tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShut Up and Face the Wall

Shut Up and Face the Wall

byLucifers Tongue©

"You can scream if you want, I don't really care," my breath is hot on the back of your neck.

You struggle but my grip on your right wrist is unbreakable. You feel me pull up slightly on your arm as I twist it around behind your back and you involuntarily turn towards the cold grey wall that lines the apartment building's basement laundry room.

All you can think about at first is how your friends always told you not to go down to the laundry room late at night by yourself. Over and over the thought moves through your head even as I begin to kiss your neck and playfully bite at your ear lobes.

Then, in one savage motion I grab hold of the front of your tank top and tear it from your body. Your breasts bounce free and all thoughts of your friends warnings are lost. You let out a little scream of shock but it does nothing to deter me.

You know, as I begin to fondle your bare breasts, that I'm going to have my way with you. My hands are coarse and rough as I squeeze your tits and pinch your nipples firmly. Your nipples are hard, as much out of fear and a rush of adrenaline as from my groping.

As my body presses against yours from behind and I whisper into your ear, you can feel the bulge in my pants press against your back. You become fixated on it and the words I whisper are lost to you. All you can think about now is my hard cock. You find yourself imagining how big it is, how long and a sense of dread passes through you as you realize that sooner or later your going to find out exactly how big it is, sooner or later I'm going to take it out, sooner or later I'm going to shove it into you...your mind is snapped back to the moment as I turn your body to face me and you get your first look at me.

You immediately see that I'm wearing a mask, small and black that covers the upper half of my face. I'm tall, average build, with dark hair. In the brief seconds that you have to study me you find yourself mentally describing me to the police. All you can think to tell them is he was average height and build and all in black. Like Zorro! Funny the things you think when your about to be raped...

Pushing you back against the wall I lower my mouth down to your breasts which are reddened from being grabbed and squeezed. You feel my mouth sucking on your right nipple as my hand fondles your left breast. Your arm is still twisted around behind you, pressed against the wall, but you realize I'm no longer holding your wrist.

For a brief moment you consider trying to push me off of you and making a run for it but before you can decide you feel one of my hands move down between your legs. Through the thin fabric of your pajama pants and your panties I rub my hand across your pussy, my fingers searching for your clit.

You feel my fingers on your clit as I continue to suck on your tits. And you wonder to yourself how long before I slide one of my fingers inside of your pussy, how long before I slide my cock in, how long before I violate you, how long do you have left. Part of you wants to delay the moment as long as possible and the other part wants to get it over with as quickly as possible. But ultimately you know that it's up to me, it will go as slowly or quickly as I choose.

You feel me move my hand from between your legs up to the front of your pants. I slide my hand into your pants and back down between your legs. Rubbing your pussy through just the fabric of your panties it becomes even more intense, more intimate, more real. Your torn between crying, screaming, fighting and giving in. Ultimately you do nothing as I slip you panties aside and my fingers begin to rub against the flesh of your cunt.

You feel me rub your clit roughly but I don't penetrate you. After a moments tease my hand slides back out of your pants and for that brief moment you think maybe it's all over, maybe that's as much as you'll have to endure...

My hands grab you and spin you around and your pressed hard, face first against the wall. Once again I press my body against yours and once again you feel my bulging cock pressed firmly against your back.

"Your pussy tastes so good, I think I might have seconds," I whisper into your ear after licking the finger that was just rubbing your clit.

Then you feel me back away slightly and before you realize what I'm doing, your pants are down around your ankles. Then as you are still coming to grips with the fact that you are now wearing nothing but your blue panties, you suddenly feel them ripped from your body in one clean jerk. Your body starts to tremble slightly with fear, with anticipation, all you can hear is the silence as you wait for the sound of me unzipping my pants. But the sound doesn't come.

Then you feel my hands on your hips and I'm pulling you backwards toward me even as I push forward on the small of your back forcing you to bend over slightly. Now, you think to yourself, now he's going to put it in me, now he's going to fuck me with that bulging cock, now he's going to rape me.

You risk a quick glance back at me expecting to see me pulling my dick from my pants, instead you see me lower myself down onto my knees, my hands still on your hips. You realize that I'm going to eat your pussy just seconds before you feel my hot breath on your thighs.

My hands slide from your hips over to your ass cheeks and spread them apart slightly. You feel my face press between your legs and my tongue finds your clit and begins to flicker across it. Then it slowly moves between your pussy lips and tastes your juices. Your realize that you are wet but it doesn't surprise you. You feel me suck your clit between my lips, before returning my tongue to your pussy.

As I continue to lick your cunt, you feel one of my hands move across your ass and then you feel a finger slide down your crack to your asshole. It pauses there and rubs you. Before you can consider the possibility my finger pushes its way into your ass and begins to thrusts in and out.

You let out a little scream as much from shock as from pain. As Finger your ass and suck your clit your mind moves between the pain and the pleasure, between the violation and the surrender. You lose yourself there even as your body is ravaged by my fingers and tongue, your thoughts can't grab onto anything.

At some point your thoughts focus back on the moment. You realize that you don't know how long I was eating your pussy and fingering your ass. All you do know is that I stopped. Again, you start to think for a brief instant that I've gone, that it's all over. You start to straighten up, when you hear it.

The sound of a zipper. Then you feel a hnd on your back forcing you to bend back over. Then the hand moves to your hip and a second hand rubs your slit. You know now what is going to happen. A sense of finality settles over you as you realize that the moment has finally come, the point of no return is here.

It doesn't happen in the blink of an eye as you thought it would, no rough shove of cock into your wet pussy. It starts slowly, the head pushing at your pussy lips and then slowly penetrating, agonizingly slowly the length of the dick sliding into you. As it moves slowly into you you keep waiting for it to stop, to begin to move back out, but inch after inch it keeps moving deeper and deeper. In your mind the ten inches of cock that finally buries itself completely in your pussy feels like twenty.

Then just as it entered it slowly begins to slide back out, inch by inch until just the head is left inside. Now I have a hand on each hip and you brace yourself for the fucking that is about to come. This time it penetrates in one swift thrust, slicing into your cunt like a sword, separating your pussy lips as it moves forward. Back out and back in, my cock thrusts in and out of your wet pussy. You feel one of my hands move off of your hips and for second you wonder if I'm going to violate your ass with my finger again, instead you feel my fingers grip your hair tightly and pull back firmly.

You feel my cock slamming into your pussy time after time, my balls slapping noisily against your ass as I pull back hard on your hair, forcing your head back and forcing your back to arch even more. You try not to think about the feeling of my dick sliding into you, you try not to think about how wet you are, you try not to think about the tingling in your clit, you try not to hear the sound of my balls slapping against you, you try not to hear the tiny whimpers that escape your lips each time I thrusts fully into you. You try to focus on how long you must endure, how long can I continue, how long until I cum, how long until you are free to return to the safety of your apartment.

You don't realize what's happening at first as your thighs begin to tremble and your body tenses. Your orgasming. It's not my fault, you think to yourself. I had no control, he raped me, I didn't want it, you tell yourself. But want it or not your body shakes with a powerful orgasm even as I continue to pound your pussy with my sledgehammer cock. I can feel your orgasm subside and I slowly stop fucking you.

I pull my cock from inside you and let you stand up straight. As I turn you around you risk a glance down at my throbbing cock and realize that I still haven't cum. As thoughts of what I might do next begin to flood your mind I force you down onto your knees. Then all the thoughts leave your mind, there is only one thought now as my ten inch cock moves toward your face.

I grab a handful of hair and pull your head back so that your looking up at me. Then taking my cock in the other hand I rub it across your face. Then I slap you across each cheek a couple of times with my cock. For the first time since I took you by surprise and forced you against the wall you start to say no but before you can get the word out I shove my cock into your mouth. You can't handle the six inches that fill your mouth and you start to gag. I pull out but even as your eyes begin to tear I bury my cock in the back of your throat and force you to gag again. For a moment you think you're going to choke on my cock but I let it slide back out in time.

You keep telling yourself that you could do this if I would just give you a chance to catch your breath, it's not like you've never sucked a cock before, maybe not one this big, but you just need a second. You never get that second as I continue to thrusts my cock into your mouth and hold it in until you gag. Soon my cock is covered in your saliva. Finally I pull out and give you a chance to catch your breath before slowly sliding it in again. This time I don't shove it to the back of your throat, instead I only put it as deep as is comfortable for you. Then with both hands on your head holding it still I begin to fuck your face, sliding my cock in and out of your mouth, gathering speed with each thrust.

You close your eyes as I continue to force my cock into your mouth. Your mind begins to drift again and you lose track of time. When you finally snap back to reality you realize your sitting on the cold floor rather than up on your knees and your back is against the wall. I'm still shoving my dick in and out of your mouth, your head pressed against the wall. With your head pressed between my body and the wall I no longer have to hold you in place.

Then even as you become aware of the current situation you sense my body tense and you quickly realize that I'm about to cum. You squirm but your held firmly against the wall by my body. Just as you start to reach up with your hands to try to force me away you taste a spurt of salty cum fill your mouth.

I step back from you and shower your face with more cum, ropes of white cum splash down across your face. You close your eyes as the last few drops of cum hit your chin and drip down to your heaving chest.

You keep your eyes closed hoping that when you finally open them I'll be gone. But even as you start to wonder if you should open them I rub my throbbing cock across your face, letting it rub the cum across your cheeks. Then I force my cock back into your mouth.

"Lick it all off, you little slut" I say.

You hesitate but at this point there is no fight left in you. You lick the cum from my shaft and swallow it. Then I shove my balls in your face and tell you to suck them. You do what your told without any hesitation this time. Licking and sucking on them you are barely aware what is happening.

After a moment I finally pull away from you. You are too drained to do anything other than sit and wait for the next touch or the next order. You keep wondering, how long till he violates me again, how long will this ordeal last, how long can he continue, how long till I get some control back...

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