in the 36 C sized implants and the ultra teased blonde hair, you had a feminine specimen that would stop traffic on any street in the world.

The innate ability to turn most any man into a leering puddle of mush had gotten quite boring to Tamra over the years. It was why she'd gradually come to enjoy the conquest of seducing a normally heterosexual woman much more than a man. Taking one look down at Cathy sprawled out and gasping on top of Justin, Tamra knew she'd found the ideal candidate for her night's fun.

Keeping herself crouched down beside the bed as she watched Justin and Jeri carefully turn Cathy 180 degrees around, Tamra couldn't help but feel like a hungry jackal who'd stumbled upon a den of sleeping prey as Cathy came to rest face to face on top of Justin's chest.

Making brief eye contact with Cathy as she settled herself down on top of Justin, Tamra felt an instant shiver of attraction shoot through her body when she saw just how pretty Cathy was. Having fucked Justin several times herself during previous visits, Tamra was fully aware the effect the young man could have on a woman's sex life. Seeing how spent Cathy's looked, Tamra could tell the naked woman spread out across Justin's chest had never experienced anything close to what he'd unleashed inside her. In that sense, Tamra almost felt guilty over what she was about to do.

Even though it was just a brief glance Tamra shared with Cathy, it didn't seem the unsuspecting woman was bothered by Tamra's presence, an assumption most likely borne out by the setting they were in. Tamra's guess was Cathy just assumed she'd come into the room along with Jeri to watch Justin work her over on the bed. Up until the last possible moment, Cathy didn't have a clue what was attached to Tamra's waist, or her prowess in using it.

On the other hand, if Tamra had known the back story between Cathy and Justin, as lustfully depraved as she was, Tamra would have probably dove headlong between them like a rabid dog in heat instead of calmly strolling behind Cathy like the cool and calculating sexual nymph she fancied herself to be.


If it wasn't for all the time and effort Cathy Northfield spent keeping herself in shape, she probably would have had a heart attack after the workout Justin just put her through. Laying there in a sweaty heap on top of him with his eager and fully erect dick still snug inside her pussy, Cathy knew he wasn't finished with her yet. Despite her tank being on empty, Cathy couldn't deny the feelings that Justin had unleashed within her, and she found herself more than willing to oblige him whatever he desired in her weakened state. Though she could have never put it to words, Cathy was also desperate to answer the primal call of feeling the young man spew the contents of his boiling lust deep inside her womb. The fact that two other people were in the room to witness it just added to the surreal spectacle of it all.

So focused on the stud penetrating her from below, Cathy didn't take note of Cathy easing up then moving behind her until she was side by side with Jeri at the foot of the bed. In a matter of seconds, Cathy felt both women's hands come to rest on her back just before the two other women began simultaneously massaging her lower back and rear end in unison with Justin's upward vaginal thrusts.

For the next few minutes, Cathy lost herself in the whirlwind of sensations until her pussy was showing its appreciation by once again lathering Justin's rigid manhood. The feeling of 20 extra roaming fingers only added to the perfection of the moment. Drunk as she swirled in the abyss of endorphins, Cathy didn't notice when 10 of those fingers suddenly disappeared from her skin just before Jeri leaned in and whispered into her ear.

"Hold on real tight Cathy," her friend spoke slowly before extending her hand. "There's going to be a jolt..just hold on tight to me."


A jolt was an understatement, it was more like a nuclear shockwave ripping through Cathy's crust when Tamra mounted her ass from behind.

"There had to be another man in the room I didn't see," Cathy thought to herself when she felt the phallic shaped force invade her virgin anus.

The longer she laid there, impaled already on Justin's cock, flopping and flailing as another appendage pressed ruthlessly between the crack of her ass, the more Cathy realized it wasn't another man inside her. Contemplating the softness of the hands braced now on her waist along with the smoothness of the thighs pressing forward against the back of her's, Cathy felt the naughtiest shiver ever work its way down her twisting spine.

Even though that was the first time anything that substantial had penetrated her rear, Cathy quickly sensed it wasn't a real cock bearing down on her rectum. Craning her neck enough to steal a quick peek behind her, she could see Tamra kneeling there with an evil grin of intent plastered across her flawless face. The thought of a strap-on phallus had been an X-rated concept Cathy had only heard about in passing, but now it had become very real for the married mother of two.


Flat on his back beneath the pile of female flesh thrashing above him, Justin calmly extended his legs out allowing Cathy to use his chest like a scratching post as Tamra worked her fake cock deeper one centimenter at a time.

His head swooning feeling Cathy's vaginal walls flex and fire each time either he or Tamra so much as moved a muscle inside her, Justin leaned forward and whispered into the older woman's ear.

"Do you want her to stop?" he asked.

"No," Cathy choked a few breaths later, her body nearly blotted out now by the three people surrounding her.

Despite her best efforts, Tamra could only fit a few inches of her strap-on in Cathy's behind, but it was more than enough to do the job.


>From her vantage point beside the threesome on the bed, Jeri couldn't

help but appreciate the silent sexual chemistry Justin and Tamra had as they reamed Cathy from both ends. In the right light, it almost looked as if some alien lifeform had captured Cathy and had begun breeding her in a way no human could fathom. Sticking her arm into the mass of humanity, it felt like she was reaching her hand inside a funnel cloud as she tenderly massaged Cathy's pounding temple.

The sensory feast being that close to it all nearly made Jeri's mouth water. Seeing the way Tamra had caused Cathy's pink asshole to expand to ungodly proportions, Jeri couldn't help sneaking her free hand between her own thighs as the scent of Cathy's freshly fucked pussy wafted up to her with each jackhammering thrust Justin made into her sloshing quim.

Loving the dominate and decisive way Tamra held Cathy by the waist as she took her anal cherry, Jeri could feel her own pussy drowning her fingers knowing she was in the exact same spot a half hour earlier. Seeing Cathy's facial muscles cringe and crumple each time Tamra reached down and twisted the shaft of her phallus deeper, Jeri was determined to time her self induced orgasm to the inevitable eruption in front of her.


Feeling as if she was floating in a pit of fire, Cathy found herself mesmerized by the duel sensations of Tamra's heavy breasts resting on her back at the same time she rutted against Justin's chiseled chest below. Any hint of decency or decorum on her part had evaporated long ago. The poised and polished host, the one who spoke to thousands of people at a time on live tv, had been replaced by a screaming and naked shrew who'd willingly given her body to two virile and potent lovers, allowing them both to fill her simultaneously with their special gift. Cathy only hoped she would cum before she passed out.


Part of Justin wished he could have been a fly on the wall at the moment of Cathy's release, just to witness how carnal the intertwined foursome looked as they thrashed on the bed. Another part of him was very content however to just lay there and feel Cathy's pussy convulse and flair like a stoked oven as she pressed her tear-soaked face against his chest.

Reaching his hands up to Cathy's waist and locking them around Tamra's already cinched fingers, the pair collectively pushed the naked woman between them past the point of delirium. Feeling the excursion and joy of year's worth of suppressed want bleeding from Cathy's lungs each time she screamed, Justin knew the cum stirring in his balls wouldn't be sheathed for long.


Losing her tether to consciousness, even though her mind was on the verge of shutting down Cathy's body continued to grind in overdrive, her crotch working like a paint mixer as she franticly tried milking the two appendages stuffed inside her. Digging her fingernails into the flesh of Justin's meaty shoulders, Cathy buried her face dead center between Justin's pecs as he shot his rich and frothy semen deep between the burning hearth of her vaginal walls.

Feeling Tamra lower her full weight down on top of her back as Justin's manhood gushed inside her, Cathy felt her eyeballs begin to tilt backwards in their sockets when Tamra sadistically began churning the strap-on like a corkscrew into her stretched and pulsing ass.

Within two breaths, everything for Cathy went black.


It was well after Midnight by the time Cathy finally folded her spent and tattered body into the passenger seat of Jeri's car for the long drive home. As sore as she was, Cathy knew it was nothing compared to the agony she'd be in the next morning. Thankfully she'd already hatched a plan to tell her Husband and Kids about how much she'd danced the night before during her 'Girl's Night Out".

Cathy knew on some level she'd probably never spend another night like she just had, that all her angst and pent-up need had finally been satiated. Picturing herself as a moth fluttering precariously close to a flame, Cathy felt burnt to a crisp as the fallout of the evening gradually settled like ashes over top of her.

She knew she'd wouldn't likely cross paths with Tamra again, and even if she did, Cathy cringed knowing she never actually got a good look at the woman who'd so brazenly taken her anal cherry an hour or so earlier. Justin, on the other hand would be another story. Cathy had no clue how she could ever meet gazes with his Mom at work without blushing mightily, knowing the unspeakable truth about her Son and his splendid wares.

Stealing a quick peek over to Jeri as they navigated the deserted streets, Cathy felt flush seeing the twinkle in her friend's eyes, as if Jeri was filled with pride knowing she was the one who'd given Cathy a night she wouldn't soon forget.

"Have a good time?" Jeri asked.

All Cathy could do was nod then sigh.

Jeri understood completely.


It was two months later, and if possible, Cathy Northfield's life had returned to its bland and predictable routine. It was a typical mid-week, late evening shift on air, and at the end of it was an hour long exercise demo show. Cathy hadn't given it much thought until right before the airtime when she saw the two models from her voyeuristic soiree several months earlier suddenly walk up to the soundstage just before the light went on. For just a second it felt as if a fist had struck her in the solar plexus.

Cathy surprised herself by how well she handled the internally awkward situation. Somehow she'd made it through the entire hour with barely a blush, wandering eye or even a vocal slip-up as Becky and Kevin worked up a sweat to each side of her. By the time the shift was over and she signed off air for the evening, Cathy truly felt as if she'd turned the corner with the demons that had been torturing her.

Like most declarations of sanity and control however, Cathy may have been a bit premature.

Heading back to her office as she always did after her shift was done, water bottle in one hand and her post-show notes pressed against her chest with the other as she fished for her key, just as Cathy was about to put it in the lock, out of the corner of her eye, she saw Kevin and Becky walking down the far hall, still in their sweaty workout attire.

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